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Dating scammer Tatyana Zajtseva


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Name: Tatyana Zajtseva


krasnoprudnaya street, moscow russia
postal code 107140
house 16
apartment 22

Other Comments:
Very good scammer!!!and very dangerous!!!asks money for passport, visa, travel tickets, help his grandmother, pay the rent of his apartment.... very dangerous!!!!
Telephone booth number(or trunk call box) +74957851102

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2007-09-24, 11:40:03
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hello my dear Dick !!!
I so am glad to receive the answer from you... Your letter has delivered to me a lot of pleasure and heat...
Today Monday also has gone since the morning for work... Already by a dinner I have gone to the Internet of cafe to see your letter...
And I answer on your letter...
I so am tired on work, it is a lot of visitors who want to be beautiful..., the majority there came girls who should make manicure and a pedicure, a hairstyle...
I am very tired on first half of day...
Still tonight there comes my aunt from Siberia, I should go in the airport and to meet her...
I very much for a long time her did not see... I shall be glad to see her.. she to me was in the childhood as second mum.
As I would like you to ask, why you cannot arrive to me the help to you... I speak you, that I the girl not rich...
I I earn very little and I do not have opportunity to arrive to you....
I never in the life deceived...
Yesterday I went to church and have put for you a candle... That at you all was good...
I have really understood, that you good the man... Which wants family and children..
But you understand, all in our life rests against money...
I do not want to ask you money.... It is not so convenient for me... I not such girl...
I want, that you trusted me on all 100 percent... only then can be at us serious relations...
Many guys want to get acquainted with me, but I do not get acquainted with them, then that I have you.
So I shall wait, when we shall think up the plan of my travel to you.
Please, write to me the answer soon...
How at you has passed day??? As yours family..? How yours eat on work???
I want to know how many you earn?
Whether you can care of family?
Whether you are engaged in sports?
You have purposes in a life....?
Please write to me the answers.
I wait for your letter soon.
Your lovely Tatiana

Here 'she' is again - IP

Have written her several times I amnot interested in starting a family, as the differnde in age is 40 years. 'She' must be blind and nor able to read letters 'she' is receiving.
I really don't think 'she'is intersted how I did spent my day. Carefully the question for money is prepared, we'll wait and see.
2007-09-24, 12:06:59
O from United States  
Anon US 2007-09-24, 10:58:52

You're right, pre-money letters won't be read, unless written in Russian. You might as well send a page of Dr. Zhivago, using google translator, so they can waste their time, even during phase I.

Good Baiting!
2007-09-24, 12:40:11
'S' from United States  
Ahhhh,the plot thicken's! Another working on 'her'! LOL Maybe we should all join in!? LMAO

2007-09-24, 17:18:00   (updated: 2007-09-24, 17:20:49)
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
And what does she send to the love of her lifetime (sob, sob)?

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 24-9-2007 17:50:34
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: hello

My lovely Dirk, there is no I have not received money because I do not have control number

Then answer those questions, honey. How many are there in your team? Four, five? How many IP's logged in to the Security Centre? Well then, every teammember takes 5000 and the job is done within a week or so!

The letter Dick received: I remember seeing it. Svetlana Kornilova? Svetlana Nochkalova?


2007-09-24, 22:32:19
'S' from United States  
Hey guy's,heard from Drod today.He got married the 13th.That's why he's not around.Said they like the 'funnies' I send though! LOL

2007-09-24, 23:21:01
anonymous from Netherlands  
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 21:02:38 +0200 (CEST)

From: 'Dick C. Slager' <>


To: Tatyana <>

Message-ID: <28543701.3272701190660558818.JavaMail.www@wwinf6002>

Subject: Answer to your e-mail dated: September 24, 2007

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

X-Originating-IP: []



X-WUM-TO: |~|


Hoi Tatyana,

Thanks for your letter, I asked you what is a nice week for me to come to Kazan, as I still have to spend my summer hollidays. In your letter you write:

'Why cannot not arrive to me to help to you'. If I make you a proposal to come to Kazan, you don't reply to that question, probably you did not read my reply as it was meant.

One thing is for certain, I will not start a family, as the difference in our age is to big. You are a good looking young woman, 26 years of age, I am an old man, 67 years of age.

I offered you friendship and if needed some financial support, for p.e. medicines, education or something else, really needed to realize your desire, I would give it a thought.

I did sent you € 900 for the surgery of your mother and I am glad that she is recovering so fast, as she has already been visiting your grandmother, living in a village in the country.

I am still waiting for the nice picture your father has made for me, in order to expres his appriciation for the support you received for the surgery of your nother.

It is a liitle bit strange, I checked your IP adresses every time I received an e-mail from you, that means that in Kazan you must have plenty of inetrnet cafe's or I have to conclude that you are a scammer, something I cannot believe if I see your pictures, although I have seen several pictures of you on several sites.

Tatyana, write me your real address and write me one letter from your own PC, give me also your real name.

The address you gave me: Street de Victory is a fake address, in that area there are no houses, just an office buiding.

You never deceive, that's what I believe, so: Come out of your nickname, tell me how you really are.

Furthermore I am interested in receiving a new picture from you.

Wish you a very nice evening, as your aunt is coming from Siberia.

How was last evening with your girlfriends, was it a pleasant happening?

I am looking forward to receiving your next letter.


Here my reply to the e-mail I received from Tatyana o September 24, 2007. In this reply I refered to answers and questions deled with in earlier e-mails. The big business seems to be over, as nothing is mentioned anymore abouy 'her' Italian girlfriend being in the Spanish clothing business and interested in starting big business in Kazan. For that adventure 'she'was asking € 5000, probably 2 weeks ago.

2007-09-25, 16:42:09
Eddie from Sweden  
Skeet...I worked Tati for a couple of weeks in July and got a money letter after about number 5. After that, I couldn't be bothered to bait her for any length of time...Dirk is so much more imaginative at it than I am, so I just sent her a variation of my 'gotcha scammer' mail in Russian, which she denied and asked me not to write again. (I'm probably blocked now anyway).

As for Drod, I caught up with him on the various dating scammers thread last week. He's still sheperding scammers occasionally.
2007-09-26, 01:55:14
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: Tatyana
Datum: 26-9-2007 9:46:31
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: hello

My lovely Dirk, there is no I have not received money because I do not have control number

2007-09-26, 05:14:46
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Tati yells again:

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 26-9-2007 13:06:52
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: hello

My lovely Dirk, there is no AT me NUMBER, I SHALL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS.......

Why you can not simply answer those questions, woman?!

2007-09-26, 11:02:28
OJAS from United States  
Tatyana thread is over 4 months old and still active. Let her celebrate!
2007-09-26, 19:35:22   (updated: 2007-09-26, 19:51:26)
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Four (4!!) months! Gee, OJAS. It FEELS longer. And still Tati doesn't block me. And still Tati answers to my stalking. And still Tati doesn't change her addie. And still Tati sends stupid formletters to wannabee lovers. And still.. Tati collects dollars and euros... And still... WE have no reason to celebrate. Why give her one? Dirk

Tomorrow I'll make Tati an offer she can't refuse.
2007-09-26, 21:01:33   (updated: 2007-09-26, 21:07:14)
anonymous from Costa Rica  
Well...I´m from Costa Rica and I´ve received some funny emails from some, as of mid september...The exact letters I´ve read from above I received them in the past few days...It almost took me for real, I must say...(TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE INDEED). I´m attaching the pictures of 'Tatyana', a pretty one...
This image was also posted here:
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2007-09-26, 21:51:19
anonymous from Costa Rica  
Well dutch gentleman, I´ve read some of your emails and I must say you are absolutely imaginative...From my part, this Taty says she is from Irkutsk, St. Petersburg...I´m from a country absolutly far, far, far away from our dearest Rusia, but: is it not true that Irkutsk is from Siberia??? It is a city located about 5000 km by rail from opposite direction from the place St. Petersburg is located...¡! Well, another picture from Taty...
2007-09-27, 04:40:26
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Thanks for your contribution, Anon in Costa Rica. You posted 2 pics and you found 2 links to other threads. You can try the PictureSearch (at the bottom of each page). You never know what you find out. You can Google the emailadress too. It looks familiar.
Good luck to you. Dirk

Tati imitates a parrot:

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 27-9-2007 11:24:52
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: hello

My lovely Dirk, there is no AT me NUMBER, I SHALL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS.......

2007-09-27, 08:52:02
OJAS from United States  
Oh Yeah?

Here's her favorite MCTN tune
6e6M2y2O6e2N3 ... (On your telephone buttons, start reading MenMayComeAnd ... I go on forever to my Bank.)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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