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Dating scammer Nadezhda Linkova


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Name: Nadezhda Linkova


Kazan, but reported at one blacklist as an ordinary Mari-El-scam.

Other Comments:
I proudly present: My Nadezhda!
Also known as Kseniya Gerasimova, Maximov St 26, Kazan.
She does not have any patience, but a nice digi-cam. If you write to her few and short sentences, she will even read your mail and answer you with fresh pictures!
First letter:
Hello! My name - Nadezhda.
I read your questionnaire, and I think, that you which that person I searched. If you will answer me, I shall be very pleased. And in the first letter I shall send you a photo.
I hope, that I shall love you, and I think that we shall find in the friend the friend the general. I very much want to correspond with you and to learn about you in the greatest possible degree.
I think, that you very interesting person, it will be very pleasant to contact for me you.
I shall be very much upset, if you will not write to me.
P.S. I write from the Internet - cafe, therefore I have inquiry to you.
Please write to me on my letter box:

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2007-07-27, 04:13:26
anonymous from Germany  
Não explicou os retratos de um país extrangeiro?
2007-07-27, 04:35:52
anonymous from Portugal  
I think that it is picture memory, presence of vacations abroad
These pictures don't know, but I think that doesn't owe of being in certainty Russia.

2007-07-27, 04:50:47
That is what I have told her in my last letter. She is doing better than I do so she will never get one cent from me. I did not know anything about scams this time but I have seen that this girl is to expensive.

How come you have doubts that this is a russian town at the picture above?
Li Petai, Emperor of China

2007-07-27, 05:07:46
anonymous from Portugal  

I don't know... I am not the sure! here it is going one more in the surroundings.

2007-07-27, 05:23:13
anonymous from Portugal  
De: <>
Responder para:
Enviado: quinta-feira, 19 de Julho de 2007 13:12:52
Para: Pedro>
Assunto: Hello Pedro

| | | Caixa de Entrada
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668); Thu, 19 Jul 2007 06:13:34 -0700
Received: from ([]:51697 'EHLO user-2' smtp-auth: 'Nades1978' TLS-CIPHER: <none> TLS-PEER-CN1: <none>) by with ESMTP id S737643AbXGSNN2 (ORCPT <rfc822;>); Thu, 19 Jul 2007 17:13:28 +04
X-Message-InfLsUYwwHHNt2vJMZAH4eyt3GivzBq5lfOaZlv3FHqjhakn2g7tl7/ 8prAluedvedvj2q
X-Comment: RFC 2476 MSA function at logged sender identity as: Nades1978
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 19 Jul 2007 13:13:34.0301 (UTC) FILETIME=[9C3A00D0:01C7CA06]

Hello my lovely Pedro I am madly happy. At me very much Good mood!!!
My dear Pedro, I went in tourist Agency, has learned much about
tourist trips. Soon I I plan the holiday while I still precisely do
not know when, But I very much would like to visit somewhere, I
recently started for this purpose To save money, now I have a little.
In fact I not to time where not Was also to me awfully terribly to go
there where I know nobody also I even I have no representation that I
there did one. Now to me already not enough simple correspondence
through the Internet. I very much would like to meet you to learn you
even better. Now, that I about you know all, all this to me Very much
it is pleasant in you, and all this very much involves me in you. I I
feel, that you very good person, and I very much would like to learn
You also in a life. And after long Reflections I have come to a
conclusion that probably would be wonderful if I would arrive instead
of rest to you. It would be the present rest, a number With the person
who is very interesting to me, and we with you at last that Could get
acquainted on much closer than in letters. In fact only When we can
see each other in a real life and talk the friend With the friend only
then we could understand what feelings we test To each other. I so
would like to see your smile and that as you would be It is happy if
could meet. It probably will be very healthy and Romantically. I hope
that you not against such decision, that I have gathered To go on rest
to you. It will be absolutely not a pity to me of the spent money On
road to you because I think what to spend with you for It will be most
pleasant than me on light. I miss on you and my ideas only about you.
And I am very happy that at me Such opportunity travel up to you has
appeared. In fact differently ours The meeting probably never would
take place. I hope that you You will agree with me that I have made
the correct decision to go to you in Visitors. If you certainly
against it if you do not want that I have arrived To you also has lead
the rest near to you that inform me about it! But Now at me very good
mood and fighting adjust to go to you in Visitors, because to me very
much hunting to learn to you on closer and even better. My dear Pedro,
I talked to mother on the account of that that I want instead of Rest
for border, it is better to visit to you. Because we it is already
good Are familiar also I test warm feelings to you. That I already for
a long time not Tested such feelings to men. That you very good person
and I I want to try the happiness and to leave to you for some time
that To learn each other it is better. My mum after some meditation
has told To me that if I so have decided and that if I really feel
that with You Pedro, me it will be valid well number, why and No. In
fact a life one and to stay its houses and and to not find love, That
half from which I would be happy actually and could To live for a long
time and it is happy. I was very glad to that that my mother has
approved My decision and it has given to me of even more force and
confidence. Loved I So I want to be near to you. I very much want to
feel your embraces and Which we shall speak warm words each other. I
shall wait for yours Letters. I love you Pedro. A kiss Nadezhda

P .S Here all my full data:
My surname: Starygina
My name: Nadezhda
The country: Russia
City: Kazan
Street: Gagarin 83.

I WILL BEGIN TO SING ' FADO € £ $' TO MY LOVE PEDRO... I hope he falls as a duck, but I love him so much, oh oh!!
My friend Julie will help to beat the choir, I hope not to leave the musical rhythm.

2007-07-27, 05:43:13
Peter from Germany  
Got it!
(No compliments needed)

2007-07-27, 05:50:53
anonymous from Portugal  

My friend Nadezhda,
I was very happy with your letter!!
I understand that you want to travel and to know me!!
Do I have a lot of taste in knowing you, but as it is that you want to come until me?
You nor you know me, you still nor you saw my face!!
How is it that you want an adventure of those???
You put your imagination to work... I can be a great VAGABOND or a Mr AXE... or a psychopath, you think well...
I think that it is still very early to think in that.
I want to know you better and me leaning that you owe of thinking to do the same... ok?
You send for me your index of your home
Index??? Kazan, you don't forget to send.
I would like to have yours number of telephone I wanted to do you a surprise!!
YOUR BIRTHDAY is CLOSE, it is not true...
I speak to you in French and you can improve your knowledge of the French language you agree.
You send me one your more pictures I like a lot of seeing you.
For today I give for having finished,
Sending for you a great kiss,


MY FRIENDS SAY MY PEDRO IF IT IS NOT TRUE... will we send a great hug for my Love and Darling Pedro??? A BIG... BIG KISSE FOR YOUR 'EUROS '!!!

2007-07-27, 05:55:08
anonymous from Portugal  
2007-07-27, 13:35:28
anonymous from Netherlands  
Okay, one bet? She's in France (Marseille, Nice, Cannes)!!! But not there...
2007-07-27, 13:55:11
anonymous from Netherlands  
Cannes! The Filmfestival. Who is she?

2007-07-27, 14:38:17
anonymous from Portugal  
MY FRIENDS... I WANT YOU TO REMIND DARLING PEDRO THAT ME TOMORROW I MAKE MY BIRTHDAY... do I want many flowers preferably red roses, ok? nice!!!
I later invite you to all to my marriage with my Love Pedro.
My invitation will be like this... Peter (that rogue) Eddie Drod Skeet... the friend @ Holland, you are the main ones!!!
But I have many more including my friend for Skeet (it is the one of yellow) he was picked by Julie. ehehehehe!!!
If I cannot rent me will BUY a, I saw a the sale in Ebay.
I want to go had passed my honeymoon with my Love Pedro! HAHAHAHAH!!! that memories I have!!!
Bye mankissesssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

2007-07-27, 14:47:10
anonymous from Portugal  
hi @ Holland, Nice and Cannes where it is that you saw those scenes?
Me Cannes and Nice I already visited those cities and I don't see similar.
2007-07-27, 15:25:28
anonymous from Germany  
I do not see anything mediterranean like in southern France there too. The last picture looks again tropical. Who did pay all these journeys? I hope not we!

@Nadezheda: I am very glad you' ve invited me to that boat trip!! I 'll be with you for sure. / P.
2007-07-27, 15:43:34   (updated: 2007-07-27, 15:46:20)
Skeet from United States  
Ok,The mountains could be the Adirondacks in New York state,I've been through them and they look similar.WHICH would coencide with the one with CHASE in it.Chase is a bank based in NYC,the mountains are about 30-40 minutes from the city.With that,it bring's us back to the shopping pic.I said MACY'S and their flagship store is in NYC! The other one with 'Showboat' something...Showboat is one of the largest casinos in LasVegas. 'statewide' I have heard of,strange thing the web-site doesn't say where they're based!? Now! I just looked at the link about the statue,what's the 1st thing you see? MACY'S!!! Kinda nail's the lid on THAT coffin! NYC does have a large Russian/American neighborhood but I'm not sure where it is or what it's called. SO,with reletives in NYC whoever is in the photo's very well could have visited.

Drod,I'm sure the move will be worth it! Just hope ya don't leave us!

And Dirk,She's NOT there... {BUT,she apparantly WAS here! LOL}

Really funny,just as I was finishing this a commercial came on the TV for 'The Adirondack's'! It's a big tourist area.
2007-07-27, 16:23:42
anonymous from Germany  
Sure I recalled your Macy's hint when I found the sculpture's site. - At the Statewide-site there is a location notated: Chesterfield. I don't know it. Wasted my googling energy already for searching the monument.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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