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Dating scammer Tatyana Zajtseva


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Name: Tatyana Zajtseva


krasnoprudnaya street, moscow russia
postal code 107140
house 16
apartment 22

Other Comments:
Very good scammer!!!and very dangerous!!!asks money for passport, visa, travel tickets, help his grandmother, pay the rent of his apartment.... very dangerous!!!!
Telephone booth number(or trunk call box) +74957851102


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2007-07-28, 07:12:49
anonymous from United States  
There's a post re: Deep Freeze, Centurian Compugard (I'm a bit lazy to search and find the thread).

The idea is

1) Leave the original mail in your gmail server, hotmail server etc.

2) Since the hard drive is set to protect mode, whatever is written including trojans, cannot be saved permanently to the drive.

3) It will go through the motions of normal save / retrieve, valid only for the current Boot session.

4) When you reboot, the status of the hard drive is the same as its previous boot.

5) If you decide on a permanent copy, save to a flash drive, after ensuring this flash drive is set to unprotect mode.

If you don't yet have malware protection, here's link to freeware. will get you started.

2007-07-28, 08:30:28
Skeet from United States  
OJAS, You seem to be pretty saavy at that stuff,hope you stick around!

{alot of it's 'Greek' to me}

She's not there...

BTW,They don't seem to go for the 'private jet' thing.too many have done it
2007-07-28, 08:40:21
Eddie from Sweden  
OJAS...amazing how ecstatic they get when they finally 'get to meet a nice man', playing to our egos and our preconceptions of Russia as a country devoid of civilized males.

I gave up on the free malware/virus protection a few years ago when I discovered that my comp still had more viruses than the average institute of tropical medicine. now I let Norton do the dirty work.
2007-07-28, 09:34:55
anonymous from Germany  
That's what I did too. A brief belch and the attack is forgotten.
2007-07-28, 09:45:16   (updated: 2007-07-28, 09:45:59)
anonymous from United States  

There's only one problem with freeware - the expiration date.

At that point, you have to uninstall it, clean out the registry, re-install a fresh copy, get another 30 day life as a poor man.

Poverty is a wonderful friend! Believe me, it actually saved me a lot of money...from being scammed.

Skeet, thanks for the invitation to stay.

I'll do my best to adhere to:

1) Learn from the regulars
2) Inform fellow newbies with every resource I find
3) Payback scammers (no limit interest on interest rates)

2007-07-28, 12:11:00
Eddie from Sweden  
OJAS....ah yes, the resourcefulness of poverty, i remember it well. I used to do all the things you've mentioned but eventually my comp got a virus that kept reappearing and it was easier to scrap and start again. That was quite a few years ago.

I'm interested to know how it saved you from being scammed.
2007-07-28, 14:20:46
Skeet from United States  
You're welcome OJAS. It's not a hard thing to learn about,just read everything and after awhile you'll pick thing's out easily.Take these 'form letter's',I've read so many I can look at the 1st few line's and know if I've read or received it before.I can go to any dating site and read the profile{if I don't know the face in the pic's} and tell right away if it's legit or not.Some do make that difficult if they steal it from a real person though!Since you're in the US too,you know as well as I do that VERY few young women go for older men.{unless they have buck's!} I mean a 15+ year difference. There IS alot to learn about this stuff, I was amazed by it all when I started.I used to deal with MUGU's{W.Africans} but they all want to use IM and chat.It's very BORING and time consuming! I just do Russians/FSU scammer's now,it's MUCH easier.I have letter's that I just copy and paste {with a LITTLE editing} and send! Almost the same as they do.LOL If you want to learn more there are a couple other sites with very good info on them.I use about 4 other's for posting scammer's.This is a good site and easy to post thing's but it does have drawback's in it's organization,the other's forum's do it differently,by name or photo's used.I find that much easier to find a particular scammer when doing a google search.Here if it comes back put's you on the page but after that you need to look through everything! JMO
Eddie has a wealth of info as do a few other's.{I hope he stick's around too after his lady finally get's together with him!}And your knowlage of computer's is an asset.

I know how 'poverty' saved his a.... If ya ain't got it,ya can't give it! {been there too!}

She's not there...
2007-07-28, 16:53:30
Eddie from Sweden  
skeet...thanks for the kind words, but I would say drod is the real hero around here. I just pass through from time to time.

Just a word about age differences, I think you'll find that outside Europe and North America, age isn't such a big issue as you think. We live in very age-conscious societies. In Russia and South America, the places I know, (and South-East Asia, which i don't) most women are just happy with a decent, hard-working civilized guy with a kind heart, who'll be kingd and generous with them and take care of their children. You don't have to be rich, just 'financially stable'. And it helps a bit if you're reasonably easy on the eye, or physically well preserved. That's all really. Of course a 60-year-old with a 25-year-old would probabaly cause a few heads to turn even in those countries, but you know what i mean.
2007-07-28, 20:10:46   (updated: 2007-07-28, 20:11:55)
drod from United States  

Thanks, been called a lot of things in my life. Hero is not one of them.

Although have been known to answer to most anything. So call me anything you want.

Just don't call me LATE FOR DINNER....LMAO

The mutual admiration society lives.

Yes, there are a few of us 'old timers' around, preferably 'veterans.'

And sure, it would be nice of Eddie to stay once he gets together with his Lady. And we also understand his priorities may change, as may mine when I get with my Lady next month.

And if we do move on, someone will step up to take our place.

Dirk is another that does a lot here.

We all have a common goal, with topics of particular interest and varying expertise.

OJAS, we all welcome you to the fold. As I'm sure you have noticed, we don't all reply to all posts. At times, some posts get no reply.

Are they asking a question, requesting info, Or just making a statement. Sometimes a post just needs to be ignored.

Enough babble

good hunting............drod

what goes around comes around
2007-07-28, 20:42:33
drod from United States  

Right about the age thing. My first wife was from Southeast Asia. When her father died in his mid 80's, her mother was about 30.

Her mother was wife #5 (all living together), 5 wives and 18 sons. When in labor, he was at the bar, and not coming home unless he finally had a daughter, or he would bring home another wife.

Interesting that her oldest brother was old enough to be her mothers father.

2007-07-28, 22:04:41   (updated: 2007-07-28, 22:15:04)
Skeet from United States  
Hey Drod,you remember Raymond J. Johnson Jr. ? You can call me... LOL

You're welcome Eddie.I do think you have good info and your experiences are enlightening too.I can say I've learned quite a bit from you and alway's read your post's.I think along with Dirk,Peter's contribution's should be mentioned too! One I haven't seen much from lately is Dom.Has he been around?

As for the age thing...Women here aren't so liberal really.I think Drod will attest to that.Which is fine by me,I really wouldn't want someone 15+ year's younger unless we had ALOT incommon!

Drod, You sure your story didn't take place in W.Virginia? lmao!

One more thing...Those crylic e-mail's,I posted them on Romancescams and got a response from the owner.Pretty interesting! Here's a link to it;

She's not there...
2007-07-29, 02:16:35   (updated: 2007-07-29, 02:19:22)
anonymous from Sweden  
Skeet...interesting link... or we could just be getting paranoid? translation is better than the 2nd one...ahem.. :D

BTW...normally I'm too busy working to have time for baiting, but now it's my summer vacation and I'm a bit bored so I baited 'Elena Kudina'...took only 10 days for the money letter. I wish i could go to Ioshktar Ola and check out a few internet caf├ęs (can only be one or two in the city max, watch some scammers at work).
2007-07-29, 03:22:13   (updated: 2007-07-29, 03:26:22) from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Now I understand why it took her so long to answer my letters......

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 07/29/07 10:12:16
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: i miss you

-. With mind.. I shall go.. Or you reduce...
I have read your letter, and now at me inside something occurs...
Something has appeared new.. Such warm, soft, close, I even would tell
Native, driving mad, turning a head, confusing ideas, such pleasant...
Close fortunately, and it can it and is... Excuse, I simply state
Now everything, that with me occurs at present, nothing hiding... I
I want, now only one, that the instant would stop, and this pleasure
Proceeded indefinitely... And the greater it is not necessary, if only to not lose it
As though, your soul is adjusted, as a string, on a same tonality,
As mine.. It so is pleasant. Actually, it is more, than pleasantly, it
It is just necessary to protect. Such not frequently it happens, at least at me. Therefore
For me IT on special is expensive.
I know you, that is possible to tell, week, and not full, and already so I miss, me
So does not suffice, your voice, your eyes, lips, hands.. As though I knew them
All life.. All life enjoyed your caress!
You know, your eyes not brown, and even not green... They colors of happiness..
When the woman says: ' I love you ', actually never, any
The man on light will not guess, what exactly she means it.
When the man says the same phrase he it means about what
Speaks. And the woman, absolutely differently... And how she you loves, it is impossible
To understand...
I cannot without your lovely, native eyes!.. They as if two ponds covered with a gloom in which I so would like to sink. I want liking to finger your hair, to twist with their female love and heat. I do not want and cannot look at someone except for you!!! You are very necessary for me!!! My heart will beat in a mad rhythm only near to you. I want to blow to you in eyes, and only from it they will be closed, and you again will be for me and will present me the smile, from which such frost on a back. You will come to me in dream, will be for a long time and to stick monstrously gently into my lips and to speak, that not enough time give me!.. You Will apologize for a long time. I want to stiffen in your sweet embraces that on your back my concerned hands slipped, my neck was covered with your easy kisses. That also your hands moved down somewhere, and I corrected for them, and you too would apologize for it. I constantly want to hear your voice and hours to look in your eyes. I want to bite gently your lovely ears and something in them to whisper, that you from it were mad and is confused smiled. I want, that was happy, instead of you I if it is necessary suffered!!! I want to be your angel the keeper or simply favourite kid. That, when to me it was bad, you sang something to me on an ear, and I embraced strong in the answer! I want, that our hands were weaved into a single whole, hearts breathed in a uniform impulse of passion; was always line; not coming off to merge lips (but can come off only again to be dissolved in caress of a kiss).
My dear Dirk , I speak you with all my heart from all my soul!
My lovely Dirk, I shall go and I shall receive money 1500 euros on Monday because banks on the days off are closed.
I am really glad, that soon we shall together....
I am simply happy....
My documents the passport and the visa will be ready on Friday on following weeks.
Behind the visa it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow in embassy of your country to receive interview and the visa....
I am really very glad, that we soon with you shall together.
I am happy...
I shall wait for your letter soon...
Your love Tatiana

O baby, sink wherever you like! But not in my eyes, please! D.

2007-07-29, 03:47:00
Eddie from Sweden  
LMAO Dirk!!..

'They as if two ponds covered with a gloom in which I so would like to sink'
'I want to stiffen in your sweet embraces that on your back my concerned hands slipped'
'to stick monstrously gently into my lips'

It's pure scam poetry. Almost worth the 1500 Euros ;D
2007-07-29, 04:06:42
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
From The Netherlands, Skeet? Mmmm, interesting! 'Good' thing, that I wasn't the only one. Otherwise it would be ironic,indeed. Well... Al least we know one thing:

He is here!
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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