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Dating scammer Olga Petrova ( Olga Kozlova)


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Name: Olga Petrova ( Olga Kozlova)


Name: Olga Petrova ( Olga Kozlova)
Middle name: Alexandrovna
Date of Birth: December 8, 1976.
my address: Russia, City of Syzran, st. Komsomolskaya, 23, app. 56, 424000

Other Comments:
When we first started, she used the name Petrova and then changed to Kozlova. When I asked, she said Kozlova was her mothers maiden name. The usual story: money to pay for passport and visa to visit me. Here are her letters. I purposely left out the dates. The letters are also not in sequential.


Hello, XXXXXX !!!

How fine was for me to open my mail-box and to see that you have replied me. Really marvelous!!! Of course I have some knowledge in computers, but not its not great. Thats why I was so surprised to realize that you found time to answer me. For me its so interesting that I have an opportunity to communicate with you, though you are so faraway from me. Nowadays we really have lot possibilities to talk to each other. Yes, I think it's wonderful, don't you think so? Really, the distance becomes less and it's possible to know each other better. I hope that you'll like our communication and we'll be able to tell a lot of things about ourselves, you don't mind? Well, what I can tell you about myself? I am a simple girl, but a very cheerful and open-minded one. I was told many times that I am the soul of the company because I have a great sense of humor and I can talk on a lot of topics and support any conversations. And what can you tell me about yourself? Do you like to spend time with your friends or you prefer to stay alone? How can you dhescribe your character? What are the main features of your character?
Well, you can see that I am ready to tell you morre about myself. My name is Olga, and I think that my name is nice, how do you find it? I am 29 years old. I was born on the 8th of December 1976. I attach a picture of myself to my letter. How do you find it? Please, tell me frankly, I really need to know your opinion about my appearance!!! I send you my best photos to produce good impression on you. So, I hope that my efforts weren't vain!!! My height is 173 sm and my weight is 57 kg. I consider myself to be rather slender and I try to keep fit.

I am a blond with blue eyes. Do you like more blonds or brunettes? d like you to describe you more and of course Id like to get your pictures, I really want to know you better. I dont smoke and drink alcohol drinks. I find some other ways to relax. I live in Syzran. I like my city very much. I think that every person likes the city he or she lives in, but I really think that my city is marvelous and fine. And what can you tell me about the place you live in? Was you born there or you have moved? Is it big or not? I studied in the Pedagogical University and there I studied English. I think that I had capacities to this subject and that's why I know it rather well. Of course, XXXXXX , I can make some mistakes, so ask me, please, if you don't understand something, OK? Also in my University I had computer classes and I was taught there how to use computers and Internet. This knowledge is useful for me now, when I began to communicate to you. I can write you letters, answer you without any problems as I know computer. The only problem is that I write you from the Internet cafe, thats why I cant spend a lot of time there.

Well, that's all for this time. I hope that I'll have an oportunity to tell you more about myself and to learn more about you in our next letters. Hope to hear from you soon, your new friend Olga.


Hello, dear XXXXXX!!!

It was really a pleasant surprise for me that you have replied me and that I have already the opportunity to write you my answer. I must confess that it makes me pleasure to write you my letter because I have already promised you to tell you more about myself.

First I want to tell you about my job. I have already written you that I have graduated from Pedagogical University. Of course I decided to connect my destiny and all my life with education of children. My mom worked as a tutor in childrengarten and I decided to follow her example.

nd I decided to work in an orphan asylum. Really, my darling, I feel that my profession is necessary for other people and that I have found my calling!!!

You know, XXXXXX, I heard a lot of stories about poor children and their families. Yes, I can say to you why there so many orphans nowadays in Russia. It's because of male alcoholism. Yes, a lot of men in our country drink and that's why many families destroy. Women can't bring up children themselves and that's why they are obliged to give their children to orphan asylums. Its very awfull, dont you think so? I don't want to have such destiny!!! That's why I decided to get acquainted in the Internet. I hope that I'll be success!!! I am very happy that my own family is very united and very friendly. I live with my mother and father. I am the only child in my family and my parents always tried to give me all the best. My mom is pensioner, she is a housekeeper now, and my dad is a driver. And what about your family? It would be interesting for me to know about it!!!

You can ask me why I am lonely. I have never been married. I had a boyfriend two years ago. But we separated. I knew that he had another woman during the time we were dating. I have learnt it from the other people. You can see, that those are they, Russian men. XXXXXX, I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course. But I still hope you'll tell it to me... As for me I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city. I want to have not big, but cozy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes. Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isnt it, XXXXXX? Well, it is all for the moment. I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!
Your Olga.


Hello, darling XXXXXX!!!

Again I have got your letter, and it was the best event of all my day. Really I felt very happy about this fact and it was really a pleasant surprise for me!!! I must confess that I like your letters a lot and for me it's always an interesting and amazing occupation to write you.

You know, XXXXXX, today I had a great day. Why? I decided to make a surprise for my parents and I cooked a very tasty apple pie for them. Have you ever cooked a pie yourself? Do you like cooking? What dishes do you prefer? As for me, I adore cooking and it's me in our family who always cooks. My mom and dad like a lot my dishes and when we have guests I always cook something special. I like to cook traditional Russian dishes: pelmeni, borsch, okroshka. Especially I like okroshka. Do you know what is it? It's a cold soup with sausage, eggs, cucumbers. You know, I'd like you to eat some of my dishes!!!! I hope you wouldn't be disappointed!!! But my interests arent only in cooking. I also like sports and many other things. I want to tell you about them. I want you to know more about me. Well.,about sports. In winter I go skiing and during all the year I go in for aerobics. I like it so much!!!! And you, do you like sports? And what sports especially? Especially I like do aerobics under music. I like a lot of music, but especially I like Madonna. he sings so well. And what singers or groups do you like? Do you know any Russian singers?

Almost forgot to say you about movies. I go to the movies with children of our asylum one time in two months. I think that I have watched all the Disney movies with them. But as for me I have one favorite film - it's 'Gladiator'. Have you seen this film? I think it's gorgeous!!!! Tell me, what's your favorite film? What actors and actresses do you like?

Frankly speaking, I don't go to the cinema, to bars and cafes very often. I must confess that I prefer to spend my spare time at home. I like to talk to my parents and sometimes my old friends come to visit me. I like when it's cozy at my home and that's why I always do my flat. I like sweeping and washing floors, and to clean everything. Yes, I am a little bit crazy about cleanliness! You know, I like so much our letters and I had a thought that it would be nice if we could have a talk with you. May be you can give me you phone number? I don't have telephone, but I think I would be able to find some opportunity to call you. I really want to hear your voice. Ok, it's time to stop for now... I have told you about my interests in my letter. May be you have now some idea about me? Please write me what kind of woman you see me. I really want to know your opinion about me!!! now Id like to know more about you, its so interesting for me!!! I wait for your reply with impatience.
Bye, Olga.


Hello, my XXXXXX!!!

I have just received your letter, and I feel so glad about this fact , really!! Have I already told you that I like your letters? I like them immensel;y, because in them I canm find a lot of things that interest me and I can say that you bring a lot of positive emotions to my life. A smile appears on my face while reading your letters, and I feel so happy!!!

Today I worked in my asylum and I helped my children to do their homework. They are in 3rd form now so I can check their cexcercises and tp prompt if something isn't correct. You know, it's difficult for me to be surrounded by a lot of children day, but I must confess that I like it, I love them. When I see children smiles when they meet me I think: 'Olga, they need you, they love you, you are so important for them!' My darling, it's so important to have someone who needs you, do you agree? As for me , I can say that I can't imagine my life without your letters. Our friendship warms me and I feel happy about this fact. In spite of distance that seperates us we can understand each other and we have a lot of common. I think that understanding is a very important thing in human relations, what do you think? Without understanding people can't communicate even if they have good attitude to each other!!!

Oh, my darling, I have forgotten to say to you thnat I have a creature that loves me a lot and needs me! It's my cat Murka:) She is black and some people say that it's a bad sign. But I don't beleive in signs and I love my cat. I send you a picture with my cat. Write me, do you like her? How do you find her? She is so beautiful!!!

I also want to receive a letter from you. I have never received letters from abroad, so I want you to be the first man to do it. I want to have the opportunity to hold the letter in my hands. Also I am going to keep it and to read it every day to feel your presence next to me.
Well, my address:
Country: Russia
City: Syzran
Last name: Kozlova
Name: Olga
iddle name: Alexandrovna
dress: st. Komsomolskaya, 23, app. 56
Index: 424000
So I look forward to receiving your letter. I really need it, because it's so romantic!!! I imagine myself reading my lines and crying with delight!!! My sweet man, I also wait for your E-mail messages. Write me about your lifetime, I really want to know every detail of your life. So I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience for your answer!!!! I kiss you with all the tenderness of my heart!!!!!! Your Olga.


hello, hello, my dear XXXXXX!!!

w are you? How are you doing? I ask your questions because they in interest me a lot. I really need to know more about your daily life and to know about your occupations. You know, XXXXXX, I feel how confidence in our letters grows from one message to another, I feel that I am ready to tell you a lot. Do you know why? Because I feel that you are interested in my life too, and that my stories aren't boring for. Do I think in right way?

Today I decided to make a littlle surprise for you. I send you a picture with my favourite toy. Do you like my toy? My dad presented me with it 3 years ago. Yes, I am an adult girl, XXXXXX, but I still like toys. I sleep with my toy and I alays see sweet dreams. And do you know whom I have seen yhis night? I saw you, I didn't see your face but I knew that it was you. I don't remember exactly all my dream but I reememeber that we had a small talk and you told me some jokes, so I was laughing. I was laughing even when I woke up!!! I send you my pic in my night suit. Do you like it? Please, write me what you think of my pics, I need tom know your opinion about my appearance and about myself. You know, my darling XXXXXX, before beginning the friendship with you I often felt very frustrated and unhappy, but now I can wait for you letters, I feel happy reading them, and I write my answers very quickly because for me it's a real pleasure to write to you. Our life is so changeable, and you never know what will happen to you the other day. So I never thought I'll get acquainted to you, but now I thank the God, I thank the day we began to change letters.

Now I don't feel single, I know that you wait for my letters, and I wait for yours. It's really a great feeling when you know that somebody needs you and waits for you. Don't you think so?

I know that you appreciate my sincerity and that you'll answer me by the same way. I wait for your answers with great impatience. Please write me about every detail of your life. It's really very important for me!!!

I kiss, my darling XXXXXX!!!!!! Sincerely yours,Olga.


Hello, my darling XXXXXX!!!

What a pleasure for me to write you my answer again. Every time I do it, I feel approaching to you, I feel closer to you. I imagine how you read my letter, and may be you are smiling at this moment... If I think in the right way, I am happy that I can bring smile on your face. As for me, your letters give me always something to live, to enjoy life. Thank you, XXXXXX, thank you for all these moments you spend for me,thank you for your words addressed to me, they are so touching and sweet. It's marvelous, it's so fine. I am so happy that I can provocate such your emotions and words. I really feel happy!!!Today I decided to reread one of my favorite books 'Gone with the wind'. This book is romantic! I think that you have obligatiry read it, or may be you have watched the film with the same title. I was reading it and I really enjoyed it. What a romantic story!!! I think that all the love stories are great, but this one is really fantastic. Have you ever imagined yourself a hero of some novel? As for me I imagined myself the main heroine of this novel. My darling, don't you find that I would be a rather good heroine of romantic story? And as for me , reading this book I had a thought that you and me we have some resemblances with the main caracters of this novel. They are also intelligent and energetic as you and me. Yes, I'd like you and me to have such relations and to survive the same adventures like in an interesting book!!! What do you think of this idea? Do you find it interesting?

My dear XXXXXX, what interesting our world is!!! It's so enormous and it seems to be quite impossible to find each other in it!!! But we managed to do it! I want to tell you, my darling XXXXXX, a very interesting and romantic legend. So millions years ago God created people. There weren't no men, neither women, so the life was very calm and stable. But one day people made God angry, and he shared each person in two parts. Since this time men and women look for their lost halves. Very romantic, what do you think? I feel that it's very difficult to find your half and the most important is not to lose the person you have found. I am really very happy we've got acquainted, may be we have found each other? Recent time I catch the thoughts that I think of you all the time and with your every letter you make me more and more attached to you.

I must confess, XXXXXX that a lot of my thoughts are devoted to you and I can't help from dreaming about you. And the most interesting is I like these thoughts and I enjoy them. Darling, XXXXXX, I want to say to you that I wait for your next answer with a great impatience. I feel that it would be very important in my life!!!

I kiss you very tender and I ask your permission to kiss you in your lips. So bye-bye, my darling XXXXXX!!!

Your Olga.


NOTA: She changed her name from OLGA PETROVA TO OLGA Kozlova

Good day and great hello to you, my dear XXXXXX!!!

Today it isn't good weather in our country and the sun isn't shining, but you know, my darling XXXXXX, for me you are a sun beam and that's why I can feel your sunshine that warms me. Yes, really, XXXXXX, I don't feel winter coming, I feel as it's spring in my heart. Believe me, my darling, those are wonderful sensations and I immensely enjoy them!!!

Have I ever told you that I love your letters? I enjoy rereading them and every time I find something new, something interesting that makes my heart crying with delight!!! Your words made my soul melt and I learnt how it's fine to be needed, to be waited...My darling, I can say to you that I have learnt how to love!!! Yes, my darling XXXXXX, I am not afraid any longer of telling you these words, because they were in my heart ready for you!!!

Yes, my angel XXXXXX, I can't conceal my feelings any longer, I want to say in a loud voice, I want to scream these words: I LOVE YOU, XXXXXX!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU, XXXXXX!!!

Please, write me, did you like these words? I hope YES!!! I hope that they are also important for you as for me, I hope that you will appreciate my sincerity!!!
You are the first person whom I tell about my emotions. While I want them to be only our secret. My mother remarked that I changed. She asks me what about I am thinking all the time. I only smile in answer. May be later I'll tell her about you but now I want it to be a mystery. My feeling is so sacred and distinguished that I don't want to spoil it by other people commentaries.
My sweetheart, I wait for your answer with my heart trembling. I really need to know what you think of this. I love you and kiss you with all tenderness of my heart. I LOVE YOU!!! Olga.

Letter # 8

Great hello to you, my darling XXXXXX!!!
I must confess that you gave me again an wonderful moment of happiness and delight, you gave me your nice letter with your nice words... You know that I like your letters immensely and they give me a great energy to live and to enjoy my life. Yes, baby, you appeared in my life and it became full of bright colours!

Darling, my beloved XXXXXX, I think a lot of our future, because I can't imagine my life without you. I can't imagine that you will disappear from life, that I wouldn't have an opportunity to think of you, to imagine you and me together.

My darling every night I have just fantastic dreams, of course about you!!! This night I had the most fantastic dream. Just imagine: I saw you and me on the sea shore. I have never seen the sea, and I could only imagine. The sunset, the noise of waves, the seagulls crying... And you and I sitting on the sand talking, laughing and joking... Oh, my dreams are so romantic and splendid!!! If only they became true!!!

Oh, baby, if I were a bird I would fly to you with birds that are flying to another country...And having seen you I would sit on your shoulder and sing for you a fine song. You would tell me: 'Olga, it's you, my darling?', and I would put away my feathers and you would see me, your beloved princess!!!

Romantic, isn't it? Do you like my funny dreams? I am very excited now, my darling... My feelings make me happy and I am sure that you have the same on your mind.

How I am exciting now!!! That's because I know about your love to me and love you with all the strength of my heart. I LOVE YOU!!! Never forget about it!!!!

You know, Ive heard about a lot of examples when people who lived very faraway from each other managed to meet. In fact, they managed to build their relations and to create a family. I think you and me can expect the same. We have understanding and love and it's the most important thing!!!

My prince, I must confess that dreams about our meeting make my heart
trembling...Oh, our meeting would be unforgettable, would be splendid!!!
I'll try to do all my best to strike your imagination. Do you like when
girls wear dresses? I hope, yes!!! I have a very beautiful dress and I would like to wear it on our first date. Baby, I promise, you would be struck my beauty! So, darling I decided to do all my best to be with you.

My sweet man, I am going to know everything about the trip and I will
write you everything, OK? My darling, write me what you think of my
ideas. I hope that you are not against... I wait for your letter with immense impatience. I LOVE YOU!!!

I kiss you, my lovely!!! Olga!


Hello, my amazing prince XXXXXX!!!

Today I am incredibly full of emotions; this day seems to me to be so important in our lives.

The first reason is that I decided to tell my parents that I madly fell in love with you and that I want to be with you immensely. I hope you will not be against that I have quoted some of your letters, some of your words that you tell me. Baby, you cannot imagine my parents' happiness. My dearest mom and dad were ready to cry with delight. My mom told me: ' Olga, I see that you are happy, and me and your father are happy too!!! We support you in all your beginnings because we love you and your boyfriend too!!! ' Are you happy to hear that? My darling, I am so happy that we have such understanding in our family!!! The second reason is the fact that I went to the travel agency today and I have learnt all the necessary information about my trip to you. Darling, it is not as complicated as I thought!! My dear it is a maiden name of my mum.

So, I was told that if I want to go to your country and want to do it fast, I must have a passport (170 $), there is no problem to do it, it's very quickly, then tourist visa (it is available for three months, 215 $), then two-way air-tickets (980 $), insurance (870 $, every person who goes abroad must have it obligatory because some troubles may take place during the voyage). If I have my tourist visa I'll be able to stay at your place for three months but if we want to continue my staying with you I think it will not be a problem. I think it's possible to prolong the visa. I was told in the agency that they had such cases and everything was OK!!! Well, I told my parents about all this information and to my great delight my dad expressed his desire to help us. He said to me that for my future, for the future of his only daughter he will sell his car and he will give me money for my trip. He has an old friend who is ready to buy the car. So, my dad will give me 1300 $ approximately because his car is an old one and it does not cost more. We have counted everything very neatly, so I will have enough money to pay the passport, visa and tickets. But... baby, I do not have enough money for my insurance!!! I counted everything very neatly but I have no money left. In fact, my Darling, I do not have anybody to ask to, so I do not know what to do. For our country it's really a great sum of money and everybody does not possess this money. Among my acquaintances there are not such people. My unforgettable, I can hope only at you. I know that you really want me to be next to you, so I want to ask for your help.

My daring XXXXXX, I really dream of you all the time and I need you immensely. Tonight I have already seen you in my dream. You were next to me and you hold my hand. When I woke up I burst into tears because you were not next to me. I LOVE YOU!!!! I CAN'T DO WITHOUT YOU!!! My fantastic XXXXXX, we really have all the chances to be together!!! I was told in the agency that it's possible to make all the documents very quickly. So I wait for your answer with impatience and I want to know your opinion. I hope that everything will be very good. I kiss you tenderly, Olga!!!


Hello, my amazing and beloved XXXXXX!!!

Again a letter from you, again a sweet smile on my face, again fire of love in my heart..Baby, darling, you made me happy! You made me happy with your entrance in my life and you don't stop to make me happier and happier day from day! My XXXXXX, with you I am blossoming like a nice and exotic flower and you are the only owner of this fantastic flower!!!

Look at my picture that I send you. I am next to a birch tree, I am hugging it, how much I want that it were you next to me...You know birch tree is very popular in Russia and I recive some energy when I am staying next to my birch tree...But this energy even can't compare with the energy that I get when I read your letters and when I think of you, darling..

I can't think about anybody but you. You are my life now you are only in my heart and in my soul. I need you as air and nobody can replace you!!! When I was a small girl naturally dreamt of a prince on white horse who would come to me and win my heart. My dear, my dreams became true. It is so fine, I can't believe it!!! You made me happy, really!!! I want to be with you, my sweety!!! I want to talk to you; I want to touch your body and to kiss your lips. I want to devote all my life to you. In fact, I want to be your princess as in fairy tail. Listen to the wind. It will transfer my words: ' I LOVE YOU!!!!!' I know you feel it; I know you can say to me the same thing...I can' t do without you any longer, I can't live without seeing you every day, without looking into your eyes, without feeling your smell.

I know, my handsome, that we are created for each other. I believe in destiny, and I know that it is fate for us to be together. Nothing will prevent us from meeting. Neither distance, no any other circumstances.

My heart is suffering when I think how faraway you from me, how long is the distance between us. But then my tears disappear and I smile. I know that we are together already in our hearts and in our souls and we will be together in reality.

Take care of yourself, my darling XXXXXX!!! I kiss you and my kisses are the sweetest in the world. I LOVE YOU!!! Olga.

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2008-03-13, 11:27:40
Sent: 13 March 2008 12:48:33

Hello the my dear friend!!! How are you doing, how do you feel, Why you do not write to me can you still areborrowed, or you can are sick, my dear write to me I for you very strongly I suffer I worry, lovely mine at usin city there has come spring dream thaws and began I am very wet, and what weather at you, lovely mine to meis very sad without you and without your letters write to me please and me becomes easier, my dear friend mymum transfers you huge greetings, my dear I shall hope that you to me will write I with impatience shall waitfrom you for the letter. Your girlfriend Irina

2008-03-15, 06:14:48
Hello dear friend It was very pleasant for me to see your letter again. I today so am tired on work, I do notknow why but today we in shop had so much clients that I hardly had time to serve everyone. Usually we do nothave so much clients in one day, therefore usually my working day passes easy. But today I have simply becomeexhausted. I have come home and have fed the favourite fishes. I so like to look at them. They very much calm,after that I even overlook about all problems. Probably I to you yet did not tell that I very much want tolearn to operate the automobile. My girlfriend has entered the name on rates on driving the automobile andcalled me with itself, I could not answer it of anything. Simply I think that probably to me it to anything,in fact I do not have machine and besides I am afraid of the big speed. But all the same probably in a life itcan be useful to me and I do not know that to me to do. friend, whether you can to me will advise it isnecessary to me to study to drive the machine, and that I cannot be solved. I today want to tell to mum aboutyou. About that as we communicate, about that what you. I the truth do not know as she on it will react.Because she lived in Soviet Union and earlier there was no Internet and that that occurs now. Because now theyouth began such dismissed, children start to smoke and drink with small age, in addition now there was manyperson which use drugs. And I constantly think, that will be with my child!! If I of it shall decide to givebirth and present it a life. Because I already wrote that I shall give birth to children, only if my belovedit wants. I think that you very much will like it also she will understand that distance for us not a problem,especially that we so realize that each other. In fact you agree with me friend? Well that I have such friendas you which it is possible to ask advice. Earlier I imagined dialogue through the Internet strange andfrightening. And now when I have got acquainted with you, my opinion was changed. I became more unchained inthe letters and besides you very good person and it is pleasant and easy to communicate with you. friend, howat you an affair today? Than you are going to be engaged tonight? I today am tired and the more so thatconversation with mum will borrow a lot of time. Therefore it is time to me to go and I shall wait for yourletter. Your friend Irina!!!!!!!!!
2008-03-15, 06:18:41

2008-04-01, 18:10:50
anonymous from Philippines  
Hello ! It is good, that has answered. I waited the answer. I wanted, that you Has written more about
itself. You have hobby? My hobby navigation. I go to pool three times a week! I frequently get tired, and
navigation of me weakens, the ambassador I feel as though I anew was born! , as still know about each other
I more few devote this letter as to the description of my life and my employment that we could know more about
each other. I have finished university and have received higher education by a trade the manager, but now I
temporarily work as the seller in videoshop, I advise buyers interesting disks with films and music. While
this work very much is pleasant to me, especially it was always interesting to me to communicate with people.
I live with mum. Father has died 7 years ago. We live if fairly not so. Mum on pension and recently very much
frequently illness. And at present I care of mum in fact she at me one, relatives of relatives at us are not
present. It is necessary me very difficultly. I provide mum and one as pension at mum not big and frequently
there is no money. Recently I work much and I have not enough time for rest, and generally I very much like to
travel, even trip to other city, delivers to me a lot of pleasure, but basically we with girlfriends have a
rest on the nature, we take the permit on a camp site on any lake. I like to sunbathe. It so is pleasant to
lay under beams of the scorching sun and to feel, how warmly is spilled on all body and after that to plunge
into cold water. Please inform me that you think of my appearance? Personally for me, appearance has no any
value, it is important for me, that the person from within as his private world as it concerns to people
surrounding it is advanced is. As frequently at us speak in Russia ' Appearance it happens it is deceptive ',
that the person should be loved not for his beauty, and how it concerns to people and addresses with them. I
as love humour and it does my life more brightly. As to mine harmful habits perhaps at me they practically are
not present. I do not smoke, because I think that for the woman, it is not ethic. And as to alcohol I like to
drink wine, sparkling, but in small amounts. You know , I also very much like to prepare, I like to carry
out on kitchen hours though I do not have this time. I very much love Russian and east kitchen. I hope you you
will not begin to take offence for my English because I studied it rather for a long time and on rates I do
not have not enough time and the finance as at us studying of the English language rather expensive
pleasure:-) Probably I shall finish the letter on it. I shall wait for your letter Your friend Irina!!!
she is using
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2008-06-22, 11:55:12
Just to say watch out chaps she is on the prowl again calling herself Irina irinawdw@yahoo

2008-06-22, 16:01:14   (updated: 2008-06-22, 16:02:30)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
It would be interesting to see how much she has conned out of blokes as judging by the items in the photos she's pretty well off. By the way she is changing tack as her letters are bad in grammatical sense and language. I'll be frank, I spotted her scam almost immediately, her e-mail was german origin and the first one she sent was 2am Russian time, not a very good start for her. I am surprised that the police haven't caught up with her yet as she seems to have several alias and photos all over the web.

2008-06-23, 16:30:27
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-23, 14:41:33 from United Kingdom  
hello . i have been talking to a russian girl called Olga Filippova from Nizhni Novgorod for 2 weeks, She has sent me lovely pictures and some quite lovely letters and i have replied to all of them ,always asking questions but not always getting answers. She asked me if i would consider visiting her ,i said maybe and offered for her to visit the uk,but she said she could not afford the travel,but she has never asked for any money . My suspicions were raised when after reading about women who will not give a phone number she told me she did not have a phone,so i asked for her address ,so i could send her a letter and pictures that i could not e-mail . since asking for this information ,i have had no further correspondence so i assume i have been scammed. if you would like copies of photos and letters and maybe investigate if she is know i can forward them to you . her e-mail address was Remonalya@yahooo.commany thanks for your help Stuart Cobb in the UK
2008-07-23, 16:18:21
OJAS from United States  
2008-08-07, 04:07:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
yes i am been scammed or conned by some girl called irina she has been asking me for money to come over and visit me and she has kept emailing me saying she loves me i have got around 15 photos of her and around 30 to 40 emails as well i havent sent her any money but i said if she want to come over to pay in full and then if she comes over i will help her pay it back she really conviced me she was truthfully but she wasnt i am still getting email from her and i ask her whats going on but she doesnt tell me so i am going to wait and see what happends but she ids not getting any money of me
2009-01-24, 08:18:32
Re: Olga Petrova ( Olga Kozlova)
I received a picture of an Olga Basenova taken in the exact same room as this Olga where she is pouring tea. This most be the home of whoever is planning this scam.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Petrova ( Olga Kozlova)

2009-05-27, 04:02:43
This is my first visit to your site. I have experienced scam attempts before, and find your whole attitude of open exchange of information refreshing and will appreciate your more frequent info sent by email to my email address

I am not from Rude DK. I don't even know where it is in Denmark, but near Copenhagen, our capital.

Looking forward to your future info by email, and thanking you in advance by adding me on your maillist, I remain,

Yours Sincerely
Johnny Mundus

PS. I will for now want to remain anonymous for others, but my identity is obviously not a secret to you.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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