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Dating scammer Tatyana Zajtseva


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Name: Tatyana Zajtseva


krasnoprudnaya street, moscow russia
postal code 107140
house 16
apartment 22

Other Comments:
Very good scammer!!!and very dangerous!!!asks money for passport, visa, travel tickets, help his grandmother, pay the rent of his apartment.... very dangerous!!!!
Telephone booth number(or trunk call box) +74957851102

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2007-08-02, 21:14:53
Skeet from United States  
Dirk,I'm doing that because I don't have the time to work on all of them.If they keep coming in the way they have been I'm going to suspend the profile for a couple week's.Then when I reactivate it a bunch of new ones will come! So like I said,you're welcome to look too.D,O,P too if they want.Actually I have 2 there 1 'guy'is 38 the other 50.Did that to see if they get different types of scammers and they DO! The 38y/o get's mostly FSU's the other Africans! Weird huh? I reactivated the later one today,it was off for a couple of month's.Just want to see how long it takes em to find it {again} LMAO

She's not there...
2007-08-03, 04:18:08
Jaco from Netherlands  
Hi guys, is this one known?

Inscribed 2007-07-30
age 30 jr
Occupation trfjty

Who I am
I very interesting girl but I cannot write to you so at me what that of a handicap on a site. I cannot understand that such. I hope that you to me write on my address of e-mail and I to you shall send more photos what to you will like. I am very lonely also I shall be very glad if you to me right now write on my address of e-mail: marselalava@yahoo. Com.

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2007-08-03, 07:22:32   (updated: 2007-08-03, 07:23:36)
anonymous from Belgium  

I don't know her, when you like to have her for your own, I think it's better to hide her email-adress.
She is good looking...

2007-08-03, 08:03:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
Whoever she is... You can't afford her.
2007-08-03, 08:19:27
anonymous from Belgium  
She has a strange occupation.
2007-08-03, 08:33:51   (updated: 2007-08-03, 08:34:34)
Skeet from United States  
Jaco,Do you have a better face shot? {there's only one {2} thing's prominent in that one! LOL}The note with it sure is 'scamlish'!

Why should the e-mail be hidden?

She's not there...
2007-08-03, 11:29:02
Jaco from Netherlands  
Sure that note is scamlish. It's the only pic I've seen sofar. And yes, this occupation is rather mysterious. She seems to have a nice boat. Or her scambatbimbo. Shall we all send her a loveletter? Would such a girl really be that lonely? Oh no I don't believe it...
2007-08-03, 11:54:59
artje from Belgium  
And back have wet dreams for no result?

I have choose a nickname ...

It's Luc from Antwerp

2007-08-03, 12:13:25
Jaco from Netherlands  
Hi Luc,

no dreams for me, since short time I've found my princess. I met her in real time, in real space and it'll be wet in real life.
2007-08-03, 12:41:19
Skeet from United States  
Nah,She's FAR from lonely guaranteed! So you've never baited this one? Might be worth it just for more pic's! LOL

2007-08-03, 12:49:48
artje from Belgium  
And my reply to Tatya:

Title:Every thing comes closer.
Tatyana darling,

I have said to you that I must have a new passport, in the meanwhile I found my old one, this is not valid anymore. Today I am very happy Went to the administrator of the city and get my new passport, very quickly.
I very like to come to Kazan, therefore I need a Visa to come to Russia.
In the documents I must give an address of hotel where I’m like to stay in Kazan (hotel voucher or reservation) the hotel must have a speciale reference number.
Can you tell me an address of a cheap hotel in your neighborhood?
I have tried to locate your address on the Internet, but that give no result.
Maybe it is with the translation machine that there is an error.
Please give your address in Russian, when everything is written without any spelling-mistake than I can locate you, and look in my travel guide for a cheap hotel. I like to go next week to the embassy of Russia in Belgium.
Tatyana, every moment of the day I think of you, I like very much to meet you, I like to come to you so that I can know your culture, can see where you live, I hope that you will show me the beautiful places of Kazan. When I’m with you I shall help you with your travel to Antwerp. Maybe we travel first to other destination (this can be Moscow), call it a travel for lovers, while doing administration.
I know that you would like to come to me by plane. Travel with train and bus take more time. I like to spend that time because I shall get something very beautiful, and lovely.
When I arrived there we can spend our time by site seeing and document need for, I think you must go to Moscow for your visa, it takes 3 days; when we are together we can spend this days in Moscow together. After that we go first to my place, when we are together in the bus, time go quick while we talking and know each other better.
What do you think about my proposal?
Would you like it when I arrive at Kazan soon, spend some time with you and than travel to Belgium? I really like to see where my darling lives.
Can you please send me your address in Russian, for locate you and choose a hotel (when I order for one night I think that will be ok)?
So my lovely, I wait for your reply, don’t forget your address in Russian.
My love for Tatyana Borisova is very strong.
Answer me as quickly as possible

Your Luc
2007-08-04, 04:29:47
I'll try to get some more pics of miss Marselala.
2007-08-04, 07:20:03   (updated: 2007-08-04, 07:28:27) from Heerlen, Netherlands  
What the f... ?

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 4-8-2007 15:14:45
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: i miss you

My love Dirk, I want to ask you... Your bank has understood with a problem transfer of money to me???? I came in other bank MoneyGramm, to me have told, that you took away money back.....
You will send all over again to me 1500 euros????
My love Dirk, I cannot already I want you and to you....
I wait for your letter soon...
Yours Tatiana

Van: Dirk van Dellen
Datum: 4-8-2007 15:27:23
Onderwerp: Love you

My dear, dear, dear Tatiana,

I do not know if my bank spoke to yours already. It's weekend and the bank here are closed till Monday. Maybe they spoke. And maybe it seemed a good idea to cancel the transfer again. And send it again with a new number. I do not know that, yet. But I will hear it on Monday. So, if that's the easiest, we'll do it again.

How about the streetname? And how about my bet? Send your passport, please?! And how about a little lovemaking. We have to wait till Monday anyhow. So we can spend this time on some pleasure. Well???



2007-08-04, 13:17:49
Eddie from Sweden  
Could these be three NEW pics of the gorgeous 'Tatiana from Kazan'? ...same old series though, of course. Dirk has already had all the best bikini ones.

Only took three (3!!!) mails to get to the money letter! He must be getting desperate for cash after all this running to and from the bank.

I've cut out most of the copied bullshit, here's the money part. Needless to say, only the plane fare is vaguely accurate. Why do they always ask for euros and not rubels?And notice the gap after my name where he filled it into the field in the Bat spam:

P.S. I went to travel agency and all have found out, that I should make to
arrive to you! I have found out that to arrive to you my dear eddie , me
was necessary to have the passport for travel abroad, the tourist visa, a
package of documents, the ticket!
I have the passport for travel abroad!
Documents for the visa - 110 euros
The tourist visa - 150 euros
The ticket aboard the plane-600 euros
The total cost of my travel to you makes 860 euros
My dear, 860 euros are very big money for me and If I can pay this money now
then I can arrive to you........
I really want to become your woman for ever...
To be happy with you and to present you of children.
I dream of it when I the first time shall see you... I shall worry a little...
But to meet to us it is necessary to solve a problem about my travel to
I want to tell to you, that I not the rich girl, I simple.. And at me such
opportunity to pay for the charges on travel to you.
I think, you understand about what I speak... So please if you really want with
me the help me, to arrive to you that find out it is each other better!!!
I shall wait for your answer soon....
Yours Tatiana

2007-08-04, 13:19:37
Eddie from Sweden  
a new one from the Versace series.

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