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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA


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I have already put the name of this scammer that has stolen me 7000 European, I repeat you/he/she has stolen me 7000 European with false promises, I don't know as you/he/she is ended under me name of Irina, but you/he/she has never used the name irina, please you put alone this scammer without other faces.


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2007-06-18, 07:46:27
anonymous from Italy  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA

Keywords: blonde girl bathed by the waves red bikini
2007-06-18, 07:46:28
anonymous from Italy  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA

Keywords: blonde girl bathed by the waves red bikini
2007-06-18, 07:48:13
anonymous from Italy  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde girl white bikini window at home
2007-06-18, 07:49:01
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl with cellular
2007-06-18, 08:53:27
anonymous from Italy  
2007-06-18, 08:56:37
anonymous from Italy  
2007-06-18, 09:33:05
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: girl blonde platinum riddle pink top
2007-06-18, 09:36:09
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: girl blonde platinum riddle for you pink top
2007-06-18, 09:36:40
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: girl blonde platinum riddle only for you pink top
2007-06-18, 09:37:07
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: girl with friends
2007-06-18, 09:37:35
anonymous from Italy  

2007-06-18, 09:38:06
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl white blouse
2007-06-18, 09:38:31
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl pink blouse black background
2007-06-18, 09:58:36
anonymous from Italy  
Greetings my dear XXXX.
I am very glad to receive from you the letter, I very strongly love
you and like to read your letters because I know that there is a
person who me is loved also which by I too very strongly I like.
My dear, I understand, that you now do not have money, but my dear, I
know, that you will help me.
My dear, I to you have offer, you have written to me, that at you now
are 400 $, my dear, I think, that you now may send me them and I shall borrow money and shall begin to do the visa and the passport.
And then you will send me money not tickets and we with you shall be
together. My dear, to you the address for a parcel(sending) of money.
CITY: Yoshkar-Ola
That I might receive here money, I should know yours a name, a surname
and where you live. Without this information I can not receive money.
Also it is necessary for you to send me on electronic number - MTCN - it to you will inform in ' Western Union '. This number also is
necessary that I could receive money.
Yes my dear, I very much want to live with you in USA , àìîæåò and my mum will move to us and we shall live one amicable family.
A plenty of love.
Nastya mailto:NASTYA_HEL@MAIL.RU
Here are Olga's letters...

> Hello my love!!!
It I yours Olga, your love, your princess, yours and that to whom you
> may speak the slave about all on light. I so missed on you all this
> time. As though I would not like to think of it. When I do the work
> all my ideas only about you. I so do not have not enough dialogue with
> you. I so do not have not enough you in my life. Each day at me begins
> with ideas on you, my tender and strong the man! If it was possible to
> transfer all my feelings to you through the letter, it would be simply
> magnificent. But it is a pity, that the letter may not transfer how at
> each reading your letter at me heart quickly knocks, or for excitement
> I can not collect the thoughts when I write you the letter. I feel the
> fifteen-year-old girl who has fallen in love for the first time in the
> life and for which there are no barrier in this world. For which her
> loved person, the best the man in the world, atis not present defects.
> To which she is ready to come both in the afternoon and at night, at
> any time days he only should call her, and she will be a number.
> ****, it is not simple words, that I feel to you and I know it,
> that it is enough to me you to write about it that you knew, that
> occurs to me! I love you!
> How you have spent all this? You missed on me? (likely it was a silly
> question because I see from your letter, that you very much missed).
> You know ****, I today saw very many weddings. And in general this
> month it is a lot of weddings. I saw brides. They such all beautiful.
> And the most important, that they happy. It wanted to me to be on
> their place. I would like to appear there with you. To tell the truth,
> I till now think of that, as though we with you were looked
> beautifully. I want, very much I want, that we with you would have
> wedding. it were very beautiful, I too want to look as. But for me it
> not simply a holiday, it for me very important step, it is very
> important. But always it seemed to me, that wedding is a small adult
> fairy tale for two.
> ****, you might tell to me how you usually have weddings. When I
> look foreign films I see differences. All over again young go in
> church what to get married. It is not necessary, but many pairs want
> to fix a marriage on heavens. It seems to me, that it is the important
> step, much more important, than simply to undersign. Then the bride
> take away to parents home, in her native house. The bride specially
> take home, that the groom would redeem the bride at parents. An
> obligatory condition what the bride and the groom went in different
> machines. Witnesses and visitors should suit various tasks for the
> groom. It certainly occurs all for fun. That the groom would redeem
> the bride is collected with a lot of triviality. Then when the groom
> has stolen the bride, he carries her in a registry office. For a
> registry office undersign, them register. For registration the
> passport is obligatory, you and itself understand it. Sometimes it
> happens such, that I forget passports of a house. Already after a
> registry office the husband and the wife go in one machine. After a
> newly-married couple have undersigned at them there will be a
> celebration. That is everyone go to mark wedding. Usually on such
> cases remove restaurant. There also arrange wedding. But after a
> newly-married couple have undersigned there is time up to that as the
> celebration will begin. In this free time a newly-married couple go on
> city, assign flowers to monuments. In heat of the celebration young
> and to visitors the toastmaster arranges various competitions.
> Approximately in 1 or in 2 night a newly-married couple are sent home.
> And visitors continue to walk. At us it is accepted to mark wedding 2
> days. Therefore and for the second day everyone gather.
> How mark weddings in Russia it is possible to write very much. But I
> think, that it will be not so interesting to you to read. As it would
> be very interesting to me to learn as from you pass weddings.
> You know, when I saw, what brides happy very much it wanted to me to
> appear on from a place. I realize, that it is very responsible step.
> But I am available. I realize, that I want. I want, that you would
> become my husband. I shall love you. I always shall be with you. I
> never shall leave you. Because I madly love you. I present the life
> without you. You the most beautiful, you the most gentle, the
> loveliest on light. I want, that you always would smile. I want, that
> we with you would be always together. I thought some times of how I > might look in a wedding dress.
> It likely all my dreams, but nevertheless. Write to me, all that you
> about it think. To me so would like to know your opinion on it.
> Believe, my sweet, that it is very important for me also this theme,
> for me is very important. I love you!
> I love you and this most important!
> It is time to me to go. My time comes to an end. But I shall write to
> you the day after tomorrow. I hope, that you very much on me miss and
> will answer me. I love you. Your small princess from Russia
> I send you one hundred kisses only for you!
> P.S.Lovely I has learned that it is necessary that will arrive to you
> to me the visa, the passport and tickets is necessary, tickets will
> cost 1200 $, the passport + the visa will cost 350 $. Lovely write to
> me you can help me with arrival you. Unfortunately at me houses are
> not present the phone but I shall call to you from a telephone
> exchange then when I can. Write to me that you think about that to
> arrive to you to Christmas!!!
> Yours Olga.


> Hello my sweet the man,
> How your affairs today?
> You missed on me? Knowing I can tell your answer, that I too very much
> on you miss. And that madly I love you it too the truth. Present, that
> sometime when we shall be together, we shall recollect that we tell
> lies, when we with you corresponded, when ours with you
> relations only were fastened. It occurs very unusually, but
> I am grateful to destiny, that once was solved on this step, on
> acquaintance under the Internet. I have understood, that it was
> offered to me destiny and you became my destiny. At me today very good
> mood. But it is slightly sad, from that, you are not present near to
> me. Heavy everyday lives also have begun. I try not to be afflicted on
> trifles, but it sometimes is impossible. I want that you too never
> it was afflicted. I want to hear your laughter, your clean and
> beautiful > laughter. I so like when people laugh with all the heart, but I
> think, that your laughter for me will be the best music. I think, that
> you will agree with me. I want to see your smile. Smile my
> loved and sweet men, you mine ****!
> I am sure that you that person with which I want to live the rest of
> life. I so strongly love you that can not grow fond of anybody another
> any more. Other men do not cause in me any interest, I am covered with
> feeling of fastidiousness when they begin to look after me, I can not
> remain alone with one man except for you. I want that you knew that
> for all that time that we with you are copied I had no sex with one
> man. I want to be engaged in it with you and only with you!!! For the
> first time I so have strongly fallen in love with persons! And you see
> we with you are familiar only under our letters! Only present what
> love will swallow up us at a meeting!!!! I am sure that you that
> person which are necessary for me. You my ideal!!!! I love you and
> only you!!! I so strongly want be with you that can not transfer in a
> word! The feeling to you borrows all my ideas! I can not
> without you!!! I want to be with you! I love you!!!!
> P.S.Dear I it is very glad that both of us want to be together. Dear
> tell if you want I can descend in travel agency and to learn that it
> is necessary and how many all will cost to be with you my sweet!!!!!
> Olga.

2007-06-18, 23:51:16
anonymous from Italy  
written February 12 th 2007

The daily ones to become more pleasantly from your letter. I can say to with the whole sincerity, that every your letter I am an occasion for my pleasant humor the whole day. I cannot pay the attention to the difficulties to job.
Hi my expensive Luciano, Hi from the future… I am happy to favorably welcome them this day full of bright sun. I have pleasant time in my soul. It is pleasant for me, if you have good humor from my letters. Every your letter and a particle you. And for me and pleasant to learn them. It seems to me, that we have the ideas and similar opinions. I admit, what I have not had pleasant dialogue similar with the other person. And on this correspondence of ours it has next to my heart. I desire to say to, that heart of the girl I can be defeated saying to some beautiful sentences. But here to maintain her/it in hands of the man this commerce of the actual riders. I have read through the book “king Arthur „. I don't love a phase of the struggles. Me it was pleasant romantic diagrams in this book. To me you/he/she has appreciated the rider Lancelot of a way of the dialogue. Princess I/you/they are represented me. I have read on the creation knightly of the tournaments for the conquest of heart of the princess. The riders good of hundreds you/they have desired to realize only a hand her a beauty. It books this mine a reserved world. I appreciate to read the books. Perhaps, it because I don't have enough dialogue in my life. I desire to communicate with the unique person. Romanticism and an inseparable part me. I see the romanticism of the eyes of the world. I think, that every girl worth not the rider for the life, but knightly involves for the dear one. I understand, that a life it not the book. But we can bring in the elements of the romanticism to the life of the family. Every our the following day should start with the good humor. And for me it would be pleasant to get ready himself/herself/themselves for a coffee of the cook and the first breakfast for my person of the favorite. It not because I desire please, that's why that to me frankly pleasantly care of the destination of the mine of heart. Unfortunately I don't have destination. But The the optimist. And I don't halt me to search and hope. My mum speaks, that that and my distinctive characteristic of the character from all the other people. Every new day of mine starts with aerobics in the morning and preheating of my body. Since that I am sure the beginning of my day, it will influence the whole day on my benefit to work to the evening. All of my employees have an idea, that to me 15 years. And and pleasant for me. I can say to, that this enormous effort for maintenance of my pleasant body. I am sure, what the girl should pleasantly observe for the eyes, likewise to the princess. It only the person's appearance. I am sorry me around the people that have conclusions around the person on his to the appearance. I am sure, that that the person and to heart. And we can open only to the sincere interlocutor. On this we should be sincere maximum in the dialogue with you.

Well… that I can tell my infancy. I think, you I can appraise him/it since the beginning of my creation as the person. I/you/they have been borne in November. And you/he/she has interested my development. His/her child's age esuddiviso to work September and after September. I will explain. The Russian child goes to school on September 1°. And the Russian party of knowledge. I don't know around your similar party. His/her children go to school after the success that 7 years grow old. The training of his/her/their child starts with 7 years it grows old. But my mum has not had occasion of control around me. And I/you/they have been introduced school during 6 years I grow old. I was happy!!! was my first day of my training! I have transported an enormous bunch of the yellow color tulips. This closed bunch me completely! My white arc and state seen only because of an enormous bunch of the yellow tulipses. I have had sensibility of the it congratulates boundless!!! This day was ideal. I have eaten the ice cream and the chocolate. Although, these sweets are to like very rare during the Soviet weather. “The curtain of the iron „it doesn't have conceduto have various luxury. The shop has resembled to an united engine of the field. All the people have bought the products with the help of the good ones. It was likewise on a great colony. I have not understood him/it in my infancy. I was happy to play with my doll. The era a similar doll on all the dolls of my girlfriendses. I can very longly describe my modest and happy infancy. I am able to write you around every sad and happy day. It is pleasant for me, what you read him/it and that you represent. How yours last of infancy? For me it would be pleasant to feel to talk of your overindulgence to your lessons…

I frequently remember around our last country. I remember the endless turn in shop. The commodities were small quantity. And to desire to get was a lot her. You can doubt of around such, but it was. Often the phenomenon. You and reported to the lack. I can describe the whole last structure politics as “lack „of motive. You, “lack of motive „- this way. The whole country has suffered from shortage of the people of conception. And certainly, jail. It was an integral part of that time. I understand so, that the whole elite and a part of conception of the people have emigrated to other countries in the days of the turn and the reprisalses. I am sorry me, the Russia I am not able to protect the citizens from a defective life. This way. Accordingly I can receive the superior education, but I cannot have job on formation of the mine. Is it unknown for you? But this usual phenomenon in Russia. Me saw, as the teacher of the molecular sciences has worked as the custodian of the yard. you/he/she has not had other job. His/her that the commerce was unclaimed. It will perhaps seem, ignored the phenomenon for you. But and usual for Russia. But not for me. I desire to change my existence. But it only my dreams. I appreciate to fly in clouds.

Me that and pleasant to write listening to the person me. Me you/he/she is seemed to sincere. For me it would be pleasant to receive your photos in every your letter. And I will transmit my photos equally but if you will also transmit. I have an application. The Internet of the unique coffee in our city. Accordingly I don't have enough time for the receipt of the photos of the great formats. Accordingly I ask him to transmit the formed mediis of the photos for me. I am very happy what we have had an occasion to access of the Internet in our small city.

Well…. I will Finish up my letter today. For me pleasant sara to learn around your day. What today? I ask to always smile in which you will remember him/it. Pleasant Sarah for me, if I will promote your good humor. I ask the word “the regards „to all your his/her/their relatives, friends, companions of job and I am simple to unknown. We should give the pleasure to all the surrounding people.
Oksana, your girlfriend on correspondence from the future…

P.S. I have determined Him times. On this The Oksanas from the future. You can speak, what you correspond to Oksana from the future. ;)

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