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Dating scammer natalya aganina


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Name: natalya aganina


lenin street 75 - app. 27
nizhniy novgorod

Other Comments:
sweet girl but she is a scammer that is looking for quick money. asked for 1000 euros by western union to pay for her flight ticket and visa


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2007-04-11, 07:05:00   (updated: 2007-04-11, 07:08:35)
She use the name :Natalya Vasileva and sometimes Tatyana

Hello my love Hans!

It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I every day am glad to receive your letters.
For all time of our correspondence you have very much liked me as the man.
I even can tell more, you have liked me as the man of my dream. I love you!
I even can tell still something. I have fallen in love with you. And I am glad to this.
I am glad, that I could find you on the Internet.
I am glad, that the god has connected us in a single whole.
Now we like each other and it is very good. But our love should be strong and strong.
For this purpose we should be together. For this purpose I should arrive to you!
But then I cannot make it. Because I do not have visa, the passport for travel abroad.
And I should do all this in travel agency. I already all wrote it to you.
For this purpose it is necessary to have 238 Euros. It is their general cost.
And as you know at me there is no money for this purpose all.
So I ask you the help to arrive to you.
I just went to travel agency, I talked to the manager of the company It has told to me that tickets to buy only then better when the visa my darling will be ready.
My dear to me has told that the ticket will cost 638 euro if I shall do the visa through their agency. My darling in general for tickets It is necessary 1276 euro. My darling write to me that you think of it.
And you have written to me, that you are ready me to help with money for all these things.
I am glad to this!!!!!! If you will send me of money within the next few days.
I can arrive to you approximately through 10 - 15 days. It is exact! You are glad to this?
I am very glad to this because I love you and very strongly I want to be with you.
At me now all is good. You have written to me, that is ready to help with money.
Now I mean shall finish now all affairs and to prepare for trip to you.
My father with pleasure releases me to you.
Because it always wanted, that I was happy!
And now it knows, that I have grown fond of you. And together with you I shall find more happiness.
It with quiet soul releases me to you. Without any fear for my future.
Health at me very good. In general I'm fine. And how you? How your affairs? How health?
Tell what at you now weather in your city? In my city weather not so good.
Weather of me does not please.
I want to tell what to me today dream about us with you has dreamed.
I approach to any house, I open a door and I see.... YOU You sit behind the covered table on which to cost champagne and different dishes.
Approximately within one hour we with you write champagne and fur-trees.
But then you not from that not from this have kissed me.
I did not begin to resist and we have started to kiss.
We kissed for a long time, did not cease.
Then you have lifted me on hands and have incurred in a room have put on a bed.
You started me to undress I did not resist. But then you understand, what's happened....
We loved each other all the night long. And each of us was very happy.
Because both of us understood, that we love each other.
Also that without our love we cannot live. I love you Hans!

I liked this dream, I want that when I shall come to you that you as have made with me.
You want to make it with me? I so want you to see faster.
You have written to me, that you are ready to help with money.
And now I shall explain to you, how you can transfer me them.
That I began to do the visa and the passport for travel abroad.
That is, that I very soon shall together with you.
I can embrace, kiss and press you to the breast.
My darling Hans I now shall explain to you, how you can send me of money quickly, easily and simply.
To you will not complicate to make this easy business.
I am assured on all of 100 %, that you will not spend a lot of time of forces to send me of money through the Western Union.
The western Union is the organization which works worldwide. It is and in your country. It is exact!
The western Union helps people to send all over the world money each other from one country to another.
This organization already for a long time works all over the world. It is the dear organization all over the world.
You should find office the Western Union in the city and therefrom to send me of money for the visa and the passport for travel abroad.
The majority of offices are in usual banks of city.
It seems to me, that to you will not make problems to find the Western Union.
And you in general itself even heard time about it? Or saw where it is in your city?
When you will find it, 10 minutes will suffice you to send me 238 euros and 1276 euro.
To send me of money, my some information is necessary to you.
My full name and surname - Natalia Vasileva.
My city - Cheboksary.
My country - Russia.
This all data, who are necessary to you to send me of money through the Western Union.
I am assured of it, because I was in the the Western Union which is in my city.
And to me so have explained. Now you understand, how you can send me of money?
It seems to me very easily and simply. And you as think? It difficultly or easily?
I am assured, that your answer it will be easy! And still the most important, that is fast!
You should fill the form which to you there will give.
When you will fill it, you should be given money. And ALL!
Money I can receive in some hours per the city.
But for this purpose the information on you will be necessary to me completely:
Your full name and your full surname -
Your full address -
Your city -
Your staff (if it is) -
Your post code (if it is) -
And your country -
This all data about you, which are necessary to me to receive your money.
I as simply should come to bank and fill the form.
In which I should enter your data, the exact sum of money (which you will send me).
AND MTCN - (Money Transfer Control Number).
MTCN consists of 10 confidential figures which you will know.
After you will send me of money to you will give this digital code.
Which you too should be sent me in the letter.
Because without it I cannot receive your money in the bank. You understand?
So your data, the exact sum which you will send me and MTCN are necessary to me only.
I think, that you now will understand, how it will be easy to you to send me of money for my documents.
I ask you that you tomorrow or even today have gone and have sent me of money for my documents.
It will be not complex to you to find the Western Union and to send me of money.
And then I ask you to write to me the letter in which write to me MTCN.
And then I can easy receive your money.
And when money will be at me, I shall go to travel agency to start to legalize the papers on a trip to you.
And already in the near future I shall be together with you my darling Hans !
I shall wait for your letter with huge desire, as soon as possible to read through it.
I ask you to not forget to write to me the data.
Also remember, that I always think of you and I worry for you. I love you!

With love,
Your beloved Tatyana! We soon shall together!

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Dating scammer natalya aganina

Keywords: blonde black dress table restaurant
2007-04-11, 07:10:02   (updated: 2007-04-11, 07:15:40)
and another picture from her :
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

2007-04-11, 07:16:15
Natalya Vasileva and sometimes Tatyana
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

2007-04-11, 07:16:56   (updated: 2007-04-11, 07:17:46)
and another picture from Natalya Vasileva and sometimes Tatyana

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

Keywords: blonde black jeans white top fur door
2007-05-01, 00:00:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  
2007-05-01, 00:00:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  
2007-05-01, 00:00:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

Keywords: blonde black dress table restaurant
2007-05-02, 02:28:10
Natalia Aganina Age: 26
Location(s): Cheboksary (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 428000, Cheboksary, Vinokurova str., 2-34
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s): Relatieplanet

Letter 8

Hello my LOVE *******!!!

My love I does not know it to me to make.
I write to you and in me hands of a shiver. On eyes of tear.
Today before work I would take the car from the father what to go for work.
In some minutes I have not coped with management of the machine and ran in the friend
The automobile.
There seem, that men (it is probable from a mafia) sat.
They in me have cleaned my passport and have told, that in 5 days I shall not allow
USD for 2000 $. That they will find me, and to me it will be very bad.
They to me have told, that if I shall go to police, all the same they will find me.
I do not know loved it to me to make. I have come in tears home and have told all to mum and the daddy.
They at once have started to search money. It - very big sum of money.
We could find and take from friends only 1100 $. And they simply do not know where more to borrow.
Loved I hope, that you can give me 900 $.
I then shall earn, and I shall give you.
My love I hopes for you, to me it is more to that, to to address for the help. Write to me, you can help me?
I ask you about the help, and I hope, that you love me and will help.
I shall wait for your letter today.
I love you!!! I hope in all of you well.
Your love Natalya

Letter 9

Hello my dear *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me it is very terrible!!!!!!
I am glad that you have not thrown me a difficult minute and are going to help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have 5 days what to pay for the machine!!!!
My girlfriend has told that money it is possible to send through a monetary translation system 'MoneyGram'
It should be at you in each bank.
My data are necessary to you:
Tcountry- -------Russia
address---------Vinokurova 2-34
pocod- ---------428000

Dear I do not have phone, for me it dearly what to buy phone,
My salary in a month only 130 $, it is not enough. I do not presume to buy to myself phone.
You can leave to me the phone number and I shall try to call to you from item of negotiations.
I do not know how many costs money for 1 minute of a phone conversation. But I shall try to call to you.
Dear at me all hope only on you, except for you more nobody will help.
I very much am afraid.
I shall wait from you the fast letter.
Write more quickly please.
Yours Natalya

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

2007-05-02, 02:29:18
2007-05-02, 09:10:33

Hello my love Glenn!!!!!!
Today I went to travel agency and all have learned.
For that what I could arrive to you to me it is necessary to issue the visa,
The visa costs 270 euro, the visa will be for the period of 90 days (it to me
will make for 7 days),
The passport for travel abroad is necessary to me, it costs 95 euro (it to me
will make for 5 days),
I need to issue the medical insurance, it costs 80 euro.
Dear, I now write to you and on my cheeks there are tears, I very much wish to
arrive to you,
But I would not have such money what to legalize papers.
My salary in a month 130 euro, will not suffice me of money.
I do not know what now to do.
I thought that I shall lead the holiday with you. It is very a shame to me to
ask you about the help,
You can refuse I all I shall understand. But if you have an opportunity to help
me money,
That I would legalize papers what to arrive to you.
To me it is very heavy and it is a shame to ask. But I do not know what more to
Dear it is necessary to hurry up
I shall wait from you for the fast letter.
Yours Natalya


Greetings my LOVE Glenn!!!

Hope in All of you it is good today!
Now I shall go for work.
I have learned about a monetary translation system ' Western Union ' It
Should be in you almost in each bank.
My data will be necessary for
You. Write to them correctly.
Cheboksary (city)
Vinokurova 2-34 (it is my address),
428000 zip cod
Natalya (this my full name, thus it it is necessary to write it),
Aganina (it is my surname),

To me it would be necessary 445 euro what to legalize all papers (the visa, the
passport, the medical insurance)
Money I can receive in any bank in me directly in city. When you will send me
Money. You should write me 10 confidential figures (MTSN) and still
Write to me the full name and the address where you do live.
It will be necessary to write for me it when I shall receive money. When I
Will receive money I at once, I shall go to travel agency, and I shall be
The beginning to legalize papers what to arrive to you.
To me have told, that documents will be ready in 7 days. And after that I only
can fly to
You. When you can send money? If you can that better this week, that I could
legalize papers
Very quickly.
I hope, that we very soon shall together!
I dream of our meeting every day! I awfully sleep at night because I think
From you!!!
I shall wait for your letter with impatience!

Yours for ever Natalya
2007-05-26, 13:20:19
anonymous from France pseudo 'Postroilubov'

2007-05-26, 13:27:07
anonymous from France pseudo 'Postroilubov'

Je suis heureux d'avoir de nouveau la possibilite de vous ecrire!!! Et avant tout je veux remercier
Vous pour votre reponse a moi. C'etait tres interessant! C'est tres mal familier avec moi et terriblement
D'une maniere interessante. J'espere que nous avec vous
Nous pouvons developper notre amitie ? Vous connaissez, mon travail enleve
Dans moi c'est beaucoup de temps, et j'ai pas toujours le temps pour etre occupe a d'autres objets, interessant moi.
Et en general moi au fond de l'ame la personne ayant les centres d'interet divers. Je commencerai ainsi beaucoup
J'aime accomplir le loisir derriere la lecture de des livres interessants. Probablement
Liubov vers la litterature m'a incite au temps fixe a agir aussi pour apprendre a
L'institut, qui plus tard j'ai fini tout a fait.
J'as commence a etudier la langue anglaise a l'ecole.
Dans l'institut je avec un grand plaisir ai visite les cours de la langue anglaise.
Malheureusement cela leur etait alloue non ainsi beaucoup de temps, comme ce sera desirable.
Je comprends en realite tout, sur ce que vous chez moi ecrivez. C'etait tres interessant. Seulement
Avec le controle de l'orthographe j'ai encore de petits problemes et sur cela chez moi pour avoir
Parfois utiliser les dictionnaires. Ainsi je peux dire plus complet a vous sur moi directement et sur
La vie. Je comme dois m'occuper dans la pratique du dialogue encore. Mais je pense,
Ce que nous avec vous pouvons comprendre l'un l'autre.
Neanmoins je m'interesse a l'histoire et beaucoup
Demande apprennent plus de vous l'histoire de votre patrie. Puisque j'ai ecrit deja beaucoup que j'aime les competitions sportives. Et comment vous concernez pour les competitions sportives ?
Puisque j'aime etre beaucoup occupe a la navigation et courir tous les matins. Neanmoins moi beaucoup comme
Aller. Je suis entre dans plusieurs villes de Russies. Ce voyage a produit sur moi la grande impression.
Je vis avec les parents. Neanmoins j'ai la soeur cadette de qui la demande Ëèíà. Avec cela nous comme les amies je peux confier tout, tout. Chez moi
Bien, je pense que pour aujourd'hui moi s'arretera
Cette lettre dans l'espoir, qui n'avait pas le temps pour vous deranger quand meme. Je pense,
Ce que cela vous aidera a combiner sur moi la representation plus complete. Avec l'impatience j'attendrai cela
Le moment, quand je peux recevoir la poste de vous. Faites svidaniya (cela en russe au revoir).

Avec la temperature elevee au coeur et
Un grand respect de vous.
Vos Natalya
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer natalya aganina

Keywords: blonde black jeans white top fur door
2007-06-15, 09:01:17
Be careful !!!

Natalya just want your money !!!!

here is her email address:

she wants couples euros to get the visa and passport to get out of the country!!!!
2007-06-16, 02:46:14
anonymous from Sweden  
of course anon, that's what they all want ;)....but she (he) can never get a visa without prepaid tickets and a visa sponsor. In other words it's all bullshit, of course, because first she needs to hit you for the plane tickets, for example 500-1000 dollars to Sweden, then she has to attach the plane tickets with her visa application when she leaves it in at your country's embassy. Any girl (scammer) who says she can get a visa first, ie before she's bought tickets to your country, is a liar and a scammer. I know this because i have sponsored two russian girls to come to my country (successfully in both cases) and I know the procedure.
2007-06-20, 07:02:45
anonymous from France  

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