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Dating scammer Nadezhda Linkova


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Name: Nadezhda Linkova


Kazan, but reported at one blacklist as an ordinary Mari-El-scam.

Other Comments:
I proudly present: My Nadezhda!
Also known as Kseniya Gerasimova, Maximov St 26, Kazan.
She does not have any patience, but a nice digi-cam. If you write to her few and short sentences, she will even read your mail and answer you with fresh pictures!
First letter:
Hello! My name - Nadezhda.
I read your questionnaire, and I think, that you which that person I searched. If you will answer me, I shall be very pleased. And in the first letter I shall send you a photo.
I hope, that I shall love you, and I think that we shall find in the friend the friend the general. I very much want to correspond with you and to learn about you in the greatest possible degree.
I think, that you very interesting person, it will be very pleasant to contact for me you.
I shall be very much upset, if you will not write to me.
P.S. I write from the Internet - cafe, therefore I have inquiry to you.
Please write to me on my letter box:


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2007-07-29, 16:04:16
anonymous from Netherlands  
Received this ones half an hour ago:

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nadezhda Linkova

2007-07-29, 16:04:43
anonymous from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nadezhda Linkova

2007-07-29, 16:20:42
anonymous from Netherlands  
And the letter, ofcourse:

Datum: 29-7-2007 23:29:27

Hello friend I have been pleasantly surprised having seen your letter
to me and I want to correspond with you. I to you shall tell a little
about myself. My name is Nadezhda. To me of 30 years. I live in
Russia, In very beautiful city Kazan. I work In a children's shelter.
Very much to like me this work. We with other workers. Children's
shelter we try to give children all what they did not feel like
restrained. We try to replace to children Parents to give caress and
love which to them so does not suffice. I still learn children to the
English language and Russian grammar. I live in city centre. I live
with mum. Mum at me already old. The father at me is not present, it
has thrown me with mum when I was still small. I at all do not
remember it. To me it is very lonely. I try find the person with which
I can to construct the big love and even family. At me the young man
was, but it has betraid me. It changed to me with other girl. And we
have left it. I already enough adult girl. I very much want to have
children. I want what games, I want serious attitudes, I I think that
you search too most. To you I have told not much about myself. friend
Tell to me about itself, about the life, and about all that we would
know about work each other better. You have very much interested me. I
want to get acquainted with you closer. On it I shall finish the
letter. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With best
regards Nadezhda.

2007-07-29, 17:16:53
anonymous from Portugal  
De: <>
Responder para:
Enviado: domingo, 29 de Julho de 2007 11:54:02
Para: Pedro .com>
Assunto: Hello Pedro

| | | Caixa de Entrada

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668); Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:25:23 -0700
Received: from ([]:44019 'EHLO user-2' smtp-auth: 'Nades1978' TLS-CIPHER: <none> TLS-PEER-CN1: <none>) by with ESMTP id S4395324AbXG2VZR (ORCPT <rfc822; >); Mon, 30 Jul 2007 01:25:17 +0400
X-Message-InfLsUYwwHHNt2tQvZqunqU+ ZnOHq56igu0934463UlDoDr9iTuVreVWFv6ZGffffffacR
X-Comment: RFC 2476 MSA function at logged sender identity as: Nades1978
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 29 Jul 2007 21:25:23.0495 (UTC) FILETIME=[F9352B70:01C7D226]

Hello my favourite Pedro. I am very glad to see your letter, how are
you doing, I'm fine. I favourite mine has lead the day a birth well we
grew grey at my place with my girlfriends drank wine and a champagne,
my darling Pedro I am very strong on you I miss and I wish to be near
to you, Favourite mine Pedro you can help me with money for my trip
tomorrow since morning? To me it is necessary to pay money in travel
agency to me have told that the visa will be ready in current of 3 or
4 days. My darling Pedro on it I finish the letter and with impatience
I shall wait from you for the letter. I love the whole youNadezhda


MY AMOR PEDRO, on Saturday I did my 30 years and you didn't send me a branch of red roses, I am very displeased with you MY LOVE!!!



2007-07-29, 17:24:58
anonymous from Portugal  
@ holanda you detect IPs for us to see if they see of the same place
2007-07-29, 18:56:20
anonymous from Netherlands  
I'm not that good at this! Maybe somebody else can if I send the email.
2007-07-29, 20:01:04
drod from United States  
I get Moscow:

Location: Russian Federation (high) [City: Moscow, Moskva]

ARIN says that this IP belongs to RIPE; I'm looking it up there.

Using 0 day old cached answer (or, you can get fresh results).
Hiding E-mail address (you can get results with the E-mail address).

% This is the RIPE Whois query server #2.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: YANDEX-200
descr: Yandex LLC
descr: 40a, Vavilova str., Moscow, Russia
country: RU
admin-c: YNDX1-RIPE
tech-c: YNDX1-RIPE
notify: ***
mnt-by: YANDEX-MNT
changed: **** 20030915
source: RIPE

role: Yandex LLC Network Operations
address: Yandex LLC
address: 40A Vavilova st.
address: 117333, Moscow, Russia
remarks: phone: +7 095 9743555
phone: +7 495 9743555
remarks: fax-no: +7 095 9743565
fax-no: +7 495 9743565
e-mail: ***
remarks: trouble: - -----------------------------------------------------
remarmarks: trouble: Points of contact for Yandex LLC Network Operations
remarks: trouble: - -----------------------------------------------------
remarmarks: trouble: Routing and peering issues: ***
remarks: trouble: SPAM issues: *****
remarks: trouble: Network security issues: *****
remarks: trouble: Mail issues: **********
remarks: trouble: General information: ****
remarks: trouble: - -----------------------------------------------------
adminmin-c: VLI1-RIPE
admin-c: GVS-RIPE
tech-c: KBG2-RIPE
notify: ***
nic-hdl: YNDX1-RIPE
mnt-by: YANDEX-MNT
changed: *** 20040625
source: RIPE
abuse-mailbox: *****
abuse-mailbox: *****
abuse-mailbox: *****
remarks: modified for Russian phone area changes
changed: ******** 20051216

% Information related to ''

descr: Yandex enterprise network
origin: AS13238
notify: ***
mnt-by: YANDEX-MNT
changed: **** 20010123
changed: *** 20040625
source: RIPE


good hunting.............drod
2007-07-29, 20:06:48   (updated: 2007-07-29, 20:08:40)
anonymous from Netherlands  
Portugal: I sent the email to our German friend. Maybe he can help you on this IP-question. See you later.

Okay, forget it! Thanks again, Drod!
2007-07-29, 21:11:39
anonymous from United States  
Anon Nederland (post 2007-07-29, 18:56:20)

This site has procedures for listing headers for outlook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook web access
2007-07-29, 22:55:32
Peter from Germany  
Holanda has got his mail from the same addy <>, so it's the same header too.
2007-07-30, 01:47:10   (updated: 2007-07-30, 01:49:05)
Eddie from Sweden  
Pedro, Drod et al
Yandex is a free Russian email provider like hotmail, yahoo etc

the originating IP in the email header above is, which is of course, a proxy server in the USA....(or she could be located in the US):

Search results for:

OrgName: Beyond The Network America, Inc.
OrgID: BNA-42
Address: 520 Herndon Parkway
Address: Suite E
City: Herndon
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20170
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: BTN-CIDR3
NetHandle: NET-207-226-0-0-1
Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS.CAIS.COM
NameServer: NS2.CAIS.COM
Comment: Rwhois information on assignments from this block available from
Comment: 4321
RegDate: 1996-10-16
Updated: 2004-11-12

OrgNOCHandle: NOC1582-ARIN
OrgNOCPhone: +1-703-621-1637

OrgTechHandle: JKI101-ARIN
OrgTechName: Kim, Joon
OrgTechPhone: +1-703-621-3974
2007-07-30, 02:33:28   (updated: 2007-07-30, 02:34:11)
Peter from Germany  
Sorry, but I was talking nonsense. Of course same eMail-addy does not mean same IP:
For example: : China
6.0.3790.2668: Germany
Both IPs are from the same sender, depending on from where she had written to me.
Pedro. I recall you have had the same thing with Anastasiya, Moscow and Yoshkar, or?
So it is worth to check the IP of every mail.
2007-07-30, 03:06:28
anonymous from Portugal  
hI, Drod you read this with attention if your email belongs the following operators you have the manual here as proceeding.
I wait that it helps,

How to Find an IP Address

This is for hotmail and yahoo, but will also work for a few other web-based email servers. Try the options folder or ask the webmaster how to do this. If you find her real city, I might be able to help.

Finding IP address in Yahoo! Mail

First of all log into your Yahoo! mail with your username and password.
Click on Inbox or whichever folder you have stored your mail.
Open the mail.
On the top-right side of the mail page, there is a hyperlink that says Full Headers. Click on it.
If you see Brief Headers and not Full Headers, then ignore step 4, and jump to step 6.
Look at the headers that are now displayed above the message.
Read the Received: headers and search for IP addresses between square brackets like this [ ].
Look at the example below to understand exactly how to do it.
Finding IP address in Hotmail
First of all log into your Hotmail with your username and password
Click on Inbox or whichever folder you have stored your mail.
Open the mail.
If you do not see the headers in the mail, click on the Options hyperlink
After you are in the Options page, click on the Mail button and then on the Mail Display Settings hyperlink
You should see the Message Headers here as
None Basic Full Advanced
Select Full and click on the Ok button.
Now go back to the mail.
Look at the headers that are now displayed above the message.
Read the Received: headers and search for IP addresses between square brackets like this [ ].
Look at the example below to understand exactly how to do it.
Here is what you will find...

Return-path: <>
Received: from
( []) by
(iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 1.25 (built Nov 5 2004 ))
with ESMTP id <> for
; Sun, 20 Feb 2005 09:29:52 -0500 (EST)
Received: from ( [])
(iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 1.25 (built Mar 3 2004 ))
with ESMTP id <>
; Sun, 20 Feb 2005 09:29:51 -0500 (EST)
Received: from ( [])
by (8.12.11/8.12.11) with ESMTP id j1KEPeNQ036650 for
; Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:27:56 +0300 (MSK envelope-from
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:24:48 +0300
From: Alena <>
Subject: Re: Hello
In-reply-to: <004e01c516fb$281033c0$15755143@hfcldbwlwttqne>
To: ****
Reply-to: Alena <>
Message-id: <
MIME-version: 1.0
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.10.01) Educational
etc etc etc...

So, what you do is take the last IP from the 'RECEIVED FROM' lines. Sometimes there is one, sometimes there are many. In this email header, you can see this IP - - in the last 'RECEIVED FROM' line. Sometimes there is an 'X-ORIGINATING IP' at he top of the header. But you should always check ALL the IP addresses that you can find until you get used to it.

* Special note. Many Russian servers run through Moscow. So, if you trace a girl's IP and it says she is in Moscow, you necessarily believe it. Check 3 of her emails and get a consensus.


IP da Nadezhda ...........

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668); Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:25:23 -0700

IP address & IP location (

With our IP locator you can lookup and
trace IP addresses and webserver hosts.
Examples: (IP address) or (Host) Tela cheiaLocation of the IP address
Moscow in Russian Federation.
Click for big IP address image.Dados cartográficos ©2007 Geocentre - Termos de Uso50 mi50 km
IP address location & IP address info:
IP address: (Copy)
IP country: Russian Federation
IP address state: Moscow City
IP address city: Moscow
IP latitude: 55.752201
IP longitude: 37.615601
ISP: Yandex Technologies Limited
Organization: Yandex LLC
Local Time: 2007-07-30 12:42



2007-07-30, 03:14:00
anonymous from Portugal  
For who doesn't know I send this very good link has the statistics and the reputation of IPS.

2007-07-30, 03:22:22
anonymous from Germany  
I am using this simple one:
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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