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Dating scammer Tatyana Medwedewa


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Name: Tatyana Medwedewa


Russia, Sosnovoborsk,
Sovetskaya street 16-29

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2007-06-01, 22:38:20
Skeet from United States  
Sweden,I saw the post you mentioned it on ,how did the one get into this country though? Since I've never been there I really can't say what Y-O look's like but if it look's like the one's I saw in that link that Dom posted a few day's ago...Some of them look like some I've seen here out in the sticks down south!Or some of the slumy area's I've seen too.There's places like that in every country I suppose.The one I lost money to was a Nigerian,I should have known better but...I already knew about the Russian scammers so I don't know why I did it!?My own stupidity! Now I just try to keep other's aware and that's all! I've gotten so I can spot one instantly.I think you've confirmed alot of what I've studied up on about Russian women,the real one's are a little more 'old fashioned'and don't make first contact,is that right?
2007-06-02, 02:03:07
anonymous from Sweden  
Skeet....that's a very good question, I'm not sure how she pulled it and she's never told me. For one thing, she's very cute and has some money (not sure how she got that either) but I know she has some Russian friends in the US (it was always her dream to live there so I guess she was wasting my time in the first place :). I've always supposed that her friends fixed her up with someone to marry. that's the usual way, and of course, u can do anything if you have money. Or she has mafia connections possibly? ;)

Most Russian towns and cities are pretty run down except Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, though not as bad as 10 years ago. I was in Ulyanovsk at Easter (it's further down the Volga from Kazan/YO)...and it was not impressive at all, even the downtown is run down. Still quite liked Russia though, interesting place.

And u can certainly say that the Russian girls are more old fashioned (again excepting Moscow and the big cities), more family oriented. Actually, that's why they make good partners. But you have to treat them well, you know? I'm expecting to have to support mine indefinitely, or at least until she can improve her English and learn Swedish, then she can work if she wants to. The Swedish girls won't approve of her not working, this is the most feminist, egalitarian city in the world...92% of Swedish women go out to work. There are no guarantees in life but since she's struggling to support her son on her own in Russia and she wants to have a family, hopefully she'll appreciate the opportunity and be loyal. If not, no harm done. But like I might have mentioned before, most Russian girls would rather stay in Russia if they could, it's what they know (though moving to the US might be the exception to that general rule). Either way, there are some damn good looking women there, of all shapes and sizes and mentalities. Some of them even speak a little English LOL (mostly not).

sorry you got scammed, probably u thought the 'girl' was worth the risk? Scammers know how to choose their pics. i was that close myself, but i also knew that there were real girls out there so I kept trying. If you're interested you could try Russian Brides or Elena's Models. lots of scammers there as well of course, mostly the hot pics, but quite a few real women as well. Try writing in Russian first, it's a good icebreaker. But if they can't speak any english at all, forget it. Even if they're cute, it's too much hard work. A lot depends on what you look like yourself and I have to say frankly that if you're a truckie, they might not find that too impressive (imagine a Russian truck driver?). You'll have to prove to them that you're a 'gentleman'. I sent mine flowers and stuff on the internet. It's in their culture that guys should be generous and they need to know that you can support them well enough if they move to the US. But don't pretend to be richer that you are, obviously it's not worth it in the long run. I'm not loaded but do well enough and she seems to be happy with that. You'll have to go to Russia first, so it's best if u line up one or two in different cities just to cover your options (long way to go for just one girl unless she's really special). Oh, and take a phrase book! LOL
2007-06-03, 14:51:34
anonymous from United States  
someone knows this bitch, she just write me at my e-mail address and i don't know here at all,
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Medwedewa

2007-06-03, 14:52:24
anonymous from United States  

2007-06-03, 16:39:18
drod from United States  
Anon US, regarding last 2 posts,

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the woman in those two photos is NOT your scammer. It is probably a MAN sending you the emails and photos.

Regarding the photos and the person in them, the woman is stage name Alison Angel, porn star. A victim of stolen photos from her web site:

Regarding the scammer, check these two links:

As they tell in the first one, they use a sophisticated email extractor to find email address world wide. Whether you use a dating site or not. If you are on the internet, if you use your email at all, they can find it.

They quote being able to find millions of emails. Then they use auto mailers.

Remember, the person in the photo is, 99% of the time, NOT your scammer.

good hunting..........drod
2007-06-03, 18:33:54
Skeet from United States  
Sweden,Thank's for the reply. I don't think I'll be making that trip anytime soon,time and money! I've checked and it's not cheap! BTW,I don't resemble the stereo-typical trucker by any mean's.I've had people tell me so and some that didn't beleive me.I'm tall,thin,short hair and no big belly either.LOL I look more like a cop really.Which is probably why there was disbelief.
You're right about money though,it can get alot of thing's done.I don't know what state or city that girl is in but,there are quite a few here with large Russian neighborhood's.I saw something just last week on TV that said Minnasota has the largest one's.I guess they like the cold or something,probably remind's them of home.There are other way's to get here too,mostly illegal.Very close to where I live there's a gogo bar and a friend that goes there told me they have alot of Russian girl's now.They're brought down from NYC every night in a van.I know that's true because it was in the gas station across the street from me one night when I was in there.REAL cuties and VERY young! I've thought about going and checking it out just to see but,it's WAY too loud for me and I don't drink. ttyl,thx again.Skeet
2007-06-03, 20:24:39
drod from United States  

LOL, so what's this Mexican doing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And yes, Minnesota does get cold.

Originally from ND. Lots of Swede's, Norwegian, and Polish, and Czhech.

Russians here I don't know, Maybe in the Cities.

good hunting.....
2007-06-04, 00:05:20
Skeet from United States  
Mexican's are EVERYWHERE herein the states! I've seen em in Montana for petes sake!
Worked with one for 3 yrs,real nice guy and a HARD worker too{demo}Had a son that worked on one of the garbage packers.They own a ranch in Mexico! Send's all his money there! To me that kinda suck's,I don't even own a house here!

Drod,Wait til ya see the one I'm gonna post soon! So don't be sippin anything when you look at new ones cos the pix, well....{the shocked smiley goes here! LOL}

Have fun S
2007-06-04, 00:59:23
anonymous from Sweden  
Skeet, I believe u (about truck drivers). not a problem for me ;)...just trying to illustrate how credibility is everything, especially on the internet. She lives in upstate NY now, with her 5-year-old son. Dont really care anymore though. Yup, Minnesota is full of Scandinavians (I'm from Canada originally myself so I should know LOL).

Aeroflot is actually a very cheap and under-rated airline. But hotels in Russia are expensive, especially outside Moscow/St Petersburg (not much tourism) at least compared to the cost of living. In Moscow you can get a decent room for about 120 bucks. But I'm not suggesting you should go to Russia, even if Red Square is pretty amazing, only if you met a decent Russian girl. Not much point otherwise. Most of the guys who send money think they can do things the easy way, send a bit of cash and voila a sexy Russian girl on their doorstep. Sad really. It's much more complicated than that and involves a bit of commitment (and more cash).

Looking forward to your pics

Drod...millions of Russians in the US, lot on the east coast and california as well, you'd be surprised. didn't quite understand your reference to Mexicans though? this like a full-time hobby for you, btw? Good work.
2007-06-04, 15:53:59
drod from United States  
Yes, there a good few of us that post/reply regular. Guess we have no life.

And yes, there are a lot of Mexicans here in Minnesota as well.
2007-06-04, 16:19:07
anonymous from Sweden  
drod...I wasn't taking the piss. You do a lot of free work. are you implying that 'Mexicans' is code for russians? ;)
2007-06-04, 16:25:53   (updated: 2007-06-04, 16:27:06)
drod from Saint Cloud, United States  
Sweden, my Friend, good God no.

Mother is Irish and Father is Mexican (Mexico, his Mother and Father both migrated to the States). Both were from New Mexico, US and moved to North Dakato, US before I was born. At that time, 1950, when they moved, there were no Mexicans in North Dakota. Am now in Minnesota.

good hunting..........drod
2007-06-04, 17:20:56
Skeet from United States  
Now we both get it Drod,I didn't either! I hope you didn't take me wrong,I really don't care where anyone comes from or their rcae/or ethnic backround is.I treat everyone the way I want to be treated and if more people worldwide did too 'what a wonderful world this would be'{quiz...Name the song/group that's from?hint it's old!}Anyway,I look at this a kinda hobby I guess,good to do when there's nothing good on the tube anyway.Plus it help's other's.I thik the 3 of us are about the most regular poster's here
as most stay anon. or hidden.I use an old nick I was given when I was A teen,only a few know it so it doesn't matter.The point about going to Russia is a good one but,you could send money anywhere for the same reason and it still won't work! That's what I just don't get is how many BELEIVE it will?! The one I lost a few buck's to said she needed it for food because 'she' had just paid the rent and internet bill.So big hearted me bought it.Not the first time I learned something the hard way and probably won't be the last! Not too far from me there's a very old{1800's}Russian Orthodox community I didn't even know exsisted until about 25 yrs ago.There's even a church with the gold crowned spires.You guy's must like the cold too! Not me,I'm on the Jersey shore so we don't get it real bad though,maybe a week or two of zero a year.{thank god!}
Now I have a quetion for you both,the post I'm working on...I never got a money letter
but,lastnight I found out after month's of searching who the girl in the photo's is.I didn't get one because basically I pissed 'her'off because I put off our meeting.'She'wanted me to come to Ukraine in June and I said I couldn't until September.This one was VERY good,the letter's were definately written just to me,they were like a pen-pal letter except maybe a bit more personal after two month's.My question is,shuold I post 'her' anyway?
And,should I post the letter's,or at least some{there's 65 from her}I'm not going to use all the pic's,there's 45 of them! I also got a 'trophy pic'with my real name on it.To post the letter's will take awhile so I can edit them or,as my name is in the pic should I just leave it alone?I don't use it for baiting so really I don't think there's much to worry about and it would sure save time and effort! What's your opinion's? ttyl,S
2007-06-04, 18:46:07
drod from United States  

Thanks.........As far as posting, has to be your call. With the knowledge you have picked up after time, sounds like you have your doubts as to whether she is a scammer or not.

Only you can decide that one.

My Lady friend, whom I am moving to be with end of summer, still has no idea on her 'scammer.' They communicated for almost a year, including web cam. She even met his son and daughter several times on cam. And he is in South Africa. She never received a 'live' request, or money letter.

Moving to Kentucky. Met on another scam site. Met in person. All is comfortable.


Yep, I understand that one completely. Treat people with dignity and respect until they give you reason not to. People are just people.

I do this with the tv on, but don't always watch. And don't want to sound selfish, but it does feel good to get the repost reply, letting you know you it's been a help.

Jason and Dom are a couple more, but seems they stay more to select threads.
And that's ok. It all helps.

By the way, you can call me anything you want. Just don't call me LATE FOR DINNER. LOL

'What a wonderful world,' Louis Armstrong is what comes to mind, and no did not look it up. So could be wrong. Wish I could, but am about 2-3 notes shy of getting that deep.

And the 'nick' I knew as a teen was from Minot. Would be a hoot if it was you.

Well, back to the boards, and the Stanley Cup.

good hunting............drod
2007-06-04, 20:34:17
Skeet from United States  
Thank's for the reply Drod.I'm 99% sure 'she' was a scammer,the pic's I found to be of a Polish model that sure as hell doesn't need to be on ANY dating site let alone an adult one! The reason I asked for an opinion was for credibility due to not having a money request.I did google 'her' name once a week and until a few week's ago came up with nothing.Then i got a hit that linked to is I'm not a paid member,only registered and can't read the report! Same pic's as I have and only non confirming comment's with the profile.ALOT of them because she is VERY well endowed so the comment's were all 'lewd and crued' I think I'll send it in and see if 'P' post's it.
I forgot about Satchmo's song,the one I was refering to was by Herman's Hermit's.{yea I know,show's my age!lol}Can't help that,I like 60's music! But than again,I like doo wop too.Anything but that rap crap! Well,it's not me,I'm a born & bred 'clamdigger'from Joisy!LOL ttyl,S
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