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Dating scammer Irina


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Name: Irina



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I cannot remember where I contacted her. But, the letter is nearly identical to the one used by Irina Ryabinina and Valentina Bolshakova.] Return-Path: Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig) Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Received: from ( []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id EB4261EC40C for ; Received: from (unknown []) (Authenticated sender: by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 3E8A2621C2C for ; From: X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.00) Personal

The name you used is your real name?? So, thanks a lot for your message. I use Internet for dating first time, my girlfriend offered me this way, and I little distrust that this is really possible to find a second half here. But, I'm optimistic person by my character and always believe in success, so I would like to try this way also. I'm single lady and I live in Russia. Sorry, I little confused you, because at the site my location is the same as your country, the matter of fact is that this site not accept users from Russia, and all my attempts to place my profile with my true location Russia were failed, so I left in my profile another information for just join to this site. But, I didn't want to confuse somebody, I'm very sincere person and I just couldn't have another possibility to left my profile. I hope the distance between us is not too big for you. If this upsets you, please, let me know, I would understand you because we are really far from each other and not every person are ready for this kind of relationship. For me this distance is not important, I want to get to know you better, more so you seems to me very decent and clever person, and I hope you would write t o me again.

With my best wishes, Irina

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2012-11-15, 11:51:11   (updated: 2012-11-15, 11:52:57)
•     Ramalho Ribeiro:hello my love
•     13:31 14 Set
ann:Hello Ramalho
•     13:32 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:thank you for speak with me
•     13:33 14 Set
ann:Okay you are welcome
•     13:33 14 Set
ann:Though you do not worth it
•     13:34 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:my dear do not hate me because I have only love for you
•     13:36 14 Set
ann:No, you do not love me. Again, you intend ruining me because through me you fell a victim of extortion
•     13:36 14 Set
ann:Of which I was not to be blamed
•     13:37 14 Set
ann:I do not hate you instead as well, I just can't stand your stupidity
•     13:38 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:you're mistreating me. you should have a little more respect for me I have loved you too despite his cheating against me. I love you
•     13:39 14 Set
ann:No, you did not respect me
•     13:39 14 Set
ann:Nor even my condition or my sufferings
•     13:40 14 Set
ann:I treated you just the way you placed yourself
•     13:40 14 Set
ann:Just because I had a problem, I was a victim, doesn't give you all guts to make evil conclusions about me
•     13:40 14 Set
ann:I was under pressure, wasn't my intention to cheat on you
•     13:40 14 Set
ann:I was used as an hostage
•     13:40 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:my love if you are sure you have no blame for anything then tell me everything.
•     13:40 14 Set
ann:You can't understand
•     13:45 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:my beautiful I gave you all the conditions for you to tell me everything and gave no importance. you knew all my life and had all my numeos phone could act with security risk and did not.
•     13:47 14 Set
Ramalho Ribeiro:tell me everything now. I can protect you.
ann:Its over already
•     13:47 14 Set
ann:But what you think best was to report my name and email addresss
•     13:48 14 Set
ann:Was the step that was best for you
•     13:48 14 Set
ann:Don't you know you hurt me just like those that held me hostage too
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:What could you have done, when you acted selfishly, just because of the money you have involved
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:Wasn't my fault anyway
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:Though they have freed me
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:But I think you do not deserve me
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:You nearly ruined my personality
•     13:49 14 Set
ann:If I had trusted you with my original documents
2012-11-15, 11:54:08
ramalhopribeiro: how was day
ramalhopribeiro: what you have news for me my love
ramalhopribeiro: good afternoon my darling
ann: Good afternoon
ann: How is work and how was your night
ann: The. News I have, is for me to reschedule my flight and with help from you can make all thatt
ramalhopribeiro: you continue with these activities in parallel.
ann: What activities
ramalhopribeiro: my pretty please, look no fix more problems for us. send your documents my beautiful, I'm waiting.
ann: No documents to send
ann: No problems. At all, you are forcefully creating when there shouldn't
ann: I wait for you too
ramalhopribeiro: what you do on the website all day, what activities do not stop
ann: What website
ann: What activities are you trying to point out
ramalhopribeiro: my love we will resolve it soon, do not create more problems than you have already created, 'please.
ann: It is you who is creating
ann: How can it be resolved
ramalhopribeiro: you spend most of their time on the website, doing what.
ann: Being trusted and appreciating it. Not too many people trust, once you've got someones trust you should never make them regret trusting you.
ann: Which website
ramalhopribeiro: my love you know that everything can be resolved peacefully. you never took a step to solve problems, help us.
ann: I amm doiing
ann: But your diversion brings the problem
ann: Don't choose your money over me
ann: If not me, you can loose it on another thing
ann: Instead be wise to use it grab your lifetime happiness
ramalhopribeiro: your vocabulary is confused. s saying that you do not trust me, that's it.
ann: I trust. You, but you need to against all odds do for me as well
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ann parece estar offline e receberá suas mensagens após se conectar novamente.

ann não respondeu ao seu convite de ligação com vídeo. Tente novamente mais tarde.

ann: Help me this time and I will forever crown your effort my dear husband
ann retirou o plano de fundo.
ramalhopribeiro: I can not understand your reasoning, think through what you're doing my beautiful.
ann: I have thus think it in every direction
ann: My reasoning is to save me to you
ann: Only if you have a heart that understands
ramalhopribeiro: Show some interest and earnestness my love, because my heart is aimless.
ann: I have my interest keen and forever in you
ann: Your heart is divided with doubts
ann: Not that aimless, don't give the chance
ramalhopribeiro: help me then do just one thing, send your documents to me
ann: Please Ramalho forget my documents
ann: One thing I can help you is to come right there for you
ramalhopribeiro: my beautiful I have not done anything in my life since I met you, I tenhos all opportunities with you and keep my heart open to you. make a little effort for us.
ann: My heart is open to you as well
ann: I have all effort ready to achieve this my husband
ann: I appreciate your support even in my stubborness you still stand by me
ramalhopribeiro: : think I'll calmly wait their right response, I love my beautiful
ramalhopribeiro: bye kiss: You have my response
ann: My words will neverr change
ann: Take it or leave it
ramalhopribeiro: you mean you do not love me or what you mean by that.
ann: I love you and want to be with you
ramalhopribeiro: you used a phrase of who is selling a product, such as those you have built in their relationship in the pages of websites.
ramalhopribeiro: if so my love I've already paid the price you asked and you did not deliver the goods that you sold.
ann: No
ann: Not me my dear
ann: Please assist in the final step and we can make it together forever
ramalhopribeiro: Ann, I do not like when you trivializes our relationship as a sale of goods and a payment, you've done it several times, I'm not a buyer of sex, I let it clear to you since the beginning of our relationship. more it seems your brain love and sex must be paid with cash.
ann: Not like that
ann: You are the one seeing it that way
ramalhopribeiro: in my understanding of love is priceless and sex is the complement of the love between a man and a woman together the path to happiness.
ann: If I can really do help myself to survive this, I will comfortably do my dear husband
ann: Yess you are right my dear husband
ramalhopribeiro: you mean that other men do not care it is very natural to pay for love and sex.
ann: No I don't mean it that way ramalhopribeiro: as I am right and if you is constantly charging me fees for the love and sex in the same way you do on your pages dating sites, I am very sad about it. a woman who introduced herself to me so humble but now speaks only in U.S. dollars. in exchange for love
ann: You got it all wrong there
ann: I don't h have dealings with any one
ann: Have
ramalhopribeiro: you are sensitive, put the thinking cap, you must exit and opportunity to change your life, take a chance on yourself, this life is like selling a commodity has no future.
ann: Thank you for your words
ann: I amm not selling myself
ann: I will never do such in my life
ann: My life is for you and forever will be
Última mensagem recebida em 4/7/2012 às 13:29
ramalhopribeiro: my love you're a woman I adimiro by intelligence and wrote to me that other people do not think like me or is asim that has to be sold at the best price because it is normal or am I wrong
ramalhopribeiro: I hope you think about it very seriously. I am not a man to buy sex or love, I die for my beloved but not as payment, but by love and happiness.
ramalhopribeiro: I love you my darling, you are love of my lile, = você é a mulher da minha vida.
2012-11-15, 11:58:06
My dear husband, Ramalho Ribeiro, good to read your message this morning, i feel so great reading this letter, and i feel so happy we are making this to be together, at this time, how is your health this morning, and i do hope you had a good sleep a great night and a brighter morning, thank you for your words of love and affection for me, this morning, as i woke up, i prayed for us, for our coming together and i am just happy with the view that, just few hours separate us my darling, God has bless us to make up with all needed to overcome the distance and i am so happy for all things, i missed you too my darling, i missed our chat discussion, yesterday, and i understand, it was because of the organization, you are making for us to have money for all things, at night, i tried to send to you some words, but you are not responding, so i think, may be, you are resting already, i miss you all night thinking about you, and thank you for the words in your letter this morning, i feel so excited that i am coming to be with you, and that, we have make everything has planned, i am rest assured, everything is working well for us, and i will also do my part to make everything right, be careful and safely keep the money as well, my dear husband, i am so anxious for the minute i will step down from the air plane and run to hug you and kiss you, i know i will feel shy my love, but i will summon all courage to show you my love at the very sight of you, my dear husband, so excited to know, that, you will have a photographer to record my arrival at the airport, i am so happy, about this, and i feel so important and special, and that is what you make me feel my sweet heart, though, i am only sorry, i will not have a new dress to put on, but with what ever i appear for you, the joy is that, i will be the happiest woman on earth to arrive right there with you where my heart belongs my darling, i wish i have enough to buy a new dress, but since no provision for that, i will choose my best dress and appear neatly and beautifully for you my darling, i also know i will have a stopover in Amsterdam, and i will also make sure, the hand held battery is fully charged, also i will write out your phone number to reach you, if any changes to my flight arrival time, and also, for you to track my flight to Brazil, and in will also keep the money safe my darling, I just wanted to let you know that we have been through so much for us to come together, that I honestly don't know what I had do without you. I have never believed that there was that 'Special Someone' until I met you, and I didn't know if I could handle anything at the time until you came into my life. You showed me that I was worth something, something more than I could ever imagine. We have been through it all this past months, but it's only made us ten times stronger. Being in your arms will be the happiest time of my life, one look from you from across the room, will tell and show me that you love me; I just know it in my heart. Although living apart from each other has been a struggle, our living together has just been accomplished. I love you with all of my heart and soul and I am very lucky to be engaged to an incredible man like you. Thank you for everything you have ever done, showed or taught me. I love you. I wish you good luck, in every thing, you do today, have a good day, God be with you, my thoughts are always with you my sunshine.


My dear husband, Ramalho
Thank you, for the money transfer for the remaining 1500 dollars
i am so happy for every thing we are creating together
this morning, i will do go to the bank to pick the 1500 dollars and make the money complete
yesterday, it was already late when you sent the details, and the bank have closed already as i am unable to pick it up yesterday any more
so this morning, i will be able to cash the money, and i am so happy, we have complete this, and everything is working for us as planned my dear husband, i feel so glad my sweet heart, and i am so happy, for everything we are doing together, it is early in the morning here, and just as the bank open, i will do go and collect the money my sweet heart, and trust your wife, i will keep it safe and be careful with everything

2012-11-16, 10:26:06   (updated: 2012-11-16, 10:45:00)
anonymous from Brazil  

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Dating scammer Irina
Dating scammer Irina golubkova

2013-02-12, 16:03:15
IRINA HOHLOVA Email: irkiissliv@yahoo  
essa é a mesma Irina que usa vários nomes ou seja Irina hohlova ou Irina golubkova vitalevna ou irina golubkova e possui vários emnail,, Ira.gobkova@yahoo e Email:


Other Comments:
Fotos, vários e-mail's da golpista IRINA HOHLOVA

Remessa de US$ 600,00 pela WesternUnion

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer IRINA HOHLOVA

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