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Dating scammer Katya (Ekaterina Nikeshina)


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Name: Katya (Ekaterina Nikeshina)


Russia, Kirovskaya oblast, Kirov. Kyrskaya street 3, 610037

Other Comments:
Claims to be a student coming to USA as an exchange student in summer but suddenly the travel expense is too much for her parents to handle and wants my help. Although, I always wrote her that, as a friend, I will be here to support her but I never even slightly lean toward a more intimate relationship with her (or whoever this person is). I never even intended to more than friend if this person was real.

She has a profile in currently active.

Here is a copy of her first email:

Hello Xxxxx!
It is madly pleasant to me to present itself to you. My name is
Ekaterina. But I love when my name is Katya more. To me 21 year. I live in the
city of Kirov. I love the city I live there all time. But all the same
it not pure.
Many bad people are dangerous to leave in the evening on street. There
are no good workplaces. Therefore I have decided to move from my
country while there is such opportunity. I search for the person on the
Internet because I shall move to your country in it to year. My university
gave me chance to study abroad.
I shall be transferred in any university of your country. It is the
international program of an exchange of students. There can be you heard
about it? I require the person that can be to me the friend and can be
more. I have no friends in your country and I think, that to me will be
alone and boringly for first time. Therefore I have decided to search
for friends on the Internet. We can communicate, you will help me with
language, to tell about the country and culture. It is very important
for me that someone has supported me. I hope, that you understand me
correctly. I study on last rate at university. I participate in different
educational competitions and olympiads. I borrow worthy places. My
parents are proud of me, that I not only clever, but also beautiful. I to
wish to try myself in modelling business, but then to change the mind.
Because I to see as my girlfriends, do not regret myself, they eat a
little, always sit on a diet. They very much depend on the directors. I
have solved for myself, that I shall earn money the mind,instead of a
harmonous body. But my body also is fine, because I to watch the physical
condition. I to go to an exercise room that at me to be a beautiful
figure. That I still can tell to you, I think, that it will be interesting
to you to learn about my parents. To my to the daddy 52 years, my mum
of 48 years. My daddy works as the engineer. Mum works as the tutor in
children's to a garden. Sometimes after study I come to mum for work to
look at children. I very much to love children. To me very much to like
with them to be found and play. How to be spoken, children it is
flowers of a life. But all one of the most necessary affairs is my study. I
devote myself to study because knowledge it is very important. From that
I to receive my future, my life what formations depends. Even at
school, I was the best schoolgirl at the school. To me it was always
pleasant, when my parents to come on assembly and to declare me the excellent
schoolgirl. It is always pleasant to see a smile of the parents. At
leisure I walk with the girlfriends. We to go to park, cinema, to walk on
shops. Yes, to forget to tell to you, in it in year to us to suggest to
study in your country. It is the so-called international program on an
exchange of students. Study will pass in the summer. I very much to
wait for summer because for me it very interestingly and cognitively to
lead 3 months in your country. Especially I am assured, that I to receive
the big volume of knowledge after that. Well, I very much hope, that
have not tired you with the letter. To me will learn very pleasantly and
interestingly about you more, tell about itself. I very much wait for
your letter. Best regards, Katya!

Second Letter:

Hello Xxxxx! I to hurry up in the Internet of cafe, whether to look
there is a letter from you. I very much was delighted when to see your
answer to me. On my face there was a smile.-) thanks, that you so quickly
have answered me.
Today was less employment at university and I at once to go to the
Internet of cafe. If I shall not answer you your letter please do not long
because I have many tasks which to me it will be necessary to do houses
for university. In fact in it to year I to finish university and to
become the diplomaed expert. I so long to wait for this time when I shall
study on last rate, and now this time to come and I have not noticed as
quickly to pass time. For all my training, I a lot of time to give for
study. At times I had to refuse different entertainments because I
needed to be learned tasks which to give us teachers.
Yes, to forget to tell to you, probably to you I am interesting to
learn on whom study. My trade is the economist. I to consider, that at
present, it is very actual trade. The most important, that it to like me. I
to like to calculate, since the childhood at me arithmetic tasks well
turn out. You to remember what there was a favourite subject at you at
school and university?
From the childhood I to like to read, because I consider, that reading
of books gives me literacy. I to like to read different books,
beginning from verses, finishing detectives. You like to read books? What your
favourite genre?
My one of hobbies this cooking. I for a long time since the childhood
have got used to cook food. Because there was such time, that my parents
were on work, and I to do to myself meal. Now, I am very tasty I
prepare. To me to like to experiment, and to do new dishes. You to like to
prepare? What your favourite dish?
Well, I shall finish on it the letter and to go to do tasks for
For me this trust most important in mutual relations. In fact on trust
are under construction serious relations.My parents to tell to me, that
will be the help to me with money for my formation education. I am very
grateful to them that they have not given up to me in that I to study
in the summer in your country.
Very much I hope, that at you all by way of. Still time I wish to tell,
that I am madly glad to acquaintance to you. You seem to me very good
and interesting person. It would be very interesting to me to learn more
about your native. Tell on more detailed about the work.
With huge impatience I wait for your letter. Have a nice day!

Third Letter:

Hello my dear Xxxxx! Today at me very remarkable mood. Because I am very
good to address to an audience of students with the abstracts. The
teacher me to praise, tell to me that I very well and responsibly was
prepared unlike other students. Also I am still pleased because I to receive
the letter from you. Each new your letter pleases me and to me you are
very interesting that to me to write.
Today I am going to go to fitness club to go in for sports. I to like
to go to go in for sports because I would like that I to look the
attractive girl. To feel always in good mood and to be in a tone.
You to like to go in for sports? What kind of sports most of all to
like you? Still I to like to look different sports meets on the TV. In the
winter we to like to look winter kinds of sports, very to like
biathlon. My daddy likes to look football. Mum likes to look track and field
Tomorrow we with girlfriends are going to go in a cinema, very much it
would be desirable to look any film as I for a long time to not be at a
cinema. As tomorrow at university I will have day not so loaded by
subjects. What your favourite genre of film? Most of all I like to look
comedy films. Because I very much to like to smile and laugh. In fact the
laughter increases a life, at least so speak scientists.-) to them I
shall trust-)
My parents to tell to me, that will be the help to me with money for my
formation education. I am very grateful to them that they have not
given up to me in that I to study in the summer in your country.
Well, I still time wish to tell to you, that it is very pleasant to me
to receive letters from you. Very much I wait for your following


Another Letter:

Hello my dear Xxxxx!-) is glad to read your letter to me. How your mood?
At me good. I just from study. Today to be not difficult day at
university. Unlike other educational days. I perfectly feel after yesterday's
training in fitness club. How your day today? I very much hope, that at
you all by way of. What weather at you?
At once after I to send you the letter, I shall go to attempt home. And
then to me my girlfriends Olya and Nadya will come home and we shall go
to a cinema. While we still do not know that we shall look, but I think
now show many different interesting films and we to choose to ourselves
suitable film.
You know, at me good news. To me have given chance choose university in
which I can to study. What can you advise me? What university at your
sight is better for choosing to me?
Well, on it I to finish the letter. I wait for your letter.
P.s. Very much I want that there has more likely come summer because I
shall go to your country... I Shall see you... It so is fine..

The most recent letter where this scammer ask for money (with full header):

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Hello my dear Xxxxx! Today to me in group to come the dean of my faculty
and to tell, that group of students which will be sent in your country
require documents. That is I should do all documents which am necessary
for me to fly in your country.
It became very unexpected for me and other students. In fact if I to
not make these documents my place can be occupied by other student. I
very much to not wish to take my place.
The dean to tell, that all it should be paid by the charges, that is
money. I at once to go after study home to tell about this news to
parents. But they to tell to me, that can give me money only on my documents.
Because my parents not rich and they cannot give me more money because
we do not have more money. As to me to tell my daddy, that money for
documents he specially saved for me.
The trip to your country is very important for me. You know, study for
me it is very important. And that that I should arrive to your country
and receive additional knowledge and skills too are very important for
As I to not expect from the Internet that I to meet you. You very good
person, very much to like me dialogue with you. I to understand, that
you speak all to me. I to want that our dialogue has proceeded also I
wish you to see. I wish to spend with you time confidentially. I shall be
madly glad to see you.
But to this all prevents only that I cannot pay the trip to Moscow to
make documents in which I to require. I to learn, will cost how many to
reach Moscow by train. It will cost to me 150 $. I shall require money
also for hotel, food, a taxi. As to me to tell, that official
registration of papers will proceed about two weeks. I to count up, that a
minimum every day it will be necessary for me from 60-100 $. That is it is
necessary for me 1200 $ on residing, meal, a taxi. And 150 $ on the
ticket up to Moscow. These are big money for my parents, well and
furthermore for me, because I the student. I to not know, that to me to do and I
in despair, from that that everyone solve money. It is very a shame to
me to ask this money you, but I do not have other way. I very much ask
you to concern to my problem and to understand it. I shall be madly
glad, if you the help to me. If I shall not depart to your country I will
not know what the future at me, in fact I so a long time to dream of
it. I have a person to which I can to come, it you.
Money you can send through western union. My address: Russia,
Kirovskaya oblast, Kirov. Kyrskaya street 3, 610037
My full name: Ekaterina Nikeshina
I shall require your full address and your full name so give me this
information please.
I very much wait for your letter and I hope, that you the help to me.

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2008-05-16, 18:07:38
anonymous from Belgium  
Salut Frederic!!!

Je n'attendais pas cela, pour moi c'etait une agreable surprise. Je suis heureuse!!! :)

Je regardais votre profil et n'esperait pas que vous me repondrez... Mais vous avez repondu. C'est si remarquable... Moi en general tres emotionnel toujours. J'espere que cela ne vous fait pas peur, my friend.

J'espere que vous connaissez que j'am Ekaterina!!! Je plaisante :-)... Eh bien, bien. Je vis dans la Russie, dans la ville Cheboksary. C'est une pas trop grande ville. Vous entendiez cela sur ma ville ? ? ? Probablement...

I am de 27 ans.... J'avais les relations pendant 2 ans. Ensuite tout a cesse. Je brule de desir de vous apprendre plus.

Certes je tentais de trouver l'amour ici. Mais cela ne m'a pas aide ici. Comme vous le voyez je restais la solitaire...

Mais moi deja 27 ans!!! Je n'aime pas parler sur l'age, mais je pense comme toutes les femmes. Je voudrais avoir les enfants, la maison, dans qui je vivrai avec le mari et les enfants. Mais c'est encore les reves. Mais le temps va...

Je veux demander chez vous... Mais pourquoi vous cherchez l'amour dans Internet et combien de temps vous deja sur cela avez depense ? ? ?

Frederic, J'espere que ce debut de quelque chose bon. Et avec l'impatience j'attends votre reponse et je souhaite voir vos photos...

2008-05-16, 18:11:45
anonymous from Belgium  
Salut Frederic!!!

Je de nouveau ici et je lis votre lettre...

Parfaitement bien!!!

Le merci bien pour votre belle photo.... Je pensais que vous beau, mais non a tel point.... Vous l'homme tres sympathique, vous me plaisez beaucoup.... Vous probablement etes regardes par les femmes, je un peu de suis jaloux de vous....

J'ai compris que vous voulez. Vous voulez etre avec moi a chat ?

Mais le probleme non dans le programme, mais en argent.

Pour moi il sera plus bon marche de venir pour le temps court a Internet pour vous expedier seulement la lettre,

mais ainsi je probablement longtemps serai assis dans Internet. Oui ?

Cela influencera mal ma bourse... Sorry...

Certes encore beaucoup tot penser et si nous deciderons ensemble et si nous avons le futur. Mais je suis honnete en tout cas sur cela je pense.

How are you friend ? ? ? Good ?

Moi parfaitement bien. Ici le temps excellent, le soleil. C'est mon temps. Je comme si suis charge de cette energie.

Je voudrais pour qu'un tel temps soit toujours.

Mais quel temps chez vous ? ? ? On Peut dire que moi la personne dependant du temps.

Mais vous ? Le temps vous influence aussi ? Dites me. C'est interessant...

Mais moi-meme, je vis pas trop bien. Je travaille le vendeur. J'ai fini D'Etat l'institution D'instruction le college Commercial Technologique. Ce travail apporte non beaucoup d'argent, mais il suffit cela sur la vie.

J'espere que vous me comprenez. Je voudrais pour que vous m'ayez raconte aussi de votre travail, que vous vous occupez.

Mais je dois finir la lettre. Je suis limitee dans le temps.

Frederic, J'attends votre reponse rapide.


2010-03-20, 12:20:23
anonymous from Spain  
    Fecha:     20 de marzo de 2010 05:44:18 GMT+01:00
    Responder a:
    X-Message-Delivery:     Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0wO0Q9MjtTQ0w9Ng==
    X-Message-Status:     n:0

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