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Dating scammer Masha


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Name: Masha


Stahanov, Ukraine

Other Comments:
These letters are posted without any particular order. She hardly ever answered my questions. After only a few letters, she asked me to help her with translation services. “She” seems to have been using different computers. I am including four of the headers. The IPs indicate that she is from Lugansk.

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Thank you for your interest. My name is Masha. It's sad that so many people in the world are sad and lonely... I think that people are just restless and need a new distraction most of the time. I don't think people appreciate how lucky they are when they find someone that truly loves them?? I wait for the day when I feel this feeling. I want someone that will love me forever and follow me to the ends of the earth. So, try your best and guard your heart, that's my view. And I try. If you want to try with me just write to me. Your Masha


Hello, my dear XXXX! I loved the photos again and your letter was very interesting, when I read about you, it brings me much closer to you, my dear! Darling, the matter is that my dad doesn't know about this my decision to find somebody abroad and particularly he doesn't know about your existence in my life. My dad is very strict and our relations are far from warm. My mom knows everything and she supports me in everything. Of course I will tell my dad everything but I have to prepare him for this information. Darling I hope you will understand me and wouldn't get mad. Honey, I feel that if you get into a relationship especially marriage than you should remain faithful to one another; I don't feel that there is any reason to look for someone else if you want to marry someone it means that that is the only one that you you want in your life, and I believe that the main parts of a relationship should be love, honest always, strong communication, and respect, and the ability to compromise, and always be there for one another, never speak harshly to one another, never be abusive physically or verbally, never lie, and always be faithful to one another, I feel that there no problem that can't be resolved in talking ( no screaming or yelling ), maybe this sounds like a fairy-tale to you but it is how I feel about things. I believe in my heart that there is someone who wants all the same things that I want in life, and believes that marriage is the most important commitment that two people can make to each other. I do not think about the distance between us because if we find love in each other we will be together when the time is right. I am looking for a husband through the Internet because I am a little shy and this is a better way to get to know someone, but I am going to be very careful about it, I must be 100% sure this time. I'd like children like flowers of our life decorate the relation of two loving people. I can't imagine my life without child's laughing and I'm sure I can do everything for my loving woman and my future children. Sometimes I imagine such picture: my sweetheart and our children are walking along the road which full of falling leaves, we are throwing them in the air and our children are laughing when the leaves are flying and falling down. I think children are the most important in our life and it should be the main goal for living people. But children have to be the best result of real love. I know that some people can't have children because of their medical situation but there are also a lot of children who have no parents and such people can give then the happiness of the family. I wish to create a strong loving family, dear, to have healthy and happy children, I'd like to have two or three children. But be very honest, dear, really it does not matter how many children we'll have, the main thing the children to be healthy, to have loving parents, loving atmosphere in the family, to let them grow happy!!!!!!!If I have only one child, I'll be happy, if I have more, I'll be more happy then. If ask me what things make me smiling, first of all I think that I am quite funny and always find something to smile and make people laughing. Of course it is not always good when I work at school:) But what make me smiling is, when I can help other people to smile. Of course nobody can just live from smiles, but a day without smiling is a lost day. Waiting for your reply, Masha.


Hello my dear! How are you doing? I hope everything goes fine and you are in nice mood and high spirits. Thank you very much for such an interesting letter. Darling, I have bad news. Today I found out that there is no money for me to write you and I want to meet you so much, but there is no way for me now to talk about the meeting:( My dear, I am allowed to write you a short message so just it is up to you to decide whether it is worth continuing corresponding. I do really like you! I do really want to know you better and closer! I do really want to have you as a part of my life! I do really want to see your letters and read warm words from you. It is a pity if I lose you... As I think you are a special man and I would like to build something special with you. Maybe someone will think that I am in a hurry with my conclusions but I feel with all my heart that I am not know that there is such a thing like women's intuition... so I feel that I have to try the fortune with you!!! My account is off...and I can't afford myself to continue filling it as my salary doesn't allow me that... Please, help me with the expenses. I promise I will do my best and next month I will take partially the expenses on me as I understand that it is not fair to ask you to do all by yourself. Just let's try. If you don't like anything you'll always have the opportunity to stop. Maybe the Life will give us a chance...don't let it go away... Please, please, don't wait with the I am looking forward to it with great impatience. With this letter I send you my heart and million of tender kisses. Masha.


Hello, my dear XXXX! Honey, I told you in my last letter everything I think about the family and the relationship and I explained to you why I can't give you the address. Do you read my letters actually? I'm a woman trying to make my way through life as best I can.. I'm also a woman who admires people of all sort regardless their color and race and believe that they all have something special and unique within them, and deserve to be shown honor and respect. It has taken me some time to develop the self-confidence to love and to trust. I think now it’’s my turn to tell you some more things about myself. I like to communicate with people very much; I like to see happy smiles on the faces of my friends and my relatives. I love my parents very much and I never forget about them. I adore giving presents to my dearest people, that’’s why everybody considers me a very romantic girl. But at the same time I like new, some extraordinary things, I'm always waiting for a surprise in my life. I like surprises very much. I think, it is amazing when you get something you've never expected; when you meet someone, who will become a very close person in your life, and, of course, it happens unexpectedly. What’’s your attitude to the changes in your life? In my opinion, nowadays it is very important to have tight and caring relationship in the family. What do you think about that? What is the dream of your life? Do you have the one? And in general, do you believe in love from the first sight? And I wonder what kind of girl you are looking for? Tell me please some interesting things about yourself (of course, if you want to continue our corresponding). Perhaps you think that I'm the one for you (am I too naive here? :)) I also like animals very much. You know, once we even had rabbits!!!. They are so nice! Just now I have a dog. His name is Rex. He is almost 2 years old. And I also have got a cat. What about you? Do you like pats and do you have them? And my last question is the following: How do you imagine our first date (of course, if you want to meet me)? Take care, Masha.


Hello, my dear XXXX! Nice to meet you, dear! Thank you for the photos, I think you are cute:) I was born on the 15/03/1984 and I live in Stahanov, Ukraine. I will tell you some of my hobbies and things I like to do in my spare time. I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, go to concerts if I can and like most sports. Shaping and aqua aerobics are my favorite. I like to visit friends as well. I like when my holidays come around, then I go to the village or to the sea. Also in my spare time I like to work on my yard and house. I also enjoy walks and being with nature, there a few spots where I go just to get away from it all with nature. I also enjoy going to my parents' house and being around the cattle. And sometimes I just like to be at home and do nothing. My life is a simple one. I work in the hospital as a nurse, and every day waking up in the morning i am hoping for a new life beside a special person......i hope this life will start day... I like to listen to music, especially classical, sometimes pop, I love pop music, i just feel in this music all the passion of the world. I am also against alcohol and smoking, honestly i have never drunk or smoked. I want a normal life beside a normal person, i am capable of big love and i want to know if you are looking for a friend or a person with whom to share your rest of life? My hobbies are cooking and gardening. Talk to you soon, Masha.


2007-06-11, 22:05:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-06-11, 22:05:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-06-11, 22:05:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

Keywords: blonde looks over shoulder
2007-06-11, 22:05:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-06-11, 22:05:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-06-11, 22:26:12
anonymous from United States  
NO WAY a girl that looks like that needs to go on line.
2008-07-09, 05:08:49
[hidden] from Redding, United States  
I'm tired of getting spam crap like this:

Dear Friend,

It is my pleasure to let you know about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Greece. I didn't forget your past efforts to assist me in transferring those funds.

Now contact my secretary in Cotonou Benin de Republic:


Ask him to send you the total $1.5million certified bank draft which I raise for your compensation .So feel free and get in touched with him and give him your address where to send you your bank draft.


1.YOUR FULL NAME.................
3.YOUR PHONE NUMBER......................................

Again, Let me know immediately you receive it for us to share the joy. I'm very busy here with my investment projects which I am having at hand, Finally, I left instruction to the secretary on your behalf, so feel free to get in touch with him.

Best regards,

Dr, Titus Itemba

Are these people that 'STUPID' to think I'd give them any information so they could ripoff my identity?

Does someone have a nice virus that we could send them to eat their computers and end our pain of having to put up with this crap?

C of Redding, CA
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2009-04-05, 07:47:27
anonymous from United States  
The Model is 'Destiny Davis'
2009-05-25, 15:29:24
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Do you think attached (also 'Masha') is same person? Ear stud in first photo on this page looks very similar to one on the attached.
2009-05-25, 16:26:18
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from united Kingdom

Please notice the link just above the photo, You posted.
[ Dating Scammer Ksenis Lihacheva Dwinogorsk, Russia ]
Just click on the link it will take, You straight there.
where there are more photo's and information about the scammer there
as reported by that person.
Don't worry if the name doesn't match or is a different e mail address.
The point being they are stolen photo's. Used by the scammer.
Never tell a scammer about this site for any reason.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site because scammers watch it already.

Kind regards Agent 85 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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