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Dating scammer Elora


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Name: Elora



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She's going by the name of 'elora111' at
Here's what she wrote to me...

May 26, 2007 8:07pm EDT
Hello, my name is Elora. iam from NYC, iam an open
pretty young girl. well, im my seraching on this site i
saw ur profile and it looking very attractive and
intresting to me. so just wanna say Hi, actually i
could really love to know much more about u. pls hit me
back to know more
about me.... i have yahoo instant messenger may be we
could chat...IM me on my screen name
( ) on
yahoo messanger.Its also my email address.
wait to hear back from u.

Load with love.

May 26, 2007 9:08pm EDT

Hello , Good to hear from you..I joined Onlinedating
in search for someone to be a friend with and
definitely with more knowledge of each other and
finding some interest in each other to grow into a
serious relationship and from there marriage. Ever
since I joined I have always wanted to meet someone
you with so much care and respect for woman feelings
I'm looking for serious relationship.. Just that my
heart is on fire at the
moment.I find it diifucult to fall in love again.

Can you imagine kind of bullshit i end up in.. Have
been stranded over Three weeks and some few days now
hell western part of africa .by a ass guy from nigeria
who blow dust on my eyes. I cried all day here.
I;'m orphan,I lost both parent. My only brother i
depend on he's is into drugs life been adicted to it,
he doesnt care about me, Sometime in life i feel like
committingsucide coz my life is on fire. I really need
a trustworthy guy. Who can be considerate with
me..please i really need your help out of here. so
i said earlier i am stucked in Africa due to some
probelm..Well it all happened like this..i met a guy
called Martins in the state and he's from Nigeria in
Africa, he came for a degree in the state when i fell
inlove with him and when he returned to his country he
asked me to come and see him so i gathered
some money and got myself a round trip ticket,when i
got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my
money and jewelries before i wake up in the next day.
Now the hotel am staying siezed my return ticket and
passport and all my document cuz i dont have money to
pay up the hotel bill that's why i'm stranded here.I
will be very very gratefull if you can help me withthe
hotel bill so that i can get back all my belonging and
return and come back to the state please kindly helpme
out of here..I'm not just looking for financialsupport
only, I'm looking for something meaningful andlasting.
If this is what your looking for, don't esitate to
help me with the hotel bills.

Here is Hotel manager information.
Hotel Name: Beatrice Hotel and Suites
Contact Person: Larry Adeola

Just tell him you are calling on behalf of Elora
Lopez the American Lady that stay in room 8 that you
are willing to help me out..And i promise to do
anything to make you happy when i get back to you in
person...I will wait once again to hear good news
from you.I have yahoo instant messenger may be we
chat...IM me on my screen
yahoo messanger.Its also my email address.

I am looking for someone who can be my partner,my best
friend, my lover, someone to share every aspect of my
life with. Someone who will not judge me and will
accept me for me. I am looking for someone who knows
what they want out of life and is looking for someone
to build a future with. I am caring, sensitive, and I
like to laugh and not always take life so seriously,
and also make the best out of any situation. Because
you only live once, so enjoy the time that you haveand
treat every day like it's your last.

I just want you to know that a caring heart is all i
need now and i hope that we remain together as one in
true love and happiness. I would like you to know that
i'm not putting a burden on you but if you truly havea
heart that's caring and loving and really want us tobe
together,i pray that u would not hesitate in gettingme
away from this place.I would like to be with you,i'm
humble,meek and kind and i'm a down to earthperson,i'm
willing to humble myself before you,I hope that with
all you know now,you would decide on either leaving me
in my pains or taking me away from this place to you
waiting to hear back from u soon.

Loads of love.


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2007-05-28, 00:45:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-05-28, 00:45:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer SOPHIE YOUNG

2007-05-28, 06:33:54   (updated: 2007-05-28, 06:35:02)
drod from United States  

Her real name is Annie, model:


Find her photos at the above link. The photos are stolen from the site. She is NOT the scammer.

The one sending you the letters is probably a Black male.

Check the video at the above link. Only caucasian is the reporter and there are NO women.

good hunting.........drod

2007-05-28, 15:44:49
anonymous from United States  
Drod,I guess you saw the thing I mentioned on youtube eh? Did you read the comment's on rom scams? Skeet
2007-05-28, 16:45:23
drod from United States  
Haven't been there in a couple months
2007-05-28, 23:11:34
anonymous from United States  
OK,Thought you might have seen it.That's where I saw the YouTube thing.I post there all the time.Among other's.{My avatar has Boris in it}lol ttyl,skeet
2007-06-01, 11:19:49
anonymous from Australia  
yeah elora lopez i guess named after miss jennifer lopez had just invited me to her yahoo messenger but i dont now how she got my email,unless she already had it, im guessing its sophie young trying to trick me again,is she dumb or what. her email address is sexyelora_lopez4lov'
2007-06-02, 11:09:00
anonymous from Australia  
that story is funny, about the martin guy robbing her , why didnt he just rob her in the states and go back to nigeria. ha ha so dumb
2007-06-05, 13:39:25
I have valueble information on a very efficent online scammer who like to use the nickname Chickie.I met her on lifestyers a site on mobile browsers. She claims to be from Canada but is indeed from Australia as my research indicated.My suspisioned were confirmed by this from a reliable source for whom i cannot mention his name or what he does.She is very talented on the keyboard as she can hack into cell phone companys database and create a free account to use her cell phone as often as she likes without paying a cent for it.My soures tell me also that she is a booter for Yahoo which makes it very easy to cover her tracks.She only boots users out of yahoo for personal gain not for the good of yahoo clients.She goes bye the name Tilina Maria Tigaro which does have a nice ring to it i admit.Last known possible location was or still could be Alberta Canada.I do have some contact information that if anyone wants to can e mail her friends who are covering up for her and have lied to law enforcement who tried to locate her.You don't have to worry about being booted out your e mail account just sign up a second account and please feel free to tell these people what you think of scammers,virus and spyware spreaders as i my self was attacked by a trojan virus on more than one occasion.These jerks are turning the internet into a cesspool! And the only way we could do something about it is by pushing back!Here are the e mail addresses of some of her friends,,,, .feel free to tell these jerks what you think of them hiding someone who is probably wanted by many people including Interpol.There will more information for me to post as my research continues.
2007-08-26, 19:47:12   (updated: 2007-08-26, 19:49:02)
anonymous from United States  
has anyone heard from this one?

jeanny4love she says her name is jeanny lopez I have posted pics she sent me. I met her on she mailed me this:

sjeanny2 has sent you an email.
hi my name is jeanny lopez I am Spanish German.i live alone in Newyork city ,my dad is from germany while my mom is from newyork i was born in germany I speak English has my first language i dont know to speak Dutch much, ,Hair Blonde Height: 5'6', 127 pounds, brown eyes,Very easy to talk to, looking for adult conversation and someone to spend time with. I am looking for a romantic relationship.and looking for someone to enjoy a good friendship with. Someone who loves life the way it was meant for us to enjoy.I love to do the things that's termed 'guy things' like fishing, hunting,and building. You should see me with tools!am sexy and good and great always looking for who will help me and always seroius. and good and nice and pretty and intelligent and great. I love to laugh. But at the same time I like intellectual and meaningful conversation. let chat on yahoo or
jeanny lopez
in the im from her on yahoo messenger she said her parents were dead! here it is:

jeanny4love: hello
zombyvamp: hello
jeanny4love: hi
jeanny4love: how u doing?
zombyvamp: good and you?
zombyvamp: hold on
zombyvamp: brb
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: back
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: was your name
zombyvamp: Art
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: ty
jeanny4love: u got kids?
zombyvamp: yes 2
zombyvamp: but they are grown and living on their own
jeanny4love: that nice
jeanny4love: u live alone?
zombyvamp: yes
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: how long have you been on that site
zombyvamp: couple weeks
jeanny4love: have u meet anyone there ?
zombyvamp: not yet just to chat here is all
zombyvamp: hold on
jeanny4love: k
zombyvamp: i'll send you info
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: Hello ! My name is Art and I have
just gotten out of a 7 year relationship
on Easter this year. I am divorced since
1999, but went back with her in 2001.
lived with her for a year, had a few problems,
moved out. We did stay together but lived apart
until Easter. We both discussed several things
and decided it was time to move on. we were
married in 1984. we have a daughter 21 and a
son 19 who both live on their own now. I live
alone and am really quite the handyman. I do
have a job which i really like, and have been
at it for 12 years. you may e-mail me back if you like.

have a great day! Art
zombyvamp: this is e-mail I send
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: what you looking for?
zombyvamp: I am not sure
zombyvamp: I will know when I find it
zombyvamp: But no marriage ever again
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: do you own your house
zombyvamp: no
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: you got a cam?
zombyvamp: yes
jeanny4love: can i see u
zombyvamp: can I see you?
jeanny4love: i dont have a cam
zombyvamp: what is fair is fair
zombyvamp: but I will show you pics
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: this was 3 weeks ago
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: this was then too
jeanny4love: k
zombyvamp: this was last year about christmas time
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: that is how I will be again
zombyvamp: I am growing back mustache and hair
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: lol
zombyvamp: thanks i think...
zombyvamp: is that your pic?
jeanny4love: yes
zombyvamp: very pretty
jeanny4love: thank you
jeanny4love: hold on
zombyvamp: k
jeanny4love: back
jeanny4love: u there
zombyvamp: yes
zombyvamp: someone was at door
zombyvamp: sorry
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: all good now
zombyvamp: I dont have many more pics
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: I cant even see that one
jeanny4love: give iot some sec
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: k
jeanny4love: what kind of job do you do?
zombyvamp: I am operations manager of a billboard company
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: pic did not clear yet
jeanny4love: give it dome sec
zombyvamp: I have cable connection...should not take long
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: It is not going to work
zombyvamp: try resend
jeanny4love: u want me to send it to your email?
zombyvamp: ok
jeanny4love: tell me more about you
zombyvamp: not really much to say
jeanny4love: tell me
zombyvamp: ok I am 5' 9' tall, 170 lbs brown eyes
jeanny4love: cool
zombyvamp: I work m-f 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
zombyvamp: sat and sun off
jeanny4love: that nice
zombyvamp: full time
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: i can cook
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: I do laundry
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I spoil my lady
jeanny4love: mmmmmmmm
zombyvamp: I love outdoors
zombyvamp: I love yard work
jeanny4love: good
jeanny4love: me too
zombyvamp: I own a camper that sleeps 8
zombyvamp: a pickup truck
zombyvamp: and a car
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I am 48 years young
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: I have a cat
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: size 30 waist
zombyvamp: large shirt
zombyvamp: size 10 shoes
zombyvamp: double wide ( size 10 EE)
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: my reach is around 30 inches or so
zombyvamp: I hunt, I fish. I love the moon and the stars
zombyvamp: I also own 2 tents
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: I have bonfires in my yard every weekend in the summer
zombyvamp: I do not drink
zombyvamp: I do smoke
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: only time I ever drink is my birthday, Xmas, and New Years
jeanny4love: k
zombyvamp: I never drive when i drink
zombyvamp: My parents had 8 children
zombyvamp: I am the next to youngest
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: thats about it
jeanny4love: were u from again?
zombyvamp: New York
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: upstate N.Y. near fingerlakes region
jeanny4love: nice
jeanny4love: iam from germany
jeanny4love: just live in usa
zombyvamp: I love to go to the lakes and get on a boat with my friends
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: I cant water ski
zombyvamp: but I can swim
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I like to swim also
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: sometimes I wear glasses
zombyvamp: but mostly to read or drive
zombyvamp: I am a news junkie too
zombyvamp: but not the paper, I watch news on T.V.
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: I dont watch sports much
zombyvamp: usually only world series and superbowl
zombyvamp: I do like ultimate fighting and some wrestling
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I like classic rock music mostly, but all music is nice
jeanny4love: yeah
zombyvamp: I sometimes go to concerts
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: about once or twice a year
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: I also bowl
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I am in a league on weds nights beginning weds after labor day
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: I do not go to church, but I read the Bible about once or twice a week
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: that nice to hear all from you
jeanny4love: i also live in newyork bronx
zombyvamp: I would not like living in the city
zombyvamp: I live in the country (kinda)
jeanny4love: but right now iam not in state
zombyvamp: but there is a store a few minutes away
jeanny4love: k
zombyvamp: where are you right now?
jeanny4love: right now iam in west farica
jeanny4love: i live at River Pkwy at Fordham Road, Bronx
jeanny4love: in newyork
zombyvamp: why in Africa?
jeanny4love: got a little problem here
zombyvamp: ok
jeanny4love: i will send my pic now
zombyvamp: ok
jeanny4love: you gonna tell me why u single?
zombyvamp: not really any big reason
zombyvamp: I just have not looked that hard I guess
zombyvamp: I have chatted with about 5 or 6 ladies on here, but never met them yet
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: brb
jeanny4love: well im a honest nice caring lovely woman
jeanny4love: k
zombyvamp: back
zombyvamp: had to get coffee
jeanny4love: you love coffee?
zombyvamp: yes
jeanny4love: that nice
zombyvamp: but I do not drink soda much
zombyvamp: usually gatorade or juice
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: and milk
zombyvamp: lol
zombyvamp: love my milk
jeanny4love: lol
zombyvamp: and cereal too
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: I practically live on cereal
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: cause i do not like cooking for just me
jeanny4love: lol
jeanny4love: u got dog?
zombyvamp: 15 years ago I worked as a cook
zombyvamp: no dog
zombyvamp: just cat
jeanny4love: k
jeanny4love: do you cook for your cat also?
zombyvamp: I like dogs but I do not want to own one
zombyvamp: she wont eat table food
zombyvamp: lol
jeanny4love: why not?
jeanny4love: lol
zombyvamp: I owned a dog as a child
zombyvamp: It was lots of work
zombyvamp: I barely have time for my cat
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: give me youremail
jeanny4love: i just sent you my pix
zombyvamp: ok
jeanny4love: did u got it
zombyvamp: checking...
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: yes i got them
jeanny4love: ok
jeanny4love: nad/
zombyvamp: three right?
jeanny4love: yes
zombyvamp: very sexy
zombyvamp: I like the bra showing...mmmm
jeanny4love: thank you
jeanny4love: you silly
zombyvamp: got any nudes? lol
jeanny4love: nope
jeanny4love: u
zombyvamp: ok
zombyvamp: yes
jeanny4love: u wanna show me
zombyvamp: I dont know...
zombyvamp: can you handle it?
jeanny4love: why not
jeanny4love: yeah
zombyvamp: because I do not know you
zombyvamp: just checking
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: what would you like to see?
jeanny4love: you nude
zombyvamp: I have full nudes and just top and just bottom
jeanny4love: give me
zombyvamp: hold on
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: ok ready?
jeanny4love: yeah'
zombyvamp: i will send in e-mail
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: enjoy
jeanny4love: nice
zombyvamp: what size are your breasts?
jeanny4love: 34b
zombyvamp: nice
zombyvamp: b-cup is my favorite!
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: those pics are 3 weeks ago also
jeanny4love: good
jeanny4love: right now im not happy been here
zombyvamp: why did you go?
jeanny4love: it long story
zombyvamp: ok then
zombyvamp: you dont have to say
jeanny4love: u dont want me to tell you?
zombyvamp: not if you dont want to
jeanny4love: u honest?
zombyvamp: yes
jeanny4love: me too
zombyvamp: are you?
zombyvamp: lol
zombyvamp: k
jeanny4love: you silly
jeanny4love: yes iam
jeanny4love: need to pee
jeanny4love: brb
zombyvamp: want help?
zombyvamp: lol
zombyvamp: B-)
jeanny4love: yeah
jeanny4love: brb
zombyvamp: k
jeanny4love: im back
zombyvamp: why is someone as beautiful as you single if I might ask?
jeanny4love: i was hurt that why im stuck here in a hotel
zombyvamp: sorry to hear that
jeanny4love: After the death of my parents i met a guy called PAPPY in newyork though he's from africa, he came for a degree in newyork well i fell in love with him i was attracted to him when he was leaving to is country he ask me to visit him so i gathered some money and got myself a round tripticket
jeanny4love: when i got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries now The hotel manager has siezed my passport and my return ticket cause i dont have money and i have no one to help me out. right now i have lost my apartment in newyork i got know were to live again in state
zombyvamp: so what are you going to do?
jeanny4love: dont know that why im really now happy
jeanny4love: the hotel want me to pay them there bills
zombyvamp: cant you get a job?
jeanny4love: no job here
zombyvamp: oh
zombyvamp: none?
jeanny4love: yeah
jeanny4love: i only eat once a day here
zombyvamp: thats about what I eat too
zombyvamp: but that is by choice
jeanny4love: the hotel hate me
jeanny4love: they only give me food once a day
zombyvamp: what about an embassy?
jeanny4love: no help from them
zombyvamp: you a citizen of the U.S.?
jeanny4love: nope
jeanny4love: that why they can help me with the bills
zombyvamp: oh I see
zombyvamp: that sux
jeanny4love: yeah
zombyvamp: I just don't know what to say to that
jeanny4love: i dont know if you can help me
zombyvamp: probably not
jeanny4love: why?
zombyvamp: I would not know what to do
jeanny4love: i just need help with the hotel bills and i also need a place to live
zombyvamp: I rent my home and do not have much left over
zombyvamp: it takes me 2 weeks pay to live here
zombyvamp: I considered cheaper rent somewheres, but I really love it here
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: and do not like moving
jeanny4love: well i will be happy if you do help me and i will back
zombyvamp: I dont think I can
zombyvamp: but I know people here that work for our government
zombyvamp: and maybe if I ask a few questions, I could find out what to do
jeanny4love: ok
zombyvamp: I was in military for 10 years also
jeanny4love: that good
zombyvamp: yes
zombyvamp: it was fun
jeanny4love: good
zombyvamp: maybe in a couple days I can find out
jeanny4love: oh.................but i need to eat
zombyvamp: well that is about the best I can do right now
zombyvamp: I just paid my rent for Sept. friday
zombyvamp: I only have 50 dollars till next friday
After telling her this, she disappeared! She signed off the messenger. LMAO !! not rich enough for her blood, and not stupid either!

2007-08-26, 19:52:16
anonymous from United States  
another of jeanny lopez... she is on as sjeanny2

Keywords: brunette red jacket computer
2007-08-26, 19:53:01
anonymous from United States  
2007-08-26, 20:16:10
anonymous from United States  
why dont she sell that computer to pay hotel bill?
2007-08-29, 12:14:15
[hidden] from Canada  
jeanny lopez??? how original!! lmfao!! have you heard of rose mary?? i thought that one was a doozy! had that bitch booted off a site so fast it made her head spin!!
2007-10-09, 08:12:15
anonymous from Attadale, Australia  
yeh ... I have seen her , and talk with her for a couple of days he he he
This is what she send me !!!!
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

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