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Dating scammer Nadezhda Linkova


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Name: Nadezhda Linkova


Kazan, but reported at one blacklist as an ordinary Mari-El-scam.

Other Comments:
I proudly present: My Nadezhda!
Also known as Kseniya Gerasimova, Maximov St 26, Kazan.
She does not have any patience, but a nice digi-cam. If you write to her few and short sentences, she will even read your mail and answer you with fresh pictures!
First letter:
Hello! My name - Nadezhda.
I read your questionnaire, and I think, that you which that person I searched. If you will answer me, I shall be very pleased. And in the first letter I shall send you a photo.
I hope, that I shall love you, and I think that we shall find in the friend the friend the general. I very much want to correspond with you and to learn about you in the greatest possible degree.
I think, that you very interesting person, it will be very pleasant to contact for me you.
I shall be very much upset, if you will not write to me.
P.S. I write from the Internet - cafe, therefore I have inquiry to you.
Please write to me on my letter box:

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2007-07-28, 06:59:13 from Heerlen, Netherlands  
You are concentrating on the girl, guys, or on the surroundings. Forget it. I'll give you the full story in a couple of days. If I live. I need to contue concentrating. HE KNOWS WHAT I KNOW..... D.
2007-07-28, 06:59:37   (updated: 2007-07-28, 07:04:34)
from United States  
Damn! I live in Jersey! I know right where Chesterfield is,been through it! Now I know why 'Statewide' was so familiar.The one with the red car could be at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson,N.J.,it's a huge theme park and about 15 miutes from Chesterfield.Wish I could see that license plate frame clearly,it look's to be a dealer frame with their name and town on it.

Here's a link to a map with Chesterfield's location,Great Adventure is East of there and if you zoom in on the map and see 'Prospertown Lake' G/A is all that open area on it's northern border. { I go right by it everyday!}

The statue is probably in 'the garment district' of NYC. A tribute to those who worked in the sweat shops many year's ago.

She's not there...
2007-07-28, 07:14:52
anonymous from Germany  
... as it is told in the link that is attached to the sculpture.

We know by now why she is not here - she is at your door already!
2007-07-28, 08:23:47
Skeet from United States  
If she was at my door I sure wouldn't have time to be here! LOL

Sorry P,I didn't read everything in the link,it was an educated guess from what I know of NYC's history.

She's {STILL!} not there...
2007-07-28, 09:07:47
Peter from Germany  
Skeet: Can you recognize the Honda's license plate as american?
2007-07-28, 09:34:26   (updated: 2007-07-28, 09:38:41)
Skeet from United States  
Sure can...It's a JERSEY plate! That's why I'd like to see the word's on the frame,to see where it was bought. I copied it and tried to blow it up with Adobe but it only get's worse!
Too bad I don't kow any cops or someone at the DMV,I could run the plate!
She's not there...
2007-07-28, 10:03:29
anonymous from Germany  
Pedro, do us a favour please and post a blow-up of this Honda's plate (or send the pic to me)!
2007-07-28, 11:36:48
anonymous from Germany  
Sorry, the red car is a Toyota of course.
2007-07-28, 11:58:54
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from Germany ...I'd guess it's a hire car, right. I can make out the 'Garden State' at the bottom of the plate as Skeet says. What help would do you think a blow up would be?
2007-07-28, 12:13:46
2007-07-28, 12:32:36   (updated: 2007-07-28, 12:42:12)
Peter from Germany  
Skeet asked for that, some posts above. A blow up with the original would bring better results. - I've had an extern discussion with Dirk, and there it has been a little bit more important, where the pictures had been taken. Ask him yourself if you like, but he is offline right now.
I for one got no questions at all about the pix. They are from New Jersey and NYC.
2007-07-28, 13:14:06
Anon Germany,

If you have Microsoft Picture Manager component of Office 2007, you can zoom up to 8X.

If you have Photoshop, zoom up to 16X
2007-07-28, 13:33:48
Skeet from United States  
Sorry if I'm a bit off topic,just curious to know what the plate frame say's.

Rental car's over here don't have those type of frames with their name on them.They don't want it known the car is a rental to avoid them being stolen.
2007-07-28, 16:01:07
anonGermany from Germany  
Thx anon, I' ve got only some free tools like Irfanview, but I get along. Peter
2007-07-28, 17:07:09
anonymous from Portugal  
Peter and friends,
Excuse I was absent late this arrived very late and I didn't answer.
I send more information for you
If somebody wants can discover who are these people.
I wanted to do a question.
You tell me when it is that you wrapped up with that girl.
In what it does date?
Was this year?
You give me information for me is important.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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