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Dating scammer Olesya


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Name: Olesya

Email: flower_girl2006

did not get...never emailed more than once to her.....

Other Comments:
Wow, this is the same woman I see here... And I felt sorry for her... I did not write back but felt bad......

Hello my dear Mark!!!
How pass your days??? How are you?Thanks for a photo. It was pleasant for me to see as you with the command. I not when did not see ???? game. But looked on TV and approximately I understand, in what will be concluded. You now play the same??? You have written to me in Russian. You know Russian or you to use the translator???
Today the Valentine's day. I shall congratulate you on this fine day. What will you do today??? What plans at date of in love???
I today to go to my girlfriend. She has invited me today. I after work to go to it.
At school today it was very cheerful. Children congratulated each other on day in love. Gave each other small hearts. Same I was congratulated by many children. It was very pleasant. It is always pleasant to receive gifts and to hear warm words.
Too to congratulate you on this holiday your friends. At you give small hearts in a gift? It is a pity, that we so far to live. It would be fine to see a number of you. We together to spend very pleasantly time.
I shall present and I think, as though we together to spend time if to live close each other. If you were here. We went with you to cafe, would go on films. To walk on streets on park.
We to speak with you much. To tell each other different histories. We very cheerfully together to spend time.
I shall wait from you for the letter. I with impatience wait. As I was very interesting to me after each your letter much to learn about you. Your letters very warm. They are necessary for me as well as you are necessary for me. I wish fine day. Yours Olesya.


Hi my dear friend Mark!!!
How are you??? I think you good both frank and fair the Man. I In general it is afflicted with an event with me recently. Having received yours The
letter, to me became little bit better. Thank that has answered my letter. I admit, that badly I know the English language, but I very much try to
learn New words each day. I recognize, that never got acquainted Through Internet. But I very much hope what to meet the future love Through Internet.
I have understood that you very sociable and interesting person And I have become interested in you. I shall be glad to lead the free time with You in
internet. It seems to me that you that person with which I shall find the Happiness also I shall be very happy all stayed life. I to ask at The god
that he has helped me to meet the person who would appreciate, respected, Understood also the main thing loved me. And I to be given only such person
forever In all . I hope that through these letters we learn the friend The friend on closer. My full name is Olesya. I Was born March, 21, 1980 in
very beautiful city under the name Ivanovo. It is very beautiful city. But now. I to not live in This city as I from this city was a lot of years back
has left. I now live in city Kanash. I can not describe the beauty in the letter, but you can estimate me on Photos which I shall send you. My
present color of hair blond. My growth of 173 centimeters, weight 55 kg . Me attracting, green sexual eyes, I very much hope, that my eyes you Will
like. Life to me was ill-disposed. When to me was 2 Year of me have thrown in children's home a boarding school, I have lived there 3 years, and After
that to adopt me one good woman who has helped me achieve everything, that at me is in this remarkable life. At her not all Has developed well in
family lifes. She has not successfully married and Has divorced. Children at them general were not therefore she and has taken me from Children's home
to bring up me. She very much wanted the child, but the god has not given her such opportunity. It is very bad. But with it nothing can be made. She
has sent me in school. I in this life am very grateful to her, she has given me the life and completely to devote herself only to me. After that As I
have left school, I have acted in Musical school in city Kanash, I have finished this educational institution and now I work at school as the teacher
Music. I love children, I want to have the very much. At me very good Attitudes with the principal, and I to correspond with you with school Computer
from the sanction of this kind woman. I now to be in a computer class. I very much regret, that I not I can communicate with you in an interactive
mode, as at school not It is authorized to establish various programs. You to know Probably about Russia, but all the same, the mentality Russian is
not similar to yours. At me the familiar girlfriend has married in Russia on love, she loves the The husband, but her husband does not answer her same
to beat her all time, the earned payment Spends on drink, almost each day comes drunk, me such home life It is not necessary. I do not want to live
with family problems. And I very much hope, that all at me will be excellent. And in general Russian manner of life of me does not arrange. I hope,
That my stayed life with my young man will be Fine. I hope this guy there will be you, can be. It does not depend only on me... It depends on both of
us. How our relations will be under construction.
I to send you the photos with the following letter. I while on school comp do not have ready photos. I wait your photos. To not overlook to send. Ok.
Mark,it is very pleasant for me, to receive about you the letter. It for me new. I not when did not correspond earlier. I did not think at all,
that I shall correspond with the person whom to be on the other end of the world. I never was abroad, but I believe that the god will give me such
opportunity to visit there and to see this remarkable country together with you sometime. And you will be to me the most close person in my life. As I
do not have relatives, except for my mother. It from time to time very much afflicts me, when I see a married couple walking along the street with the
children. I hope, that between us there will be serious relations and fine love. If you want it inform me please if is not present I shall understand
you.. I think, that you will answer me this letter as you the unique person with whom I correspond, and can be, you will be my unique love in this
world where there is a love. Now I need to go in a school class and to learn children to my favourite music on the piano. I shall wait very much from
you the letter. Your friend Olesya.

Hello my dear Mark!!!!
How are you? How health? How are you doing on work??? How a life???
Forgive what to not write to you to these days. I was ill. I thought what to be healthy and have come to work. I very much to regret that have come to
work. It was necessary to recover up to the end. And then to leave. I to be ill even more strongly. It was necessary even to go in hospital to the
doctor. How at you weather??? At us all still is very cold. The temperature in the street does not fall below - 20. And there are today-28 degrees at
night. Here so at us in Russia it is cold. I laid at home in the whole days to look TV. And when to show about your country I to recollect about you.
I have very much got used to our dialogue. It is very interesting to me, that at you happened at this time.
You have not overlooked about me? You to recollect the girl from cold Russia???
On February, 14 comes nearer to us. You know that it for a day??? I was necessary to congratulate you on this holiday. I hope you to not overlook same
me to congratulate.
I hope very much, that this time interval when we to not receive from each other news, will not be for us a problem. I recognize, that I did not write
to you, but I did not have opportunity. You perfectly know, that if I have opportunity I necessarily to you write. And to pay to you attention.
I shall wait from you for the letter. I hope, that you will write to me to these days off. What plans at you on week-end??? What are you going to
do??? I want to descend in a cinema on film. I for a long time did not go on film. Show new films Vavilon and the Apocalypse. You did not look these
films??? I shall look and I shall necessarily tell to you. Ok!
I wait news. Write!!! To not overlook about me!!! I wish happy week-end!!! I embrace and kiss. Olesya.

This woman is the same as the one called Tatyana from Cheboksary

I am not sure if you want her picture now or if I must send it later. Seems I cannot download it now...


2007-05-25, 15:48:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-06-07, 18:50:25
Elena Rizhova
Page in

Nicks: Tatyana Zarubina, Ardent, Irena, Elena, lenochka, Ekaterina, perfectelena


IP address:, or

Mari El profile, but says she is from 'Ufa' or 'Surgut'

Gives the following address:
Engelsa St. 22/18
628400 Surgut Russia
2010-04-04, 20:20:22
anonymous from United States  
This girl Olesya of Yoshkar Ola with e mail has a profile in mybelovednet, somebody knows her?




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