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Dating scammer Irina Surnina;Marina Pautkina;Marina Peshatova


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Name: Irina Surnina;Marina Pautkina;Marina Peshatova


Apartment 43
postal index 428015

Other Comments:
after she had written me the first letter I wrote her a letter and gave a different email address to write to me, after this she had written to both addresses and then she had used a different last name when she wrote to me at the second email address and had still written me at the first address, she must have many people she writes to and had gotten confused, she also changed my name in the letters one she had called me jeff the other she changed the name to my business name, yet the letters were identical except for that.


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2007-05-28, 00:44:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: blonde blue jeans white top doors
2007-05-28, 00:44:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: blonde blue jeans black blouse
2007-05-28, 00:44:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-05-28, 00:44:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-05-28, 00:44:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: blonde black dress red sofa red curtain
2007-06-09, 18:59:36
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Nicks: Alena, Elena, lenusik, Irina Izergina, Katya, irinaiz, Anna, Julietta, Julia, Anastasiya Golubina, Maria Evdokimova, Tatyana Kuzovkova, Olga Vinokur, Ocharovashka, sunnyladywww


IP address:, or, or

Mari El profile, but says she is from 'Novokuznetsk' or 'Cheboksary' or 'Kazan'. These pictures are also used by Lugansk scammers.
2007-06-09, 19:02:36
Name: Naily, Anna, Anastasiya, Maria, Kitty


2007-06-11, 09:56:33
anonymous from United States  

I recently was corrsponding with a Russian lady that said her name was Michelle. She or he or whatever started talking about coming to US for a visit. She was to be here on June 10, 2007. On that day she claimed that she was in trouble and needed money to show her customs people for a one month stay.

I was stupid and already had WU'd her about $900. She was very real and smooth and beautiful as well if the picture was her (probably not). She is waiting right now for me to send yet another $1400 that she would give back to me.

The sad part is not the money but how these people play with a person's heart and life. She had a flight itenarary and everything. Please beware of this scam. She told me her information as follows. She even called me on the phone and it showed up with julie_kasey@777 and that was it. I have attached her picture.

Country: Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Zipcode: 424000
Translation into a name: Marina Pautkina (this my full name)
2007-06-20, 15:30:11
anonymous from United States  
2007-06-20, 15:30:28
anonymous from United States  
2007-06-20, 15:31:58
anonymous from United States  
2007-08-17, 18:01:05
anonymous from Sweden  
And Yes! She/he or what it is, are back. Now under the name Elena Yangaeava 25. And she lives in Sernur. Mari.el. Russia?? I found here on 'friendorama'

I received 4-5 e-mails, but in the last she did a big mistake and thought that I lived in America! I have told here a lot of times that I live in Sweden. And I see now that she really doesn’t read my e-mails! I don’t think I will receive any more e-mails from this woman. But I wonder if the woman on the pictures is really the woman that send my those e-mails??

This is the Latest e-mail!

Hello my dearest xxxx I want to say to you that as usual and
usual, happy so much from your answer on my last e-mail!!! I think
about you all days. I so wait for your warm messages for me xxxx, I
want to say toyou that now I cann't without you and your so feelings
emails my xxxx. You e-mails are so important for me, it are a part
of my life, it are a source of my pleasure to my life, I want to say
to you that the occ/urrence of you xxxx is a beterest part of my
lonely life now, your messages give me a great happiness and pleasure
in my life xxxx. bBelieve me , that I speak this my words with my
sincere care to you, with my respect for you. Also I want to emphasize
that I thought about our feelings to you my xxxx, I have come
to a conclusion that we are created for each other my loved. In last
night I didn't sleep well, I couldn't do it because I thought about us
my xxxx, about our acquaintance on Intermet, about your warm
messages, and in basically about you my xxxx! I thought about
all my xxxx, I want to say to you that I cann't without you my
, I want to say to you that I have fallen in love in you my
xxxx, yes. xxxx........ yes. I love you my dearest
Fredrik! It has taken place so quickly and suddenly, I didn't to
expect it my darling, it's so sensual for me my xxxx, I cann't
without . I LOVE YOU, DARLING!='Ya tebya lyublyu!' I feel to you the
greatest feeling on ground, it's my love to you my dear. I certainly
understand, that it is very big and big words. My feelings to you make
sense! During our correspondence with you I can tell you, that we now
have some features in ours relations. When I to speak you, that I love
you, under these words I understand the big sense! I do not want to
rush and shout about it as blind and naive The woman. I should tell,
that to speak about love on 100 percents The meeting in the person is
necessary for us. You agree with me, My xxxx? I think, that if we
aoai to have some time to live together we shall understand much In
our relations and only shall be then ready to accept serious and
responsible steps In life! I do not want you to frighten of such big
words about love. I think, that you will understand about what I you
to speak. That is why I want to allocate in our letters Meeting in the
person in the future. I think, what youu will allow to name to me you
my love? I the woman With understanding to concern to life. Let it
will be such love at a great distance, But this unusual feeling which
at me now in heart does not give me rest and I anyhow Should you speak
it. You have the big shock from my words? From your messages, I see
that we aren't indifferent to each other xxxx, I hope that you will
agree with me my xxxx, is it for true? I hope that you feel to me
such great feelings to me my xxxx Also in last night I was asked
to God, I thank him that we found each other my xxxx, I closed my
eyes and have seen the God's presence. He saw on me and I saw on him,
he said me that I will happiest woman, because I found you, you are my
future man xxxx. Also in the eyes of God that he cried, I think
that he is very haappy for us my xxxx. I cried too
xxxx, because it's so happiness for us that we can be together
soon, that we can to have a normal family, I so want it my xxxx,
because I cann't to be one my xxxx, the basic part of my
girlfriends are married for a long time, they asked me all time before
our acquaintance with you about that why I couldn't to find a man, on
their questions I couldn't answred, but I said them that I want it
very much, but I cann't to begin any close feelings with any man
because of my emRestaurantrassment. I am felling emRestaurantrassed
girl, I said about you in my last e-mails my xxxx. But I want to
say to you that I feel about you not emRestaurantrassment my
xxxx, I feel to you all my love to you! By the way I want to say
to you that I said about my love feelings to my parents and my
girlfriend Nadya. My parents said me that they are very happy for us
my darling. In the eyes of my mom and my dad I saw a great happiness
for me and for you together my xxxxx They said that they hope that
I did a right choice in my life and they hope that we will happy
together my love, also they said me that where we with you will live
together. I answered them that I want to live with you in your country
my darling, they asked me about that they will miss me very much, but
since other side they understand that it will be better that we with
you Fredrik will live in America because they understand that now in
Russia is difficult live situation. They said you a their warm
GREETINGS to you and they wish us, my xxxx, our future family
happiness and great mutual love my xxxx. Also my girlfriend
Nadya said me that they guessed about that we with you will have a
love feelings since our of acquaintance to you my xxxx. They are
very happy about us my dear, they said that you will a good boyfriend
for me my xxxx, and I agreed with them on 100 per cent!!! Also
N.atasha said you a hot friend HELLO and they will hope that we will
together with you xxxx. My darling, I am so happy for us my dear
xxxx. I want to say to you that I love you very much, my relatives
and my friends are very happy for us very much. Also my dear xxxx,
I want ask you a main question, I think that it will so fairly since
my side my darling. Do you have or do you write with any another women
my xxxx??? It's so important for me my xxxx, I hope that you
will understand me, because I love you and I don't want that you write
with other women. I want to say to you that I don't write with any
other men except for you my xxxx. I don't want an other man,
because I love you! But more of all I don't want that any other woman
will try to steal you from me my love xxxxx!!! I say you about it
very seriously my xxxxx! It will so pity for me if you are having
or writing with an other woman my dear , and deceive me in our
relations, please, say me, xxxx, do you write with an other women?
We must trust each other in this, ok my darling? Of courses, my
darling may be you will ask me about my job when I will far from
Russia. Of course, I will miss my job, about my work collegues, yes, I
will miss about their, but you can see that I gave back all personal
time to my job, I don't have a free time never there. I think that if
I found my love and my future man, I must change my personal life in
the party you my dear, because I am a woman and I must have my family
life as an other womans do it. Realy my xxxxx? I think that my
collegues in our Energosbyt will miss me too, but we willn't forget
about each other too, I will can to send emails from your country them
too. My dear, how you see on this? I want to say to you that I miss
you very much, and I want to say to you that you became on the first
plan in my life than my work. I love you xxxx and I cann't
without you my darling, and I decided that I must near with you my
xxxx. It's so necessary for me my xxxx. I so love you
xxxx! By the way I will try to learn my dear about the necessary
documents for my future coming to you my xxxx, as I know from my
girlfriend , I will need in the foreign passport and visa too, I will
try learn about it in near future time. My darling, I hope that you
have a greatdesire of our meeting my love. I so want it my love, I
love you and I miss you badly xxxx. I will wait for your mutual
warmth emails. As usual, warmth greetings from my girlfriend
Elena, my family to you.

All my warmth kisses !!!

2007-08-17, 18:18:07
anonymous from Sweden  
One more pic.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chernova from Kstovo, Russia

2007-10-04, 15:11:45
anonymous from Sweden  
here is one more under the name Marianna Morozova 29. And she lives in Yoshkar-Ola
Republic Mari El Russia
in the e-mail she say that she will call my but I don't leave no number

Hi my love xxx!
I have gotten your warm words from your answer on my last message my
darling! My dear, my love xxx, in my last e-mail I have told you
about my love feelings to you, I wrote this message with so
close love feelings to you, dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to
you, my soul prompted me that must to tell about my love to you,
because it is so difficult to hide a close feelings to love man,
xxx. I love you and I want to say to you that, please,
don't discharge me from you, xxx it's so pity for me
that our messages connect us only, I want to see you in reality my
xxx. I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love
feelings to each other, our messages are our rescue with boredom and
from all of boring things. I want to say to you my darling that I
can't without your messages now xxx, your e-mails are necessary
for me so much, I love it and I love you my dearest xxx!!!
My loved, I want to say that my parents and my best friends
are very happy for us my love xxx, they are all
time ask about you, about your feelings to me and I don't worry say
about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to
you from everybody my xxx, I have found sense of my life my
I want to say to you that my colleagues on my job are
very happy for us too! In total all my colleagues says me that they are
very glad for us too. I think that we have mutual love feelings and it is
better of all when the loving each other people love each other
mutual, I think that it is an important fact of love about
reciprocity. Really my xxx, is our feelings mutual???
My xxx, I want to say to you that my parents so happy that we met
each other, I say you again and again about it!!! I have consulted
with my coming to you, I want to say to you that from my words about
it my mom and dad were so surprised too, they asked me, am I sure
about my coming to you, and I have answered that I can't without you
and I have decided to be with you, xxx, all my life too. My mom
and dad have agreed with me, because they understand that I can't
without you, and also they have told me as they love each other when
they were young people too. I want to say to you that my mom and dad
have asked me to say to you a warmth hello from them again and again!
They wish us a good life together too!
I think, that we should have a meeting so or
Differently, because we should know each other better. The meeting in the person will help
To us to make serious steps in our life. You agree with me?
I was very resolutely adusted to a meeting with you. I shall find out the information
As soon as possible. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I shall have
The necessary information. I so am excited about our meeting. I understand, that I can not
To hide tears for pleasure at our meeting from my eyes. You only do not pay attention
If I shall cry in day of our meeting. OK? You promise me? I so want
To have sensation of your man's hands. So your caress is necessary for me. I want
To feel your care. I then shall be the happiest woman in the world!
I shall try to do by that happy the man in the world! I want, that we
Now went towards to our love. I want, that our meeting was a first step
To happy joint life!!!! Let's do our life happy and long!
I want, that the union of our hearts was strong! I want to care of you, I want to love you
All my female heart. I do not want, that something prevented us in life. But without
It it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all. Our love should overcome all!
My xxx, I now should inform good news. I think, that I can call to you
Already very soon! I so would like to hear your voice! I shall have money to the next week and it will be enough to call
to you! You understand? As soon as I shall have money I shall be
To call to you! I should tell, that for me good time will call to you it at 21:00-22:00
On our time. Taking into account our difference in time. To me so
It is a pity, that probably you will sleep still xxx. But I so want to hear your voice!
Please hold the phone near to anear when I shall call to you. OK? I shall inform you it beforehand that you were
Are ready to expect my bell. OK? I promise, that soon I shall call to you!
Also my xxx, on days, possible tomorrow or after tomorrow, I want
to go to the church that I must thank God that we found each other my
love, I so thank our God, I know that God helped us to find you my
xxx, I know about it! My darling, on this I will end my
e-mail to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love
desire!!! You must know, how I feel so happy myself when I
read your messages my darling! Well, I must be off my xxx!!!
With dreams of you, the whole!
You Marianna

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Marianna Morozova

2007-12-19, 02:12:22
I have another picture of the alleged Marianna Morozova for you

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