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Dating scammer Irina Prigunova


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Name: Irina Prigunova


Petrova 56-23

Other Comments:
Does anybody know this one????
Mind you: the visa is false, ofcourse! And Irina is definitely not the woman in the picture!


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2007-06-23, 12:02:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  
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2007-06-23, 12:02:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  
2007-06-23, 12:03:10   (updated: 2007-06-23, 12:06:45)
anonymous from Germany  
Letters to Delphi: Copy and paste into the comment box! Use left mouse button to mark, then right button to copy and then paste. Very easy.
2007-06-23, 12:32:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
Yes Eddie. How do I sent the emails I receive to here? Or do I have to type them all over?

2007-06-23, 12:33:35
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Thank you, Peter. I'll try.
2007-06-23, 12:59:20
anonymous from Sweden  
Dirk....I think Germany explained very well in the post before you...'Letters to Delphi: Copy and paste into the comment box! Use left mouse button to mark, then right button to copy and then paste. Very easy.'

If you want to post your scam letters here, just copy them into the comment box that I'm writing in now.

Or you could start a new topic/thread and post all your letters there, ...which would keep them separate because most scammer letters are very boring to read as posts, but good for referencing. If you start a new topic you should go to the Dating Scams page, I think you can start a new topic there, but I guess you'll have to become a member of Delphi? Don't think it costs anything.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what you can mean with 'send the emails to here'. I don't think they'd appreciate it if you send your letters to the management of this site. :D
2007-06-23, 13:05:22
anonymous from United States  
You can also use wordpad like I do.I open it and then the mailbox file for the scammer and copy the header,paste and edit it then do the letter,spacing between each so they don't get mixed together.and a lager space between each letter/header.That way when you're done you can go to edit at the top hit 'select all' and copt the whole thing at once and paste it.Plus you can keep it as a file and add to it as you go.My most recent was Yulia Kireeva here,take a look and see how it came out.
2007-06-23, 13:32:45
anonymous from Sweden  
anon US...sure u can do that... (tho i think you'll have to explain that in a simpler way :D)

everyone has their own system. i don't go on dating sites myself anymore, i found myself a nice Russian girl. I just come on Delphi periodically when i've got time and post a few tips. and nowadays, I only get a scam mail every 2 months or so (must be on a scam database or two) but I can't be assed to keep them.

anyone that can't recognise a scam letter after they've received a few deserves to be skinned (or if they have to google some weird phrase or other).
2007-06-23, 17:41:54 from Belgium  
Nice girl, not my Irina.
I know, there is no such girl as 'my Irina'.
But this girl looks nice.
And the message will be dangerous and must be stopped.
Dirk, kontakteer je ambassade in Moskou en laat hen het werk doen.
Uiteindelijk zullen zij overspoeld worden door zulke scam-mails, maar dat is onze zorg niet.
Geef ook de Nederlandse overheid alle gegevens, zij moeten de Russische overheid overhalen om in te grijpen.
2007-06-23, 17:59:50
Skeet from United States  
E,It's not difficult to do it the way I explained,takes a little trial & error.I keep them until I'm done posting them,I use other sites besides this and that makes it alot easier.Only takes a click to delete a file.If 'P' want's a more detailed explanation all he's got to do is ask.I'll be glad to try and help.
2007-06-23, 18:21:32
anonymous from Sweden  
sure thing skeet!...was that you? lot of anonymous US's on theses threads, easy to lose track. i just thought kirt might have trouble understanding what you'd written if he didn't know to copy and paste into the comment box in the first place. ure system's very practical.
2007-06-23, 23:10:09   (updated: 2007-06-23, 23:15:22)
Skeet from United States  
Yea E I don't alway's put an id in.All depend's on the subject or if I'm havin some fun with certain umm...You know. I'm like you though,I don't need to see the same letter's over and over,too bad we can't just number the bloody thing's! lol The system{I like that!}work's pretty good and after looking at post's here and most other sites it seem's to give the info that's important.The hardest thing is editing the header'sAll that encryption crap is a real pain! I think that 1 link I posted explain's it but I didn't read all of it and since I'm not a comp. geek I don't understand it all anyway! I did look around his main site and it's pretty interesting,he's a geek! lol Heck,I didn't know how to copy & paste for a long time! I had no idea why everything would turn blue on me! Thought I did something wrong! LMAO!
2007-06-24, 01:44:46
anonymous from Sweden  
LOL skeet...three words: computer studies course (not that I've done one)
2007-06-24, 09:21:47
Hello my road Dirk! I was told you got enough now from blond ones! So give me a chance. I am sure, you still can do some shifts more. Yours forever, Nastiya
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Keywords: blue eyes, coloured black hair white top
2007-06-24, 09:54:42
Skeet from United States  
MAN,I do love blue eyed brunettes! lol

E,I've only had this thing for a year now,think I've done ok for a guy that's 'computer Challenged'! lol It serves my purpose though.Going WAY back to high school NONE of this even exsisted! We did have one of the 1st classes for in the state but nobody thought it would be more than something for office use! How wrong we were! Now 30 {argh!}year's later...

Say E,I see 'road' {like in the above}in some of the letter's I get,does it have a meaning? just curious. 'S'
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