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Dating scammer Nailya Zulkafirovna Gayfina


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Name: Nailya Zulkafirovna Gayfina


Country: Russia
City: Omsk
Adddress: st. Lenina, 16, app. 154
Index: 424000

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Met on Lovehuddle. The usual money for trip. When I offered to meet her country, I never heard from her again.


Hello, my love, my love!

The new day began only when I saw your letter! When I read your words and when I see that you are with me and you think about us and our love, I can feel myself the happiest person in the world! I love you and my heart tells you this. Can you feel this? I hope that yes! I believe that we can be together and I think about you like my second Half. I perfectly understand that we far away but we are in the same universe and it is enough for us.

In our days distance can be solved just with buying a ticket and I am sure that it is not a big problem for us. The most important that we want to see each other and our meeting can show us many things that letters can't express. I mean physical contact, chemistry. I can feel your energy but I think that physical part of relations is very important too. I can't wait to see you!!!!

I promised you that I will know about travel arrangements and I had time for this and I want to share with you this information. I never did it before and I need to know about your opinion! I had a lot of questions to agency how can I go in your country and do it right and as fast as it is possible. So they told me that every person who goes abroad should have a passport (180$), it is not difficult to do, then tourist visa (it is more difficult but it is possible, it is lasts for 3 months, 220$), then two-way air-ticket (960$), insurance (870$, it will help me in any problems, connected with me, my property, my things, my health and things like that). My tourist visa will help me to do all with out any problems and because of this I must do package tour and two-way ticket. As you understand they want to be sure that tourist have a chance to come back but we will think how I can stay longer! I have a friend and she is going to help me with all this stuff, she works at the agency and she promised me that will try to do all quickly. I was so exited when I understood that I made one more step to be with you. I like a wind came to see all my friends and co-workers to ask if they can help me with money. I have some sum my self but it is not enough. That is why I need some help from my close people. They when heard about my desire to go abroad agreed to help me and I can pay for all this stuff my self, exept insurance. So I need your help only with insurance! I counted and I can do all this documents but not insurance and I must say with big sad that it is not will be enough for this insurance.

I asked everybody who just could help me and they told me that that it all that they can do! I am so sad because of this. I like crazy asked everybody who just could help me but nothing. If really to say I don't know what can I do else I that is why I need to hear your opinion! For our country it is a big money and I don't know where I can find it! I know that I want to see you but I guess that with out your help I can't do that. It is making me really sad because I hope and I just dreaming to see you soon. I need you in my life and that is why I ready to do all possible and impossible to be with you. But I think that my powers are not enough and I need you help with insurance! I will be waiting for your opinion.

I asked them to show me a contract with agency for services to go abroad and I saw all this documents and possibility for me to have all of this with out problems! So I understood that I must have all this documents. Now I just need to know if you ready to see me and want to do it, to be with me. I want you to know that I am so exited and I am seriously want to be with you because I love you and you are my destiny! Don't forget that, my love! I will be waiting for your answer and I am nervous a little. I hope that all will be well, I kiss you, Nailya.


My dear and sweet, XXXXXX!

Again your letter and big smile on my face! You give me it not only because of your letters but when I think about you. My co-workers think that I am become very positive oriented girl and bad mood not for me now. But I do not tell them why. I prefer to be mysterious and only I know who puts this smile on my face! You know the answer: it is you!!!!!! Yes my dear I would allow you to touch me, concerning pairs the husband and the wife I very much would would like to leave for you for the husband if you have proposed me, yes I very well concern to sex but I virgin, in family the most important this relation.

My love, today I do not know why but I remembered one memory from my childhood! When I was a child I had a lot of friends: boys and girls. We played together and just having fun like only children can! One boy from this company liked me a lot! I am very funny so we often spend time together! After some time his parents decided to go in another city and this situation separated us. I even wanted to go with them but as you understand it was impossible! Now I often think that it is some kind of model of life. The idea is simple: you should do everything to be with your loved people! We grown people so we will not be so helpless like children! We can decide and can solve many problems! That's why, my love, this time I cannot make the same mistake, I cannot loose our feelings, I cannot look how my happiness is flowing away from my hands. I swear that I will never loose you. Without these moments you give me, I will just exist, not live I love you, my sweet hear with sugar ears!!! You drove me mad and I became another, I found a lot of new in myself, though I thought that I know myself best of all, perfectly. No, darling, I understood that I am ready to struggle for my love, I will not be calm and indifferent!!!

I do not see why we cannot try too. I love you, I feel that and I need you for my heart or it is will be broke. I want to try to make you a happy man. I want create a paradise for you soul and heart! I have met you and now I understand that it is very important for me to see you happy and peaceful. If you will feel your self bad I will support you as I can, if I will be feeling the same I know that you will give me your shoulder for tears. I promise, I will not be crying for a long time. Why? Because you will dry my tears by a kiss!!! I wish to tell you how much I love you when I looking in your eyes! I want to see that happiness just jump out from your eyes and it will make me happy!

Now I feel happy and a little sad at the same time because you are so far away from me. As you know I work at school so I think that vacation is not a problem for me to take. I think about our first meeting, oh... I am shaking. I want it so much! I am going to know about possibility of trip and what do I need for this. I never been so far away and I want to try to do all this stuff. I will know what should i do to go to you and then I will write you because I want to know your ideas about this. I am planning trip and i think that all will be ok. So wait for my letter and I hope that it will not take many time to go in the other country. I love you so much and I will be waiting for your answer, my heart! With love and big kiss, Nailya!


Hello, hello, my man, my XXXXXX!

This letter I write with big feeling that you are near or will read this with love!!! I am so glad to read your letter, your love message! You are so wonderful, you express your emotions in the way that I like! I just adore to read your words. You are my honey, I know that! Dear I very well concern to children and I very perfectly would concern to your children so wanted, to see your children.

I noticed that no matter what I do during the day I miss you. I miss you, miss like never felt before! I had a hard day today, I woke up in the morning and I went to cook breakfast. I do not know why but I had a feeling that you will appear in the door of kithen and with sleepy face will tell me: ' Good morning honey!!!! ' I wish that it could be in reality! I need you in my life for a long time and I think that God or kind spirits heard my prays and they gave me a chance with you!!!! My dear I except for you any more to whom do not write.I am going to pray for us and I believe that all is possible because I love you, I do not want to think that all is so difficult and you are so far away. I cannot think about this because you are in my heart and it tells me that you are with me! It is true!Look at my picture, my darling. Do you like me with flowers? I think I look like a flowers with flowers! These flowers were presented me with by one of my pupil's parents. When I began teach him, he had a bad mark and no knowledge in English. But now he has a four and i think that a five is possible too.

So you can see that I love my job and for me it's very important. Of course, my treasured dream to get just a small flower from you, it would be the best present from you to me. I'd like to have it
immensely!!! My love, I feel that I want your touch and your gentle embrace! You are have all that man should have in my opinion! You kind, understanding and you love me. I sure that all will be fine and we will be happy, that we will see each other and tell about our love!
Ok, I think that my letter will not be over so I must finished it! I want to finish will my kiss and words I love you!!!! Nailya from far away but yours!!!


Good day and all best, honey my love!

I saw your letter today and I am very glad to read your words from such a distance! It such a happiness to get your small notes and to know that you think of me and that you spend yor time for letters to me. I must confess that I was waiting for your letter with great impatience and i just couldn't sleep. I was thinking about you, your possible words! Now I read your letter and I am very glad to say that I just happy to know you! I write you my reply with great enthusiasm. Darling, I dont' know why, but this letter is very important for me. Daling, I feel that i have some very important words to say to you. They are a long time in my heart already and they are only for you, only for me and youToday was very sunny weather, but it is still cold! I don't like cold weather but i try not to pay a big attantion to this. I know what can warm me up! It is your words and you. You are very interesting man and I can feel how much you are attractive. So I must say that I am a lucky girl that you write me and feel my life!

My work and all is fine but I can feel that I miss you, I need you, I need to talk with you or just have a dinner together. It would be wonderful if we could have a romantic supper together. I can imagine candles, my small dress and a smell of my parfume with yours. We can feel in this situation some kind of chemistry, of magic! You tell me some jokes and we laughing, looking in the each other's eyes. I think that it is very seductively. Don't you think so. Then you gentle take my hand and touch my fingers! We can hear a music and you ask me to dance with you! We move so slowly and very tender. I like that very much!

I have already told you that I have something to tell you.. Something very very important I am afraid a little to say this words but I think that you should know what do I feel about you! I think that I falling a love with you and I can't stop this! I am very excited and nervous because it is a big step for me to tell that I LOVE YOU! I hope that you will understand all right! I sure that you are a very remarkable person. I have never met such people before. I think that my heart want to be with yours and it is will be right not only for me but for you too!!!!! We two people who looking for a love and why we should wait for a great day if it is very close to us? I love you and I think that you can make me happy and I can do my best to make you happy! I want it for you! I want to see you happy, with big smile on your face and with great desire in your eyes!

I needed such feelings for a long time and you gave me them. The whole world is changed for me after this! I don't want to lose you never! I love you and wait for your letter very much! Yours Nailya! P.S. Baby, your answer is very important for me, I should confess, very important, my dear baby. That's why I ask you to answer me quickly and sincerely. I love you.


Hello, my amazing darling!

A new letter from you, a new piece of energy and of emotions for me! I am so happy to receive your letter like I feel form your words. I must say, I noticed that I miss every your letter, our words and your emotions that you include in your letters! Maybe it is strange to say but our communication became important for me! You know, yesterday I saw a fantastic dream. I was sitting near the river and I was crying, I don't know why, simply I was very very unhappy.
There was nobody around me, nobody could comfort me or just tell me some tender words. I was really in despair Suddenly a white pigeon set on my shoulder. In his beak there was a letter. It proved to be a letter from you!!! All my tears dried in a moment and I smiled!!!

I think that it's a sign, a sign of our reciprocal affection!!!I understand perfectly that we never saw each other in life. Never talked face to face but I don't want to think about this right now! I just feel that I have you in my life and I were needed it for a long time!I like to share with you with my dreams! With every our word I understand that I am a lucky girl that I have met you in this big and along world! I never thought that it is possible but no matter that I decided to try! And I think that all will be fine and we can get a success! We just must try and do our best! I feel that I miss you and I need you in my life Maybe you have a question why this girl, who so far away and who never saw me before so hurry could felt something about me! I want to tell you something, I am so along for a long time and I miss romance and love. I think that you too and it is life! So why two people can't feel something if they are so open and want to be happy? I sure that it is possible and every body can be happy and can give love to another person if they very serious! I am serious about this! Thanks you that you came in this world! I send you my new picture with my friend. Her name is Valya. She is my best friend and I can confide her a lot of things. Tell me do you like us?

XXXXXX, I must confess that your personality occupies a great place on my mind. I try to understand every your word addressed to me, and I know that you put in them something special. I must finish my letter and I wait for your response. Kiss you in your cheek, your Nailya!


Hello, my sweet, XXXXXX! Again I write a letter to you with big smile because you wrote me and I just so exited to read your words. I mean that you are so interesting man and I adore your letters and your included emotions!! Can I tell you that you are a remarkable person? I hope that yes? Yes! I think that it's so nice that good people come across each other. I think it's just marvellous!! After my work, I had a strange mood and I decided to have a walk! It was very sunny and a little cold weather but I felt my self very good. I thought about you when I was walking and I saw many people who were talking, walking, and smiling. I looked at them and I for the first time I haven't felt alone in this crowd, because I knew that your letter is waiting for me!!! I knew that I will write you a letter and in this way I will feel necessary for you! I decided that I will tell you about my romantic mood in my letter and then I will be waiting for your answer, your emotions! I need it very much! I know that maybe it is strange when you write such things to person whom you never saw before but I want to express my feelings and my thoughts; I hope that you will allow me to do it! My soul was so along before I have met you and now I can feel that somewhere there is a person who wait for my letter. You know, my darling, it's a beatiful feeling I like it a lot. I dare ask you if you told about me, about our correspondence to your acqaintances? I hope that you liked my letter and if you want to ask me about anything I will answer you, I have nothing to hide and I want you to know it! I kiss you, XXXXXX, and I have only great wish that your day will be wonderful! Mine will be a such one because I will be thinking about you! Nailya.


Hello, my XXXXXX!

I received your letter and now I can feel my self a happy girl! Frankly speaking, XXXXXX, I have never thought that writing letetrs is such an amazing occupation. I feel like a writer, who writes an interesting novel, and the most interesting that's me who is the main heroine of this novel. I like to share with you my daily life, I understand that these lines are only for two of us.

Also I know perfectly that you won't laugh at me and that you will appreciate my sincerity. You can ask me, how I have understood it for such a recent time? That's because of your letters that give me an wonderful impression about yourself. XXXXXX, even you least message is very important for me. I keep all your messages in my mail- box, I never delete them!!! I hope that for you my letters are little bit important too

XXXXXX, I want to ask you if you like my cat. I attach a picture with my beloved cat Kuzya. Do you like animals by the way? What's your favourite animal? May be you are interested in my daily occupations. I will tell you with pleasure about it and I hope to hear a story back from you. For example, today I had a busy day and I decided to relax a little by cook something special. Today I cooked a nice salad with fish. My parents like it very much!I also want to give you my address because I think that it is so exiting to receive a letter from person from another country.(especially if you like that person a lot!!!!!) ?
So my address:
Country: Russia
City: Omsk
Last name: Gayfina
Name: Nailya
Middle name: Zulkafirovna
Adddress: st. Lenina, 16, app. 154
Index: 424000
I hope that our post system will allow us to communicate and just feel our importance for each other! I can feel it already! I hope that you like my words and I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience and I just need to hear from you! I can feel a great happiness when I read your words, my sweet XXXXXX! I hope that you can understand my words and if not just write me and I will explain it to you! Ok? If you have some questions also I with great pleasure will answer you! Believe me it is very important for me! So, now I will finish my letter it's a pity I don't stop our conversation. Bye for now, all in waiting for your new letters, Nailya.


Hello again, my XXXXXX!!!

It's my new letter to you and let it give you a lot of positive emotions. I want to make you glad by my letter because you have made me happy by yours, by your nice letter. Indeed, XXXXXX, I read your letters at one go and they leave a lasting impression on me. By the way, I think that our correspondence will bring for me a nice practice of my English!!! In this letter I send you my photo with my favourite toy. I like it a lot!!! Sometimes I even sleep with it. How do you find it?
Really, I noticed that our correspondence changed me. I have something obligatory to do, but this obligation is so pleasant and I enjoy it. I try to make you glad by my letters too. Darling, I catch a thought that I have told you very little about my hobbies.

Of course I try to keep fit, it's obligatory in my life. I think that you can judge about my sport's success looking at my slender figure. How do you think if I need to grow thin? If you think like this, please write, because your opinion is very precious for me, really!!! So I adore aerobics and shaping. In summer I like to swim, even I go to the swimming pool sometimes in winter. I'd like to learn how to play tennis, because I have never tried to play it (I mean big tennis), also I'd like to ride a horse. It's really my dream, but frankly speaking, I am a little bit afraid of it. XXXXXX, and have you ever ride a horse? And what kinds of sports do you prefer? I am really very interested in it, because I just adore sports!!! I adore walking! Do you like the nature? As for me I just adore it, I like walk there in summer.

Of course, now it is not hot any longer and it's snowing all the time. So I cannot have long walks Oh, it's really rather cold now!!! You know, I like so much our letters and I had a thought that it would be nice if we could have a talk with you. May be you can give me you phone number? I do not have telephone, but I think I would be able to find some opportunity to call you. I really want to hear your voice. I do not read a lot. As for books I like love novels. And what about you? Do you like to read books or newspapers? I like glossy magazines. I am very interested in life of stars and in modern fashion, that's why I like to read it. Also I adore everything concerning health. I read them a lot especially the editions about female health. I do not smoke and I do not drink any alcohol drinks. I just do not like them. I prefer apple or orange juice. I just adore going to movies. I think it's a really interesting occupation. My favorite film is ' Once in America '. Do you like this film? Have you ever seen it? What kinds of films do you like? I must confess, XXXXXX, that I adore singing and dancing. I like almost all the music, but especially I like Madonna. And what about you? Really, my darling XXXXXX, I can see from your letters, that you are a very special person, so I really want to know more a bout you. You are so interesting for me, so I would be very happy if you told me more about you. Of course, if you have some secrets or you are not ready to tell me something, you should not tell me. I will not offend. I understand that every man has so me personal

Ok, it's all for now. I have to stop It's a pity! I'd like to go on It's a great pleasure for me to lead this correspondence, really
I wait for your nice reply, Nailya.


My dear!

I have received your letter and I was again very pleased by this fact! It is mean that you interested in our communication and we can know each other step by step. Don't you think that it's very interesting? AS for me I think that every person is a book and you read it page by page. Sometimes the book is boring, sometimes amazing. As for our communication I dare say that your story, the facts that you tell me in your letters interest me and inspires me a great desire to learn you better, to know more about you. Thanks you for fine photos! You very beautiful and I want to continue our relations!

I hope that you like my letetrs too May be they are a little bit long..but that's because I have a confidence to you and for me it's easy to share with you my lifestory and some events of my daily life. I'd like to tell me about my dear dear parents. Of course those are people who are very precious for me - my mum and my dad. Have a look at the picture - do you like my small family? How do you think do I go after my father or after my mum? My parents have been working all their lives, since the age of 18 years in the same factory of glass ware. They even got acqainted there!!! They began as simple workers and now my dad is an engineer and my mum works in the personnel department. If it's possible, I'd like to know something about your family too. It's really very interesting for me.

Ss for me, I decided to become a teacher because I am very sociable and I like to communicate to children. I decided to teach English, because it's very important nowadays. You know, I like to cook and I like to create in house a special athmosphere of peace. I can explane this like when you come home you can forget about all your problems and relax. I think that it is very important for our life. I like these words : My house is my fortress. Do you like these words, XXXXXX?
Also I'd like to ask you, darling XXXXXX, why you decided to get acqainted by Internet? May be it's traditional for your country? For Russia it's rather unusual. But I dared to do it and I am very happy that I have written to you. I am not married and I don't have any children. I had some relations with a man 2 years ago but I couldn't tolerate his attitude to me. He didn't understand me. Sometimes he closed me on key and went for a walk for a whole day. And I was crying all the dayI don't need it any longer I need understansing in relationsI hope that you will be not bored by my letter and I will be waitind for your answer and please, write me questions and answers to my questions! I would like it very much!So now I think I will finish my letter and I wish you all the best. Your new friend, Nailya.


Hello, Friend! I was really very pleased by that fact that you have spent some time and that you have written this nice message for me. Really, Friend, I opened my mail-box and I saw there your letter. First I haven't beleuved my own eyes. But it needed only to make a click to see that my vision didn't deceive me. Really, Friend, it was a very pleasant and nice surprise, indeed. That's why I decided not to make you wait with my answer. Of course i think it's necessary to tell you more about myself. My name is Nailya. It's rather rare name, but I think it sounds beautiful? What do you think? I am 29 years old. I was born on the 3rd of Martch, 1978. So very soon I'll be already 29. Really, Friend, the time flies

I live in Russia, in the city of Omsk. It's really a very nice city. It's rather big. Of course my native city is the best one for me. I like it very very much!!! I think that you can tell this about your city too. It will be interesting for me, because I never been in foreign country and never saw something differ from my country! You can judge about my appearance within my photos I attach to my letter. I hope that you will like them! My height is 170 cm and my weight is 54 kg. I am a blond as you see on my photo! Do you like blond women? I can't judge myself about my caracter, but my relatives and my friends usually tell me that I am very kind. I think that they are right and kindness is my essential quality. Also I am very sociable. I hope that during our future corrspondence you will learn more about my caracter yourself. And then you'll be able to express your own opinion about me! Can you tell me about your character? What features of caracter you like in people? And what are your dislikes? It's very interesting for to know more about you. Frankly speaking, Friend, you are the first person I communicate by Internet to.

Of course our love is very modern now and I have some knowledge in computer, but Internet was a mystery for me till now. But the manager in the Internet cafe explained to me verything, so now I can easily answer your letters. It's a great practice for me in computer using! I know English and write my self and I can speak English rather well. I even teach English to small children. I work at school as a teacher of primary school and at the same time as an English teacher. I will tell more about me in my next letter and I wait yours with great impatience!!!! Please, tell me about you, I would like to know it very much! And maybe you will send me more your photos! It would be great! Now I think it is enough for this time! I will be waiting for your letter. Nailya.

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2007-05-12, 21:57:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-05-12, 21:57:33   (updated: )
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Keywords: blonde girl on lawn with yellow flowers
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[hidden] from Canada  

Keywords: dark blonde blue pants white top
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[hidden] from Canada  

2007-05-13, 06:09:57
I am getting the same Name and address ( Nailya Zulkafirovna Gayfina) and same photos from e-mail: at the moment. Have up to about letter 6 or 7 , she found me on

Here is the header
Return-Path: <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP;
Received: from ( [])
by (mPOP.Fallback_MX) with ESMTP id A346A36CD41
Received: from [] (port=30626 helo=
by with asmtp id 1HdSs2-000DBl-00

Reply-To: =?Windows-1251?B?oA==?= <>
Organization: Internet_Center
2007-05-13, 06:20:20
Name Mariya Berovskaya on City of
ID 1178459257
Country Russia
City Zelenogorsk
Birth Date 24 November 1980

Page on
2007-06-19, 14:58:17
For one more picture of this girl, see http://www.delphifa..1136.shtml Microsoft Office Picture Manager magnifies up to 8 times; Adobe photoshop up to 16 times. If you magnify and spot moles, other distinguishing feature, please post their exact locations. The scamming pictures usually get more revealing as the money-letter is approaching, so more features will become identifiable! The Keyword seach for pictures here is an excellent idea.
2007-07-16, 13:51:36   (updated: 2007-07-16, 14:02:47)
Nailya seems to be an uncommon name invented by this scammer. 'She' found me in where her profile seems to be deleted now. She stopped after 3 or 4 letters as I kept challenging 'her' for answers to my specific questions. She did not know by the time of her contact, I had wisened.

A different scammer had previously found me in friendfinder. The scamming combination: from Astrakhan, Russia. Googling for the exact name Elena Kashkova will return a wealth of information. 'She' declared her love for me faster than I can save money for 'her' visa. Undaunted, she wanted $100 for calling me on trunk telephone, at least to hear the voice of 'her' dream-man, since 'she' didn't have a phone!

I didn't send any money, since I didn't have any at that time.

I later found these Russian scammers claim they can't afford a phone, to potential victims in third-world countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. And yes, Afghanistan, where the average monthly income is about $50!
2007-07-18, 13:11:53
Fields of a Scammer's Record:

Name: Nailya
Distinguishing marks: Mole on upper left arm, mole on left maxilla

She lives in different places at the same time, acquires different heights, etc. In one of these links, she lives in Kansas on a monthly salary $100 - $300. I asked a local fashion designer for the price of all her clothes, and wondered what she must be doing to afford the difference! Anyone dare guess?













2007-07-19, 11:30:25
Site may require membership to see full profile of Nailya. Snippet from :


Location: Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod
Age: 29
Interested in: Not Specified
Hello, Thank you for visiting my profile. I am an honest, reliable, sincere. I am lonely woman who searches for itself






So far 'her' targeted countries: Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, USA

So far 'her' targeted languages: English, Estonian, French, Gaelic, Romanian, Russian

She targets foreign residents in Russian dating sites. It would be interesting to know if she also targets foreigners living in Russia

Uses English Keyboard for scamming, and a weak translating program that cannot even write her name in Cyrillic.
2007-08-06, 09:55:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Nailya



Other Comments:

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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