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Dating scammer Tatyana Zajtseva


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Name: Tatyana Zajtseva


krasnoprudnaya street, moscow russia
postal code 107140
house 16
apartment 22

Other Comments:
Very good scammer!!!and very dangerous!!!asks money for passport, visa, travel tickets, help his grandmother, pay the rent of his apartment.... very dangerous!!!!
Telephone booth number(or trunk call box) +74957851102

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2007-08-22, 10:02:04   (updated: 2007-08-22, 10:04:50)
Fjellhare from Norway  
@ Dirk

'... they ARE the most beautiful in the world (now I really risk my neck!)....'

Have you been in a coffee-shop today :D ......I T A L I A N......these rock..........
2007-08-22, 10:52:49
[hidden] from United States  
this is so funny, I don't even have an account with MegaFriends. so should I respond calling her/him/it/Boris, butterfly?lol this could be fun, and Dirk I think she/him/it/Boris, is trying to cheat on you.
Joe Blough (not my real name, but the name I registered with at yahoo, See if Boris likes it)

Hello, my name is Tatiana.
To me of 25 years and I want to get acquainted with you...
I saw your structure on You to me have very
much interested in the structure and I would like to get acquainted with
I can tell about me directly with belief, that very kind, open,
sociable person.
I very much love a life, people, the incorrigible optimist. And in
general the happy person. I have many friends, and I have no any enemies. I
borrowed in sports dances of a sphere, aerobics, in a hall of
training.. I Adore to be prepared, something especial is cleared also a
furnace. In the company - the leader and soul of the company, in love - true
and gentle, in work - serious and responsible. Not vindictive, not
sensitive, I am capable to understand and forgive.
Also I Like to read, travel, and to carry out an active way of life.
I want to love and loved. I want to see close to me directly strong,
clever the man. I shall be for him the reliable friend. To me to not
like, when the man it is not capable and does not aspire to similar
elementary to the woman and to care about her. Also I want to meet the man
what to bring to him pleasure and to not think of tomorrow's day.
I I hope, that precisely here will find second half.
And I think, that if I am interesting to you, you can write to me on
mine e-mail:
I hope, that I can soon see your letter.
With huge hope Tatiana.

2007-08-22, 11:28:28
[hidden] from United States  
so this is my response, and I really am impatiently waiting for a response, I think the key words there are money and cars. this is gonna be so much

Dear Tatiana,
Thank you for such a nice letter, I think we have much in common already, I see you liked my profile on MegaFriends, and I think that you understand that I'm far from a typical man. Before we can go any farther, I need to make sure that you full understand that I have certain sexual preferences that most women disagree with. Would you be willing to be bound, and allow me to do whatever I would like to you, and long as I always treated you with kindness and respect? I would never do anything to put you in much uncomfortable pain, and if there was any intolerable pain I would stop. If you would be ok with this I would always make sure that you are well taken care of. I was raised in Idaho ya know and I have gone to one of the best collages in the states there. I'm not rich by any standards here, but I do make quite a bit of money, and have several nice cars that I'm sure you would enjoy driving. Please let me know what you think my dear. Impatiently I wait for your response.
Joe Blough
2007-08-22, 11:57:18   (updated: 2007-08-22, 12:04:16)
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
She's what? Cheating on me? Noooooo!! You don't mean that!? Really?! And she said... Mmm... Let me think about it. D.

Fjellhare: No, I wasn't. No time for that. And no need.
2007-08-22, 12:30:23   (updated: 2007-08-22, 12:31:23)
anonymous from United States  
Dirk, she's an equal opportunity employer across the Atlantic. She's cheating on you, Pierre, and JB at the same time. But she only wants euros, not dollars - So you have the advantage in the cheating race! But the dollars will be graceful in defeat - Congrats! :-) /O
2007-08-22, 16:44:06
Eddie from Sweden  
[hidden] from United States ...Joe Blough. cute idea for a response, just a pity that Boris Tatiana will never read it, and even if he/she did, she wouldn't understand it.

Mountain's quite possible that Dirk is somewhat overstating it in saying that Russian girls are 'the most beautiful in the world'. But there is certainly an eclectic mix of attractive women that you can't find in other countries. And they have very nice figures too. Personally I'm a little jaded with the stereotypical ethnic Scandinavian blonde look. Variety is the spice of life.
2007-08-22, 17:31:58
Skeet from United States  
I see you guy's have been busy today!

Eddie,Just another 'case in point' of someone not reading or checking! AGAIN! I beleive there is a thread on Darya..{our favorite blond}

To whoever posted the YouTube link,Drod postewd it last month! {just so you don't go posting all over again!}

Hidden,You might as well 'join the club'! That Vlad is going to get SO frustrated with all those fake transfer's he may have a nervous breakdown! LMAO! And the name...Not bad,not bad at all! LOL I have 2 I use but won't say for 'security' reason's.LOL If any of you have ever seen the movie 'Porky's',the drive-in scene where the girl is asked to page Mike____ Has anyone seen Mike____? LMAO
It's really too bad they don't understand!

BTW E,What'd mean 'Sort of'?

She's not there...
2007-08-23, 03:58:11   (updated: 2007-08-23, 04:02:29)
anonymous from Norway  
@ Eddie

Personally I'm a little jaded with the stereotypical ethnic Scandinavian blonde look.

Yes, I am with you.....

@ Skeet from United States

'...I beleive there is a thread on Darya..{our favorite blond} ...'

Yes I started it yesterday with my stuff I got.... I hate blonde ones :D
2007-08-23, 07:20:14
anonymous from United States  
Anon US 2007-08-23, 03:07:54,

The phone number she's asking is at your gas station, where you would fill up your tank anyway.

The time determined by this link:

Keep up the good work. :-) /O
2007-08-23, 07:59:57
artje from Belgium  
She changed here identity: new name new address, and start again with asking money.

    Onderwerp:     hello
    Datum:     23 augustus 2007 15:09:27 GMT+02:00

    Antwoord aan:

My full name: Terekhina Tatyana Aleksandrovna
The full address: Russia, the city of Kazan street Jamasheva 12-43., 420070

    Onderwerp:     i miss you
    Datum:     23 augustus 2007 15:10:18 GMT+02:00
    Antwoord aan:

My darling Luc, you can send me little money for a life? I very much wish to see you and strong to kiss...
Here my new photos. I have written the correct address

Double post photo's isn't necessary I have already seen them in this thread.

Address not found in google map. I hate lies I'm not gone tell her that I send money.

2007-08-23, 08:46:02
anonymous from Netherlands Программирование на Delphi, C++,C, AssemblerДобро пожаловать на сайт - сайт о Delphi, C, C++, Assembler. Здесь Вы найдёте:; Форум · Рассылку; Статьи; Компоненты; Программы ...

2007-08-23, 08:54:47   (updated: 2007-08-23, 09:48:14)
[hidden] from United States  
First off, Anon newbie, look up boolean search, will help you in doing specific searches. Dirk, watch out, after what seemed like forever(I guess no time for the puter when running to the bank) our favorite little Russian slut wants me, lol. I was starting to think I scared her/him/it/Boris off. I'm gonna take my time responding, need to make this look sweet
Joe Blough

Hello Joe!!!!, how are you today?
I am glad to receive from you news..
Know, I the first time am on the Internet and I do not know even from
what to start..
Earlier I never thought, that I shall get acquainted with men on the
Internet.. But now mine the opinion has changed!
Time has shown, that it is necessary to find second half for full
First of all, I want to tell to you about myself.... And about my vital
interests..... I think further we shall get acquainted better....
As to me.....
My name is Tatyana, my day a birth on August, 15, 1981.... To me of 25
I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan, this city is to the south to
the east from capital of our country of Moscow! It really very big and
beautiful city, here is a lot of sights and beauty.... Especially in the
summer... This city simply paradise!!!! As this city grasps a huge
history of Russia...
I have grown in this city and I know this city very well... Kazan
simply remarkable city!!!!
But I have dream which I want to carry out.... I want to find the
beloved from abroad...
Because I know very well Russian men...
At times it is a shame to me to tell such things about our Russian
men... But that the truth, the truth....
The majority of the Russian men very much is not responsible and
misleading, the Russian vodka and never the care of the woman frequently
drinks! In me it - is a lot of girlfriends who felt it on itself and now
regret for it! But as we also have good men! But they why it always
quickly disappears! Also it seems that you is surrounded with one alcoholic
men! Therefore I exploited the Internet! I really want, find good
worthy the man with which me it was warm and good! Which has given me a lot
of time and cared of me and about family!
As I, that I not shall flattery independently, I shall tell sincerely!
I very kind woman, I always help people which ask me about the help! My
openness which I always speak directly, that I want and that me is not
similar! Know, whether achieve the person, I likes him, that I shall
love his death! I have lifted also cultural! I have no harmful habits! I
do not drink, and I do not smoke and I do not accept drugs! Only, when
a holiday I presume to a drink independently glass mistake or martini!
I very romantic woman, like, when men make all is romantic and
beautiful! To me it is similar to when the man it is capable, speak with
skill! I very sensitive! I always notice trifles in the person and his
replacements! Many people demand mine advice, and with the great pleasure I
help them!
But I the woman respect myself and I want to have good and clever,
beautiful the man which always would love me and protected... It is similar
in a fairy tale ' the knight on a white horse '...
I really want to find the man which I shall grow fond all heart and to
build with him serious relations, and further and happy family...
I live with mum and the daddy... We live together in one apartment....
I still have grandmother who lives in village, I frequently visit
Know, I really would like to have the native sister or the brother...
But I do not regret about it because I have good friends who always help
me a difficult minute...
On education I the stylist... I have finished university in city of
Kazan.... Now I work in a beauty salon..
I really love the work and I concern to the work seriously..
I make beauty..... I want, that all in the world people were beautiful
and educated... that liked each other and were happy... But the God has
created us such what we are...
Everyone revival I visit the church to pray for the ancestors!!
I am confident, that they hear me.....
I really kind, sincere and sensitive woman...
I hate lie and a deceit.....
I think what to deceive and act poorly it simply awfully.... But
there's nothing to be done, in fact we live in such world...
As to my English, at me it is not so good..... I use the program of the
translator.... But I can speak a little on English...
I think, that you it does not confuse it...
I think, that you serious the man and will understand me if I am not
correct that has written that..
I can speak on English...
At leisure I want to walk with the friends in park and visit various
As I am strict watch behind the a body, 3 times I go to a week on a
swimming pool, and 2 times I want in fitness..
At times I have bad mood and I to me was pleasant to sit houses with
the parents and to look film...
I like to look and read romantic dramas... As I am able to knit and
In solar weather, I like to go on a beach to sunbathe and bathe.... It
is very useful for an organism...
As to me, my favourite color red, I love red roses...
I think, that I have already told to you about myself in my first
letter much.....
I want to ask to you some questions... Please, answer them...
I want to know, there were you happy in the life....???
Tell to me about you directly and about your family..., about your
I think, that we shall be our dialogue and the God sees we can grow
fond each other...
I shall wait for your letter very soon....
Yours faithfully and the best regards yours Tatyana.
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2007-08-23, 09:03:46
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hey Joe, there were no results on boolean search. Did you shot her down to the ground?
2007-08-23, 09:11:15
anonymous from United States  
Joe Blough 2007-08-23, 08:54:47, Thanks for pointing the direction. I'll do my homework. This is the kind of inspiration newbies seek.

Citing my grade school teacher:

He who asks a question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who doesn't, remains forever.
2007-08-23, 09:38:22   (updated: 2007-08-23, 09:50:07)
[hidden] from United States  
anon from Netherlands she might not show up cause she is looking for money at the bank, or maybe she has found out she likes to be bound and is just tied up at the moment. And Anon newbie, glad to point you in a new direction, always look outside the box, and be creative with your searches, direct sometimes works, other times it might take 3 or 4 different searches. Example doing a search on, you will get one result, then you might try tuwerasida and get something completely different. Welcome to the wonderful world of confusion.
Joe Blough
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