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Dating scammer Polina Dubrovina from Elabuga, Russia


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Polina Dubrovina contacted me through the Yahoo Personals. This was a major red flag. She said that her sister, Irina, married an Italian named Luigi and concluded that she would like to be as happy as Irina. In her second letter, she told me that she was an only child and HER FRIEND Irina married a Spanish man named Luigi. The body of her emails were templates and she mostly avoided direct questions. She sent a picture with every email and after two letters fell in love with me. She followed the scammer's guide in detail; parents wished me well, friends wished me well, the names of her photos were me.1, me.2, named after countries and she said she has never been out of Russia, etc. I started to write some silly things in the body of my emails. She never asked me about these things. I told her I started having sexy dreams about her; she wanted to make wild passionate love with me but we couldn't because football was on TV. I told her that I wanted my wife to be a mime and how she felt about that; pretty stupid stuff. Finally, I professed my love and said I couldn't live without her. As soon as I did that, she asked for money to apply for her visa (about $550 total). She told me since the banking and mailing system was so crooked in Russia that I should send it to her Western Union. I told her that since I love her so much I'll send her $1,000 (I never sent it). She ran around for two days looking for her money. She finally sent me an email telling me she did not think it was nice making fun of people and giving them lies. I told her that I felt the most vile, wicked, and evil people in the world were people like her. They were people who played with emotions to weaken other people then rob them blind after getting them into position. I have reported her to as many scamming sites as I could find since she is not with an agency.

HOW THE MONEY WAS REQUESTED: Send to Polina Dubrovina, Elabuga, Russia by Western Union.



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2007-05-04, 13:36:14
anonymous from United States  
Letter 1

Hello Darryl.
How are you doing? You probably have guessed, it is written to you by Polina. My full name Polina Dubrovina. I have seen your structure on a site, and I have dared to write to you this letter. I did not expect, that you will answer, but It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. Excuse, for a delay of
the answer. I did not check the mail, and Therefore has not answered you at once. I for the first time use acquaintance through the Internet, therefore it is very interesting to me. You frequently use the Internet in the life? You probably have been very much surprised, when have received a mail from the Russian girl.
Russia, it so is far from you! But in our modern century of distances does not exist. To me will very interestingly get acquainted to the person from other country. I always dreamed of it. I hope, that at us friendly relations, and probably will appear and it is more. But we shall not look so far. Darryl, tell about itself, it is very interesting to me. You can send me still the photo. It will be very pleasant for me, I send you the, I hope to you I shall like:). It is interesting to you, how I have dared to write to you? I have
sister Irina who has married the foreigner. She not the close sister and as at us speak ' the distant relative '. She has married the Italian, his name is Luigi. They too have got acquainted through the Internet. Luigi lives in Madrid. Irina has left to him and recently they have arrived together. Now they stay in our city. I see, how they are happy, therefore I too was solved. I want to find the person abroad. I for a long time reflected on it, and the have decided have written to you the letter. Irina studied at university Italian and French languages, and I studied English, therefore I have chosen your country. Besides I like Americans more. I think their quieter and reasonable people. I Hope, that you understand my English language. I probably do many mistakes. At once I bring apologies if I have written, something not so. I
sometimes use the dictionary when I do not know a word. Darryl, you probably ask me why I have found the man in the country? I shall answer you fairly. I tried to construct long time the life with Russian guys. But at me it has turned out nothing. My last guy Very strongly liked to drink alcohol. I tried to struggle with it, but at me have left nothing. I saw, What is the relations to anything will not result, therefore I have
left him. The problem of drunkenness, is very strong in our country. I see it every day. Our men very strongly like to drink. Besides they do not appreciate in us our better qualities. They do not respect us. At me was a little bit guys, And almost all had same problems. I am disappointed with Russian men,
therefore I want to construct happiness with the foreigner. I want to ask you, you have harmful habits? Write to me the truth. I do not smoke and I do not drink. And me girls who do it are very not nice. I shall tell a little about myself. I was born and have grown in the city of Elabuga. Elabuga is in Republic Tatarstan. You know about this city? This very beautiful place. To us to city frequently there come tourists. Recently our city has strongly changed, it began to look is more modern. At us very beautiful parks. I like to walk in them with friends. And what your city? I probably already have much written, and have set many questions. I hope you will find time to answer them. Write to me about your country, about your family, it will be very pleasant for me, if you will answer all my questions. I hope, that my friendship will interest you, and we shall continue to write each other. I very much hope for it. When I began to write to you, I did not expect, that the letter will turn out such big. My letter is sincere,
And I hope, that you also will be fair with me. If you were interested with my letter, write. I wait for the answer. Your new Russian friend Polina

Letter 2 (asking for money)

Hello my loved Darryl!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter today!!! Also it is very pleasant for me to receive news from you, that my love to you is mutual. Today, I with impatience waited for it the moment when I shall write to you this letter. Unfortunately my love, at me for you - two news: one good, and another bad. I think, that I all over again, I shall write to you about good news In my last letter, I have written to you, that we with Irina shall learn full details of arrival in your country. We have learned phone of the American embassy, and last night we called to learn full details there. To me have very in detail explained all conditions. In embassy to me have told, that for me visa K-1 (it is the visa of the bride) better. But
registration of all documents of the visa borrows a lot of time. From 2 months and about one year. Unfortunately the main condition of this visa - our meeting and therefore is the visa at once disappears
for me as we did not see you nevertheless. The most convenient variant for me, tourist visa B-2. Under this visa I can remain with you for the term of till 180 days. Registration of this visa borrows some days.
It speaks that it borrows some travel agencies. Irina has told to me, that at the first visiting Luigi, she also received the tourist visa. After I shall arrive to you under the visa b-2 I can receive K-1 or a green card that we could be together for ever and never leave you. To me have told, that during validity of visa B-2 I can receive visa K-1 when I shall be with you. Or in the other case to me will give a green card. And now I shall speak bad news. I have counted up and have come to that on registration visa B-2. 360 us dollars are necessary for me. Into this cost enters: The visa b-2 - 150 us dollars; It is dear up to Moscow - 80 us dollars; Residing at Moscow and hotel, travel on Moscow, with the account for 4 days - 130 us dollars. Lovely, I do not have such money. Unfortunately I work in my still more few time and now I have test time during which I receive about 150 dollars a month. For me is not present the slightest chance to find such sum of money. For me 360 us dollars very big sum of money. After conversation with my father I asked money him and mum, but they have told, that at them now very heavy financial position and that they now I can not help me. They have suggested me - And what if I shall ask the help you? I thought of it much. Loved, it is very a shame to me, but I do not have other output how to ask this money you. Darryl, I ask you that you have sent me this money as it is necessary for an our meeting. I ask you that did not think, that it is necessary to me from you only money, as it not so. To me are indifferent money as all that is necessary to me from you it is your mutual love to me. But unfortunately at my financial position, I am compelled to ask money you for an our meeting. If it is possible, I ask that you have sent me of money today or tomorrow and I promise, that for my part I shall make everything to be with you as it is possible more soon. My love, I promise you, that after I shall come to you I when I shall not abandon you and we shall work together above visa K-1 or a green card. Today I went to bank and to me have told, that the most good translation system of money from one country in another is the Western Union. They have told, that if you will send to me of money through the Western Union I can already receive your money in some minutes. I have asked them, whether I should you give the address or any coordinates of bank where you should send money - they have told, that are not present. To send money through the Western Union it is not necessary to have neither bank accounts and nor what coordinates of bank. You should send money for my full name and I can receive your money in any bank of my city where there is a Western Union. Also they have told to me still, that it is very safe translation system of money and that except for me who cannot receive your money which you have sent me. When you will send me of money, to you should give MTCN (these are 10 control figures of a remittance). With the help of yours mtcn (which you should give me) The address: Russia, the city of Elabuga, Polina Dubrovina. I can receive your money. Darryl, my loved, I with impatience shall wait your answer to this letter. I really hope, on your understanding and on a fast our meeting.
Your love for ever Polina.

Kristina Polushina - Kazan, Russia

this scammer that i am about to give you info for is a good one,she alomost ripped me of 1500.00 dollars us but i was onto her from the start but went along with it to she what happens,mind you she is good,she even rang me every few days to make me feel that she really loves me,what she didnt know was that the letters she sent me were exaclty like others i had recived from other scammers over the last few years,i have havent lost a cent to these scammers but my god they are getting better.
her name and address is Russia, Kazan, 26
Pushkina Str 112. full name: Kristina Polushina.
these are her letters in order as you can see she is good but not good enough !!
her email address is as follows kristina Polushina
E-mail Address(es):

Letter 1

Hi Emilio!
You have written a letter to me, it?s very pleasant. Thank you that you found a minute to answer me. Frankly speaking I couldn?t hope for it. I don?t know what to say in my first letter, because I never got
acquainted through internet before. It?s something new and unusual for me. But I?ll try write good letters to you. I suppose you?ll be able to understand my words and what I will say to you. I think it will be
right if I begin to tell you about my self first, because it was me who began to write. I?m not sure that you will like my letters, that they will be interesting to you, but if it won?t be so you will write me about it. OK? As you now to understand that I live in Russia instead of where be still, I to want to explain to you why I so to do, I thought that if I to write to you that I from Russia instead of from Australia you would not began to write that to me and in me would not be interested, I to think that distance it certainly very much an important point, but I to think that through the Internet it is possible to find second half and then distance will not be such important factor in relations even through the Internet, now people worldwide to search for the love in such a way and now they live have family, children. So if you are really interested in me be not afraid to write to me I always to you I shall answer. Probably you?ll be surprised that I don?t live in your country. But I hope it don?t shock you. I?m the same like many other ladies in other countries in the world. I?m a usual woman who has hands, legs, a head a heart that is the most important. I think that my heart is very sensitive. I hope you?ll understand it from my letters. I?ll be immensely happy if the
distance between us doesn?t afraid you, and you?ll answer me. Please don?t be too strict to my mistakes in the words, english is not my native language. But I suppose I know it well. Well, my name is Kristina, as you know. You may call me as you like. I won?t be disappointed. I?m 30 years old. My birthday is on the 25th of June. I was born in 1976. My height is 167 cm (5 feet 6 inches). My weight is 52 kg (115 pounds). I live in city Kazan. Kazan is a big and famous city of Russia. Kazan is a very beutive city. I suppose you would like the city if you saw it. I was dreaming to become an actress in my childhood. Probably it?s the dream of many girls. But my dream didn?t become true. It?s severe reality of life. I graduated from a medical university. My education consists of 3 level: school, college, university. I had been studying during 18 years. All 18 years I studied the English language also. I graduated from the university at the age of 25. By the way I was awarded with a medal for excellent results during my studying. Don?t think that I boast (smile). Than I worked as an assistant of a surgeon in a small clinic for 4 years. It was very intresting and at the same time responsable. I was happy to give people health, to help them. Many things depended on me during operations. I think in future I?ll be able to become a surgeon myself. Do you think that it?s a good dream? Unfortunaly I had to stop working in a hospital, because my salary was tiny. Now I?m working as a manager in a marriage registration bureau. I like my job. I?m glad to see happy smiling just married cuopes. I my register marriage officially. I like to say to people: ?Now you are a husband and a wife?. Many people know me and say hello meeting me. But not long ago I was invited to work to a private clinic. I was offered good money. Now I?m in 2 minds what to choose, what is the best. Probably that I will work in the clinic like a surgeon. At present I have a small
house with small garden near it. I live alone that?s why I?m not able to work in the garden constantly. But never the less my garden is very beautiful and pleasant. I like to grow flowers because they are the
most beautiful that were created by nature. I live alone, have neither children nor a boyfriend. Sometimes I feel very lonely in my house. May be that?s why I decided to get acquainted with you. I?m already 30, and take life philosophically. I have a house, a job, friends but I can?t say that I?m happy. I have no many who I can my best half. I wrote you first, it means I can share my thoughts and feelings with you. I hope you won?t laugh. And we?ll write a lot of letters to each other. I?m very glad and grateful that you answered my letter, because I decided to try getting acquainted through internet only once. And it was a miracle for me when you wrote me a letter. If it was not so I will never try to make friends through e-mail once again. I never get acquainted before in such a way. I can?t understand fully how it works, because I don?t have a computer. I?m just a beginer in the work of internet. But I hope I?ll be able to write you constantly. I hope you are interested in our dialogue as I'm. I?d like to ask you Emilio some questions. If you don?t want to answer them, you may not to do it, I won?t be offended. What do you do? What?s your profession? Do you like it? Who are the nambers of your family? I ask to tell it more in detail. With whom do you live? Emilio you may tell me about you all what you want. I?ll be glad to know all about your life. It?s just women?s curiosity. Hope it won?t offend you. I send you my photo. I realise that tastes differ but I hope my image will be pleasant for you. But I should tell, that I can not receive the big files. I shall have trouble. Because I use a computer on work. I hope your letters will not be more than 0,5 mbyte. If not I will understand and won?t be angry. I hope you will write me soon. I thank you beforehand. With best regards. With best regards.


Letter 2

Hi emilio!
How are you today? I hope all is well. I'm also happy today because I've got a letter from you. I've written me! I'm immensely happy. I am very glad to receive your letter, I am very glad that you to answer me. I to want that you as it is possible to write is more often to me the letter as I to want to learn more you, you seem to me very good person. Now I'm at work and I'm writing a letter to you. emilio, I did not write you about my family. But I think that you should know about it and now I'm going to do it. I was born and was growing in Kazan. Now I live here. I do not remember my father, because he did not live with us. I was grown up only by my mother. We were the best friends on the Earth, we were very close to each other. But my mom had cancer of belly and she died in 2002. The year was horrable for me. I though I was the only person on the whole planet. It was terrible and unbelievable. I could not realise it for a long time. I was empty. It's difficult to imafine thoughts in my head and my feelings. Even now I remember my mom very often. You know I had very happy childhood. My mom and I walked in the park together. We play together different games. We talked a lot. Just than, some years latter I began to understand that she felt qulity because I did not have father with me. But I heard from other people that it was not my mother's fault. My father (I cannot call him 'dad') never loved my mom. Me left her a lone when he learnt that my mom was pregnant. It was very difficult for her to grow me, to feec me, to buy m never complained of our life - we solved all the problems together. But if we were happy we tried to tell about our good luck to our neighbours. My mom always said to me that I must marry a man whom I will love. She adviced me to besure in a man before going to marry him. I think the same. I'll remember a moment for a long time. I will never forget my mother's eyes when my leg was dislocated and I couldn ' t go. At that time we were faraway from our house to gathers berries. Just my mom and I. But she took me on her hands and carried my to our house. Can you imagine it? I was already 12 years old when my mom was carrying me duringan hour. I understood that it was difficult to her, but she did not want to leave me alone in the forest to go to the house to ask somebody for a help. She was afraid that something terrible would happen to me in the forest. I hope you understand, emilio, that the memory about my mom is dear for me. After my mom's death I feel very lonly, because I have neither sisters nor brothers. To be more exact I have no relatives at all. But I have girlfriends. They Elena and Marina. They are wonderful girls. We can call us sisters, because we are friends more than 15 years and we help each other. I'm absolotely sure that if I ask Elena or Marina to help me they will never refuse. Our relations are very strong, the time has checked them. A year ago Elena married and her husband took her to his native town. We write letters to each other very often, but it's a pity that we cannot see much of each other. But Elena has come to us in spring. I taljed much (the whole week) but it was too little, we could not tell each other all the events. Now Marina and I are waiting for Elena's next arrival. And you, emilio, do you hawer such friends? Also for an entertainment I work in my small garden. I raise vegetables and flowers. But as a hobby it certainly flowers. Roses, orchids, tulips, asters and many others. But the main place in a garden have my favorite flowers of a rose and an orchid. Hope you can sometime see it. It's a pity, I can write more. I hope you'll answer my letter. I also hope that you are interested in our communication. I will tell you more about my life in my following letters. I think you are tolerant (smile).
Yours faithfully Kristina.

Letter 3

Hi emilio!
How are you? What is the weather like today in your country? I hope all is well. Today it was small a rain. But it did not last long. Now the air is fresh outside and I'm glad that I can sit near the window
and write a letter to you. Today I have had a difficult day, but now i'm free and I can spend my time writing you. I to want to tell to you that when I to see your structure I to understand that you fair the
man with serious intentions, I to not want to write other men, I to want that you to write to me. Today it is cloudy outdoors that's why I am in a lyrical mood. By the way I'm sorry for my previous letter. It
was sad. I did not want to make you disappointed. I hope you did not get offended to my story about the mother. Well, I'm in a good mood and I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like listening to different
music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Russian composers such as Dunaevskiy and Chajkovsky. But I also like listening to Mozart and Bach. I think they are great composers and no body will surpass them. I like Joe Satriane as well. I suppose he is a magnificent guitar player. I hope you agree with me. I like the group ? Dire Straits ? very much. I like ? Pink Floyd ?. They are not similar to
any others. There are a great number of popular musicians abroad. But I remember Russians as well. May be you heard about the Russian group 'Spleen' or 'Chaif.' But I think the most famous Russian group abroad is ? Gorky Park ?. Probably you've heard about it. They had a great success at the beginning of 90s. By the way I like going to the cinema very much. I like Russian directors such as Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky and Mihalkov. Now days a lot of foreign films are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is widely spread in Russia. I like such old American films as Gladiator, Brave Heart. Mel Gibson is a good actor. New films are also interesting to me. I have seen ? The chronicles of Riddick ? and ? Another vs Predator ? recently. I liked it. I have some favourite shows. For example - 'Wildlife' from BBC. They show the most beautiful views of nature and animals. I like to watch programs about nature and animals very mach. I also prefer to watch NBA games. They are fantastic shows. But unfortunately NBA games are not very often shown on Russian TV. Criminal programs have the biggest rating on TV, because here TV reporters tell about crimes occurring during a day or a week, they tell about leaders and authorities of criminal business in Russia, juvenile murderers and racists, addicts, maniacs, etc. You know the level of crimes is extremely high in Russia. The majority of our country like to watch these programs. But I hate to do it. I prefer to watch some musical and entertaining shows, and as a rule they are our (Russian) programs and of course they are not known to you. Now you think that I spend my time in front of the TV screen with my mouth full of popcorn and it takes me the whole day (smile.)
But it's not true. Actually I watch TV very seldom, once in a blue moon. I have no time and forces to do it. My health is the most important thing for me. I do not boast. My health is really good, and I always try to be in a good form. I jag every morning, try to spend as much times as possible in the open air. I have no car and I take a bus or whatever (I mean transport) very seldom. I take cold - not shower. I have been living in the conditions of rather cold winters and damp autumn since my childhood. Such king of climate helps to toughen my health. I do not smoke and do not take alcoholic drinks. I prefer a healthy way of life and I'm proud of it. Sewing and knitting are my hobbies if it's possible to say so. I also like to spend my free time gardening and gathering much rooms and berries. I love to ski and to skate in winter. I can speak about my hobbies for a long time. But I also want to say that I do not like some things. I do not
like artful and envious people. I hate when somebody lies and deceives. I do not love cruelty and roughness. I'm not interested in people, who prefer to spend their time drinking alcohol a lot. I also
do not like bad untasty meal and cloudy days (smile.) emilio I shall be glad, if you tell about you many various things for me. I want to know about you more and more. Because you my FRIEND. You agree?
Friends always should know well each other.
Your Kristina
2007-05-04, 13:36:55
anonymous from United States  
Letter 4

Hi my emilio!
The day is wonderful today and I'm in high spirits and how are you? I hope all is well. Yesterday I was in a bad mood. It was raining all day long. I like when it's raining but yesterday it was pouring and it did not make me happy. Dear I to want to tell to you that I to not understand the Italian language and it for me is very difficult for translating on Russian, I ask you a pardon, but I cannot learn that that you to write to me in Italian. I've already told you that I live in my own house. It's very beautiful and comfortable, but it's too
old. The roof is very old too and that's why there are some holes in it. I'm disappointed that during the rain. The water goes through the hotels in the roof and makes the house full of water. I asked a specialist's help, and he tried to repair some parts of the roof for many times but it did not help, because it's necessary to repair the whole roof, I have to change the roof. And yesterday I come to the conclusion that I have to do it as soon as possible. More than it at this moment it's necessary. My girlfriend Marina promised me to help. She always help me. I'm very glad to have such a girlfriend. She is very close to me and we often spend time together. By the way I told her about you ans she is happy that we write letters to each other. Marina says that I need a man who will help me and who will really love me. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in god luck. I believe in God, he always helps. I do not remember if I told you or not about my cat. Its name is Pushok. It is very handsome. Actually Pushok it is possible to translate to English - Fluffy. I like to play with it, I like to feed it, so I like to take care of it.
Pushok is very tender, and it loves me too. Every evening it meets me near the house, and every morning it goes with me to the bureau and that it returns. You will laugh at me, but I must be sure that
somebody or something waits for me in the house, no matter if it's just my cat. I hope you do. I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good care of it the person is a very good house keeper. I belive it. Marina has a cat at home too, and our cats like to play together. But sometimes cats fight. I'm sorry that I pay too much attention to it in my letters and may be you are not interested in it at all, but I want to tell you about the dearest living being in my life. I shall wait your pictures and to send my. In weekend I was in a cinema. I did not look Russian movie. Because this session began late. I and Marina looked 'Catwoman.' This very entertainment american movie. I like this movie. Marina was delight also. After arrival from cinema I to cook my favorite a dish - pancakes. I made it with jam a gooseberry. Very tasty. It's a pity, that I cannot treat you. Probably during week I will prepare for future house repair. I'll look for people who will help me with it. I imagine my house after repair. It will be very cosy and nice, if everything will go well. I'm sorry, probably my letter is sad but I think you'll be interested in thoughts
and feelings. Tell me, if something will be interesting for you. I'll tell you it in detail. I send you pictures. With best regards.


2007-05-04, 13:37:58   (updated: 2007-05-04, 13:38:45)
anonymous from United States  
Letter 5

Hi my emilio!
I'm very glad that you have written to me. I need your letters more and more often. They make me happy. Dear many thanks for your pictures, it for me is very pleasant, I to like your pictures, I am very glad that we to get acquainted with you. Now about my family. My mum had no sisters and brothers. Therefore I've no cousins. To me it's sometimes very lonely. But I'm glad, that I have Elena and Marina. emilio I was determined with work in clinic! I shall be the surgeon. I've told to my present boss that I leave work in a bureau. He was upset, but has wished me of good luck in medicine. I shall soon have 40 days a free time. After holiday I shall work as the surgeon. Hope, that you is glad for me because the surgeon is my favourite trade. Today I have been late for work. When I woke up in the morning, my neighbour came to me. She is an old woman and she is a very good and king woman. we address each other when we need something. Today she came to me because she had a problem. The door to her house has been broken and she could not close it. She lives alone as well, her husband died 5 years ago and now nobody is ready to help her. So, I went to have a look at the door. We tried to repair it but we could do
2007-05-04, 13:40:33
anonymous from United States  
Letter 6

Hi my emilio!
Now I'm writing to your letter and I'm happy. It's very pleasant that I have such a friend as you are. It's a pity that you are far from me. But I will hope that we will meet one day. I think we will be glad to see each other. Marina ask me about you every day. I say to her that I'm constantly thinking about you emilio. She is glad for me, and she always asks me to remember her to you. Earlier I didn't manage to find the carpenter. But today I have seen him in the morning and I asked him to repair the door in the Masha's house. In the afternoon he came and said that he had done everything and changed the lock. I thanked him but he said: 'Never mind' becouse he is always ready to help old people. My neighour came a little bit later and told me about the carpenter. It turned out that he refused to take money for his work. Masha tried to give him some money but he said that he would be offended if she didn't stop doing it. Masha said: 'He has gone with nothing'. By the way he and his college will repair my roof in the
house. You know many people in Russia help other people and don't take money for it, if they know that the people have to money. I think it's the only good feature of character of the Russian people which roots go to the old far USSR. It's a pity that many Russian men became alcoholics. I remember that many-many years ago my mum and I had to make a fence around our house. But what could we do? My mum and I? When my mother came to a shop to buy nails, three men asked her what for she needed nails. She told them and they began laughing, when learnt that a young lady and her little daughter wanted to do. They came to our house together with my mom and everything was ready in the
evening. They repesed to teke money. The only thing we could do for them just to feed them with pancakes after their work. By the way since that time it is my favorite food. One of the man asked if the
had something to paint the fence. My mum answered that she would buy paint a little bit leter. Bu the very next day in the morning the 2 men came and they brought their own paint and paited the fence. We
wanted to pay them for it some money, but they refused.They said that the paint was left after the painting of their fence. Yesterday in the evening I was thinking of my future work in the clinic. I'm happy that I will get my favorite job. I should not study, because I have the diploma of the surgeon of the European standard. But I will have the more month between the finishing working in the marrige bureau and the beginnig working in the clinic. I don't know how to spend this month, I don't want to waste my time uselessy. I must think it over. Of course I will write letters to you. But it will take only the part of
my day. What to do in the rest? I must find a decision. I hope emilio, you are not sick and tired of my letter.But I want to tell you much. I think you are not against of it, because I suppose you are my friend.
Don't forget to write letters to me.

Your Kristina.

2007-05-04, 13:40:58
anonymous from United States  
Letter 7

Hi my emilio!
How are you? I think you are my friend. And do you think the same? Today I've the big desire to write to you. Hope you do not object? Dear I to want to tell to you that I to not have those pictures which you to ask, but I was necessary to make pictures with my friends with Marina and Elena and at once to send you. You know I to not have neither domestic, nor a cellular telephone, it is very a pity to me to you to speak about it. I send you my home address: Russia, Kazan, 26 Pushkina Str 112. My full name: Kristina Polushina. I suppose I can tell you about my bad experience in relations. If you are not interested in it you may stop reading the letter. I will not be offended. I think I can tell you the story because you have become very very close to me recently. I hope you have an idea of the problem with alcohol in Russia and I suppose you understand why I do not want to look for a husband in Russia. Let's begin since the very first day of the acquaintance. I worked in the clinic as a surgeon's assistant.
I was going home after my work but it began raining and I could not go because I had left my umbrella at home. It was summer but never the less I did not want to get wet and to take a cold. I was standing
under the roof of the building waiting till the rain would stop. But the rain was not going to stop and I wanted to go home in the rain. But a young man was going in my direction with an umbrella. He saw
that I could not go with an umbrella and offered me to take his one. I asked him: ' And what about you? ' He said that he would spend some time in the clinic and may be the rain would stop soon. I asked how I would be able to return him the umbrella. he said his adress to me and his name. His name is Vladimir. It was not far from the clinic. I wrote down his adress and promised to give him the umbrella the next
day in the evening. On my home I thanked the yuong man and asked the God to stop the rain. But it was raining the whole night. I cursed myself that I had taken the umbrella and that he was wet to the skin because of me. I did not sleep a wink at night. The next day in the clinic was so long for me. I was lookingforward to finishing my work to give the umbrella back to Vladimir. I wanted to learn how he was.
As soon as my working day was over, I chanded my working clother and left my work. Vladimir was standing at the door smiling. It turned out that he remembered the time when my work was over. He came to meet me. I asked about his health at once. he said that everything was all right. He did not get too wet because he was running home. Then we walked for a long time. we talked a lot. My mum had died already and i was alone. He was the dearest and the closest man in the world for me at that time. He saw much of each other at time. But i did not invite him my house I wanted to check him. Once we were invited to a Birthday party of his friend. I agreed to go to see his friends, as i wanted to know more about him. Vladimir did not drink even champagne. I thought it was because of me, because I did not drink as well. But his friends told me that Vladimir really did not drink alcohol. I liked Vladimir. I think so did he. we became more than friends and he began to live in my house. First 2 months we were very happy, we were on the seveth heaven. But then he got a very good job. He became a lawyer. he made
much money. But he began drinking alcohol. At first a little bit - then more and more. he did not sleep at home at night. When he was drunk he began beating me. I tolerated, I beared it. I thought he change for the better, that he would the same he had been before. But nothing chanded. Once I was beaten by him bitterly and left my house. He did not came back 9 days. Our friends told me that they had seen Vladimir with other girls. I came to the conclusion that it was enough to bear it. When he came back he even was not sorry and did not apologize. I do not think that he had forgotten that he had beaten me.
I did not say a word in the evening. I started the talk in the morning when he was sober. So I made him leave my house forever. He was shouting, screaming and he even broke a foto in the frame where my mom and I were. I saad to him that I would call a police, well he had gone. Forever. Now I am happy that I did not marry him. I do not want such relations once again. Almost all Russian men drink alcohol alot
that's why I do not want to have any relations with them. I suppose you understand me, emilio. I'm sorry my letter is too long. But I wanted to show you what I am feeling. I am very happy that I got acquainted with you. I hope our communication will never stop. Marina has told to you 'Hi.' I have to finish me letter. Thanks that you write me. With all my heart, your Kristina.

P.S. By the way, I have overlooked to tell to you. Today carpenters have repaired my roof. I am happy! It is very little necessary for the lonely woman for happiness!!! (smile) My roof was repaired by the same
carpenter who repaired Masha's door. He has again refused to take the money. I have told, that I indignant. But nevertheless I could present him two bottles of vodka. The carpenter has agreed to take only it.

Letter 8

Hi my sweetheart!!!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as usual because your letters always put me in a good mood and make me smile:) I am thinking a lot about you and I like to read from you,

Dear I to want to tell to you that if I to be now near to you I to make to you massage that all your muscles have relaxed, at me it is very good to turn out, you would be very glad. You know, I ask you to
send me your phone number that I to try to you to call, I think that I will have such opportunity to call to you, I ask you to send me your phone number as same I to want to hear your voice. You know, emilio, I
need to tell you something. I think that friendship is very important in the relationships. Let me explain what I mean here. I think that passion and affection are very good, but two people that decide to be
together need to know how deal with each other in everyday life. You know what I mean? And I think that friendship between them will help a lot. I would like to see a very good, I can say the best friend in my
soul mate. I think that emotional connection is very important, so that two people will feel very comfortable with each other. How do you think, emilio?

When I am reading your letters, emilio, I feel that you are honest and sincere with me, you are telling me a lot about you, so I want to give you the same thing. You know, I have a dream. I would like to find a
true love, a special person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same for him. I want our love to be forever. I think that when I meet that special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and love. And what is your dream? What do you want the most from life, emilio? Please, tell me. It will be very interesting for me to know what you are thinking and dreaming about.

You know, emilio, I need to tell you something. I have never thought before that this is possible to find a very good friend, somebody special with the help of Internet. But now I can say that this happened to me, I've met you and it seems to me like I know you for a long time even though we exchanged only a few letters. Now I can say that there is a person in the world who understands me, my life position, whose dreams and intentions are close to mine. You should know that you are dear to my heart, I am always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you need that.

Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply, emilio!!!

I am thinking about you!!!:)

With tender hugs and kisses


Letter 9

Hello my dear emilio!!!

Today the weather is good here. I have spent all my day outside. emilio, your letters always bring me joy and good mood:) I am really very happy that I've got acquainted with you. You are like a wonderful
dream that came into my life, I think and dream about you very often!:)

Dear many thanks for your letter, it for me is very pleasant, and as ?? that ????? to send me your phone number, now I shall try to you to call, I to inform you when I shall call to you. My dear emilio, I think that there is something between us that make me trust you and open my heart for you, I would like to give you my full trust because I see in your letters how sincere and serious you are towards me.

Honey, I cannot describe you all of my feelings, the thought that the person like you have appeared in my life makes me feel so excited!!! You are far from me now, but I feel that my happiness is somewhere
near me. I hope that we'll be happy together. Sweetheart, all I've told you is very true, all of my words are coming from my heart and soul!

I wish you and the people who are close to you to be healthy and fine. I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply.

I send you my tender kiss


Letter 10

Hi my emilio!
I'm very glad to write you again. emilio, I was thinking for a long time how I can spend the free time between the finishing working in the bureau and the beginning working in the clinic. I want to spend my
vacation with you. I must do something to take the chance. Just to meet you. That is all what I need, that is all what I want now. I know one of visas agency. I wondered how much it would cost for me to make Australian visa. They said that only the examination of application for visa will cost me 30 usd. This money won't be returned even if the application is rejected. To gat visa I must go to Moscow where is the Australian Embassy. I'll to visit a lot of agencies, offices and organization in Tula and in Moscow. This is the usual way to get visa, it may take me many months. I said to them that I could wait for a
long time. And they offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for interview with commission. FPS costs 70 usd, but the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a week or two). I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant is the only right for me. I agreed and registered my application for visa, hoping that you'll be glad to meet me. Can you
imagine that we'll spend some weeks together? I'm immensely happy when I'm thinking about the opportunity. I howe some money and I don't want to ask you about it. I'll be able to come to your country paying my own money. I'll be everything myself? May be you think I try to do too quickly, probably you suppose it's too earty everything us to meet each other. But I can't wait for ages, I'm happy now at present time. Necessary to begin moving to howe something in your life, it's important to go ahead, to overcome difficulties to take aim. Very soon I'll leave the bureau and I'll be able to spend my vacation with my friend, emilio. I have never been abroad. but now I have a chance to meet you. It's a dream. You are my friend, and friend sometimes meet each other. I think it will be great, wonderful, fantastic. I hope you don't think that I'm too impudent. I just want to met you and to spend some time with you. I suppose you haven't changed your attitude towards me after this letter. I'm looking forward to seeing to calm
down my heart. Please tell me you be able to meet me? Will you be happy to face me? I hope you'll!!!

Letter 11

Hi my dear emilio!
I talked to Marina about you emilio for a long time yesterday in the evening. I told her that I wanted to meet you. Marina supported me in my desire. She said that I could't miss a chanse to see you. Marina is very glad that I've got acquainted with you. She wants me to be happy. I hope, emilio, that one day you and Marina will be friends. I believe that Marina'll be as close to you as to me. Dear you to not represent as I was very happy to hear your voice, it was very pleasant for me, I to love your voice. I think that I shall try still to you to call, but I to not know when I shall call to you. Now I often think of you
before sleeping. I think about our letters to each other. I often ask myself what will be then, when we'll fase. emilio, you know I have a flower Herbicin at home. It's very beautiful, and it needs much care.
Now I call it emilio. I hope you are not againstof it. Every morning I say to it ' Good morning, emilio '. It's pity that it cannot speak to me. It's very interesting how long would we be able to talk when we met for the first time. What do you think of it? It seems to me that I want to tell you much and it will take me several days to tell all about myself. But I'm shy and can be confused when I'll meet you for the first time. But I think that we are mare than friends that is why we will be able to speak of what we want. I saw a plane not long ago. And I thought that these ' Iron birds ' allow to meet million peaple who are happy to see each other every day (for example emilio and I). But when I think about my future flight on board the blane I cannot forget last catastropher of two planes. These incidents were in August. It was terrible to see grief and tears of relatives of the dead people. Now our government is sure that terrorist acts took place hare. I believe that guilty people will be severely punished. They have no right to prevent peaceful people from living. I hate terrorism and violence! You should know that fear of terrorists will never stop me. I'll be able to fly on board the plane and to be afraid of nothing. In my childnood I was flyining by plane. But people sai that flights are if it's true. I heard that passangers are very well served during the flight. I'm interested to see it. Sorry, but now I do not know exact date when I can arrive to you. But I shall necessarily inform when I can. Hope you can patiently wait? I'm ready to give much to know precisely when I can see you. I think, that 2-3 weeks can stay with you. You do not object?

Your Kristina.

Letter 12

Hi my dear Emilio!
I'm writting a letter to you and smiling. I'm constantly thinking of you and I cannot concentrate on something else. Today it's a very funny day in the bureau. In the morning we congratulated our boss on
his Birthday. We presented him with brief case for documents. He said that he estimes highly our attention. I think he is immensely glad to get a present from us. He also said that it was a surprise that I was going to leave bureau. The boss said that he cannot find such a pretty girl as I'm to work instead of me. And if the number of just married desreales I'll be guiltu of it. Then he said that it was a joke. I
think that a girl who will work instead of me will not be worse than I am and that the number of weddings will not decrease. Our boss was in a high spirit. He was joking and kidding all day long. By the way,
Emilio, I know for a long time that to get visa I must persuade Australian Embassy that I am sure to come back to Russia. I also was told that they like when doctors arrive to Australia. I hope that I am
the right person to get visa. Marina is very worried about me. She will do as much as posible to help me collect all the papers and documents for getting visa, necessaru for the Embassy. I am happy to
have such a friend. We talk very often and she always supports me in my idaes and thoughts. Once I asked her what she would do if did not come back to Russia and did not write a letter to her. She said that she would find some money to buy a ticket for a plane, would come to the Australia and would shout at me. But it was just a joke, because she knows that I'll always find a chance to write a letter to her. Now I must go home. As usual I have a lot to do at home and in my garden. At home I must to clean (to wash) my clothes. I know that in other countries people use washing machine for cleaning theirclothes. But we cannot afford it. We even do not have good water pipe for it. That's why it takes me much time to wash clothes. Then I shall be to cook a potatoes with fried meat. In Russia this dish name 'Zharkoe.' Whether I do not know there is an analogue in the Australia or not. It is a pity that I can offen you potatoes which I cook. It is a very tasty dish. Dear I to want I shall tell to you that tomorrow I should go in Moscow, in Embassy to legalize papers on reception the visa when I shall arrive in Moscow I at once to write to you from cafe the Internet. I ask you to inform me the name of city and the name of the
airport in which I shall arrive, it for me is necessary. I hope to get your letter tomorrow.

Your Kristina.
2007-05-04, 13:41:09
anonymous from United States  
Letter 13

Hi my dear emilio!

Yesterday I was very tired. I had a lot of work at home and collecting in Moscow. Many thanks for your information, it for me is necessary. Now I near Embassy the Australia in internet-cafe. I write to you the
letter and I worry. I think, that my destiny today is solved. Hope to me'll give the visa and I can meet you. It will be the greatest day in my life!! It's a pity, that I cannot write for a long time. Probably soon it's necessary for me to go in Embassy. Here it's a lot of people. I never thought, that many people want to arrive in the Australia forever. I hope, that I can soon write to you about results of visit to Embassy. If I cannot write from Moscow I shall write from Kazan. Your and only your Kristina. Hi my dearest Emilio!
I write to you the letter and I smile. I'm so glad! If I could, I would speak with you for a long time for a long time. But unfortunately now it is impossible. But I am confident, that our meeting will take place also we shall speak in person. Dear I to want tell to you that today I cannot to call to you as today I do not have
such opportunity, I to promise you that this weeks I necessarily to call to you, I ask you to not worry, same I to want to hear your voice as it is very pleasant for me. Emilio, I want to tell to you about the
commission in Moscow. I hope to you it interestingly!!! I can probably have the visa. Because I tried for it much. I worry, you should understand it. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions. They asked about my sexual life, they asked about children, about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to Australia, about my conversance and awareness of events which happened
in the world and in Australia, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life in detail. I spoke about verything fairly how it's really. To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants do not answer such questions so directly and openly. They have not got used to hear such answers, but they said that to hear sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words
which come not from heart and reason. Children from the orphanages also have made the big impression and rendered the big influence on the commission. To me have told that I the first lady who have such
support from children - orphans. Now I should wait the decision. Now I agree with expression: ' Expectation of death is worse than the death ' I cannot concentrate on anything. My heart so worry, I cannot work. They have told that the decision will be accepted in several days. I so worry. I so want that this small dream was come true. I simply want to see my lovely friend. I think the God will help me. I simply want to meet you. I already see us together and I sink in dreams. I want to construct with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean. I want to meet with you a dawn and to see off a sundown. We will float on our ship and our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars, we'll be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We'll name our ship - Dream. It will be the small ship, but very
strong. Because we will make our ship from belief, hope and love. It's impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky. It's necessary to go to the dream. It's necessary to clear and build
the road itself. If in heart there is a belief and dream, if in heart there is a love and hope, it is necessary to achieve the dream by all means. I always go to the dream. I do not sit on a place. In my life there were very few light moments. On this I try to make everything that my dreams have come true. I understand that now it's only dreams. But these dreams brighten my life. I hope that yours also. Now my boss does not speak anything about when I shall finish work in a bureau. But anyhow I shall ask him to let off me when I shall receive the visa. Nothing will keep me to arrive to you Emilio!!!

With tenderness your Kristina.

Letter 14

Hello my dear emilio!!!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. You know that each letter that you send me brings me much joy:) Dear I to want to tell to you that tomorrow if all will be good, I can
receive the visa, I very much to experience and worry, I think that I can receive the visa as I very to want to meet you and to be near to you, it is very important for me. I like to dream about you because it
brings me much joy. I am so happy that you are in my life now. You mean so much to me, emilio. Your love, care and attention are vitally important to me. The thoughts about you warm my heart and soul. I do
not know what I would do if I did not meet you, you brought me a new life. Sweetheart, I really need you! You are so important to me.

I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply!!!

I miss you, my dear emilio!!!

With hugs and tender kisses,


Letter 15

Hello my dearest Emilio!
Dear I to want I shall tell to you that I to call to you in Friday as I will have such opportunity, I very much to want to speak with you and to hear your voice. I have good news, very good for me and for you! I have looked forward to this day. Today I visited Australia Embassy in Moscow again. I have got the visa. I'm immensely happy. I will leave the work in the bureau on the 12 of May and I willbe able to come to you. I will be able to see you in person!!! I addressed the company which sells tickets for plans. I asked them how I would be able to go to Melbourne on the 24 of May, and how much it would cost. They said that the ticket would cost $3200 USD. I asked them to find a cheaper ticket, because the price is too high for me. But as it turned out I would not be able to have a cheaper ticket so quicly, the date is too early. Tickets must be reserved long beforehand. I asked them to offfer me other variants of the flight. We found the most suitable one. The flight, is on the 27 of May 2006. The ticket costs $2300 USD. I asked the to reserve the ticket for me. But they refused to do it having said that they had a lot of clients. They cannot reserve my ticket without adwanced money. I was imploring them. But it did not work. They said that they would help me with great pleasure but they couldn't. The rules are so. I was in a panic, I was so disappointed. Then I asked themif I could give just a part of the money. But they did not agree again. I asked them for a long time saying that my fiance Emilio is waiting for me. If I asked them a little bit longer I would burst out of crying. Maybe God heard my prayers, and the service worked agreed to reserve the ticket on my conditions. But I have too little time to pay, for the ticket. They said if I did not day the rest of the ticket price, I would loose the money I'd already given to them. I was angry, but they explained that it would be very difficult to sell the ticket for the plane which is flying. They would have to
lower the price. I agreed. They told me to pay $800 USD. But it was too much for me, because I had only $680. I asked to wait for me during 2 hours. I went out of the room. Marina met me at the door. I
told her everything. She understood everything and adviced me to pawn our treasures to a pawnshop. Emilio, it was very difficult for me to agree to do it. I did not want to burden Marina. But at the same time
I want to meet you, Emilio very much. We pawned the treasures, I got $120 USD and I paid the part of the ticket price $800 USD. It was my last money, it was for the plane by which I'm going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I have done all what I could. I have paid for the visa. I have paid for the part of the ticket. But this was not enough. The money was not enough. I did not want to burden you. I wanted to come to you with nobody's help. I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. Now I feel guilty muself. I did not manage to do all myselffor our meeting. I thought nothing would prevent me from meeting you. But I must pay the rest of the money for the ticket It's just $1500 USD.I must pay it till the 27 of May. Otherwise I will loose the money I have paid and i will loose the chance to see you. And our treasures will be soldby the pawnshop. Now I feel guilty that I could not do what i promised to come to you with my own money. I always do what I promise. I feel il at ease now, I'm ashamed of asking you to help me. Unfortunately the bureau did not pay me the money I'd earned. I really hoped to get this money. It would solve all the problems. But I'll get the money from the bureau
in a month or two. Because it's very typical for Russia to hold up the payments of salary. I asked the bureau to give me my money earlier, but thay refused to do it. Now the bureau does not have the money
necessary for me. Our bureau depends on the budget, it did not get money for a long time. I think it's because of the terrorist acts in Moscow and in Beslan. Probably I must say to you that I will not be
able to meet you becouse I will not be able to pay the whole sum of money myself. Of course I realize that I should not ask you to give me the money. But at the time I cannot just that I will not come to you.
I have done too much to organize our meeting. If I refuse to meet you it will mean that everything was in voun. It's torrible for me to refuse to come to you, I have done all what I could. Now I want you to help me and I think there is nothing horrable if I ask you to help me. Of course I realize that may be you have no feelings to me and may be you you're not interested in our meeting. I understsnd that the sum of money is too big. I know itand that's why it's more difficult for me to ask it from you. But at the sametime any person can find himself in my conditions. And now there is only one thing which I can do. I just must say that I will never come to you. But I do not want to say so, because I want to meet you. That's why I must be honest, I need your help. Of course I understend that I must not do it. But I'm an honest person. I'm ashaneed of asking you to help me, but life is a difficult thing, everything can happen. Of course it's up to you to decide if you want to help me or not. It's bad, but not fatal. I will loose my money. It's bad but not mortal either. $235 USD which I have paid for the visa and $800 USD which I have paid for the ticket are too much for me. But I'm not sorry for what I have done for our meeting. In fact money is just paper, our treasures are just metal details. That's why I was the first who decided to meet each other. But I do not want all my efforts to be spent in vain. If you really want to meet me, if you can help me to organize our meeting please send me the money till the morning of the 27 of May, 2006. If you can help me, I send you my coordinates. Marina said that you can use some sistem. I addressed the nearest bank. They said they have ' Western Union '. They told me that it's the best way for me to get money. There is other remittance system, but at present unfortunately it does not work all the time, because some renovation and upgrade ofthe equipment and signalizing system are made there. But they say that ' Western Union ' always works and people trust it. I give you the necessary details to send me the money by ' Western Union '.
Name: Kristina
Surname: Polushina
The country: Russia
hey said to me in the bank that to get money from you I must say to the bank workers your full name, you full address, the exact sum of money, which I must get and some confidental numbers (MTCN this 10 digitals). This number will be given to you by your bank, if you send me your help. Only in the case when all the information is sent to me I will get your help. Please forgive me my words. I say so because I'm in despair. Now when just one step can connect us, I'm afraid. I need you, I want to be with you, I need you help, believe me, I'm honest with you. I did not manage to estimate my forces. And all my efforts spent in vain. I understand that the sum of money is too big for you. I did not want to ask you. I can do everything myself. My loneliness made me strong. I had always been living with my own efforts I always relied on myself. I asked somebody to help me very selcom, but now I ask you to help me. I will give you all the money back as soon as I'm able. Maybe I made you offended. But I need you. I do not know if my letter satisfacted you or disappointed. But I have written you an honest letter. I'm looking forwarol to you answer. I hope for you. Dear I to want to tell to you that tomorrow or even today I shall call to you, I ask you to not pass my bell. I promise you that except for me who to not learn your phone number, I ask you to not worry.

2007-05-04, 14:40:04
Polina Dubrovina from Elabuga, Russia

2007-05-04, 16:14:36
anonymous from United States  
Post all the pix you have and the header's from a couple of the letter's.
2007-05-15, 15:30:24
anonymous from United States  
This Girl hasn't requested anything (yet) but she contacted me through Yahoo Personals. She calls herself Kate (Ekaterina) I almost started to believe her since she wasn't asking for anything (yet)... She called me this morning and she sounded so sweet. Well either she's using form letters to woo me or she's a scammer. I searched for the 'naming the Herbinicin after me' thing and found it. I hate being right.

So here you all go: watch out! It's been three months of emails all with very beautiful pictures. Every once in awhile she answers a question or uses my name, and she has her persona down to a Tee. She has always been in healthcare lives an hour and a half from Moscow, currently works in a dental clinic, use to be a nurse, pet dog Baron, two friends that both like me, her boss likes me, her parents aren't around... blah blah blah.

Her email address is:

Here are her letters:

I am very glad to reserve your letter. It is new, unknow and very interesting for me. I have never made the internet and it is unsually. Earlier I couldn't suppose, that I would be able to write and reseive letters by computer, see photos not handing them in my hands. I marvel at the progress in our society. It is wonderful! Are you agree with me? You are the first and only man, whom I write letter by internet. That's why I hope that you are serious. I think that we had a good understanding and we could become good friends or more but we will learn it leter.
I think it is interesting for you, how I could write you. I used a not free acquaintance service. They gave me some possibility to write you a short letter and we can write without ther help. I hope that it is nice.
So, let's introduce myself. My name is Kate. I think my namy is not beautiful. I don't like my name Kate. I would like to name Kristina. I am already 29 and I am single. I am quite 30 and I haven't my lover and my children so far. I am very tired that I am alone. I'd like to find in my life a reliable man happier. I am sure, that I can do it. Let's I tell you about my life.
I live in my small own flat with my pet Baron. It helps me not think about my alone life. It's my friend younger brother. It is two years.
As for me I am health professional Recently. I have become licentiate dentist. Earlier I worked as a nurse. I am a specialist, I have a certificate can have my practice not only in my country, but in Europe also. I have been studingmedicine for a long time and I am very proud of it and my job. I feel happy but I haven't my only man and this
greatly upsets me.
As for my activities, I like doing sport, aerobics, swimming. I go to the pool twice a week. I live in a small town and many people of the town know others. But I howe not a lot of true friends, but good friends I have.
I am very happy that I can send you my photos and receive yours. It is very interesting to see you. I am blond haired and blue eyed. But sometimes I make my hair brawn. I am not a tall girl, 5ft and 7in and my weight is 115 pounds. I hope you not think, that I am thick. Smile.
About me, my life and my friends I would like to tell you in my first letter. You can ask me what you want. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I ask you to write me often.

Take care Kate.

We have a wonderful weater today! The sun is shining and it's warm. And what is the weater like there? In the morning I did some morning exercises and 2kms-jogging about our town. I am sorry that I didn't say where I live in my previous letter. I think you've guessed. I live in Russia, in a small town Chekhov, not far from Moscow. The capital is only 85 kms far from us. I was born here and I have been living here all my life. I went to school at Chekhov and graduated from the medical university in Moscow. By the way, I learn English at that univesity. Due to the fact that our town is not far from Moscow I often go there. In the latest years Moscow has changed for the best, it has become a very beautiful, but a very expensive city. As for Chekhov. it's such a town now as it was 10 years ago! It's pity! Now I work in a dentist clinic in Chekhov and lots of Moscovites and guests of Moscow come here to have the teeth repaired. Even Foreigners often come here, because our clinic has the most modern equipment and it's very popular in Moscow.
I live with my dog Baron in a small flat. Baron is very smart, though it's young. I am sending you his photo in this letter where he is a small puppy. Unfortunately I don't have his latest pics. Though my flat is small, I have got a lot of home plants which will begin to blossom soon, and my flat will become very pretty. Garrett, I like cleanliness at home very much! I can't stand dirt and I fight it! There're 8 flats in our house. All my neighbours clean the hall in turn. In general I am lucky, almost all the neighbours are family couples. Some of them have children whom I love very much. Probably, because I don't have my own children I am eager to communicate with the neighbours children. Sometimes they pay me a visit. From my childhood I have got a lot of interesting books which the children like to borrow from me and read. When I don't have free time, the to walk Baron, the cildrenalways take him for a walk. Baron likes it better then to walk me. I envy! Smile.
Now about my job. The clinic where I work is 20 minutes walk from my house. That's why I never use transport to get to work. At the clinic I have got my own study which is well-equipped. I have a lot of constant clients who don't want to go to other dantist. I am proud of this. my way to work lies through a small river which is very beautiful in summer. My friends and I often walk along its coast in the everning. There are also two cinemas, a stadium, a sportcomplex and several bars in our town. All the citizens (about 18 thousand) are friendly. And all the holidays: Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc we celebrate almost all together in the square next to the State building. These holidays turn out to be very interesting and joyfull. By the way, I forgot to tell you, there's a small military district in the suburbs. The soldiers having their military servise here do much for modernisation of our town. Chekhov is always very clean and neat.
Unfortunately, I don't have an internet access at home. It's still a luxury for an ordinary Russian. But I can use a computer at wark! But I must say I can't use it for a long time, beacause it's necessary to work. Smile. it's a pity that I couldn't find you in myself. On that purpose I had to go to Moscow, to the agency of international relations, to pay them money in order to write you a letter. I doubted the success of this idea before, but now I see that I went to the agency not in vain. Now I can write you and get you letters without anyone's help. It's nice! It's interesting and pleasant to communicate with you. I ask you to write me more often. I will try to do it more
often as well.
By this I am finishing my letter. I hope, it wasn't tiresome! I am looking forward to your letter!


Garrett! I congratulate You on great religious day Easter!!! In Russia Easter is one of the most important celebrations and this year Catholic and Christian church celebrate Easter on the same day on 8th of April, I wish You health, wealth and happiness!!! In Russia many people go to church and color eggs. It's very nice I always remember this day, when I was a child, I wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket of candy! At present I go to the church and thank Got for helping us!!!
Today our clinic is closed but only a security man is present. I came to congratulate You on Happy Easter!!! Unfortunately I have no much time and I can't look my mailbox and I hope to get Your email tomorrow!!! I wish You the Best of everything!!! Take care. Kate.


How are you? How is your mood? I am in a good mood today and I am glad to write to you again. But I have even more pleasure to see your emails in my mailbox. I hope to get your emails regularly.
Garrett, I want to tell you about my family. Now I live alone, because my dad died 11 years ago and my mom have found another man recently and moved to the other city. As my mother lives far from me now we seldom see each other. We do not have cells and that is why we have no opportunity to communicate very often. We write letters each other. My mom does not know how to use internet. Almost every month I send her money. My mom's pension is very little, and she can not work because of her age and weak health. She has worked as a teacher in our city before. Many citizens of our town remember my mother and know me, as my mother taught them the Mathematics. I can tell only good things about my mother. I am an only child in my family, so all my mom's love was for me. I remember well how my mom taught me to cook in my childhood. Now I'm good at cooking. I know how to cook many delicious dishes and I'm proud of my ability. My friends often come to learn cooking this or that dish. I can tell you about myself . I am a real cook.
I also like home-plants. I think I have already told you that my small flat is full of different flowers. My dog Baron lives with me, I took him after my mom went to another city. It caused me a lot of trouble to teach him not to eat my home-plants. But now he does not do it.
As for my hobby, I do not know what to tell you. I think my hobby is cooking, home-plants, cinema and jogging. I like to watch different kinds of films. Unfortunately I do not have much free time to go to the cinema regularly. I do not have a dvd-player to watch new movies at home. Nevertheless I try to follow all block-busters. I also like to lie in the sun and swim. Summer is coming and I can say it is my season. I will often go to the beach, I will swim and lie in the sun. And you, Garrett, do you like to go to the beach?
To your question. I live in district which has no the ocean or the mountains. Our district - plain. But we have beautiful lakes and a wood.
Yes, our clinic has a security person. He is necessary, especially at night for on duty dentists. Because now in Russia it is much criminal. Clinic can rob.
Garrett, please write everything you want about your life. I will be glad to learn everything about you and your life. Write me. I am looking forward to your letters. I like to get them.
I with pleasure send you pictures of me and mums.


Yesterday, Garrett, I told my friends about you. I hope you won't be offended, but I could not conceal such pleasant news about me. I could not but share my joy with Julia and Elena. They listened to me with an interest and they were glad for me. Elena was frank to admit that she would not dare this - acquaintance in thousands of kilometres. I told her that our acquaintance does not oblige us to anything – we are just friends. Nevertheless it was interesting for them to listen to the story about you.
After my talk with my friends I thought about you at night and unconsciously I remembered my ex-boyfriend, remembered the sad experience of the relations I had. My ex-boyfriend, Oleg, does not drink and smoke. He is very kind and gentle. He seemed to be an ideal man! Oleg courted me beautifully - gave me flowers and invited to the restaurant, sweared in love and read poems. By all his behaviour he showed to be a gentleman. For many girls such men are the top of their dreams. But, as it turned out to be later, during 4 years of our relations he cheated on me. And he cheated very often!!! But I learnt this fact only after our break-up from the other people. To tell the truth, I doubted his faithfulness sometimes and I tell him about it. He dispelled my doubts with his beautiful and tender words about love and devotion. I was a silly girl to believe him! I believed, because I loved him.
But once, after my mom's departure to another city, I was in the clinic at night. And it happened so that there was a call in the house, where we lived - Oleg and I. After we had helped the old woman who called for us, I decided to come to our flat for several minutes. Seeing my beloved man naked with some woman in our bed, I felt terrible. I could not utter a word. Oleg, having seen me, began to tell me something. But I did not hear, I was in frustration. Having said nothing, I came back to the clinic. In the morning I was afraid to going home. I did not know what was waiting for me there. Having come back home, I found the flat empty to my joy. Oleg took his things and left. He left my life forever! But as it turned out to be later, I was mistaken.
He remembered about himself once again, when I gave in with the bitterness of humilliation. I decided to forget him. And I would have done it if he hadn't reminded of himself with a disgusting thing. When we decided to live together he moved to my flat having everything ready. Oleg did not have anything, besides his clothes and a tooth-brush. But it was not important for me at that time. The person himself is more important for me! That is why I was happy to live with him. So, leaving my flat after that awfull night Oleg took the key, and I did not take it serious. Having come home I saw that many things in my flat are absent. I thought that I had been robbed. I decided to call the police. I needed to go to the nearest shop to call. Coming out I met a neighbour. She asked about putting up with Oleg and living together again. She said that she had seen him going out with big bags. I understood everything at once - he has robbed me. He took not only my things, but even the money that I saved for my mom. Oleg knew well where I kept the money. He used my trust. I felt sorry for such a weak and mean person and I thought what could wait for him in his life. So I decided not to call the police. Julia and Elena advised to call the police, but I did not listen to them. I just changed the lock. God is his judge! Then I learnt from his acquaintances that he lives in Moscow now. I think that it is better. I do not want to see him forever! When I remember him My mood always changes to worse.
I hope, I did not spoil your mood by my sad recollection. Sorry, but I wanted to share this wuth you. Cause I consider you to be my friend.
I hope, that you will not think of me poorly. I want to have your picture in my computer. Earlier I'm not skilful to keep it. Now me have learned to keep. And I want to see your picture every day. If you can, send to me it. I shall be glad to see you. I shall send also to you my pictures.
You have written about women 'Both relationships ended because the women were not faithful.' I have identical opinion on guys in Russia. Therefore I have dared to write to you.
Oh, I forgot to ask how you are. What is the weather like there? We have a bright spring sun-shine!
Unfortunately, Garrett, I need to end the letter.
I am sending you my pictures me and my ex-boyfriend. Once he was treated in my clinic when I worked as the usual nurse. Hooligans have beaten Oleg at night. I hope, you will like it.

Sincerely, with best regards, Kate.

P.S. I overlooked to tell to you, that the stew from vegetables was magnificent. I, Julia and Elena had fine evening!!! Friends spoke many compliments for me.:)


I am very pleased that you write me letters. Thanks a lot! I am glad to get them and I am always looking forward to them. I hope you are in a good mood, cause I have an excellent mood and I want to share it with you. How are you?
Yesterday I had a wonderful evening in solitude - only me and my dog Baron who had slept for the whole evening. That is why I could think a lot. I thought about you, about my life. What is waiting for me in future? I have got a flat, a good job, friends. But I am tired of loneliness. And what will be further?
There was a real shower last night. It had been raining all night long. I thought I would have to take an umbrella to go to work. But it had stopped raining half an hour before my going to work. Nevertheless I took an umbrella. In the morning when I went out I saw that all the sidewalks and roads were covered with puddles. People were going jumping over them and cars were moving slowly. But I like such a weather as well. When our town is covered by the curtain of rain and people are gloomy and sad. It is sad that the weather influences much on people's mood. People do not notice the beauty that surrounds them. But it is not about me. Such weather awakens energy and wonderful mood in me.
I remember, once in summer I suggested to Elena going out during a shower. She got surprised and said that she were not mad to go out in such a nasty weather. She preferred to stay home and watch TV. I tried to convince her that it was summer and the rain was warm. I think it is necessary to find positive things in everything. And it is necessary to enjoy everything you have at the moment. I described the rain as I saw it and Elena agreed - we went out at last.
I like every season of the year. I like autumn in Chekhov. Yellow bushes, yellow trees. It is so wonderful to walk in the park and listen to the rustling of the leaves and to feel winter coming in the air. Big clouds are floating in the sky and birds are going to warm countries. Birds do not have barriers as people do. People themselves invented barriers and now suffer from them. The sky often cries in autumn. Rain knocks at windows and rooves and lightning sparkles in empty streets. In such a weather it is nice to stay home near the fireplace and talk to a dear person. And if it is a beloved person, it will be a real paradise for you. What do you think, Garrett?
As many people I am waiting for summer in winter and I am waiting for winter in summer. But how Russian winter wonderful is! Everything around is white with snow. There are snowy hats in the trees and onl fir-trees please the eyes with their gren colour. Snow falling charms you, especially at night. Tiny snowflakes are like stars. If you look up for a long time it seems like you are flying through stars to nowhere. I send you one winter picture.
I like spring in Chekhov as well. It seems like the world appears again and the air is full of fresheness. All troubles melt with snow. And summer is a wonderful season. I send you two summer pictures. I had a rest by the Black sea in the past year. I have visited city Sochi. Now this city applies for Olympic games of 2014. The wish to learn the world, to have a rest, to travel and to enjoy life appears in summer. In any case summer is my favourite season of the year. I am always looking forward to summer. I feel like I am saying nonsense. Sorry, but I am in romantic mood now.
Nearly has not overlooked to thank you for pic. Thanks, that you have sent. I looked with the great pleasure. Any pictures from you are very pleasant for me. I shall be glad to receive your pictures constantly! I hope, that you wait my pictures too.
Also I should tell, Garrett. I am glad to your desire to arrive to Russia. I shall be happy to be your guide. And I am confident, that you will like Russia. Because I shall show Russia for you. I can meet you at any airport in Moscow. I think the big entertainment will sometime meet in person.
Hope I has not tired you this letter. I shall try to write to you interesting letters. I wait your letters! Write frequently, please. Now I even more often recollect you. For me it is pleasant to communicate with you. Here I shall finish the letter. Thanks, that you are available.

Sincerely, Kate.


Dear Garrett

I heard about tragedy at university. 32 persons were killed from hands of the student. I very much regret! Such should not happen never!!!

Accept my condolences.
Grieving Kate.


How your mood? I hope that up to my letter your mood was fine, but after my letter your mood became superfine (smile) Likely I too self-confident. But I am happy again because I have again write to you the letter. I so waited this minute, when I can write to you.
I should tell to you something, Garrett. probably soon I can go to Moscow, and probably I can call to you therefrom, if not expensive. Therefore I ask you to write your phone number. Of course if it not a secret. :-) Will be pleasant for me to hear your voice.
Tomorrow difficult day waits for me. Tomorrow I again work in dental mobile car. I shall free-of-charge work for poor and invalids of people of our area. I did not say it to you yet. But it happens only once a month. Dental mobile car - automobile which is more than passenger car, but is less than a lorry.
Two years ago I and my colleague have written to Ministry of Health the offer to allocate the automobile to make dental mobile car. At that time we with her have consisted in society of volunteer help weak and ailing people. As a rule it is old lonely people which are not capable to live without help of extraneous people. These people could not visit hospital because they could not go independently. We have suggested to come periodically to such people on this automobile with the necessary equipment to not carry these people in hospital. This offer was approved and now we already visit more than fifty settlements in our area. In total in our area five such automobiles. We go in small villages and settlements where live people, which for the different reasons cannot go in city to cure a teeth. In Chekhovian district a lot of such people.
Now we help not only to such people, but also children living in children's orphanages. We have many orphanages, but this orphanages have no personal dental cabinet, consequently every month I and my colleague - dental surgeon, we go in various orphanages on dental mobile car. We became friends with all children and all children love us very much, because also we visit this orphanage in the days off to give help of various sort. The state allocates very few money for the maintenance and contents of orphanages. Buildings are very old. But children do not have anybody to help them and to give them financial support. That's why some people voluntary render the feasible help. We help to repair rooms. Many walls do not have even wall-paper and stucco. The floors and beds are very old. The conditions are terrible. The meal is awful. The children practically have no toys. When I look at all this there are tears in my eyes. My colleague and I help to do repair. We glue wall-paper and paint the windows. We bring children new toys. You cannot imagine how children are pleased when we come. And they are glad not only because they wait for new toys, they wait for us. They require kindness and caress very much. Again I write too in detail. Forgive me, please. Maybe I can write tomorrow, but only some lines because I will not have time. But if I can - I shall write to you the big letter. Hope, you will not take offence, if I cannot write tomorrow at all. Anyhow I shall write to you when I shall have any opportunity!
Remember I spoke you about bars in Chekhov? I have sent you a picture from one bar. Hope you like it. Oh Garrett! I should go.
Sincerely and with the best regards.

Your Ekaterina.


I am glad to write you Garrett! I have an important letter for you! I hope you do not make any mistaken conclusion. I ask you to understand me and it was not easy for me to arrive at a decision. I have been thought over this problem for a long time. I am no a adventurer but even a coward. I think I have to care about myself to be happy.
So, Garrett I was called by my boss and we told about the beginning of my holidays. There are only four specialists in our clinic und we can have our holidays only one by one. And my holidays can be either in May or in December I like Summer holidays very much I will have them in May but I do not know when, what will be date we make it later. But what can I do? I went to my mum last autumn and it is true that from my mum I can not write you any letters but I can think about it. Elena and Julia have their holidays another time and I have to spend my holidays at home but I do not want it and I did like to go abroad. I have never been to abroad und I dream about it. But where can
I go? I am sure I want to spend my holidays with you and also I have never seen you.
I went to Elena to ask about all difficulties with going abroad. If you did not forgotten, she works at travel bureau we have been discussed for a long time and I have enough money to go abroad. Besides Elena's agency renders passport and visa services. Elena told me touristy visa in the USA is 100-150$ it depends on season. To get a such visa I have to go to many offices and assemble a lot of papers. Unfortunately it takes much time. But as a alternative Elena propose to use Full Package of Service (FPS). Full Package of Service (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for Interview with commission, interview. FPS costs 250 dollars, but the visas agency remove all problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a two week). It means that if to start making a visa I can make it till my holidays. I am so happy and I have already begun I have taken money to Elena for the start at once.
I understand You can think I hurry but it is not right. We are adults and we need not the slowdown it can have the teenagers und in fact we we have not much time! Now I want to meet you face to face and understand can I hope. We can agree we can be quite different persons.
I want to ask you, if I get my visa successful, please, can you tell me what airport can you meet me? Garrett, please do not forget the airport must be international and you should find out the code of airport, tell me three letters(Elena says you know them).
And I think You must not have your holidays we can meet and be together in the evenings and on weekends I can stay in USA for two weeks when it is not problem.
Ok, Elena and Julia remember to you, they are very glad because of continuation of our attitude. It is very nice for me they think I am brave. I know my happiness in in my hands and have do all to be happy. I am looking forward to getting your letter I think you understand what this letter means for me.

Hope your answer will not disappoint me. With the best regards!
Very much worrying Kate.


I with trembling heart waited your letter. Thank you for told all what you think. Thanks for the all your letters. You have written to me and it means that one more day I will be lived with good mood.
Sorry, but now I don't know exact date when I can arrive to you. But I shall necessarily inform when I can. Hope you can patiently wait? I'm ready to give much to know precisely when I can see you. I think,
that 2 weeks can stay with you. You don't object?
Thanks for the information relative the airport. I cannot tell precisely when I shall arrive to you. But I shall necessarily inform when I shall know it.
I want to describe to you my day completely, since morning and till the night.
At 6:30 rattle my alarm clock. I do not love my alarm clock. Because it so loudly rattle, that each time I jump as scalded. I rise with good mood because in dream I saw you.
At 6:35 I go to a bathroom And I THINK OF YOU! I wash and I clean a teeth.
At 6:45 I dress my sports suit, I go on street And I THINK OF YOU! I jog. I run in the mornings always when it is not cold to support myself in the good form. When in the street coldly, I sleep till 7:00.
At 7:20 I to cook a breakfast, as a rule strong tea or coffee and a sandwich. I drink tea and I THINK OF YOU!
At 7:30 I go to work. Usually I go on foot. And I THINK OF YOU! I like to go on foot since morning. Air clean and fresh. To job I come vigorous and cheerful.
At 7:55 I go to a cabinet where works my colleague . As a rule she already on work at this time. If there is an opportunity I receive your letter. If the opportunity is not present I receive it later.
At 8:00 I start to work And I THINK OF YOU!
At 10:00 I go on street and I THINK OF YOU! I breathe fresh air of 10 minutes and come back to work.
At 12:30 a dining break. I go to cafe for a dinner And I THINK OF YOU!
At 13:00 I eat and at 13:10 I go again for work And I THINK OF YOU!
I go on foot to again take a walk on fresh air And TO THINK OF YOU!
At 13:30 I again work And I THINK OF YOU! (though in my work is impossible be distracted and think about something another except for work)(smile)
At 15:30 we with my employees do a small break and we drink tea for have a rest. I was not capable to drink tea because I THINK OF YOU! During the working day when there is an opportunity I answer your letter.
At 17:00 I go home. I go on foot, slowly. I feel itself perfectly because I THINK OF YOU!
At 17:40 I take a shower and I imagine that YOU WITH ME! (Smile)
At 18:00 I have supper, alone, but I smile, because I imagine that YOU SIT OPPOSITE TO ME!
At 19:00 I go for walk with my friends (but it happens seldom). We walk in park. They thinks Where is possible to buy ice-cream, BUT I THINK OF YOU! If I do not go for walk, I listen to music, I read the book, I watch TV, I knit, I make various homework And I THINK OF YOU! (of course not all simultaneously)(smile).
At 23:00 I lie down to sleep. Usually I fall asleep very quickly because I THINK OF YOU!
Only do not think that all my days pass so. It is an approximate variant. Every day passes on miscellaneous.
But is that peculiar to each my day: IT IS MY THOUGHTS OF YOU!!!

Your and only your Ekaterina.


Today I write the letter and I think of our meeting. I am glad we can to meet in person soon. I am very much excited by this event. To tell the truth I worry and I ask to myself. That if Garrett shall not like me? I do not know about what we shall talk in at once at the airport. How you think about what? I very much am afraid to seem the silly little girl. Hope you understand my excitement.
For write this letter I has put many efforts. Do you want to know why? Anyhow I will tell to you. Today I for the first time was late on job. I always wake up when my alarm clock calls. But today I did not hear an alarm clock, probably because in sleep I saw you Garrett. I woke up with a smile on the face. But when I have looked at hours, I began to laugh very loudly, because I never slept so long time in the morning. Usually I wake up at 6:30. In job I must arrive in 8:00. But today I have woken up at 8:20. I was quickly dressed and had not breakfast at all, because my boss does not like when workers are late for work. I very much hurried up. I ran very quickly along the street, and when I already came nearer to my clinic, I have stumbled and have fallen. Can you imagine it? I lay in the middle of street like a starfish, people go near to me, but nobody has helped me to get up. And I have thought, that you Garrett necessarily would help me. I strongly injured a knee and a hand. When I have come in job, limping and scraggly, boss has asked me:'What's happened?' And I said:'I saw my american friend Garrett! in the dream' He at all did not abuse me for delay. My boss very much respects my friendship with you. It was so funny. Because boss always very strict. I must tell that in my profession my hands always should be in an ideal condition. My hands should not shiver and feel a pain or any inconveniences because any my careless movement can cause many troubles for the patient, is especially if it is small children. Today I served boy and in my hand there was pain, but I never was mistaken and everything have made ideally. Now I feel pain in leg and in hand, but I write to you the letter and I smile. I am afraid that if I will dream of you frequently, I will be compelled to lie in hospital or in fracture clinic (smile).
You have asked about my pics. We are takes all pictures - I, Elena and Julia. We have old film (not digital) the camera which we use. Then I use the scanner in cabinet the boss what to place photos in a computer. Then I can send these to you. Hope, you like all my pictures.
Now I often think of you before sleeping.I think about our letters to each other. I often ask myself what will be then, when we will fase. Garrett, you know I have a flower Herbicin at home. It is very beautiful, and it needs much care. Now I call it Garrett. I hope you are not againstof it. Every morning I say to it 'Good morning, Garrett'. It is pity that it can't speak to me. It is very interesting how long would we be able to talk when we met for the first time. What do you think of it? It seems to me that I want to tell you much and it will take me several days to tell all about myself.But I am shy and can be confused when I will meet you for the first time. But I think that we are mare than friends that is why we will be able to speak of what we want.
Garrett, if some lady flirted with you but you were married, how would you respond to this lady? And if lady will be very beautiful and persuasive? Please answer fairly! I very much ask you.
Now I should finish. I shall wait your letter with impatience as always.

Your Ekaterina.

Keywords: blonde blue top flowers pillow
2007-05-20, 20:57:51
This looks very much like 'Diana' (posted a few headings above yours).
2007-06-17, 08:29:17
anonymous from United States  
i to almost got scammed only she goes by beautifulflower_20 i figured it out after i came across this site by accident ..she went by irina had a friend marina she found me on SO BEWARE! i have several pics she sent me ..although the girl on this site could pass for her kid its not the same pictures she sent me but she was VERY close and had a shih-tzu dog in alot of the pics

2007-06-18, 22:55:58
anonymous from Australia  
even I was get almost scammed, I have attached a girl's pic, she asked me for $1280 for tickets to come to Australia. I came across this site by an accident, otherwise I was almost scammed. this is her pic as below

2009-04-20, 12:33:56   (updated: 2009-04-20, 13:15:07)
anonymous from Brighton, United Kingdom  
Polina Dubrovina now calls herself 'Galina', lives in Novocheboksarsk. Thanks guys, she had not asked for money, yet!! Unfortunately for her she tried with an ex-police officer!!!

2009-05-19, 14:23:53
anonymous from United States  
I am in love with Polina. She only asked for a couple thou and she will fly here for us to 'meet.'
I told her I would send money, but I needed to see if she really is blond!
Hopefully I'll at least get some more pix.
Can us guys get together and hire some of these gorgeous babes for real and go to Vegas?
2010-03-23, 12:30:28
Some of these letters appear to be used by another Russian girl named 'Natasha' aka Nataliya Kropinova. At least she sent me a genuine recent photo (very much my cup of tea!) in addition to girly photos. I know she now looks like this as she sent two, one photo with a personal written message taken at the same time. So it was such a shame that I managed to read between the lines before any financial ultimatum came my way

Checking another website revealing scams, she appears on there also with different names : Irina Kulikova ( Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia ) and Nataliya(Natasha) Yanalova, (Cheboksary, Russia). She used two different email methods, obviously a few years apart. I fell in to the former method. http://www.womenrus...htm#Irina Kulikova ( Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia )

email used
found on
March 2010

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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