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Dating scammer Evgeniya Lazareva


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Name: Evgeniya Lazareva


Ukraine, 91000 Sverdlovsk, Engyel'sa str., 12/23

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Met in Lovechaser and matchdoctor (profiles no longer exist). She wanted me to pay for translation services. She even sent me her internal passport as a way of reassuring me. Here is the address of the “translation services” - They have the main office is in Lugansk. Their address in my town is Central'naya str, 5, Sverdlovsk, Ukraine.] Return-Path: Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP;
Received: from ([] helo=localhost) by with esmtp id 1HXfb1-0006YB-1R for [XXXXX] From: 'evgenilkaster_gmail' X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional


Hello my dear,

Honey I also want to be happy and to make the loving person happy. I know that it is difficult to do this through letters, but I know for sure that we will meet and I want this very much. Honey I send you the site, and I was told that their all prices. I pay $5,5 per letter. But also they have here the discounts. I miss you and I am waiting your letter.
Your Evgeniya.


Hello my dear XXXXX,

Honey, I am not here to play the games. I really tired of them and everything what I want just to be happy. I don't know what to do and I want to be with you very much. That is why I asked you about the help. You started to mean for me too a lot and I don't want to be alone again. So I use the translations services. The name of the services is Service Bureau. The office provides a lot of services. I asked them about the complete information and they give me their site, you can go there and look for the information. They have the main office is in Lugansk. Their address in my town is Central'naya str, 5, Sverdlovsk, Ukraine. Honey I am waiting your letter. Just remember that you mean for me a lot and I want to be with you very much. Your Evgeniya.


Hello my dear XXXXX, You letter put the songs to my heart. This morning I wake up and everything what I want just to sing. You know, I feel myself as a kid. I wanted to sing aloud, to jump and run and oh, then I stop and imagine how it would be with you. We will have such morning which will bring a lot of happiness into our hearts. You know, it is so easy to make the person feel very good, to make the person feel love and happiness. But it is very difficult to make this in distance, and you made this!!!!Dear, you know. I am reading your letters and sometimes I amazed you have such thoughts as me. I couldn't come to them, I couldn't realized how to put them into words. You know, sometimes when I am looking into the mirror I realized that it is our souls and you can see there a lot of you!!!When we look into it we will see ourselves and you know sometimes it is so difficult to say yourself who you are!!!

Dear, we have a lot of things in our hearts and to open the door, to make this thoughts and feelings come out is very difficult. It is a very serious step, but...But we have done this, yes? I believe that yes and now I feel myself very good. I feel myself in that way when I was a little girl and I lived in our dreamland!!My dreamland. Now it is your dreamland and now all my dreams are connecting with your dreams.

My darling, it is possible now to open our eyes and say aloud. I am happy, I have the person who cares about me, who is honest, understanding. I can rely on you and I can tell you my secrets and dreams and I believe that you won't never betray me. Yes, a lot of people try to reach something, to make their dreams true, but very often when you reach something you will lose another. And it is very difficult to decide, to make the right solution, to make the right step and to choose the right way!!!

My love, it is very important for me, and I now want to make this. I have decided for myself what I want, I have made the step and I have chosen, and now I believe that I have made the right decision. I hope that I will receive those flowers. I adore roses, they are so wonderful, they are innocent and dangerous at the same time. But they are so beautiful. Honey those story is so...I don't know how to say. It just give me the impact very deep one!!! Dear of course I can give you my address, but I also hope that you will give me yours too. Here is my address: Ukraine, 91000 Sverdlovsk, Engyel'sa str., 12/23. Evgeniya Lazareva. I don't have the phone number. Ok, I will close here. I will wait your answer. Now I can't be happy until I will receive your letter. Kisses, Evgeniya.


Hello my dear XXXXX,

I am so happy to receive your letter and can you imagine my feelings after reading your letter, oh dear it is undescribable. I can't put all feelings into words, it is so difficult and I just want to be with you and to show you everything what I have in my heart. My darling, we are far from each other but you magically with your words can make the wonderful for me!!!!

I want to be happy and you know that happiness always connected with love, it is very important to have the person you love. Then you are happy, then you have a lot of strength to do everything.

Dear, I believe that our meeting is blessed by God. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. Thus, I want to become the star of your life which brings light in this dark world, and warmth for our life.

It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while you holding me in your arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. True Love is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between, you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you. Here it is the complete spring. It is warm and I feel in the air the smell of new life, the smell of love and new feelings. I so much want to be happy with this new life and I want us together to take pleasure of the changes of season. You know we will be living together in all these changes and we will love each other, we will try to make us happy, to make our life happy. Yes my dear????

I so much want to share all these wonderful moment with you. You know I went for the job this morning and I felt myself very happy. I was flying, I don't know why. But I felt myself so free, I was independent from all the life laws, and I felt that I can do everything. It is spring, I think it gives such feelings. I am waiting that moment when I can see the buds on the trees!!When I can see the first flowers. Yesterday I saw the woman she sold the snowdrops. Oh the were so wonderful, but I didn't buy them. Those flowers are in the red book, and I imagined if I would saw them in the forest, in their natural area, there are a lot of them and they are so magnificent and tender at the same time. Can I tell in this way????Oh, dear, I so much want to go on picnic, only you and me, and we would have the good time. Take the bottle of wine and something to eat:))We were sitting on the valley, around us the spring air and birds and flowers and green trees, it is very romantic. I wish I could rush to you and we would make this:))))
Your Evgeniya.


Hello my dear XXXXX!!

I am so much happy for your letter!!! Thank you for the photo. I am very happy to receive them. You know, it is very difficult to meet the person and to believe to him. There are a lot of different people and you know, it is very difficult for me to understand what person you are. It was so. Well, now I can tell you, that I am very happy to be with you. You know, we met as in a fairy tail, and I can't believe in that I read in your letter. I so much want everything be true and only true.

I am here a newer and it is very difficult for me. Thank you for the compliments about English But I don't know it so good as you think. You see, I can speak but i don't know how to write in it. I use the help of the translator. Thank you for such wonderful description may be you will find the most beautiful girl at the end of the rainbow;))) I think that I am lucky person, because while reading your letter I feel myself very comfortable and my heart is cosy:)) It is as so as the fate helps us to meet each other!!!! Fate it is everything, I think that each person has his destiny, yes, we change it a little, but still we have our fate.

You know, I adore nature. I have to say that now I miss it very much. If I have the opportunity I will be very happy to spend the time, more time, on the open air, around the wonderful nature: flowers, trees valleys, river. BIRDS. You can hear their singing and you can fall into the beauty and close your eyes, and let go away all problems and listen to the sounds of the nature. Oh, you can hear a lot and you can imbue all this beauty and I have to say that it gives you a lot of strength, because the nature help us:)))Oh, I don't know if you understand me. But I think that you will because I wrote you this, and if I do so, may be it is because that I believe you and can open my heart to you???

You know, life is very difficult and I believe that it would be easier if you can have the right person near you. You know, the only thing I want is to find the right person. I think that love can do everything. And that is true. I have a lot of what I can share with you, we can do everything together, to know love to see different picturesque places, to meet different people, to help each other in difficult situations and a lot of other things!!!! I think that if we now writing each other may be it is not just letter, may be it means something???You know, just try to imagine my voice while you are reading my letter, my thoughts which I want to give you, my feelings which I want you to feel now??Is it difficult??You know, I want you to feel everything, it is so amazing
when you can feel the mood of the person, when you can make the other person happy, I think that it is great!!! I think rose, will describe me:)))I am Christian but we are free and we have the right to choose any man, and girl I think???It is very possible and I don't see here anything bad.

We have to help each other in order to make our home more wonderful, beautiful, warm and happy. If we both work, we can come home and make our supper together, how wonderful it is, because the work can give us the pleasure and if we prepare the food together then we won't be tied so much and we will have the time and strength for the amazing night:))) Yes, of course I will prepare it by myself and wait my loving husband from the job. He comes home and the delicious supper is waiting him, and with it I am also wait. I kiss him and wish Bone Appetite:))

I do believe that the couple can live happily, but they just have to listen to each other, and try to understand, to support as or she can do this. You see, I feel we are here to find something that we have lost for a long time ago. It is very difficult but I think we will do this. Dear, I am waiting your letter and I hope that you really have the wonderful mood.
Sweet kiss,


Hello dear XXXXX!

I am very happy to read and know such wonderful person. To be honest for me it is very difficult to start my letter, but I think that with your help I will be able to tell you more about me and to put everything in order:) So, as you know my name is Evgeniya. I live in the town Sverdlovsk, Ukraine. It is a little town but very friendly and picturesque. You know, I love my country and I think that people are very friendly here. I know that you will like it for sure:) So, I am a simple girl, understanding, supportive, communicative. But you know, to be honest, sometimes I am a little shy:)I think all girls have this, but many can hide this very good!!!! I like life and I want to live it with a wonderful person, such person who can be for me not only the man, but truly friend, supportive partner and very passionate lover. I have all this in my hearty and it is very painful to be alone, when I see around me a lot of beauty which I want to share with this person. I am here only for serious intentions. I want to create the family and I feel that I can do, may be I am near with my aim? So, my last relations weren't very good and open. I didn't feel myself very comfortable with him. I tried to make everything but it was not my fault and I think it was not his fault, I think that we were just different people, with different interests. Now, I completely know what I want and how to make it. But I just need my half, because I feel so lonely with him!!!! Well, I like music and I listen to all types music. I don't have my favorite one. I like comedies, I hate thrillers and horror films. I don't know why. But my heart is frozen when I watch such films. I feel myself not very good. I want to be honest:) I like camping and I like to lead the active life, but sometimes, I so much need the rest and I like lying in the bed with my partner kissing and cuddling:))(I so much want this!) Well, I hope you have a little imagine about me and I hope you will like my photo.
I am waiting your answer.
Truly, Evgeniya.


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ı want to u



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