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Dating scammer SOPHIE YOUNG


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does anybody know about this girl.A nurse in nigeria,comes form california has had many indicidents and has wanted large amounts of money. Says she is flying over to australia, and sent me a cheque to help her out, but it was a counterfiet. She says she is 25 and staying at Kambili hotel and wants money for food and hotel bills. I met her through my space.

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2007-05-12, 00:25:29
anonymous from Australia  

How are u doing?I am doing good.Thnkxx for ur reply,,Well age is only but a number so let me use this opportunity to tell u more about myself....I would really like to have a long term relationhips wit you too..Yeah i know we are not in the same place but i know when we get to know each other i if come back the states i will come to meet you..But i have to tell you this,I am presently out of USA now,i am presently in West Africa,Nigeria to take care of some patients there cos am a nurse oh k...So i will be leaving here in about very soon .....I think i also have to tell u little about my background.I lost my parents when i was 20,and ..I have really suffered in my life,so i dont want that why i wrote to you after i read ur profile and saw that u are a very lovely person, so that i can be back to USA for good.When my parents died i had no help,so i had to be the father and mother at the same time too..I worked in a resturant from there i was able to train myself in
nusring,then later i enrolled in a nusring school and i still worked and went to nursing school...I was able to succed and graduate there then i got a job in a little hospital from there,the job is not giving me enough ,so i decided to travel to West Africa,to render them my professional service so that i could make a little more than wat i got in USA.


2007-05-12, 00:26:07
anonymous from Australia  
Hi Dear,

Thanks for your mail and your concern towards me............And my life..

I have been in africa for about a month and i dont like the place at all and will some be coming back to the states to continue my life there.....Yeah how did u know am really missing home here is so boring.......ok so how is your friend doing and extend my greetings to her ok...........have u been to Nigeria before or do u have a friend there........if u dont mind can i ask u how long have u been on that site and did u meet lots of girls there because i just jioned the site and i mailed u and u replied me thanks for that........

This is my first outting from USA and the days i stay her are the worst days of my life.....i know u will be wounding about how i came here or who brought me here....i must say i came here alone it was a disicussion taken by me alone to come and help some sick people here.........

Ok so can u tell me about your broken relationship i also had one,i was heartbroken by my EX she was a proffesional photographer in the usa i loved her but she left me to some other rich grrl and i hurts so bad it took me a month to heal.......

so tell me when did u know u where a lesbian and when did u come out for people to know that u where a lesbian.............

i had the passion to be a lesbian for when i was a little girl but then i was too young to come out for the world that am a lesbain...when i was young i tried sex with a man for just twice then i hated it all it was all bullshit so when i got to 18 i came out and people knew that i was a lesbain and i like the touch of a woman and the tenderness of their sink if turns me on..and i will never be with a man again till i die cos a woman is the best person to get married to cos they can take good care of u when making love....

I just finished my diner ,i had an african dish and it was so good u need to test some ,but the dish was kinda funny to eat cos u have to wash your hands before and after eating it cos u eat it with your hands....i like it................i want to use this chance to also tell u more about myself ok...........

Am a fun, loving and trustworthy woman who is confident and affectionate. I am looking for woman to share and have fun with. I want to find someone who is beyond playing games and playing the field. I need a woman knows who she is and what she wants in life. I have never tried Online dating but thought it's worth trying.. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family if i had one and often have busy weekends.

I believe a relationship is only strong if there's mutual respect, trust, and romance. I'm a hopeless romantic girl who loves to be affectionate and have fun. Yes, I love to cuddle, I enjoy the cards, flowers etc..

I love movies, quiet dinners, walks on the beach and just hanging out at home for a romantic evening.. My friends say............

I like wine, dancing, and meeting new people. But, I also like to stay at home and snuggle. I can dress up, as well as be comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm down to earth and realistic...I try to keep drama to a minimum, and appreciate the same in return. I constantly strive to better myself...............with this u will know more about me honey....

Sorry for not repling u early i just came back from work now.....the time here is 4:20 pm

Take care

2007-05-12, 00:27:27
anonymous from Australia  
Hello Honey,

How re u doing??Honey thanks for your mail and explanation on your Ex......Am very happy we could get the $2000 to the Doctor this morning...honey but right now am fucking sad as hell...Cos after me and the doctor got the money from the bank we went straight to the Director's House to offer him the $2000 which he said i should pay,,,but honey i was shocked when he said he was not gonna hand me back the Passport until i pay the other $2000 which he told me then to forget.He said that he told me to forget about the remaing $2000 because he thought i would work wit them for the next 4months..

Honey we pleaded for about 2hrs with him,,but all to no avail...Honey rightnow am the most saddest girl on earth....Honey even Dr. Humphery assusred him that when i get back home,,he would personally make sure i get the $2000 back to him,,but he refused on grounds that when he let me go back home i might never pay them at all again....

Honey i must also confess Dr. Humphery is the best person i have met here,,he pleaded on my behalf like i was his daughter,and after we left the Directors house....He was also sad and didnot even return to work today again....He consoled me all the way home...he even promised to go back and plead wit the Director again on my behalf....

Honey am so sorry i have caused you this much stress and money too...Honey i know this will make you upset,,but please donot leave me alone..Pls you are the best thing that has ever happened to my life.


Ur Lil Sophie
2007-05-12, 00:28:53
2007-05-12, 00:30:47
Hello Honey,

How re you doing??Am alright honey...Dont be worried everything is fine..I got the flight ticket and also attached the flight schedule for you..Honey am sorry for not getting back to your earlier than now.

Honey after i bought the ticket,,i went to the hospital where i was working for them to give me back my international passport,cos it has been in there custody bout 1 week after i came here..Honey i had a problem..below was wat happened:

Honey i went to work on that bad day,,and i had to give an 80 yrs old man insulin injection,,but i forgot to ask him if he has eaten,so after i gave him the injection,he went away.Exactly 30mins after he left he was rushed back to the hospital unconscious.Then 5mins later he died...

An Autopsy was carried out on his corpse and they found out that he has not had a meal before he had the insulin injection.And I was held responsible for not making sure he had a meal before giving him the injection..So the family of the deceased invited the police and i was taken to there station for questioning.

After all said and done they concluded that the hospital will pay the family of the deceased $4000..So the hospital paid the family the whole $4000 on agreement that i will refund only $2000 to them.

So when i went to the Doctor today to collect my International Passport from him pleading that i will pay back the remains when i get to Australia and started working,,he refused saying that i will have to pay them the remaining $2000 before i will get my Passport back.That was one of the reasons why i did not send u my passport cos it is still with them.....

So honey this is wat has been keeping me since morning when after i got the ticket.I have been pleading wit him but all to no avail...

so honey i think the best thing is for you to give him a call and assure him that when i get to Australia and starts working i will pay them back the $2000.

Honey his name is Dr. Humphery Odia and his mobile phone number is 2348053819887..Honey so immediately you get this mail pls give him a call..And write back to me wat you both agree on.

Honey I LOVE U SO MUCH...I Thank you for assisting me get my Flight Ticket to ?????.

2007-05-12, 01:57:01
anonymous from Australia  
2007-05-12, 08:04:51
Thank you for your phone call this morning concerning American, Sophia Young. As I mentioned during our telephone conversation, it is very important for Ms. Sophia Young to contact the American Embassy, American Citizens Services Unit directly. Please share this e-mail address with her. The website also has useful information Please do not send or transfer any funds to Ms. Young. She should seek assistance from the Embassy.

You are a kind, concerned individual and your heart is in the right place but please direct Ms. Young to this information. As I mentioned, if she can reach you, I’m certain she can contact the Embassy if it truly is an emergency. Regard, Duty Officer
2007-05-12, 13:26:32
To the one in Australia:

This site is to inform everyone of these dishonest people. That is why I added what I did. She played nice and sweet at first, then she gets you on IM, then she socks it to you with the poor me act. Everybody's input matters here. She recently tried to suck me in. Didn't work. Then she moves onto someone else. Your rudeness is unwelcome.
2007-05-17, 15:18:09
hello , i was almost scammed but the stories just kept getting bigger and finally got some informations which i used to find this web site , i was taken in and belived this young man was trapped there and needed help to get home . Its was a total scam, he used the the name Owen jackson and said he was from Upland , California , almost exact same story that sophie uses as women but uses a mans name instead of female moniker
. Watch out and dont get your heart broke

2007-05-18, 08:37:55
JUst to inform people of the stories that might be similar that sophie young has used in the past.

1. Firstly she wants you to assist her with flight tickets to travel to your country

2. Then she will say that her passport has been taken custody by the hospital because of mistake she had made there using the wrong meds for the patient. ANdthat she recieved a fine and has to pay it back before she gets the passport.

3 if you do give her money she will use the story that money was stolen from a taxi driver, and she was mugged.

4. she says she hurt herself at work and is unable to work, so she will need money for her food and bills.

5. And also the kidney stone story where she is unable to take the flight, so she has to cancell getting on the plane, and needs money for the operation.

So if you here any of these stories similar they are all fake, and that the person in the photo is not even them themselves.

2007-05-18, 09:09:11
just a thought for the day, why would someone go to another country with not enough money, and its funny how they use the same stories, its like the scammers are all sitting in a room full of computers getting paid from the high up men , all these working girls. they use there phsycological talent to fool the vulenarable, and 100 % have family deceased, well there are many people in the world and they have lived many years to have friends or someone they know to help them, i guess they know which people to hit at the right time of there lives. And at the end of they day when you find they have scammed you , you feel stupid dumb and ashamed of yourself because right from that start you had intincts but hope made you continue. At least now i have learnt what to look out for , and never to believe these suckers again. These people are so heartless no matter what situation your in , even if you are poor or sick, it dosent matter about you , its all about them, because there in a 3rd world country and they are not safe. Well people should do research before they go to any country any way. So obviously they are dumb enough to go there. i fell sorry for the people who have gone through what i went through, i really affects you mentally, emotionally and physically. so anyone out there having doubts go by that cause at the end of the day if they really want you they will find there way to you , im sure they will be fine.
2007-05-20, 09:36:29
here is a story i got after i had sent money to miss sophie young:

Hello Honey,

How are u doing??I am not doing fine,,cos i got hurt today...Honey,something terrible happened today...

Honey the taxi i hired to take me to the director where i would give them the remaining money for the passport,little did i know he was not a real taxi drvier,,he only disguissed just to rob innocent foreginers and citizens like me...

Honey when we got to the express where every car was moving very fast,,he started jerking the car,,then later he stopped the car and pretended he was going to check out the engine of the car,,he then went to the boot,,but i was still inside the car,,,,within a twinkle of an eye he came into the car with a pistol,,pointing at me,,honey i was dead living,i thought he would kill me,,,but he collected my bag which has the whole money ..After collecting the bag,,he wanted to assult me sexually,,then he came over to the back where i was siting and started touching my breast,,,honey there was nothing i could do cos he was still poinitng a gun at me,,,,then he began to squeez my breast hardly then he started to force my skirt open but i resisted and we were struggling when,,i shouted but nobody came to my rescure,,,then he pushed me out of the car and drove off wit the car....It was like i was day dreaming cos i couldnot belief wat happened,i stood speechless for mins before i realised i was in the middle of no where,,i didnot know wat to do..

I stood there for more than an hour,,but no car came to assist me...So i started treking ,,until i finanly got to a police post ....I explained everything to them they took me in there van to there station where i had to write my account of wat hapened,,so they later drove me to the hotel where am staying....

I am still crying for wat happened to me today,,cos it was a shock and also disappointment for me that i wont be coming over to Australia and all our money is gone too...

Honey right now as am writing this mail to u,,my breasts are hurting me very badly and all my body is paining me too,,,i have taken a medication but it still hurts badly,,i dont know if its going to stop,,cos its like its been hammered,,i cant relax,,,am crying all over my room,,,i cant even put a shirt on,,,am dieing here honey,,,i dont know if i will survive this pains,,cos its too much,,,,its making me fevrish....

Honey pls i hope u understand my situation,,pls dont panic honey,,i know i have caused u some losses,,honey pls,,,forgive me,it was not my fault,,if i had knew i wouldnot have gone out today at all...Honey pls i need u now than ever before,so this pains will heal...Honey am heartbroken now....I Hope u get this mail and get back to me immediately...I Love u very much...Am so sorry...

2007-05-28, 10:39:37
anonymous from Australia  
i think we need some kind of site where we can test all photos being used and it goes to the website of where it comes from, and be able to find out the real names.
2007-05-28, 12:34:36
drod from United States  
Australia, good idea, know anyone who will write the program.

Like I said, wonderful concept, but it won't fly. That would mean all scam sites would become meaningless and die. Many that operate these sites enjoy having there own piece of the pie.

It would be like having only one restaurant in town. Why have so many. Food is food.

They are all set up a little differently, and most people will check out several until they find one they like and are comfortable with.

Worldwide, I think it would be accepted, but no matter how it is set up, the majority, or at least a VERY large portion of us would find the format unacceptable and in need of change. So each site finds its own little niche and has its following, like any business.

But a good idea and interesting concept.

good hunting..........drod
2007-05-29, 10:28:35
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

Keywords: raised skirt nice cheeks
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