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Dating scammer Tatyana Medwedewa


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Name: Tatyana Medwedewa


Russia, Sosnovoborsk,
Sovetskaya street 16-29

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2007-05-21, 16:47:17
anonymous from United States  
I've recieved the same letters , at my e-mail address, unbelieveble what people des for money, I rather pay a damn hooker and fuck her all night long, at least i know she's gonna be there ready at my command, |o|
2007-05-22, 10:39:00
anonymous from United States  
I took the 'bait' and said I would send her the $ in the next few days. I told her to send me a photo of herself holding a sign with my name. She sent the following mail and photos.

2007-05-22, 10:39:24
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: blonde blue scarf
2007-05-22, 10:39:50
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: blonde black pullover fake sign
2007-05-22, 10:41:31
anonymous from United States  
From: Tatyana Medwedewa <>
To: Eric
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 4:26:42 AM
Subject: Thank you!

Eric hello my dear! Thank you very much that you will help
me with my problem, I really appreciate it and it is very
important for me. I so wish you were here, because it is
so nice here, I`m really very exited. But I want to tell you I`m
afraid a bit to walk on the streets alone, because it is very crowded
city. Tomorrow I want to go to a Kremlin, maybe I will have
no chance to do it. I read a lot about it and saw many pictures.
Also you asked me the picture. I couldn't find palms in Moscow but I
done another photo for you.
Oh, dear, I can`t believe that everything is true. I can`t wait to
meet you. I will have a new life and it is really very exiting.
I found this beautiful poem in Internet today. I found it for you! It
reflects my feelings to
you!! Sorry I can't write poems in English, I can write them only in

Until We Meet

Until we meet
My nights will be a little colder
My days a little shorter
My heart will beat a little less rapid
Until we meet
I know that my arms will be empty
My mind hurting from the constant thought of you
Minutes will seem to be hours
Hours will seem to be months
While months will seem like eternity
Until we meet
The stars in the sky will not affect me
with its gleaming sparkles of life

Until I am gazing at them in your arms
And the food that I eat will not be as fulfilling and nourishing
Until it is you that I share the my food with
And Until we meet
I will not feel whole
My world will seem incomplete
Until that wonderful day
When our eyes make first contact
And our bodies and souls collide in blissful whirlwind
The words will roll off my tongue like a sweet love song
'Hello, my love, I couldn't wait to meet you.'

2007-05-22, 10:42:49
anonymous from United States  
I was a little bored and I wanted to see how far this person was willing to go. I said I was happy she sent the photo I asked for, howerever, I would really like to see some nude shots of her.

Lets see what this gets me.
2007-05-23, 07:15:40
anonymous from United States  
Well, I guess she was a little pissed about the nude photo request..... Looks like I won't be getting any more mail from her. :(

From: Tatyana Medwedewa <>
To: Eric
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 12:03:38 PM
Subject: Bye!

Eric I have cried all the night long if you don't want to see me just
tell it. Are you MAN or what? I am alone in Moscow without parents and
friends and jeer at me. Why?? Don't want to help me. OK...
2007-05-23, 10:17:50
anonymous from United States  
Hey,at least you got a 'trophy'pix {the one w/the sign & ur name}! NOT the easiest to get especially if this was ur 1st scammer! Look's like you broke 'her' widdle heart! LOL
2007-05-23, 18:33:52
anonymous from United States  

2007-05-24, 12:59:35
anonymous from United States  
this one is anothere scam girl , carefull with this girl: this is her latter:

@3@#2!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so busy last day! Today was the last day of my
work here. We celebrated a birthday of my sister's daughter,
everything was OK. I bought here nice T-short and jeans for summer as
a present.
I'm always in a hurry last three days! I have to make so many
arrangements! Tomorrow I will start my trip and I will fly to Moscow.
I packed already some things but now all.
It is not that far from my city, about 3 hours by plane. The main
Embassy is in Moscow and all interviews to get a visa people pass over
there. As soon as I come there I will receive more information about
everything and I will write you all details of my visa from Moscow and
then I have more time to write you a nice email.
Now I'm also in a hurry! I have to translate my professional resume into
English because I will need it in Moscow!
I think it will be not hard to translate it, I hope so! I just don't
have enough time to I have to do it as soon as I can.
Today came email for my visa appointment so they are waiting to
have an interview with me and they are ready to give me a visa. They
need to see me and check my background and everything and ask me some
questions but that's OK!
I will try to write you few more words about me! I like to cook, I've
learn from my mother how to be a good woman and wife. Of course I was
never married but I'm sure I will be a good wife and I will do
everything to make my man happy!!!!!!!!!!!
My mother was a good wife till my father died.....
I'm sorry I became sad again..... So many years passed since my father
died but I still remember him like we talked only tomorrow.
I want my man to be a good man as my father was. I'm not looking for
any special qualities... I just want to man to love me and take care
of me... I'm a one man woman and I don't believe in divorces.
I want somebody who is ready to love me forever.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite flower is pink rose.
As for music I like relaxing music as Enigma, also I like some rock
and jazz. I like different music.
I would be happy to write you about my favorite movies, books and
everything but my time is limited now and I have to go!!!!
It is so good I'm writing my emails to you!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so
happy and also I can practice my English! Sorry I'm sure I made a lot
of mistakes today but I try to type as fast as I can!!!!!
I don't know why but I think about you every day! When we celebrated a
birthday (I wrote you) my sister asked me why I look so happy! She
thought I've met a Russian man and fall in love with him! She was
shocked when I sad I met a foreign man in Internet and now I think
about this man all the time. Now you know I think about you all the
time!!!!! Really!!!! My mother and sister said they wish me luck and
also they said hello to you!!!
My father would be so happy if he only knew about my future trip and
my meeting with you.... Maybe he looks at me from the heaven now.....
I'm sending four pics. All of them were taken in Yalutorovsk, my small
native city. I told you it's almost like a village and almost all
houses are made of wood.
1- me at the bus station.
2 - pic in our garden with strawberry
3 - me at the river
4 - me with friend
There is a small river over there and me and girls who live in
Yalutorovsk go to swim in this river. You know it's not a swimming
suit on this pic! It's a lingerie!!! I will tell you why... All my
girlfriends who live there just don't have bathing suites, they are
just usual village girls... And they are envious enough that I work in
such big city as Tumen and I have some things they simply just can't
afford. But they are my best friends and I don't want them to be
envious and when we go to the river I swim in my lingerie like they
do. I will tell you more about the life in my city later.
The girl on the pic with me is Polina. She is my best friend, she is
pregnant now and I worry about her so much... She told me her husband
can hit her sometimes when he become drunk....
I hope everything will be OK in her life...
In small cities and villages there are many men who like to drink
alcohol but usually in big cities as Moscow and some others men are
more intelligent and they don't hit their women.
OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!! I looked at watches here in internet cafe! I have
to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will write you as soon as I can!!!!!!!!!
Thinking about you!!!!

P.S. Forgot to say! These photos for you only! I don't show such photos to another men!
And please tell me do you have idea what woman do you want to have by
your side and tell me about your favorite music, books and movies!!!
I will do the same next time!

Keywords: blonde white bikini in lake
2007-05-24, 16:36:19   (updated: 2007-05-24, 16:41:33)
anonymous from United States  
have any of you seen this one yet? this is what I when I told her that I couldnt
come up with the $985 tried to cut me a deal and I would have sent the money to
her if I hadn't found this page on the net. you guys saved me cause I was falling
headfirst for her, THANKS!!
2007-05-24, 21:54:28
anonymous from United States  
Now she told you NOT to show that pic to ANYONE and what do you go and do???? lol
So,who is 'she' that you're refering to? Name,e-mail?

For the guy giving thanks,same thing,what's 'her' name,e-mail and you need to redo the pic. BTW YVW !
2007-05-26, 21:21:43
anonymous from United States  
this girl is anothere scam girl , I post a picture from her, watch out guy!! if you caheck the damn picture you all can realize that pictures is been altered with photoshop.. I've been playing with this bitch a while, I have so many fun with her.

Hello from Moscow! I'm so happy I started my trip! Now I have more time to write you.
I settled down, I rent a small room and it's not that expensive.
Moscow is very nice city and the weather here is very good now. I
thought maybe I will feel myself here uncomfortable because I come
from a small city but I'm OK here. Moscow is very big city and there
are a lot of people here, anyway it's not as disturbing for me as I
I'm a little bit lonely here because I understand I will not meet my
family for a long time. I hope I will meet you soon and I will be not
so lonely and you will tell me about my country...
Now I can write you more information about my trip.
I will get H1-B visa for nurses so I will be able to work as a nurse.
I have a medical diploma and Higher education and I'm a registered
nurse. I've been told if something will not works out I will be able
to find another job as a waitress or something like this. There were
special H1-C and H1-A visas for nurses but they expired. I will be
able to stay over there during one year and then I can prolong my visa
or change my status.
I only didn't expect I will stay here for several days more because I
have to pass different English test and so on. I will be able to fly
to you only by next weekend or so. As soon as I have all correct info
about my flight I will inform you.
Please confirm your information again and write me
the name of your closes Airport (maybe international) and the name of
your state. I'm afraid I can mix something because I've heard it could
be few cities with the same name but in different states.
For example in America there are Springfield city in different states,
two Kansas city in Kansas and Missouri. I've learnt this information
today only and this is very strange for me.
Also please confirm your phone number.
In my turn today I will learn everything about international calls and
calling cards and I will try to call you if you want. I've never made
international calls before.
I don't remember if I wrote you I don't smoke and never tried smoking
although smokers doesn't bother me.
I drink socially... maybe a little wine or something like that...
usually on big holidays.
I know how to take care about one's health and I'm healthy without any
diseases or disabilities.
Do you like to drink fresh juices? What is your favorite one? I like
pineapple juice, although I drink it now often because pineapples are
expensive here.
As for food I told you I like to cook. I like Italian food, I think
many people like it. I've been told maybe times I'm a good cooker!
What is your favorite food? I mean maybe Italian, Chineese?
Today I took a digital camera for rent (2 days). I wanted to make a
photo near the Kremlin and send it to you. I liked that place! I have
a camera as I wrote you but it is not digital.
I asked a girl on the street to take my picture.
I'm so attracted to you and I can't wait till we meet each other and I
can touch you.. I can look into your eyes! I want to ask you many
I think you are very good and caring man.
I just don't know what else to write... I imagine our first meeting
often... how it will be??? I don't know!


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Keywords: blonde red square moscow fake photo
2007-05-30, 17:37:47
anonymous from United States  
Hello! I want to write few words before I go to the travel agency. I
miss you so much and I'm very excited we will meet each other possibly
this week!!! Now I will go to learn some info about my trip and I will
write you shortly.
Last two days I walked a lot and I've seen many nice places in Moscow.
I tried to see as much sightseeings as I can. Maybe I will never have such
chance to stay in Moscow for several days.
It's so hot here... It's never getting so hot in my native city in
summer! My face even got more tanned!
I'm sending two pics, they were taken now in Moscow but in my native
city. Actually I have a disquette with some pics, I will show you more
pics when I come over there!!!

2007-05-30, 17:38:43
anonymous from United States  
Oksana Orlova that's her name.

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