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Dating scammer Tatyana Zaiceva


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Name: Tatyana Zaiceva




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After several Letters and corresponds between each other she Finally
Asked me for Money ($390.00 USD) on Tue, 24 Apr 2007 16:14:34 to Pay the rest of her Plane Ticket to Get to the USA. Since the 3rd letter I new she was a Scammer I was Just Played out the Scenario of being Her Dream. Be careful she is good though, She will Make you believe that she is in Love with you.

What a Scammer I have the same Exact Letters and Pictures...That I see others Have recived From Her... I have been playing with this Crazy B!^$* for over six weeks... The last e-mail I sent to her I stated I wanted her to make it her on her own I even Gave her Directions Form Google Map CHECK THIS OUT ITS FUNNY 1. go to 2. click on 'maps' 3. click on 'get directions' 4. type Izhevsk, Russia in the first box (the 'from' box) 5. type New York in the second box (the 'to' box) & hit 'get directions' on the same line 6. scroll down to step #88.....LOL

Since I have a feeling she will not take Part in this Task... I just asked her for some Hot Erotic Photos to show me how much she wants me.. And that could Just Do it for me....I will send her what she needed...and this would elevate our love for each other.

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2010-02-10, 07:48:01
anonymous from Netherlands  
She has learned how to rather convincingly write Dutch. I figured it was babelfish or something, but the errors are too irregular. I've been warned, and though not as cautious or paranoid as some of you (gave her my address) I too have decided to hold of any money requests until she is physically here..... We'll know soon!

Still hoping she'll prove to be true....
2010-02-12, 14:01:55
anonymous from Zaanstad, Netherlands  
Still playing along.. received two new foto's. Tomorrow liliya is going to the travel agency, because she's planning to visit me :)

2010-02-12, 14:07:15
anonymous from Netherlands  
.. and tehe second picture

2010-02-12, 16:23:01
OJAS from United States  
Grande Finale articles start here http://www.delphifa..p=8#168643
2010-02-14, 10:01:21
[hidden] from Netherlands  
She wrote me several letters, Liliya, which I answered. Finally she gave me the date,
that she would come. First it appeared she'd pay for all documents, in the following
letter she asked me for the money 323 euros , which I don't send off course.

2010-02-14, 12:00:10
anonymous from Netherlands  
Yep... must be the same letter with an embrase....
For now i just keep her wired, allready got a big file and posted some facts to Interpol.
I hope that no one is silly enough to actually pay her that money and these lowlife cunts will fall in the hands of the law soon.
Such a sad thing to picture a girl like she might be involved in this kind of mindless crime...

The German.

2010-02-14, 14:58:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
she's under different names known: Emmy David, Sarah Goodson but most of all at the Netherlands as Michelle Friedman ( and

2010-02-14, 16:36:58
OJAS from United States  
Not sure if they are the same girl. One of them seems to have brown eyes. Your observations will be appreciated.
2010-02-17, 10:38:13
anonymous from Netherlands  
Nope, those are difirent women for sure... but i just recieved a new letter from Liliya, begging me for a money transfer before friday. She wants to be with me on saturday. It´s amazing how those fucking russians come up with all that crap, believing that we are stupid enough to go for it. To me this is a case closed, blocked her from my mailbox and hoping that these villains will get caught soon.
2010-02-20, 09:30:52
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hallo boys,
Ik heb Liliya vanochtend afgehaald op schiphol en eerlijk is eerlijk, ze neukt heerlijk!!!
Groeten Nib
2010-02-21, 13:30:47
anonymous from Netherlands  
Duur wip partijtje dan voor 323 euro Nib? Ga ik wel liever voor naar de Yab Yum.
2010-02-21, 15:08:26
anonymous from Netherlands  
Some new pics from the babe ( finaly received the request 4 money so I probably wont get any more )

2010-02-21, 15:12:33
anonymous from Netherlands  
The dress alone is probably more expensive than the 323 Euro's she asked me for her visa...

2010-02-22, 08:57:11
anonymous from Netherlands  
Maar ze is nog lang niet weg! Ik geef d'r nu 2 beurten gemiddeld per dag en pas over 3
en een halve week vliegt ze weer. Tel uit je winst.
Groeten Nib.
2010-02-22, 10:07:13
OJAS from United States  
Nederland 2010-02-21, 15:12:33 Schengen visa 35 euro http://www.delphifa..03#155479
Search at the top of this site, Dirk has posted more on Schengen visa for your country. You can also find him in this thread http://www.delphifa..89#195568
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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