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Dating scammer Tatyana Medwedewa


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Name: Tatyana Medwedewa


Russia, Sosnovoborsk,
Sovetskaya street 16-29

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2007-05-30, 17:40:44
anonymous from United States  
Hi, this is me again. Sorry I forgot to write you my age. I'm 25
years old. I finished my work only one hour ago and soon I will go to bed. I
will write you everything tomorrow. Sorry this will be short, I'm so
tired now. Good night to me!
I hope you will be at least my friend when I come over there soon!
I'm sending one more pic, it's just a usual pic, I didn't pose there.
I just don't have another photos now. I will scan more photos for you
tomorrow, if you want I can scan some photos in swimming suit. Let me
I will write again tomorrow............

Almost sleeping Oksana....

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2007-05-31, 15:08:58   (updated: 2007-05-31, 15:11:31)
anonymous from United States  

I've been toying with this bitch for a while, she asked me $940 bucks I think, don't remember pretty good, I told her that i have only 500 bucks cash , the next e-mail she sent me she was requiring just 480 bucks to complete the whole trip,|o| She think I'm stupid. what I'm gonna send her its gonna be my dick wrap it in a damn box|o|

Sorry I didn't write you, I was trying to find some money and I had
some luck.
I'm not going to solicit the money from you... I understand it's my
problem, not yours....
You have captivated my poor heart and I just don't know how you've
done it. I'm still desperately want to see you!
I'm so sad now, so sad that I don't want to live. I want to fall
asleep and don't get up one more month!
I called all of my friends and relatives and maximum I can find is
about 500 $, maybe you can help me with 480 $?
My relatives don't have so much money to send me, they live in so small
city. I can't find more money...
Please don't think Oh, why I met that Russian girl in Internet, she promised a lot and never
done it. I really wanted to come to you but you know I've never
travelled so far away and I was not smart enough to set up all things
for my trip.
I still feel I need you in my life so much.
I pray it will be possible for you to help me somehow.
I'm sending one more photo of me near the river, I've never sent this
pic to anybody so it is just for you!!

Keywords: blonde white bikini bottom or naked river or lake stairs
2007-05-31, 15:12:02
anonymous from United States  
this is Oksana Orlova
2007-06-01, 07:00:39
anonymous from Sweden  
Anon US....why do u call her a bitch? she's not even a real woman. It's a professional scammer, most probably male, from the scam triangle between Yoshktar Ola and Kazan. They steal the photos from the net and change identities regularly, using a female accomplice for pickups. Most of them can't even speak english, which is why they use copied letters, apart from the fact they have about 30 marks on the go at the same time and wouldn't have time to read the replies, never mind answer them individually. Give the real girls a break, will you? They don't even know that their identities have been stolen. For what it's worth, two very nice Russian girls have been to Stockholm to visit me in the last 18 months, so I know there are real ones (and nice) and I've been to Russia twice in the last year as well.

Here's a translation of a reply i got from a scammer in Yoshktar Ola after i called him for a being a scammer. I've got 3 more like it. All the mails were in Russian so i've had to compensate for that in the translation:

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 05 July 2006 17:40

Greetings 'Anna'! Please do not offend my intelligence.

Scammer: agreed!

1. You do not read my letters. You ignore my questions. I write to you in Russian, but you do not see, because you do not read mine letters.

Scammer: Yes I see that you write in Russian, but I correspond with many such as you. I cannot write to everyone individually.

2. You send me the copied letters.

Scammer: Certainly. Then you are better than others?

3. You write to me using server by proxy from the USA....Typical dodge for the Internet-scammer. If you are frank, why do you hide your location?

Scammer: I use a SOCKS-server. Usually I use GPRS Internet and you all cannot equally learn where I am. You can see only IP of the operator of cellular communication.

4. Your photos are very beautiful, but you are not an actual girl. Probably, you are man called Boris.

Scammer: You are right, but not Boris certainly.

5. You are a professional criminal who deceives money from lonely men who only search for the partner. Why you do it? You are too foolish to work? Or too lazy?

Scammer: Here only it is not necessary to speak about nonsense. You are a fool if you want to find a wife in the Internet. It is not real. The average salary in my city is 150 dollars in a month. The choice is simple - either poverty or larceny. Now I earn 5000 dollars. Our validity does not leave a choice. You can though choke in beautiful words about honesty and nobleness but when would it be desirable TO GUZZLE morals? It leaves only the second plan. I very much doubt, that you are capable to understand it.

6. The scammer should be cleverer than its victim. But you are too stupid to be successful. If I could find you, I would kick your end face. *(didn’t know the Russian word for ass, but I do now)

- Do not reproach me in your dullness. I correspond with a whole division of sexually perverted muzhiks and everyone is a fool. And I am quite successful in the business. Be pleased, that we shall not meet, differently I would will thrust your leg into your задницу or end face, as you call it :)

Try to behave nobly and to not deceive money.

- Necessarily, sometime. Can be in a following life.
2007-06-01, 08:55:04
anonymous from Germany  
@sweden: Please post more of this stuff! But I think he is lying. He might have reached nearly 5000 in one month but not always, or he is the boss of a larger office.
2007-06-01, 09:52:06
anonymous from United States  
Sweden,You should be used to ppl thinking they are writing to a girl by now.Most are new to this and don't have a clue and/or DON'T READ what is here.I've posted an explanation on 6 threads in one day at times! The good thing is that they are here reporting or asking question's and hopefully won't lose any money.At least there's about 6 of us who keep coming back and try to help them.
I have a question about your letter with the scammer.You wrote the ???'s and he wrote back with the reply or was it a chat? Just curious.It was interesting non the less.
2007-06-01, 14:44:49
anonymous from United States  
Hello dear fucker!!!
I am so happy to hear from you again. How are you today, fucker? I
hope you are ok. As for me, I am ok. Enrique, with each letter we get
to know each other more and more and it is very pleasantly for me.
I feel so tired from the life here and you are the only one who warms
me and gives me strength to live. The life in Russia is so difficult
and though we got used to it sometimes I feel so unsafe and tired from
everything. But I am lucky one to get 150 dollars a month. This money
allows me to go to the Internet cafe to send you letters and to get
yours. It is the only one thing in my life which makes me happy. I
miss so much being without your letters. And the Internet-cafe is the
only one place where I can communicate with you. Unfortunately, I
can't afford myself to buy a computer since it costs for about 500-700
dollars and it is too much for me. Not so many people in our town can
afford to buy a computer.
Well, enough complaining... May be you will tell me about the life in
in your country, it will cheer me up.
Also I would like to have your mailing address for some case. And this
is mine.
56-56 Kedrovaya str.,
Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, ******
May be you will need it.
I want to hear from you so much......
Your Mira!

Keywords: brunette orange dress
2007-06-01, 15:03:31
anonymous from United States  
somebody knows this one. I just got an e-mail from her today and I don't have a clue how she got it
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2007-06-01, 15:33:56
anonymous from Sweden  
Hi anon1 US...yes, I guess you're right. It just pisses me off that people can be so naive. and then they write 'bitch' and stuff. I was scammed once and only once, and that was only because a real Russian girl had come to visit me 4 months earlier so I had my guard down. I'd never come across a scammer before. I caught on when the scammer's address turned out to be fake and she wanted visa money even though I knew it was impossible for her to get a visa without a personal invitation from me. Of course, when I explained that to the scammer he/she just ignored it as scammers do because he/she wasn't even reading my mails. and she only started reading them when I started writing in Russian. After I checked her IPs, I discovered she'd been writing from three different computers.

anon Germany and anon1 US...the questions are mine. This scammer 'Anna Ivanova' contacted me first and when I replied with a few words in Russian, something like 'don't bother writing to me, I know you're a scammer', I got a long copied mail in return, which pissed me off. So I wrote the mail above as a long list of points, 1. 2. 3. etc, some of them end in questions. As you can see, the scammer (who obviously wasn't making 5000$ that particular month) answered each point individually. Mail number 2 is coming up. Same thing, again the scammer dissected the mail and answered the different points.

anon US Enrique! This girl Mira's English is far too good for a typical scammer. It doesn't seem like a copied letter to me, nor has she used a translator (unless it's a very good one) and what's she's written sounds pretty feasible to me. In small towns in Russia, the average wage is 150 bucks a month. most people can' afford a PC. You're assuming she's a scammer. Be careful, but this one might not be.

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re[2]: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 05 July 2006 23:09

ME: Hahaha... Your letter has entertained me. At last, an “honest” criminal? But, you are a little bit pathetic also. As all criminals, you have many justifications.... Not sufficient money or opportunities.... an unsuccessful life... bad destiny... bla bla bla. If your situation is so difficult, why you do not change it? Instead of it, you live in your dark hole (possibly, Yoshktar Ola?), and you abuse your life. You have no respect for yourself. Besides you do not think of the misfortune that you cause to your victims. In other words, you are egocentric.

Scammer: In you I see the expert scam victim! Even about our capital you know
(Ioshkar Ola). How many times have you sent money? Two or three times. Certainly you will tell that you are very clever and never sent money. I saw such as you many times. The expert scam victim, three times опущеный ЛОХ.

ME: I have arrived to this country, Sweden, 16 years ago without money. Now I have plenty of money. How it is possible? Scamming? Having stolen? No!... Because I work very much, and I have talents and mind. I win, and you lose.

Scammer: Try to arrive to Russia and to begin business.

ME: As to finding a wife, you speak nonsense. My acquaintance has succeeded to find a beautiful Russian partner. Besides I shall travel to Russia in August, to meet a beautiful, frank, (actual) girl. I know that you will feel happy for me.

Scammer: Well, if you have found a girlfriend in Russia I can congratulate. But with your troublemaking character you have no future. For God's sake do not speak about outstanding intelligence. It is ridiculous!

ME: To end, I shall give you some advice. It is very easy to see that you are a scammer (except for silly men). Your photos are too old. Quality is not good. Besides your 'girl' is similar to a star of a porno.

Scammer: I am engaged in this business for 7 years and I do not require advice. The photos should look so bad. Whence could a poor Russian girl get money for the digital camera. Good photos cause many questions and superfluous doubts. So that. Photos should be blurred. It acts on 100 % beautiful photos these are 95 percent of success.

ME: Find some work. 150 dollars earned in a fair way should be preferable to 5000 earned with a deceit.

Scammer: And you tried to live for 150 dollars a month? You некчёмный дрочила, (I guess this is an insult) You will learn me how to live? People who search for the woman on the Internet are morally ugly creatures.

All right, you have tired me. It is necessary to work! I owe to each of the patients to present чуточку to love and надеж.
2007-06-01, 15:39:34
drod from United States  
Anon USA, yes, somebody knows this one.

Her real name, or rather stage name is Alison Angel, porn star. The photos sent be your scammer are stolen from her web site:

Her photos are quite popular, and many with nudity, of course.

Your letters are probably being sent by a man.

good hunting..........drod
2007-06-01, 17:22:48   (updated: 2007-06-01, 17:50:17)
Skeet from United States  
Sweden,Very interesting! Does that idiot really think that someone is going to send money more than once?!?!? THAT is what's ridiculous! Like you I did ONCE and only once that's what got me into trying to confound their effort's! If he's been doing it for 7 year's he'll never change,unless the bottom finally drops out of the whole thing! I see him as a bitter person with low self-esteem and an ego bigger than his brain.He most likely couldn't even get a real job!As for the naive,yea,it bug's me too but,there's not much you can do about it except to TRY and educate them!

Now,for the anon US with the question about 'Mira'.That face is very familiar but I can't place it.Can you post a header from a letter?Do you have any other pic's? One more thing,do everyone a favor and stop the foul mouth,this is NOT the place for it.And just so you know,I'm a trucker so my mouth is probably 10 times as bad BUT,I don't use it here! thx
2007-06-01, 18:13:08
anonymous from Sweden  
You're absolutely right skeet, although I have to say life is pretty crap in towns like Yoshktar Ola.

Actually though, i never sent my first scammer any dosh but it was close. I cottoned on to him/her because I sent her some flowers by Fleurop but they never arrived. The address turned out to be fake. After that I did some scam research. and I could never understand why she wanted visa money from me because I knew from recent experience that most Russian girls can't get a visa without prepaid tickets and a personal invitation, but she hadn't asked me for any ticket money or a personal invitation. She got desperate and phoned me, but by that time i was wise.

PS in the meantime, I've met my second nice, REAL, Russian girl, I've been to Russia twice to visit her and she's been to Sweden once to visit me. We're currently waiting to hear if the Swedish INS will grant her residency. There are plenty of nice, honest ones out there too.
2007-06-01, 18:29:46
anonymous from El Salvador  
2007-06-01, 18:33:03
anonymous from El Salvador  

2007-06-01, 22:22:16
What'd he say???
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