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Dating scammer Solace Mensah whitneycute01 Nancy Milman


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Name: Solace Mensah whitneycute01 Nancy Milman

Email: and

OSU oxford street 128 lane Accra Ghana
IP Address:[]
AIM Messenger name is: Raskegh
MSN Messenger name is: Love

Other Comments:
This scammer by that Lady they say on is posing as Solace Mensah or whitneycute01 or as others know as Nancy Milman. She's sent me a hole bunch of new different photos of the SAME girl. I'm wondering where they came from and what can be done do to catch her and how to report her to authorities.

I'll give you the info that I have so far:
Her IP Address is:[]
Her AIM Messenger name is: Raskegh
Her MSN Messenger name is: Love

She likes to use names with Love or honey in it and says she's a nurse working at the Accra Sunrise Hospital. She needs money to get a key from a security firm so she can pay a safe box fee that accumalated, because it was held until she turned 30 yrs old by her parents that died in a car accident 5 years ago. But she messed up and said that she's 31 now and lives with her grandfather, who just told her about it only 2 weeks ago.
Nancy Milman, Nancy Holton, Nancy Niemann, or Nancey millnais their all for sure the late Solace Mensah profile. But, the pictures are NOT the same as shaku Mathew or Ivy Otoo though[Ivy or Shaka or Shakew also known as Tina Rose Philips & Lawura Muniru]. I compared the photos meticulously and I'm pretty sure the photos are all the same Nancy>>> Solace and not the scam photos of compared them carefully to look for the moles and freckles she has. Notice in the photos she has blueish to hazel eyes and sone must have been taken some time ago.

The fake address above is for Nancy or solace or whoever else she is now and is still scamming and she also wants you to send the money by Western Union.
This just one of a whole bunch of others that I found on Delphi that is showing up on the singles site: Like USjesuscares101 an easy one to pick out. BIGGIRL, and jennybaby6300 is [sophie young or sandra smith is connected to elora lopez] RIA25
And another one says shes in the UK goes by cutejustine or Justine she just seems too good to be true and wants to communicate by email adn I said if she was a scammer would find out ,she never replied again.

Then theres OTOTO the face looks very familiar to Ivy Otoo, nancyFun, and shola88 who are part African too and all part of the Ghanaian gang of thieves. CARE4CHARITY, LAYCRUISE saw her Pic somewhere in here too.

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2007-09-30, 06:22:31
anonymous from United States  
don't you think Models get lonely too? Not that I think this one is real, but unless you see them live on webcam, do not trust any picture they send.
2007-09-30, 12:02:16
anonymous from United States  
Your comment … “She's a model for cryin out loud! Why the hell would a girl like that be on a dating site or stting home chatting with you??? GET REAL! “

You don’t get it, she is smart, among other attributes, for her this is harmless sport, entertainment. I have communicated with her, she is intelligent and worldly , a pleasure .
2007-09-30, 12:03:44
'S' from United States  
OMG!!! Sure they may get lonely BUT they still don't need a dating site! Think about the lifestyle of a semi or established model.There are many way's they meet REAL people!

BTW,The pic's on pg 1 posted by anonUK are Daisy Fuentes an American Model/Actress and she sure as heck doesn't use dating sites!!!

2007-10-01, 13:38:01   (updated: 2007-10-01, 13:38:48)
anonymous from United States  
People …the photos are not of the famous model Daisy Fuentes, check our her site which is great photography ..Correspond with Solace directly, you can have a very intelligent communication and not be asked for money or anything else. Also she lives in Ghana and believe a privileged person.
2008-05-10, 10:16:15
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-10, 10:16:45
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-10, 10:25:07
anonymous from United States  
Please stay away from this person at all cost ,cause if you do not it will end up costing you alot and i mean alot ,She is able to lie without anty guilt or remorse,and will make you feel that she is sincere and true which nothing about her is true just her desire to get your money and she will do that if you give her an inch she will take a mile.I am a victim here i lost lots of money too much to say ,ashamed that i fell for this ,i love her to this day and i cant believe she would say she did and not mean a word of it ,i cant believe the conscience of some people,dont let the beautiful looks of this innocent looking person lure you into a false sense of security ,she is ruthless and heartless ,but comes out as sweet as pie ,please beware of her please ,otherwise you will pay hopefully not as severe as i did please learn from my mistake.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Solace Mensah whitneycute01 Nancy Milman
Dating scammer Solace Mensah whitneycute01 Nancy Milman

2008-05-16, 10:01:02
littlegirl from United States  
solace is a bitch and stole my daddy... she takes all his money and he still thinks their inlove. he's so stupid, how can i help him?
2008-05-31, 21:26:01
anonymous from United States  
I have been speaking with this girl for 16 months,who sent me this photo,which i figured was truly representing a photo of her.I recently saw some one comment with a notation that this photo is of a Belinda Kessiwah,who is this girl who? is belinda and how did you determine this was belinda as you say.She tells me she is Solace Mensah and lives in Accra Ghana.Well lets say i have sent her lots of money for lots of reasons i ended up believ,obviously i did as i sent the money.But she needed money for all kinds of things ,Initially money for passport and visa, than a lawyers fees to claim money fro m her dead parents estate,than to sell her grandfathers home ,repairs on this home so it would sell,bakers fees to process the transactions ,well it never ended .I apaid for meds,food stuff,rent,phone ,and plane tickets to which she never took the flight ,and basic travel allowance Apparently all these were not true or sincere as she never did come her to be withme as she pormised,The lat thingshe needed moneywas for a operation she needs ,to lives so as we speak she is dying as she can t get this operation and i cant afford to send anymore money than i have alreadysent ,i will not tell youhow muchi sent as it is too embarassing to mention.Well this girl is the best ,no one is any better she will trap youwithher apparent sincerity,her sweet ,tenderness and claim of the love she has for youand only you She works with a groupof men in her circle that have the only purpose to rip you off and they all work so well together that you will get trapped just do not get involved when any one asks for money ,do not get caught.They work so well together and yes they do lie,theyuse christianity onlyas a deception to make you think they must be sincere they are nothing but the opposite of sincere and there belief in God is questionable to say the least ,no one believing in christianity would ever treat another like they have treated me ,and I am sure there are many more who have fallen victim toher ,like me.This has to stop it is nothing but wrong and is giving love a bad name.does love exist in this world ,I am not sure anymore thses woman use there beauty for a gain that is it not meant to be used for.I am a victim i was not expecting things to go this way,you would say it was obvious,well the pain and feeling of allowing myself to be treated like this is hard to swallow.I feel so cheated and used.I was promised the world but recieving nothing .PLease be careful stay away ,online dating is not the way to find love you cant trust anyone out there so it appears, even thought it may seem true it more than likely will hurt you.Simply put they lie and they do it without any concern for you,they just want your money plain and simple.They can say they love you,they can say they believe in God, they can say they would not scam you or ever hurt you,and not mean one word of it .They will destroy you without any remorse,they do not care and they never will!THEY JUST WANY YOUR MONEY,believe me.
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Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana

2008-06-22, 19:01:45
anonymous from United States  
Scammers use pics of models to lure and decieve trusting and unsuspecting men .to think a woman of this calbre would be here looking for love is stupid in itself souse your head ok be smart not stupid and hoping some beautiful woman would waste her time looking for love on these sites .they do not need to ,I got a story to tell that would bring light to this ,just stay away ok if they ask for money you know it is a scam plain and simple no story for a need or requirement of money should be asked ok be smart guys come on lets stop this abuse now for good do not believe what youdesparately wish was true as it will not be listen to me have been through enough of it.Any way they are only pictures you see the girl will not be her and youmay be chatting with guys as i was i thought it was a girl but most of the time it was guys the girl would talk on the phone but online mostlyguys .and the picture may change with the next girl youtalk to but the people may be the same group of scammers,BEWARE!!!!!

2008-07-05, 06:50:47
anonymous from United States  
Please listen to me and understand , that anyone who is here endursing or saying things which are positive in nature regarding the character of this person in the photos are only doing this to deceive you Ok .it is true,the people who use these photos of this model are trying to convince youshe is genuine and real for obvious reasons ,it is to scam you,ok is it only after you have been scammed ,and deceived like me that you will believe?to me she was presented as Solace Mensah,they will use other names as this site will show you,SHE IS NOT REAL OK AND IF SHE WAS SHE WOULD NOT NEED THIS VENUE TO FIND A DATE OK JUST LISTEN TO REASON AND DO NOT SEND ANYMONEY ,THIS IS ALL THIS IS ABOUT IS MONEY NOT LOVE AS THEY TRY TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE IT IS DECEPTION ALL THE WAY.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Solace Mensah whitneycute01 Nancy Milman

2008-09-02, 21:02:03
anonymous from Mexico  
my name is roberto i want to know sambari from the united states
i was living in south carolina charleston but right now i m taking vacations in mexico ill be back pretty soon and i want to have some friends
you can write me to by the moment ill have my ownm email real soon
2009-07-18, 14:25:41
anonymous from United States  
hey to whoever made the comment of a livecam you can download any livecam feed you want if they are a pornstar or otherwise Raven/ maame parker/rhoda naa did with me almost believed it my self until I found the raven site and saw exactly the same live feed she used....also ask to see again and you will see a repeat of what you have already seen!!!!
2009-07-18, 17:40:53
wanwan from Japan  
BUPKUS,,,she says !!

2008-09-02, 21:02:03
anonymous from Mexico

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Dating scammer Yuliya from Kazan
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2009-08-22, 01:06:54
anonymous from Australia  
Real Girls do not likes show the face, maybe ugly... Be careful what you need in life ...
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