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Dating scammer Yana


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Name: Yana


Olha, Russia Lenina street 19, flat 7
near city of Irkutsk

Other Comments:
she now states that she is in the united states in St Petersburg and is now waiting for documents for working.

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2008-01-22, 04:01:31
I have also been scammed by this girl Yana. She now uses a different address as follows I did not think she was the same girl, but when I saw the photos on this page I knew she was the same one. She has now got as far as saying that she has money from the sale of her parents house, and she is reserving her air ticket today. I do not think I can trust her anymore and I doubt that she will be on the flight that she is supposed to be booking. Has anyone else had this experience? I would like to know. The last thing I want to do is travel to Heathrow airport to meet a flight which either does not exist or it does but she was never on it.
2008-01-22, 16:59:25
Ben from United Kingdom

Sorry to hear that ...
if it's any consolation I was scammed by another Russian 18 months ago and found out just like you and thousands of others how the thing works . If it's the same photo and letters
Don't go to the airport don't write to her unless you say you went to the airport and
she /he was not there ,then the second part of the scam will come into play . Problems at the other end like medical check, visa application you name it and they will try it .

You have another address for them which is great . This scammers/s are very active at the moment but I suspect sthe girl in the photo is not part of the scam .

Yana is the pick up name 'sale of the parents house' is the scam letter format . Keep searching phrases of text and those addresses.

Money recovery is a hard and long road with no guarantee of success , in a year you will forget about it or it will get to you my friend .
I have found a great hobby baiting these people and I find they know not what they do ....they are oblivious of it in most cases .Bait sites that will show you a safe way of doing romance baiting when you feel better about it can be cathartic .
Nuff said .

2008-02-01, 00:29:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
lonelyyanochka - blonde/red head with distinct mole on her cheek; living in St Petersburg Russia but originating from 'peasant' village; mother died last year (father when she was twelve); married 'cousine' in UK but currently on holiday in Cuba; abused by ex-boyfriend at University and disliked by city dwellers because of her country background; photos include 'mouthing' a pencil/pen; soft toy in hand; green dress in pose next to mirror; standing/crouching in garden setting wearing black dress; head down on mirrored table surface; seaside holiday snaps including bikini in sea and relaxing in villa with alabaster coloured walls and cacti growing in the garden area.

Have been exchanging e-mails on 'penfriend' basis for two months. However, having worked out the 'scam' I e-mailed two days ago to say that the game was up and I knew what was happening (I provided plenty of evidence) but surprisingly I am still receiving 'personalised' e-mails daily saying that I am wrong and that 'she' is hurt because she is genuine etc. I have now threatened to take the matter further if the e-mails do not stop.

Bottom line this is a clever scam and yes, it takes a while to work it out because of the 'slowly, slowly' technique employed and not actually being asked for money - in fact she states categorically that she does not want your money! Also the added 'personal' touch of short phone messages left on my answering machine as I provided 'her' with the number.

Things to watch out for:
1) The Cuba connection - the UK based 'cousine' (always misspelt with the 'e' at the end) who cannot send money direct to Russia but somehow can complete a transaction from there to the UK to be 'forwarded'? I opened a new account with minimal funds in it to see how the 'transaction' would work (mindful of money laundering). Even though I supplied the accoont details to 'yana' at the end of December, no money went in or out. I have now closed the account and the fraud unit of my Bank are monitoring any attempts to use it.
2)'I have ten days to pay my dead mothers taxes or lose her house which I want to sell' - a time period which came and went weeks ago and then suddenly a recent addition last week of 'I have been to the government office today and they granted me an extension to pay the taxes. But my cousine still has not sent me the money and I have to move out of my apartment because I can no longer afford to pay the rent' (presumably my 'heart strings' were meant to open my wallet to her). My experience of post-Communist eastern europe is that government officials always ultimately follow the regulations, even if bribed, so an 'extension' to pay owed taxes is not viable - the property would just be seized by now.
3)The photos - usual set sent out to all of us - except I got some holiday snaps with a distinct 'mediterranean' background. Seems lonelyyanochka was not so lonely as she has clearly been on holiday abroad at least once and not alone as someone had to take the pictures.
4) She once made the mistake of mentioning a 'sister' when I had been clearly told that the only living relative was the UK based 'cousine'. When asked about the sister, she did not respond.
5) She told me she was using the local library computer to sent e-mails - on a Sunday? Silly lie as it was obviously an internet cafe.
6)the elephone calls - all but one delivered when 'she' knew I would be at work and never more than 15 seconds in length. A distinct 'click' as the pre-recorded message in excellent english was delivered to my message service. I think that the click was a tape recorder being switched on?

Well that is about it guys. Bottom line, the solution is in your hands as I doubt the Russian Authorities will move to close down these scammers. So do yourselves a favour -do not be taken in by the pretty face or the belief that such attractive women are really so lonely in a Country with a population of 300 million that they seek any sort of life with a starnger overseas. Russia is not on the list of third world countries and whilst life can be hard, so is the average Russian and they are used to a lifestyle we could probably not tolerate; if you want to enjoy the 'penfriend' aspect of e-mailing then do so, but never, never send money or provide account details where your own funds could be remotely accessed and removed.

2008-02-19, 03:04:25
Duke from Huddersfield, United Kingdom  
Hi all, found you guys using google after a Yana email. not replied, dont have time for baiting, but thanks muchly to you guys who do :D

wanted to reply to add the email i got in case it helps anyone else...

from: Drew Dooley (

I ask you do not delete my letter at once and to read it up to the end and only then to make a decision as to act with me. Hello!!! My name is Yana!!! I very lonely girl and I am very tired from it. In this world at me did not remain almost anybody. Very soon I am going to come to England to my cousine. She is the unique native person who has remained with me. But I do not want to be same lonely in your country as I am lonely now in Russia. Why I am lonely? 3 weeks ago my mum has died. Except for her at me anybody is not present here, you see here I can not find friends at all. Why? I was born and have grown in a village, but have finished university in St. Petersburg and now I work here. But nobody wants to communicate with the simple girl from a village. People from the big cities are very haughty and only want to offend me. For this reason I have agreed to the invitation of my cousine and soon I go to them on a visit. I need to solve only a pair of problems. I hope, that before my trip to your country, I can find there even a pair of friends or even the person who will test to me gentle feelings. I hope, that for you it is possible to write to me even a pair of lines. You may see me at: http://www.myspace.../yanoshka

My email:

If you do not want to communicate with me I ask you to write to me about it because you very much like me.

Bye. Yan

PS apologies if i broke any posting rules :)
PPS the myspace page is a dead link
2008-02-27, 16:43:18
I to have had the experience of Yana , i just got to to the cubea scenario in the emails and only found out about this information looking for a cartoon pic to send her of Hey Stop , but should be Don't Stop,

anyway thanks all for this, another one saved here so lucky to find this page by a cartoon, funny how life ties all unexpected things together

As for yana she is attractive enough to be a very good model , best advice i could give her now!

and a momentum for all to remember this experience is the cartoon available on you tube :
2008-02-28, 11:48:50   (updated: 2008-02-28, 11:49:49)

She mades me feel so horn, but I wished I stuck to porn, I feels for myself now zat Yana is a Russian horse pooha I found outs froz this very goud forumm, its a larrge shame in my lifes, I fond her up to be a horn rain horse like white forrest, massive decompressions from my gentles arthter findings of her Borrataing approach to u my frieds, I hard plans to meets Yana, were gowing tu take hers to Burger King fer a top Lines whoopper and biggest fries evailibles, its very shame agains I musturd mit I fort fer her in sumo styles big used see, but nows shees payer prison inns Bizzarts mind, shes a brokenen my fath of lovers for puker and everynody..

Piss to Yana I hopper u r Happuness wid yours farts!

2008-02-29, 06:44:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The saga continues....
Hello xxxxx!!! How are you? I am fine. I really was not mistaken in
you. YOU are very good person and I
do not understand why you till are lonely in your country. Really
girls in your country are so blind. In
my last letter I wrote to you, that want to find work in your
country. I have received a pair of offers,
but this swindle because they at once asked me to send them money
that they began to make out the
invitation for me. I warned, that in the Internet it is a lot of
deceit, but I did not think, that it to
mention me. I also read a lot of articles about Russian and Ukrainian
girls which 'fall in love' with
foreign men and then ask their money to arrive to them. I want, that
you knew, that I am not similar to
such girls. First of all I do not understand as it is possible to
grow fond of persons whom you did not
meet to time at all. I believe, that on correspondence it is possible
to have very much strong feelings
to the person, but I do not believe, that it is possible to be sure,
that it is love while you will not
meet the elect. Dear xxxxx, I do not want, that you thought, that all
Russian girls bad. I promise you,
that I shall not ask you any money. If I shall have any problems with
money I shall ask the help of my
cousine, you see she to native me of the person and I can then give
her back all money that I'll borrow
from her. I should tell you, that to me yet done not carry with
search of work, but I seem already have
taken the first step to meet and a half of my heart because you very
much like me. I wanted to ask you a
pair of questions in my last letter, but have decided to postpone it.
Now I am ready to ask you it.
1. What you count the most important in the woman? (appearance,
character, sex, to be the good housewife)
2. YOU sometime liked? And if yes, why you have left your loved person?
3. Whether you for us see any future together?
I ask you to write to me about it in your following letter. I shall
answer these questions itself in
the following letter. All over again I want to know your opinion. If
you want to know something else
I with pleasure shall tell to you about it. I do not want to hide
from you anything. I hope, that
you too will be with me absolutely fair. I shall wait the new letter
from you. Bye. Yana.
2008-03-01, 10:45:16
anonymouse from United Kingdom  

2008-03-01, 10:47:04
anonymouse from United Kingdom  
2008-03-02, 06:02:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I think these messages are not read at all, maybe checked for
key words. I've had most of the photos and they seem to have run
out of suitable ones. Sending the request below

' Could you please tell me your messenger address? I would like
to have a video conversation with you. This is important to me and
I will explain more then.
By the way, what date are you arriving and you did not answer
where your cousine is situated or comment on what I sent you!
What of my other questions? Do they mean nothing to you?'

Only got a response to the travel date. For all they know I might
be wanting to tell of my recent lottery win.
(name changed).

Hello again <insert name>!!! I am so glad to write to you the letter again. I
am grateful to you for your
compassion, but you see all these relations were in my past and I
have already overlooked about it. It is
impossible to live thinking only about the past. Now I think only of
my future. I have so many plans
about life in your country but while I do not know what are fated to
come true, and what remain only in
my dreams, you see I so know about your country a little.

Today I want to tell to you slightly about my usual days. How I spend
my usual day... Probably it will
seem to you boring, but you see it is a part of my life and if you
want to become a part of my life you
should know and about it too. I wake up early in the morning, about
7:00 am and I make the morning
affairs (I accept souls, I clean a teeth). Then I have breakfast.
Usually I eat one hot toast with butter
and drink a cup of black coffee. (May be you have the same breakfasr)
Then I am in a hurry to library to
look the letter from you. (this item in my daily routine has appeared
more recently). From 10:00 am
starts my working day. I work till 6:00 pm. Sometimes after work I
come into a botanical garden to look
behind my colors. In the evening I prepare myself for supper and I
have supper in loneliness. Sometimes
after that I look TV or I read the interesting book. Boring life,
isn't it? I really want, that someone
has brightened up my loneliness. You do not imagine as difficultly to
go home when you know, that there
nobody waits for you. I at all have no any pets.

Very soon all my documents will be ready also I can arrive to your
country. I very much wait for our
meeting, you see after our meeting I can be sure what relations of us
expect in the future. I think, that
in 5-6 days I shall have already the visa to go to your country. I
need to solve only a pair of problems
which my mum to death could not solve. I hope, that my plans will not
change and in 2 weeks I can meet
you. <insert name>, you wait for me? Whether you have any plans for us in the
first day of a meeting? Whether
there will be you the guide for me? Whether you can have a pair of
free days for me that we might spend
it together? I shall wait for your new letter. Bye. Yana.

p.s. Excuse me, but today I can not send you a photo because has left
the house a disk on which my photos
laid. I shall try to send new photos with the following letter. But
your photos are very much expected,
my dear <insert name>!!!
2008-03-02, 10:06:06
Peter from Germany  
Anon UK, for sure they don't read. How should they handle hundreds of patients? The correspondence is very often full automized by 'the Bat!'. As soon it is about money they will read but even then they read not all for the first.
A guy has to do about a dozen men - that's much if you ever tried to keep three or four real contacts going you know.
2008-03-04, 03:31:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Sent the following 2 days ago...
'It is a pleasure to see your messages to me.
What would you like to know about my country? If you come here,
and I am sure that this is easy for you, I would like to take you to
the Botanical Gardens. Would you like that?
You did not reply with your messenger id. Don't you think
that this would be a nice way to chat? It is important that I have
some direct communication with you before we become closer.
I am curious as to what is involved when you 'accept souls'.
Perhaps I have misunderstood, so please let me know.

Which of my previous photographs did you like the best?
I have a selection on a website called faceparty and my user name is <your account>.
Maybe you could be my friend? Maybe you could send me a
photograph of yourself with hot toast and coffee, that would be

The response is below. It is surprising that I got one at all!
Questions ignored, of course, but perhaps the missing message
yesterday was the punishment. Note that the 'cousine' got married
on 3rd March 2002 and has gone back to Cuba once again!
Mother's house must have been re-purchased.
Things seem busy in Russia.

Hello again dear <insert name>!!! First of all I want to tell you, that I
very much missed you and without your
letters. Unfortunately now I have a lot of work and I ask you to be
patient if sometimes I can not answer
your letter quickly. I try to visit library as it is possible more
often because for me our relations are
very important. I do not want to lose you, you see before my arrival
to your country remained not a lot
of time. I have received the letter from my cousine today. She and
her husband are going to go to
Cuba.Her husband has given for her such gift because yesterday they
had 6 anniversary of their wedding. I
am very glad for them. My cousine has found her happiness. I hope,
that once I shall receive too gifts
from my loving husband for our anniversary of wedding.

Oh, I seem to you at all have told as my cousine appeared in your
country. I have not told to you how she
have got acquainted with her husband. My cousine studied in a
conservatory. She very much loves music and
was going to become the good musician. Each summer they leaved for
any country in Europe to work. Many
students in Russia go in other countries in the summer. And once, she
and her girlfriends have left for 2
months for England to work there. They worked at small restaurant and
played music there. There she also
has got acquainted with her future husband. All over again he simply
frequently came that restaurant, but
then he has got acquainted with my cousine and they the beginnings to
spend a lot of time together. When
she should go back to Russia, they have decided, that should meet
again. Very soon he arrived to Russia.
After that visit my cousine dared to throw all in Russia, you see she
has understood, that very much
loves him. They have issued all documents and after that my cousine
did not come back any more from
England. I only received letters from her. She invited me to their
wedding, but I could not arrive there
because at that time I still studied. Such surprising history.
Though, you see our history of
acquaintance is even more surprising. I am not sure, what someone
from your friends may brag, what has
got acquainted with the girl from other country under the Internet?

Who knows... May us the happy future together too expects. I should
ask you one question. I do not want
to postpone day of my arrival to your country, but I do not know
where I can live, you see my cousine
will not return yet from their travel. I am going to sell the house
of my mum and I think, that I will
have enough money to live in hotel some time. Whether you will help
to find to me good hotel? Or it is
possible you presume to remain to me in your house on some time? I
ask you to write to me about it in
your following letter. I shall wait very much for your letter and
shall try to answer you soon. By the
way, today I have not forgotten a disk and I send you pair a photo. I
hope, that you will like it. bye.

2008-03-07, 03:35:04
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana Yana

He uses the above e-mail address at present.
I just got the 'Hey stop!!!' e-mail in full here....

Hello again <insert name>!!! How are you? At me all is fine. I only missed
you slightly. I understand, that it is
difficult to believe in it, but I really dream of a meeting with you.
I and itself do not understand as
you could take such big place in my life. I did not think, that only
on correspondence it is possible so
strongly to get used to the person. Though we have got acquainted
more recently, but it seems to me, that
I know you all my life. It is connected not by that I very well know
you, and that I can trust you
completely. In my life was only pair persons to which I might trust
completely (certainly if not to take
into account my parents). And now in my life dynes of persons to
which I am not afraid to open my heart
have appeared some more. In the childhood I had girlfriend Ekaterina,
but now we with her live in
different corners of Russia. SHE now works in Arkhangelsk in lawyer
office, and I now work in St.
Petersburg as you remember. But we with her are still copied by
letters. She already for a long time
married and have two daughters of twins. I am very glad for her, but
to my regret we may not meet and
consequently I feel very lonely in spite of the fact that I have very
good girlfriend. And what about
you? Whether you completely may trust me? Whether you want our
meeting also strongly as I want it? There
may be you too have friends from your childhood? Whether you
communicate with them now? I very much would
like to know answers to these questions.

Yesterday I looked very interesting film. It was ' Gold compass'. It
is a fine fairy tale. If you did not
look yet this film would recommend you to look this film. There may
be someone will name me the child,
but I still very much like to look beautiful fairy tales and even
like to look cartoon films. My liked
cartoon film ' Hey stop!!! '. I do not think, that you might look it
because it is Russian cartoon film.
It is a cartoon film about that as the wolf chases a hare. I think,
that you looked ' Tom and Jerry '.
Ours ' Hey stop!!! ' It is very similar to this cartoon film. I speak
what nonsenses to you... Probably
it is completely not interesting for you... I hope, that you will not
count me silly. I adult serious the
girl, with the features. Someone likes to look trillers or comedy,
but I very much love fairy tales and
cartoon films. I have on this right? I shall wait for your letter. Yours Yana.

Sent this...

'Hello again.
I am sorry that your cousine has gone to Cuba. How often does
she travel there?

This means that you should postpone your trip to England as it
is wise for her to be here for support.

I advise you *not* to sell your mother's house. It can be rented and
this, together with your work, will help you build up funds for the
journey to England.

Have you obtained a messenger id yet? Could you give me your
mobile number so that I can call you?

Could you let me know some more about how you are improving
your character? I don't believe this is entirely genetic. It helps
to confess to wrong things that you have done in the past and
this wipes the slate clean. I will admire this.'


Hello <insert name>!!! I am very happy, that have met you on the Internet.
Dear, I am really very grateful to you
that you agree to help me. I shall try to solve all problems here as
soon as possible that we might meet
soon. I very much want, that this day has come as soon as possible.
Yesterday I have written about you to
my cousine and have told her about that she quietly went to Cuba with
her husband, you see you will help
me if I shall arrive to you before their returning from travel. My
cousine has invited you and me to them
to supper after they will return. SHE and her husband very much want
to get acquainted with you. We can
accept their invitation? Dear <insert name>, I really test to you feelings,
but I do not want to hurry up, you
see I am fast shall arrive to you and then we can understand our
feelings. Probably I doubt too much, but
you see we did not meet at all and I do not know while how to name
our relations. Certainly, it not usual
correspondence, and this dialogue of two lonely people which want to
be together. I hope, that anything
in our feelings will not change, when we shall meet. I with pleasure
would give you my phone number but
while it is impossible. I have spent almost all my money for official
registration of papers to arrive to
your country. So now I have no cell phone. I live not in an own
apartment and I rent only a small room
and consequently can not give you my domestic phone number. This
phone is used only by the mistress of an

I still could not find any work in your country under the Internet. I
hope, that can find it when I shall
arrive to England. Certainly my English is not ideal yet and I think,
that it may become a problem in
search of work, but I hope, that you can help me in it. ok? I really
very much hope for you, you see I
shall absolutely one when I shall arrive to your country. I am afraid
of it slightly, but my heart
prompts me, that I can will trust in you and all will be good. I at
all do not know, that I can write to
you still... Probably the best ending of this letter will tell, that
you the best the man which I met in
my life, you see it is not important for you where I was born and
brought up. You very attentive the
person and I feel in your words only sincerity. It is very important
for me, you see I already wrote to
you about that what experience of dialogue with men at me was. I am
almost sure, that with you beside I
can feel like quietly, you see you will not offend me and will
protect always me. I with impatience shall
wait for your new letter. Bye. Yana.

Obviously the way to identify a scammer is that they will never go
on messenger for a video conversation or give a mobile number.

2008-03-07, 03:40:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
another Yana picture

2008-03-07, 03:41:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Yet another Yana picture

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