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Dating scammer Yana


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Name: Yana


Lutugino city in Ukraine

Other Comments:
You can find her profile at : with name Yana and at name Inga.

My name is Yana. I was born 28 of May 1981 years. I am open minded intelligent,understanding, affectionate lady! I am looking for funny, playful, honest,open,insightful, and open minded man. It seems to me we should be able tocommunicatewith each level at a very deep level, both speaking and understanding.I want to build serious relationships and soon family, full of love and care!I dream about harmony and impressions. I am very sensitive lady, I likebeautifulviews of nature, special basins, like deep lakes, fast rivers,picturesque waterfalls.. Do you like to be outdoors? I like verymuch!!! It is not better things like go for a walk through cost ofriver or through forest, to burn fair and look at it long time. I likegreen and red colors. What is your favorite color?I love animals but I am not vegetarian person. I like to eat disheswith meat and fish. I prefer cooking myself that have a dish in cafe.I like cooking, special I like to cook deserts , I am sweet toothlady! I like chocolate like all girls of this world!!! )) I live in Lutugino city in Ukraine. Have you ever been in Ukraine? I like my native city , I have many friends there we are friendship till childhood. Do you have friends? Most of all study with me in one University in Lutugino city. I am a student. I learn management. I like to study. My favorite lesson is English! I like to learn languages, I want to learn one more language. Maybe your native language?! Sometimes I take a little work for me like a baby sitter. I love children very much, and I want to have my own kids too! Children so fantastic and funny! They are flowers of our life! They are hold big responsibility their parents, but I do not afraid, i know that kids should growing up in love! Do you agree with me? I enjoy sports, I like athletics and gymnastic. In childhood I dream to be gymnastic sportsman but they did not want take me, cause I were too tall for this kind of sport)). My height now is 170 sm and weigh 53 kg, but I enjoy gymnastic for my self. I have many dreams about my future life, I dream my future life with my lover man in harmony. I want to make my future husband happy and care free!!!!!!!!

From: milaya97 (
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 12:02:36 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello my love. I am very glad to receive from you so quickly the
answer. I understand you that you search to yourselves for love, the
true love but I am exact as I search for love, not virtual namely true

Concerning that sum which I asked on visa to arrive to you, I asked
400 euro and later the rest of 900. I to you have told that I have sum at a rate
of 500 euro. Actually the visa in your country stands 120 euro. It
was necessary to me of 400 euro, here entered the air ticket and the
visa, plus on a meal.

If you do not want to make to me translation such sum that excuse this my last letter to you.

I am waiting for your next letter! Yana with kiss!


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2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

Keywords: girl, brown hair, cleavage
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

Keywords: brunette blue jeans black jacket night club
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

Keywords: brunette tan topless window chair
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

Keywords: brunette on white sofa candle neglige
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

This image was also posted here:
Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola (modified photo)

Keywords: brown hair, cleavage, blue jeans, red pole, green wall
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

Keywords: girl sunglasses purple violet shirt black baseball cap angel
2007-05-28, 00:44:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2007-05-28, 15:54:23
anonymous from United States  
New e-mail addy for 'her'

GEE,'She' hasn't asked me for visa money yet!? 'She' did want money to fix her plumbing though! {Yea,I'll fix her 'plumbing'alright!}lol I totally ingnored that 'request' and the letter's have continued without another mention of it!?Prove's once again they don't read your letter's!
2007-07-10, 08:43:08   (updated: 2007-07-10, 09:29:19)
yeah delicious, she again

http ://

http ://

you find photographs
http ://

ip from moscow this year
wonder who is using these photographs?


maybe ask her for her- cousin

just nbow I watched the dates ;-)

2007-07-10, 09:08:29
datemefree- a pure scammer recervoir,
browsing 4 pages I found the first well known:

http ://

the fotos of most profiles look like scammer profiles-
-my opinion
2007-07-10, 11:23:43
anonymous from United States  
I call it 'ScamMeFree' LOL Just make up a profile,no pic and you'll start getting hit as soon as it's approved! I don't think there's a single real woman on there! Probably 90% of the pic's used there are here somewhere! I've probably had 200 contact me since I put mine up in Feb.If you want to bait them without any effort that's a good place for it and it's free.{I sure wouldn't pay to bait anyway!}
2007-07-11, 01:42:57
anonymous from Sweden  
anonymous from United States ...naughty, naughty ;D
2007-07-11, 10:09:50
anonymous from United States  
Don't know about being 'naughty' BUT,she IS a MILF! lol
2007-07-11, 14:17:35   (updated: 2007-07-11, 14:46:40)

http ://

http ://

http ://

...would say special artist sometimes

quoted from other page:

She scams for money and visa.

Her letter:

    Hello my lovely. Today at night I had a fine dream. It is a little dissolute, but I wish to tell you it. Ok? I feel a pleasant relaxation in all body. I have drunk three glasses cognac and is a little tipsy.
We are in a dark room, burns some candles. We together in this room.
My hair are loose, it falls down from shoulders and reflects shine of a candle. You lay on a bed and look at me. I can read strong desire in your eyes. In your eyes burns fire of love. I approach to you also sit down on edge beds. Your hand slides on my hand, then on hair. You rise, embrace me for a neck and pull to yourself. Our lips touch each other. We merge in hot kiss. My body shivers from excitation. I fall in your embraces. Never I felt such pleasure. My heart beats as African drum. I catch hold you for collar of shirt and I break off it in pieces. Buttons fall on a floor and rush in different parties rooms. I embrace you and my finger-nail stick into your back. You do not feel a pain. We very much excited also do not notice anything around. You kiss my lips and fall below to a neck. Very much it is
pleasant to me kiss on a neck and ears. You kiss all mine face and strong embrace my body. You remove from me a jacket. My breast rises from frequent breath and excitation. You unbutton mine brassiere and stick a hot kiss into mine bosom. First one, and then another. My nipple have strained from excitation. Heart is pulled out from a breast and blood pulses in all body. My hands fall to your trousers and I can feel yours strained penis. I caress it through trousers and you close eyes from excitation. I unbutton a belt and I remove trousers from you. YOU are fine. I feel in you man's force, and I only small kitten ready on all. I take yours penis in a hand and slightly I compress it. You shiver from excitation and desire. Then I bend and kiss it. I only slightly touch with lips, take to tips of tongue on all length penis. My hair tickle yours legs. I do not wish to hurry
up, I wish to play with you. Now you completely in my authority. I kiss you in belly also rise above, then again I fall and I caress yours penis the tongue. This time I am ready to make more. I swallow yours penis completely. I feel, that your body is ready to blow up from excitation. You stop me and overturn on a back. Now you start to caress me. First you kiss me and caress mine bosom the strong hand.
Your hand falls below and moves apart my legs. Your actions very strong and confident. I cannot resist to your will. You caress mine pussy and I almost lose consciousness. To me very good also start to groan. My body does not submit to me. Now you mine master and conqueror!!! I cannot wait more and I to whisper to you ' I want you now '. You pity. Your strong hands press me to a bed and you enter into me. I feel your sweet impacts below. Oh my God! It is very pleasant. I very much excited and reach an orgasm almost at once. From my breast pulled out groan. I cannot operate myself. My body was completely switched off. I merge with your body. Our hearts fight equally. I woken up also all sheet was wet. I to make love in a dream.
It was very real. I hope you do not think of me badly now. It is a shame to me to write it a little, but I should make it. Today all put I thought about this dream. Probably I am enamoured in you. I have very much strong feeling for you. I wish to make all that the dream has turned to a reality. I wish to meet you very much. You unique could light love in my heart. Thanks you. I love you. I am assured in this now.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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