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Dating scammer Yuliya, Julya


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Name: Yuliya, Julya



Other Comments:
Possible scammer,

She had contacted met directly not thru

Her first email:

For you my letter most likely will be unexpectedness!
But I very much would like to learn you!
I have just seen your structure and have decided to write to you as your structure to me has attracted!
Now it is brief about me.
My name is Yuliya! I live in Russia, in small city Yoshkar-Ola.
To me of 27 years.
If you also will be interested in me I shall be glad to answer you. My contact


I shall wait from you the letter!!!
Only the request, please do not write on my structure because I write now to you from the Internet of cafe and in 30 minutes I shall go home!
Write to me at once on mine E-mail which I to you have already specified!

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Received: from unknown (HELO (julia_chernova2007@ with plain)
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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:25:22 +0400
From: julia
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091
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I had send her en email, and the reaction was:

Hi Pascal !
This is great to find a letter from you in my mailbox.
Though I know a little about you now but I feel that you are an interesting man and it will be a great pleasure for me to communicate with you.
I'm wondering what is the time difference between us. E-mail is so good - it delivers messages in seconds.
Many kilometers are between us, on the other hand, we are no longer so far away to each other.
I promised you to write about myself. I was born in Yoshkar-Ola.
My father is a colonel and he had to travel around all Russia during his military service in past.
My mom told that they had changed a lot of places from the Eastern coast of Russia to the Western borders with Ukraine and Belorussia. I did not have that opportunity to travel with my family because when I was born my father's service was ending up. I was six when we moved to Yoshkar-Ola - about 450km west of Lipeck.
This was the last move of our family and my father retired. Now he is on pension. I went to school in Yoshkar-Ola.
In ten years I entered the Pedagogical Institute - an institution where you get high education, like college or university. Then I became an engineer in physics. I had a chance to be a teacher after graduation.You gave me the E-mail on a site of a site But I went the other way. Teaching is not popular nowadays here. Teachers are poor. I'm not saying that I'm reach.
I can survive being an engineer. But I decided to go study further as a post-graduate you call it Master Study.
Knowledge is never useless - the more you get it the less you worry about your future.
Now I work at a plant of machinery. Quite depressing because the plant is staggering.
Soviet time ran away like Forrest Gump, consequently, there are no governmental contracts with our board.
No contracts - no work. The plant was basically reconstructed for the needs of local businesses.
They produce metallic doors and other staff of whatever nature. I work as a specialist in metals.
Unfortunately I live with my mother and father. No sisters and brothers also unfortunately.
We occupy a three room apartment in the center of the city. I have my single room.
My father loves my mother very much and our family is happy.
But I, growing and becoming a real lady, want to find my love also. I would surrender to him all my tender and talent.
I do not want to bother you with my long letters. I just hope we will continue to talk.
I'm anxious to know more about you. Write me also about yourself - work, family, dreams.
Please send me also your photo if possible. I check my e-mail often here in the office.
I'll respond you immediately. Have a sunny day! Julya

Header information:

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Received: from unknown (HELO (julia_chernova2007@ with plain)
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Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 01:44:48 +0400
From: julia
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091
Reply-To: julia
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: 'Pascal' <********@********>
Subject: Hi Pascal !
In-Reply-To: <001801c78c1a$cbf221b0$640110ac@AE00060>
References: <>
X-UIDL: 7af'!)`V!!-DF'!,Fi'!
X-Antivirus: AVG for E-mail 7.5.467 [269.6.2/780]
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2007-11-02, 22:23:01
anonymous from Canada

Hello my dearest!

I'm so happy to hear from you today and I hope we will never be apart

any more! I have found you and I believe that our meeting was meant to be....

Destiny made us together and I value its present to me:)

I wanna thank you that you are in my life, for your attention,

for care, for warm feelings.

I wanna be with you and only with you forever and ever, till the end of my life,

I don't know what will be with me if I loose you one day, if I'll open my mail box

and there's no letter from you.

Now I can't imagine my life without you. You're my all, my world, my air.

Days without you like years, minutes like days, seconds like hours.

It's shame for me to ask you but I need your help and support.

I'm writing this letter with trembling, there's something bad happened in my life.

Last night robbers grabbed my flat. I was sleeping, but suddenly woke up

when heard a noise. I was so scared cause as you know I live alone in rent flat,

and noone could protect me.Two robbers broke my wooden door and burst into the room.

They threatened me, but didn't hurt hardly, just scared.

They took almost everything I had, all my savings,my golden ring and earrings which parents

bought me for birthday, my TV and camera.

I could live without that things of course, the most important is that I'm alive,

but I can't live with broken door. I need double iron door for safety.

It costs about 425 dollars to fix it. As you understand I have no money at all now.

My parent's also don't have such amount, it's rather expensive for us.

I wrote you that I don't have a lot of friends to borrow money, so I could rely only on you.

You're my only hope, you're only who I could ask for help.

Honey, please, I need you so much now.

I'll give that money back to you with the first opportunity of course.

Dear, please, let me know if you'll help me.

Now my father will stay in my flat at night to protect me if they'll come again,

but he couldn't live with me for a long time.

I'm waiting for your support.



This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya, Julya

2007-11-03, 05:37:36
OJAS from United States  
The title of this page is an interesting scammer tactic. For counter-tactic see http://www.delphifa..p=0#58504
@newcomers http://www.delphifa..p=10#59091
2007-11-06, 09:31:00
anonymous from Canada
Hi My Sweet treasure,

You cannot imagine How I missed you!

I'm so glad that you can support me in hard minutes, I'm still not very well after robbery.

Here's my information for you:

Bozko Yuliya

Ukraine, Antracit city, (94600)

30 Let Pobedu street, 5/8

There is something that does some time that I wish to say to you.

I dream about you every day, and my feelings grows, you don't need to have doubts in my feelings,

they're real, strong and pure!

To bath together in a swimming pool playing at doing us duckings. To share the same ice cream in a day of

a lot of heat and to finish extending it for all your body between laughs, caresses and kisses.

To cross the country in a rainy day while you play with your hand in my nape. To happen one night in candle helping

ourselves to solving any problem. To travel to any part and to try to make us deal with some

language that we don't know. To play with our friends at telling us histories during a night

of holiday. To do a competition when to see the one who is capable of drinking more,

sat in a bar of bar during the whole night. To discover you slept in my bed and to take paper

and pencil to paint this nudity that so much I like. To discuss for hours any thing until with a smile

you discover that you have dismantled my arguments. To declare us a war of food in the kitchen.

To do caresses to us in some public place for hours without nobody see us. To discover our looks in

a meeting with more people and to do it with complicity and malice towards those who surround us.

To devote us a weekend of laziness. To cry one's heart out watching a very tender movie.

To count to us secrets that we should not know.

To excuse us after a discussion. To support me in one of our crises for any motive. To discover,

suddenly, some thing that we have in common. to steal a kiss from you when you don't wait for it.

To wake up with a great branch of flowers. To go to celebrate any one birthday and to fill you with

gifts. That you laugh of me because I feel jealousy of someone. To go to some luxurious restaurant

and to commit an awkwardness that it does that they all return look at us. To squelch on the puddles

like if we are two children. To walk silently, indicating the things that we like. To be going to buy

and find this book that really you were wishing from about time. A story to count to you until I

should remain slept between your arms. To organize a game in which all our friends could take part.

To help us to correcting our stories. To think that nobody can enjoy the life so much as us.

To support my weeping for some problem and to console me. To receive some friend who comes from

the foreigner with placards and shouts in the airport. To create our own theories about some topic

of which we have not even idea. To feel proud of you for some motive. To succeed with that one that

your eyes try to tell me. To give you a massage after a horrible day and to finish in the shower caressing us.

To live through the moment. To support my infamies and my fears. To go to the wedding of some friend and to mount

the spectacle in the banquet. To come to an exhibition of someone not known and to be surprised with the bad thing

that he is. To feel proud when someone speaks to you well from me. To go together to a concert and to dance up

to falling down debilitated. To be surprised one day, when you don't wait for me there, and let's cover of kisses.

To drink with champagne to a new work. To sleep embraced in a day of a lot of cold. To be present at a spectacle of

magic and that choose you of voluntary to do something. To discuss politics up to getting angry. To be accidentally

in any part. To laugh for any thing. To become convinced that everything that I tell you they are some

details of what I believe that it's necessary for to be a sentimental relation between two persons who are loved

and understand each other, and also they are a few dreams that only I am capable of imagining with you and that

I would look alike brilliantly that in a close future, we were making them real.

I love you and wanna be with you

A sweet and tender kiss..


2007-11-08, 08:50:59
anonymous from Canada
Subject: Hello my angel

Hello my sweet angel !
I am very happy to help the love of my life , you are everything .
I am sending you this information and I hope this will make you happy and safe my darling .
Take the money and get your door repaired and buy yourself something very special to make you feel better .
Peter Strauss
6969 The Western_ Union BLVD
Niagara Falls L 6 T 6 U 9

$600 US
Money-gram # 96698811
Password Yuliya
Love your treasure Peter


Good evening, my happiness!

thank you very much, I really appreciate your support, could you tell me please is your real name is

Peter Strauss and your country is Niagara Falls???

I will be sincere with my expressions and I will try to be brief, though to describe your qualities I would need decades

of studies and thousands of leaves to realize it. Only I want that you know that you are the love of my life,

and also you have to know that I don't want that you are mine but I'm Me who should beg in order that

you accept me and to allow that I should serve you faithfully from the most deep of my soul and up to the end

of the eternities. If you think that you are far from me because I write to you, you are completely cheated,

because your are permanently with me, inside me, in my skin and in all the moments of the day.

If you think that all that still is small, I want that also you know that you are also in the air that I breathe.

I'm very sincere if I say to you that I breathe you and that if in any moment I didn't feel that you are

in this air that I breathe, it would be as if I was lacking the oxygen to breathe.

You start liking me so much, my love, that I would be capable of spending the whole evening declaring the

importance that you have assumed in my life. But I'm not going to do it since you know exactly your paper,

you know exactly the space that you occupy in my heart, immensely of happiness and pleasure for having you

and to be only for you.

You start liking me so much that I would do any sacrifice not to be here in this moment, writing this letter

and this way to be to your side now and to cross with the tops of my fingers, the lines of your face, of your

hands, and of all your body.

I don't want to tie a rope that bind your hand to the mine, because though you share your life with me

I like you freely and indomitably. I don't want to press your body together with mine forcing the proximity,

because I would like that you were wishing the union. I don't want to hold you to me with false arguments and

impossible projects, because I want that united we argue and project something possible and certain. I don't

want that you see with my eyes, your look is too beautiful to block it up,also I love your perspective.

I don't want that you adapt to my way of being neither of thinking, because if I didn't want to listen contradictions

I would place opposite to a mirror. I don't want to lock you inside my world,being so many worlds

because I am charmed with the comparisons and many more your election. And I don't want specially,

that for me you lose your essence, simply because I love you because of it, I love your essence and I love to you.


2007-11-09, 08:20:14
anonymous from Canada  
Hello my sweet tender love , how at you the health ?
How at you the weather , how yours the mood ?
I am fine just hoping that you received the money and yours the doors is repaired . I will be very much borrowed for this weekend so I will read yours the letter on Monday OK my sweet little Princess . Yes my name really is Peter and Niagara Falls is my city silly girl :) I loved all the things you said about me in yours the letter , yours the attitudes on me is very pleasant . Washing I must now go and I will read on you on Monday :)
Love Peter
2007-11-09, 21:49:39
anonymous from Canada

Peter, I went to bank and they told that it WAS NOT any money!

I was standing there and feeling so stupid and silly! why did you give me false information?

was it a joke?

2007-11-10, 08:01:26
Was it?

This is the RIPE Whois query server #3.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See
% Note: This output has been filtered.
% To receive output for a database update, use the '-B' flag.
% Information related to ' -'
inetnum: -
descr: Mari El Net
descr: Volgatelecom Mari El branch
country: RU
admin-c: NN-RIPE
tech-c: NN-RIPE
mnt-by: AS8342-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered
person: Nikolay Nikolaev
address: Sedna Ltd.
address: Sovetskaya 120
address: 424000 Yoshkar-Ola
address: Russia MariEl Republic
phone: +7 8362 428796
nic-hdl: NN-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
2007-11-12, 13:36:15
OJAS from United States  
If you are new to this site, PLEASE READ: http://www.delphifa..p=15#60453

@allbies, once in a while check these links for information currency [Link Version 2007-11-11, 17:27:58]
2007-11-14, 17:51:48
anonymous from Canada
good afternoon my kitten!

I'm fine today and hope you also feel good, is it so Pierre?

I hope you won't send me false information again!

The weather is wonderful and it's so hot, when the weather is hot I

think of you even more, I feel passion in the air.....

so I'm thinking about you since I've opened my eyes in the morning and

until now and I'll think till I'll fall asleep and even in my dream

I'll see you and only you I need.

I believe in you, in your love and your seduction. I believe in your passion and tenderness.

I believe what you say and make me feel, the same facts that demonstrate the reflex of your truth.

Simply I believe in you and in your aptitude to love me. Because I will can to look at your eyes and,

without getting lost a sparkle I will be able to see your crystalline soul and your heart.

Because I hope that you haven't never lied me and always you have given me the best thing from you!,

I believe in you, because in me,you trusted and you will wait for my arms and my kisses without losing hope.

I believe in you! because I love you, because if you are sincere and also you love me!

and always I will wait for you and I believe in you because our love is sincere and immense

and because if we are not united we will stop existing.

Once a friend said to me that I knew perfectly what I wanted in the life and I answered her that probably

I didn't know What I wanted in the life but I knew perfectly what I didn't want even this way,

and everything happened so rapidly like now and I love you I say it seriously and with all my heart

but I don't want to go so fast I don't want that we damage to

ourselves I want that both we are sure of wanting to share our life together.

Only I know that it's one of so many mysteries that make me to love

you more and more to every second, so much,

so much that even I manage to lose the notion of the time that spends when I read your letter and I

have the sensation of being with you. I love you very much, and I know that it's not necessary to say it to you

again and again, that surely I'm repeating me, but the thing is that, I know that I have the sufficient talent

for to surprise you every day being to my side, but now I don't have the same talent for to surprise you,

that the one that you have with me.

You are the synthesis of all the virtues that the mortal one can possess. You are like a flagrant and fresh rose,

which perfumes all the air that surrounds it in spite of only insinuating her presence. You are an angel without

wings, almost delicate, but so hotly real being, with the grace of the wind between the flowers, with the serenity

of a summer sky, with the majesty of a starry night, the beauty of the Sun that gets up, the sensitivity of an iris,

the elegance of a swan, the softness of a cotton particle and the simple freedom of a gull in the breeze.

You are like a shooting star that crosses the sky and illuminates it, fleeting and unvalued. Because nobody will

be able to estimate you completely ever. But still knowing that always you will be for me a distant and fascinating

star, and accepting that I will never be able any more that to look at the mountain from the plain, I estimate more

than anybody your inexhaustible beauty and your serene way of being, and especially, this great peace and happiness

that I feel close to you and that reach the limits of the material thing.

I'm your lover. Always I have been it and I will continue being up to the last one of my days. You have me to your feet.

Always you will find in me the hand opened of a friend, and the sweet and stormy agony of an exhausted, eternally

in love heart.

this evening I'm going to dance club with my friends for relax and dance and fun,

I wish you were here with me and we'll dance together....

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya, Julya

2007-11-15, 17:55:35
anonymous from Canada
Hello my kitten:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

how are you?

I'm well, my mood has grow after.............. your letter!

I belive that you didn't give me false information!I hope you'd give me the right one!

My father staying in my flat, i told you, i can't live broken door there!

Let's talk about something usual and unusual at one moment! about what???

Flavor? it's difficult to determine a only flavor I have a very sensitive smell and I estimate with great intensity

flower? I like very much Roses, because I think that they are flowers with much meaning.

Movie? I like the movie with a good script, movies that want to give

me a message, but in general I like the romantic comedies as you know

Season? I like all because in each of them there is something wonderful, but if must to specify someone

I would say. Spring for the color and Autumn

Book? I like to read books based on true stories. Books that support me in tension and interest.

Sport? I am a great sportsman;))) joke! and also I am a great supporter

Type of man? I like the manly, sensual men but simultaneously I like that he is intelligent,

with sense of the humor, tender, sensitive and romantic.

What I expect from relations between two people? I would like to share

with him everything, the best thing and the worse thing.

Only I hope that he loves me like I will love him and that we create a good environment

in our house that is an example of fondness and tenderness!

Every day I feel more the need to meet us as soon as possible though you were in my mind the whole day and the

whole night to be mentally with you is wonderful to be physically with

you I'm sure that it will be something unforgettable.

The virtues that more I estimate in general are: sincerity,honesty,simplicity, the impulses,spontaneity and the

value to demonstrate these virtues, and also always I value more the inner beauty than the exterior beauty

and after reading your letters I can say three things to you:

First of all you are left me speechless, secondly you are stealing my heart with every letter and third

everything what you write about your feelings to me it's not silly is the most beautiful that no man

had said to me, but the most best and beautiful thing it's that I feel

the same thing for you and also

I value your honesty in to decide to write to me only. I hope to be able to demonstrate you not have been

wrong and to never get disappointed for having taken this decision.

I will fight in order that you feel proud of me!!!!!!!!!

sweet kiss for you

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya, Julya

2007-11-16, 14:38:26
anonymous from Canada

you told that you'd send me right information on Friday!it's Friday already


The information is the same money was transfered 1 HR ago . just finished checking with bank . Pierre
2007-11-17, 08:56:42
anonymous from Canada
So would you tell me right code I need? was it western union or money gram?

2007-11-19, 05:23:11
OJAS from United States  
Maybe Yulya should ask for a phone number she can call - Lot of money is involved :-D
2007-11-21, 08:33:18
anonymous from Canada
but how it can be right if that time this information was not right?

please explain!


2007-11-22, 09:18:22
anonymous from Canada

but that time you send me code without sending money, and now you tell me SAME code!

why do you make joke with me?

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