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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA


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I have already put the name of this scammer that has stolen me 7000 European, I repeat you/he/she has stolen me 7000 European with false promises, I don't know as you/he/she is ended under me name of Irina, but you/he/she has never used the name irina, please you put alone this scammer without other faces.

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2007-06-19, 01:06:58
anonymous from Italy  
e-mail written February 13 th 2007

Thanks for your letter still. It to turn himself/herself/themselves in into an integral part of my day. And and pleasant! ;)

My Luciano, hi dear man, is happy to your letter. I admit, what I have attended your letter. The expectation and the languor help your letter to be more pleasant in you determine times. I hope, what don't have difficulty with understanding of my sense of the letter. I know, what I admit the errors in my letters. But all the people are wrong him. It is usual. I think, that the principal thing to understand the relative one and to correct. And our correspondence and more pleasant from the relative one. I believe in the destiny. The not the person superstitious. But nevertheless. I think, that every person I have the companion of soul in this life… that I read the book on “to an astrology in our life „. And written, that her and nothing of only on this planet. All should be stabilized. An example if there and on a planet a girl the type should be also. And and more depth, if there and pleasant, decent, a type that I make sure and careful such girl should be also. I have not reflected on it before the examination of the book. I think, that that and to line up.

I appreciate to walk in the evening. Yesterday you/he/she was freezing. Accordingly the night sky was very bright. And the stars were enormous!. Á. me to as to look at the stars. Then I understand, that The not one on this planet. I desire to admit to you, that very alone person of I. Si, has the girlfriendses and experienced people. But I cannot have them special dialogue with. I can leave again my experiences and ideas. But cannot I tell me, around my inside essence… I/you/they have perhaps come to the Internet of the coffee behind this dialogue,…? I can have him pleasant and easy conversation with here. And very pleasant for me. I hold, what I can communicate on all the themes. And I desire to communicate. I have frequently seen the whole world in my books and dreams. But I have not seen him/it in my life. I am happy what a net of the Internet has reached our city of province.

And we can communicate with the all one planet. Spiritualizes…. I have had ordinary life before the case of the Internet. I desire to learn him/it. I admit, what I have him very small knowledge. And the reache is frequently wrong him me in use from the Internet. But I won't take the offense. I Try to study him/it and to correct. I have not known around the banal rules, around through a calculator on the Internet. I could not add at all a photo in the first letter to you. I have received the help of my girlfriend in use of the Internet. My girlfriend Natasha. You/he/she has pointed out him/it that and the coffee's Internet. I have not foreseen, what I will take an interest me a great particularly this kind of dialogue. We have familiarity from the infancy. I can say to, what we are friends from our infancy. We have gone to a kindergarden. And we were very friendly long years. And we have had many cases ridiculous and amusing in our life. I will tell you in the following letters on these historical data. I am sure, what you will be interested… very…

His/her children's age the most sincere age from everybody. On this Imolto as to be the child of the adult. I Think, that children that and an unique layer of our population that doesn't tell the lies. And even if lie, this fast repentance and a regret.

I will go to my mum today. I desire to tell her around you. I think, what you/he/she should know around my pleasure in a life. I don't desire to torment him/it. My mum has suffered her/it a whole life. And I desire only him the pleasure for. It extracts the more darling the person. I think, that every child I think besides about the mum. I think, that every child I think As. And the ideas of his/her/their children cannot change with their age. Respect and I appreciate my mum. I have his/her sister. But my sister not to take an interest himself/herself/themselves for her as I. Ed and sad. It is more youth of me for 14 years. The understanding of a life will perhaps, come more subsequently to her. I hope for it. I admit, that The the person of the family. I appreciate to see my near relatives. Although at times, these sensibilities are not mutual. All are busy. All tries to find a sense to survive in this severe world. It is difficult in Russia. I don't know around the motives for such position of our country. It seems to me, that humanity can live without violence and disagreements. Not do desire to see the neighbors intoxicate daily. I don't desire to feel the quarrelses and the struggles you intoxicate under my windows every night. But I am not angry. If I am sorry them. Since they don't see, as they look for other eyes. We have very small city. And me and damaged, when I see my schoolmateses in pantaloni of holey and the thin loadings of the system in the winter. And me and damaged, because I cannot help him/it. I am sorry me around such humanity. In fact, we can be best. We can study and to understand the new superior parts. Me news of the saw in morning today. Saw, that the traveller I have surmounted pole of the north. I have thought, that this person I am happy. Since this person can fight in the soul. I am sure, that that the person and able many fit good person. When I think it, memory my greater brother Nikolay. it was greater of me for 6 years. Nikolay and lost state in the war of the Chechen 10 years ago. And during 4 years my brother Sergey in the actions military and dead. They were the best brothers on light. They frequently have him/it favorite to the school. I am thankful to them for my future.

I hope, that letter of mine I won't seem to you strangers. For me and pleasant to write you. I can communicate with you around everybody. And and pleasant for me. Our correspondence expensive for me. And I don't desire to lose him/it. I can tell you around all of my difficulties and experiences. I think, what we should not lose us. We could come to contact of as soon as in this enormous world. And you/he/she should be destiny. I am sure, what I can call him/it “my companion of soul „. The to be fierce, if you will tell me your ideas around. For me pleasant sara to learn around your ideas. I won't be inverted around some ideas. Me your essence and important. I will understand if you will say to a lie. Although, is not. I hope, what you write me around your daily life.

To forgive him/it…. I have desired to tell my daily lives. But I am fallen in a reverie. But I promise, what I will write around my life of every day for you tomorrow. I hope, that the seguentela letter won't ream for you. I desire to write him very around. But the net of the Internet limits him/it… perhaps, me it has him a lot of ideas for. I admit, what I desire to tell many ideas and reasonings.

I will finish up my letter. I will go home. There was today a snow. And very pleasant for a sight. I can observe the very a lot of time to fall some great bows of a snow. This miracle of the nature. I can find everywhere the romantic essence. I love a decline and a dawn. Her stars bewitch me. And every new day this beginning of new letter for you. I will wait for tomorrow's day. And then I can come in the Internet of the coffee for the examination of your letter. And I can still write you. I have many ideas for tomorrow's letter. But I will now halt tomorrow me for the letter. I will go. Mine delicate embraces for my companion of soul…. I will Wait for your letter tomorrow. Boar tomorrow in the morning for the examination of your letter. Once more he/she embraces for you….

Your Oksana.

P.S. my girlfriend Natasha speaks them “regards „. I have come her to contact of today on my job. We have spoken them. I have spoken of you, but not of everybody. It frequently comes to me. And I can have I have lunch her with. The salad of fruit love (a pear, mandarins, bananas and the other fruit filled with yogurt,… and to the from the one or three superior cilieges). And very simple, and profit and and tasty… I will Wait for your letter……

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Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-06-19, 05:01:36
anonymous from Italy  
2007-06-19, 05:05:21
anonymous from Italy  
Comments reposted from
raz says: [Dec 13, 2005 at 10:09 PM]
this one has give up on me must have cross checked the email with her scammy mates yes all these comments by me are the same raz
Lou says: [Jan 13, 2006 at 12:11 AM]
She is a pro scam artist. To many names to list and I think she is listed on evey Russian Black List.....
Anon says: [Jan 13, 2006 at 05:41 PM]
Also these E-mails are being used:,
as well as these names: Olga Strelnikova, Anastasiya Vishnyakova, Nadezhda Abramova
Uses various addresses in Yoshkar Ola, but registers USA area on the dating sites so that their searches and messages work easier.

Brian says: [Jan 13, 2006 at 06:57 PM]
There's a chance of seeing the real scammer using this woman's pictures. Goes by various names including:

- Olga Strelnikova
- Olga Zaharova
- Nadezhda Abramova
- Anastasiya Vishnyakova

The scammer had a private email with a different little picture within the backend of her account profile!! Once the offender realised, they removed it but not b4 I screendumped the browser and caught it !!! See this image of the culprit at this web address:

They also use many email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sam says: [Mar 21, 2006 at 04:54 AM]

she is has a profile on russian-american love and her email is

Anon says: [Apr 03, 2006 at 08:18 PM]
I have more pics than this site has. you should see the one with the messy blond hair> wow, hot >LOL...and the warm letter recieved today4/3/06 is a love letter few could write. Anon, I am impressed at how far you will go> 20 letters and I never had a clue??? Thanks!!! Sorry I will not be sending the computer...

REEPER says: [Apr 07, 2006 at 12:08 PM]


Mercasm06 says: [Apr 10, 2006 at 07:28 AM]
absoluteagency ID number for Olga

ID A5677055
City Yoshkar-Ola
Anon says: [Apr 15, 2006 at 06:25 PM]
She appears in with two different handles and locations
Dreid says: [Jun 24, 2006 at 12:29 AM]

ATTENTION !!! This girl is a thief on Internet
Really name Olga Strelnikova from Yoshkar-Ola (Marj El)

Keywords: In a hairdressing saloon blonde girl white dress
2007-06-19, 05:28:13
anonymous from Italy  
She is registered in, but since a month ago she's benn not acceding to her account. Some of them wait for their account to get closed before opening other one.

name: Oksana, age: 29, city: Cheboksary.

Keywords: blonde black dress
2007-06-19, 05:47:11   (updated: 2007-06-19, 05:57:19)
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: tanned blonde girl white dress on sofa or armchair
2007-06-19, 06:02:05
anonymous from Italy  
St. Valentine

The pleasure from your letters doesn't leave him/it different times. I have pleasant sense for mine new day.

Hi my the companion of soul, my Luciano, You your new letter and new pleasure for me. You transport me to a lot of pleasant and positive emotions for my continuation of my day. I am sorry me that cannot receive more often your letters of one or two time in one day. I can come in the Internet of the coffee in the morning, during the time of the lunch or after my job. This way I can transmit my letter you for your first breakfast. And I can be up to the pleasant beginning of your day to the extremity. I understand Them. Very you have occupied the person. Your pleasant beginning of the day can interest for your relatives and you in the good humor. Since don't be indifferent for me. All of your declaration and ideas are important for me. I think, what we could speak determined times that don't arrest him. To hope that we can have once them in to happen.
My mum, his/her sister and my girlfriend speak “hi „for your relatives and you. A lot of conversations have him. But I don't speak to them very of you to. they Have themes for the conversations without me. The women have characteristic to have rich imagination. But I don't appreciate to talk a lot to them. I know, what you/they can have conversation of determined times around a foolishness. I don't interfere with their long conversations. I think, that these conversations on what. That are happy my brothers you/they have enclosed in the calm and judicious ideas me. It contributes to understand an outside world.
I have been having pleasant humor for the morning. I have wakened up in 5 .30 Ams. I don't appreciate to longly sleep. I have wakened up and I have gotten ready for a first breakfast for me. I have desired to have your presence from this first breakfast. I have cooked the pancakes in the morning. The salad and is also prepared from me. I have bought the day before yesterday's fruit. And the salad was it waits today. I drink the squeeze. And the more main point and today time. Great bows of a snow of drop from the sky. From everybody that I have seen this more beautiful exposure. I have gone on the street. I should go for my job to 8.00 Ams. I have center of left of the mine to 6.30 Ams. I have walked 1.30 hours. As to me a snow. Sorpresendo is. I have looked at the sky. The great bows of a snow of drop on me. It was not cold to me. I have seemed the slow falling white “down „. I was enough fortunate to see him/it. I live near from my job. But my sense has made one and a half time. I have admired our time. It was pleasantly simple to me to see him/it. I have an enormous reserved world. I am able pleasant recovery in the simple things. I hope to have an occasion leave again her/it with you.
I desire to consult me to you. I don't have not at times enough dialogue. I have transmitted him a photo with two cats, but these cats don't extract. They live together with my mum and to his/her/their sister. I have a lot I get used to them and I now desire to take to center a kitten or the puppy. I have very longly thought. It seems to me what I could worry to this intention. My love and care will be in demand from a small downy clot. I have left miocasa. And I have presented that boar to house and The done I have not attended from someone. To me it was and and sad. I have thought, what I can buy an aquarium. But then I have resolved that I cannot mark and to hold in hands of the fishes. It unfortunately. But this pets calmantesi and pleasant. My father has appreciated to hold the houses an aquarium with the small fishes. It was in my infancy. And I have not attended but the fishes they will develop him. I have fed the relative one every day. But not him and developed. I have thought that I worried badly me for the relative one. And I have fed and fed.... But the result was not... I have desired that him and developed. But my brother has said to, what you/they have reached the maximum format. I was small and silly. I have bursted in the breakups... Then his/her brother has introduced him/it of small kitten. It paints with the black a stain it was white.

I was happy! We have given relative a name 'down'. I have played with the relative one. We have worked everywhere to work to that time when the kitten has broken the vase of the flower of his/her/their mother. I/you/they have been punished. And I have picked up the offense but my downy friend. We desire we have not communicated....
I desire to tell you that my desire and my hope is to come them to contact.
Since, my cat him and developed. And you/he/she has gone once and you/he/she has not postponed back. I have been distressed a lot of time. But life doesn't cost on a place. And I think, what I can still find a small kitten. How do you think? But I can take the puppy. And an animal that has a good time equally.... me it would Be interesting to be seemed relative. Do you have a pet? To me interesting your opinion.

You are a part of my daily life. I wake up to the morning. And I think about my leisure time for the letter for you. This my 'hobby' now. I study the use of a calculator in the Internet of the coffee. I receive the lessons. I have introduced the name on the lessons in the evening to study of a calculator.

Be pleasant for me because will help our dialogue!

I have knowledge in language family English. I have had any learn the language English in the perfection. Although, desires to be able to communicate with help of this language. I will look for the curriculumses in the evening this language 'the lives of the person - the person studies' (these are words of the wise person). Accosento with this expression of the words. They are in an elation. I desire to communicate more with you. I desire I learn around you so much, to desired quant0 to say around you. To me interesting your usual day. I have the great imagination. Accordingly I can introduce your life of the family. I will now finish up my letter. With hope for your answer, Oksana.

2007-06-19, 13:27:55
anonymous from Sweden  
nice work anon Italy...and very sorry that you lost your money. These pictures are quite a famous scam photo-set, ive seen them pictures on many scam sites and this one too (but you didn't know that before). The good thing is that you will only lose money once because now you know the typical Russian dating scam signs:

- too young girl
- many pictures old and a bit faded
- very long rambling form letters with strange format
- writes everyday in English (how does she have time if she's working?)
- uses a proxy server to hide his/her location
- doesn't answering direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter)
- falls in love very quickly
- wants money for a 'visa' and maybe tickets, even though she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in italy, a sponsor's application form (also from you). Without these documents, she can't get a Schengen visa.

It is a very unsubtle scam which only succeeds once.

but i would also like to say that there are nice real Russian girls out there to find , because I have found one myself. However, with a real Russian girl you must travel to her country first to meet her, not the other way around.

grazie e buon coraggio
2007-06-19, 23:42:45
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl in red bikini and glass
2007-06-19, 23:44:33
anonymous from Italy  
Today the beautiful day!!! The sun polishes today!!!! And certainly your letter!!! I Hold congratulates her/it!!!

Hi my more expensive Luciano!!!

Your letter this congratulates for me! Could not imagine, what can hold congratulates her/it! I have understood, that that the more main point in a life and a prosperity. I have in consideration of sense, what I have a sincere prosperity. I am happy, because I have one day full of sun and meaning of the life today. Sense of my life it…. it is unusual to me. But… and pleasant! The to desire to tell you around my unusual sincere state. I cannot describe all of my sensibilities. I desire to fly. The sensibility of the sincere composure doesn't leave him/it. And every new day of mine and better than last day. And I am sure that the following day to be best and best….

I/you/they have gone to the library today. I have thought about the new book. Library this old place for the visitingses. I know, what we live in the century 21. And the Internet has replaced all the people of the book. But I use the breve Internet term. And The books of the reading of love nevertheless. I prefer the romantic books of the reading. And very pleasant. Well… I/you/they have come to the library and I have chosen the book. I have desired to take the book of the Patrick O ` the author's Braine (his/her product “the captain of the first Rank). You library has received this book yesterday. You can remember this book on the film. The film him and reported “to the owner of the seas on the edge the motives „. I have desired to go on this film to a cinema. But I have not desired to go one. And the girlfriendses could not maintain my firm for the film of observation. And I have not observed this film. But I can read through the novel. I have taken this book for the examination. I will Tell you around the relative one. Have you observed this film? But I ask the word me a result of this novel. Please. I desire to hold for learning me. I have taken the small book of the poetry. I have had time to read with some verseses. To me you/he/she has appreciated a poem.

“You - a line and all are very well:

And a rain and a cold wind.

Thanks you, my clearing,

For that you to be on light.

Thanks for these labbris,

Thanks for these hands.

Thanks, my you loved,

For that you are on light.

One - line and in effects you would be able

Not to come at all to contact of…

Unique mine, thanks

For that are on light!

These 12 lines of a verse are filled with abundance of sense. I have held, what I have him equally hold with… I don't desire to expedite the event aumentante.

I will transmit him some poemses for you he/she anchors in the following letters. I hope, that this verse I have appreciated you. What book and state done read by you it lasts? Have you read the books? I know, that I book in the last time. But the books enrich our reserved world. It promotes to the witty beauty. I can say to, what you have the most beautiful soul. You could illuminate in me the pleasure of every day. To me to as to write and to communicate with you. My life will lose a meaningful part if I will lose him the connection with. I have now reflected on it. And you/he/she was upsetting. I don't desire to arrest or to arrest our correspondence…. terrible Essoe for me. I will lose a part me. You there is transformati in in a part me. I hope to see once it. I will go to my girlfriend after my coffee of visit. I have seen the manifesto of new film of comic strip to a cinema. I can call him/it as soon as 'cinema.'

I have seen the publicity around new of the equipment to the cinemas. The new equipment of a sound refers 'to the dolby it surrounds'. But, unfortunately, our cinema doesn't have healthy improvements. Nevertheless, the cinema and better than the TV. I live in the city of very small province. This city has type of establishment. But our nature draws near to ideally for rest and a calm life. We have space to the open one of the district. Accordingly winter this very cold season. The district not and protected from the strong winds. Our city and on the shore of the river. And on this the hits of the wind in all of our city. My apartment and heated by the system of the central heating. Accordingly the wood of the fire not and necessary for me. We live if coastal of the territory. But we frequently receive a problem of use of water. It happens, what we cannot use the warm water. But electricity constantly happens in our apartments. And a small part of the description of our city. I will be happy, if you write around also. Me it is interesting to learn around you. And I think, that that accosento with your ideas and you. It seems to me, that we have harmony of the ideas and the sensibilities. My letter will now reach the end. I will go to the girlfriend Natasha. I hope, what we can be in time on a new film of comic strip.

I will tell to tomorrow you this intention if we will have time to observe today. I will now say good-bye to you. I don't desire to go from the Internet-coffee. But I should go.

They are more in the Internet of the coffee time, that sooner. But it only for our dialogue. I will wait for your letter! I foresee your letter, Oksana from the shore of Turns...


2007-06-21, 00:23:17
anonymous from Italy  
e-mail written 18/2/2007

Me this day only from your letter and pleasant.

Hi my more expensive Luciano, in my ideas always… it is pleasant for me from the receipt of your letters. As to me to learn around you… hope of The, what you won't stop I pray to me.

Our time very quickly varies and very frequently. I have hoped as always today to walk in the morning. But the wind strong gusty has avoided him/it to walk on a marge of our wood. I live in 15 minutes to walk from a marge of a wood and in 10 account to walk up to the river. I hope, that you have understood my disposition of the uniform from a wood and from the rivers. Today very cold windy day. But I was not afraid to go on the street. And I/you/they have come to the Internet of the coffee for the letter to you. For me and very pleasant to come in the Internet of the coffee when your letter waits for him/it. And for me and pleasant to receive your letter. I don't desire to write to the people. I desire to write only you. You are in my heart. Don't hold to me the good relationship with me in my city. Me stickings intoxicates only some saw to me. My greater brothers were severe to him. And I/you/they have always been protected. But me saw, as the most greater part of the men frequently drink. You attracts to the terrible consequences. I remember a terrible case in March of last year. My girlfriend has married the pleasant guy during 20 years. His/her Marina name. I was happy for his it congratulates. You/they have happily lived eight years. You/they have given to the light to his/her/their child (boy). But then our the city has lost the wood industry and then ours I bring of the courts of the river and state sold for the debts of the enterprise. And then very many men have gotten further. And the husband of my girlfriend also and has gotten further. You/they have tried to earn the money in the different senses. Her husband and gone on the earningses to Siberia for the long half-year. and one or two time come to one year. They loved the whole heart. I remember the bright eyes of the Marina. There was a love. But you/they have owed tired to fight with poverty. The scandals and quarrels have pursued him/it. Has the Marina of his/her/their husband started to drink the alcohol. and done stop working…. saws all from vodka up to the solvent of a varnish…. You, solvent of a varnish… you have seen the news around Russia you/he/she intoxicates? Me transfer of the saw to this intention. The spoke, that die of the 1100 men daily from an alcoholic poisoning. The Marina has believed that a pain in the heart… I have tried to help him/it her and to his/her/their child. I remember me of, that her that the small child and come to me to eat. Since you/they have not had even a certain bread. I have tried to help all… The Marina has worked to two fittingses. But these money has not been enough for life of the young family. And the small child has had the birthday 7. The ` the Marina's s his/her child and gone to the first code category. And last year in the rubber band..... the small boy and come to the house. Besides you/he/she has seen, his that the house and has burnt down. you/he/she has lost in this fire of his/her/their parents… I have lost the girlfriend… The officers of the fire have arrived late… and the whole house was down burns. The criminalistses of the fire have shown that the fire eraa causes some non extinct cigarettes of his/her/their husband. Her husband and state strongly drunk that day. And my girlfriend and come home very tired. You/he/she has gone in bed in a room and her her husband it was in a corridor. and drunk state and smoked a cigarette. you/he/she has put to sleep fallen with you/he/she has extinguished a cigarette, the cigarette and fallen to a carpet and you/he/she has illuminated in on and more subsequently you/he/she has already burnt all of their house. Accordingly you/they have suffocated a smoke. I have shouted from loss of my girlfriend. The whole city and is shaken with these news. I have desired to pick up the boy small bottom the trusteeship. But I have not had good money for the protutela. And the management of the city has given until me in the approval. The boy small institute for the infancy now lives in... I don't have children. But children and pleasant for me. I can find the language common with the whole child. Me it is pleasant that sincere people of his/her/their children. I have very frankly noticed, that condole of his/her/their children. I am sorry around you, that this letter of mine I have very sad the to satisfy. But I have desired to express. I cannot express with the other person.

You my destination of my heart. And our dialogue and easy for me. I hold, what I have known them many years of million. Perhaps... we have had a near relationship among us in the last life.?.. I Hold, what I can talk to you on all the themes. You my part of a life. I can now say to, that you an integral part of my modest life. Our dialogue to be been in my heart. Enormous sense has me for. I wake up to the morning. And my first ideas around you. I don't know, because my the first ones me they think, I am - you. I don't know, but and pleasant for me. I don't desire to expedite the event. But I have presented to the morning that I could prepare for salad from the coffee of the cook and the fruit for you... But I have finally wakened up... And I/you/they have gone to get ready only himself/herself/themselves for a first breakfast for a person - for me. At times I don't have first breakfast, because I don't have firm for a first breakfast. And a first breakfast in the loneliness not and pleasant. Have you eaten the first breakfast in the loneliness? This unpleasant sensibility... It likewise 'on the island of the desert'. And you/he/she is reaming for me. I frequently introduce me around our first breakfast. I would like to eat you the first breakfast with today. I desire, what you have eaten a first pleasant breakfast with the pleasant ideas on me. Since my first rare breakfast introduces him in the ideas on you. I hope, what you will have the most pleasant day from your life. And I hope, that this day to remember himself/herself/themselves than for you for the whole life. I desire, that this simple day I was separate from every last day. I desire, what have won in a lottery or has promoted on your job or has received the blessing divine!!!

I desire to tell you, what I don't have mobile telephone because the cost of a mobile telephone ago my 2 monthly salaries.

I desire, that this day was the the best thing and remembered than for you. And that your day was in the memory of the people. I will be happy, if you write me around yours today. I ask to tell me around your pleasant cases of today.

Well... I will Go. Very I am sorry me, but I finish up my letter. I don't desire to go, but I should go. Knows, that her and a girl on a planet that he/she thinks you.... Your Oksana

2007-06-21, 00:33:58
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl with mobile telephone
2007-06-21, 00:39:59
anonymous from Italy  
Written February 19 th 2007

My ideas around you don't stop being in my head.

Hi mine dearrest man, my unique Luciano, You and only you could grant to hold to me the tenderness of the dialogue. It seems to me, that dialogue of ours to become and more than the simple correspondence. I will be happy to know that you think. To me all and interesting around you. I know, that can seem unknown for you, but to me all and interesting around you: every section of your body and interesting me. Very I appreciate your letters. Every your letter for me and a part of your life, every your word in the letter and a part of your life. I hold, what we have familiarity many years. Your letters are so more awful what I cannot express my emotions in the letter.

You have him/it very interested, the letters of magic. It balm for heart ferrito.

I desire to tell him very around. But I cannot write only frequently you. I desire to write around everybody. But I don't have time to write only. You know, what I appreciate to read the books, but besides I appreciate to go within for the sports. I have seen the manifesto of publicity in the morning today. The manifesto was around the new proper club. Soon this club will open. This very enormous event for a duration of the city. And I think, what I would be club measure happy call with Natasha. But he/she doesn't know around the relative opening. I desire I pray to her with these news. I am sure that her accosentiree to maintain mine the firm to visit. I have desired to ask to my sister younger my firm. But I don't have him near dialogue with. don't know, because…. I have not had good occasion for maintenance my physicist it cures a constitution. I desire to pleasantly observe for the eyes. In fact, I desire, that were happy to always see him/it. I am busy desire pleasantly for you.

I love the sports. To me as to the vigilance behind the figure. It is pleasant and profit. I love the winter. And I frequently skate. I appreciate the tolerance. The great bows of a snow, of a pleasant cold and of a cup of warm chocolate…. This more pleasant combination, but. … Nevertheless, The not to have not enough partner of a life. Perhaps, not for the roller skate of the sports and on a limit of all of my life. I don't have not enough person that I/you/he/she am next to me.

With the girlfriend we have desired to go on the zone of the ice today. Although, in the by is cold. I hope that our programs don't change. I am sorry me that we cannot go today together on a layer of the ice. We could drink the chocolate warm whole you.

We live in the small city. And we have few diversions. I cannot go to the evening on the walk. Since I am afraid of the young teen-agers. The juvenile criminals steal the purses from the young girls, I am afraid to seem to you maddish. But the criminality doesn't stop being at the streets. Accordingly I don't walk during the dark time in the loneliness. And to illuminate the time very quickly finishes in the winter. it darkens you in 4 .00 pms. And I go from job home in the blackness. I am happy that return with my neigbour. And we come together thin to a house. I ask him not to worry me. The inordines. I don't desire, that that frightened.

Does Luciano, have criminality in your country? I have had ideas around the purchase I poison a cylinder. I have seen in the catalog of his/her own safety. I have thought a lot it. I would like to buy a cylinder for self-preservation. But the criminals can also buy. And have not I determined idea around the purchase of the protective weapon Luciano, that you have the weapon consequently? Á. turned, desires to hold the protection. But, every girl desires to hold the reservation and the safety. And The inclusive one! You perhaps think that reservation sensibility, and to safety it only weakness of the girl. But non such girls what they seem at first sight. We are more gently besides more defencelesses of we show us to the men... And we can seem very not at times criminal, but we desire the dialogue in a reality. Although we are afraid.... we are afraid to have burnt around a fire of passion and love...

But me as to our dialogue. I have the sensibilities mixed.

I hold at night a lepidottero. I fly on light of ours the relationships. And...

I am afraid to have burnt around a flame of our desires in the relationships.

I desire to be happy and I loved. I desire to have the first one and unique companion of soul in my life. Lucianos, say to that you think. To me important your ideas around my ideas. Luciano, The desire to tell you what I will wait for your letter to me. I have read different times your letters. And at times, the person responsible asks a calculator to release other guests. Hope you will immediately answer me as you receive my letter. And I can be satisfied with your letter and to make to become rabid different times the person responsible of the coffee.... I desire You the days or the pleasant nights for, for mine only thing... Knows, Oksana thinks you during the examination of my letter.

p.s. Oksana Isaeva, Zvenigovo, Street of Lenina, house 27, 3 floors, Russia.

2007-06-22, 19:02:44
anonymous from United States  
Hidden,You need to post more than that! And it's a very common name there.

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.
2007-06-22, 23:19:52
anonymous from Italy  
written February 20 th 2007 from OKSANA ORLOVA

Hi my more expensive and only Luciano,

I will be happy if I come them to contact in the most elegant humor and in the healthy health. I hope that my letter lifts your humor. I appreciate your love to a life. My sensibility of the connection and become so strongly to you what I cannot think to other things. I become dependent to your letters. I don't have day when I don't think you. I hope that you also think me. I desire that you not to leave him/it. I desire to always communicate with you. I don't desire that you have thought that The maddish one. But. … It this way.

I have wakened up soon today in the morning. Since have desired to receive your letter! I have done a first breakfast and a you cooked. I have quickly taken a downpour. I have eaten the first breakfast. And my sense was to the Internet of the coffee. I/you/they have been I pleasantly surprise, when I have received your letter. I always wait for your letter! But I cannot have a lot of time in the morning for the letter to you. The person responsible of the commercial center misuses all the delayed workers. But I have not had such conversaonversazione with the prominence never. I come on the place of employment to time. The the conscientious worker. And a worth of my mum. My mum has learned him/it to everybody. I have learned the persistence. We have had the poor infancy with my brothers and his/her sister. But you/he/she has promoted our character within a life. My memories are sad a lot inside. Us not only with such infancy in Russia. My defective memories constantly disturb him/it. I have learned to prepare the peeping of The and to work to the house in the infancy. I was happy to help my mum in domestic to work. I have studied to the cakes of bakee and to cook a tasty borshch. The Mum taught ago all for a house. These are old traditions. I know, from what the modern world differs strongly in a city of province. But me it would be interesting to see the other “world „, others cultivate and the people.

I have finished up the examination of the book “on the captain of the seas „. I have not appreciated this book. The book contains the violence very. I don't love the violence and the wars. Determined moments of the book you/they have appreciated him/it nevertheless. I have read on search of a new ground and the enormous ocean. And the more main point and a romanticism. The captain was very brave and strong person in the book. And you/he/she has won the motives and you/he/she has ransacked the pirates. The a lot of impressionable. The author of the book has very brightly described this book and picturesquely. The captain was very brave and good. You and developed affectionate of the beautiful girl. This captain has pursued the ship of the pirates for her. It has to surmount a floor of the earth that frees his the girl. The struggle was very severe. But the captain has saved the girlfriend of heart. It was thankful the whole heart to the rescue. You/they have sunk the ship of piracy. Their ship was floating to the shore of Brazil. it quadrates the captain and afflicted state, when you/they have learned that he/she leaves her. The captain with the love has landed on the continent of the south. The captain has named the new captain for this ship. The ship has departured in the ulteriorenavigazione. And the joining of love has left to depth of the continent. Nobody has seen more them. There were hearings, that the captain and reached state and you/he/she has hung. Someone has spoken, what you/they have found the treasures. And you/they have bought the earth and the enormous house. Besides that you/they have given to the light to many children. To me you/he/she has appreciated the romantic extremity. The captain has found the destination of heart on the islands of Brazil. I recommend for also reading through this book. I will return this book in the library today. And I will choose besides the new book. I am sorry me that we cannot go together. For me it would be pleasant to go together with you. I wait for the moment when I can personally talk to you, 'from an eye approximately'. This Russian expression. It points out 'confrontation' the sense or a direct reunion. I hope that you don't have difficulty in our dialogue. I don't have difficulty in our dialogue. I desire you to be nearer. As to me our common ideas. I easily admit that to me to communicate with you. You only who and pleasant in the dialogue for me. I cannot communicate with my neighbors you intoxicate and bad people. I don't desire to have terrestrial town with the other person. You my companion of animates! I don't desire to have other friend. I communicate only with you. You the pleasant person! I think that should be sincere! I desire to tell you that I/you/he/she am not indifferent to you. I believe that we are produced by the god. I desire to be only with you!

I desire to tell you, that that her The quite it doesn't know quant0 I am her/it a mobile telephone me in the city. My very small city and to me in the city it brings not so that great assortment of the commodities, therefore to choose originates not particularly from what. I have asked that the girlfriend can be her it knows the cost of a mobile telephone. You/he/she has told me, that that coast from 170 European and from up to 250 European.

The to be spent for use of a calculator in the Internet of the coffee around 70 European a the month. At times I can spend more because The at times to use the Internet with a sight of job. At times I ask I learn the price for all the commodities. To this intention I/you/they have asked from my head.

Darling I desire to ask him quant0 the run for your girl from Russia you/he/she has cost, that with which you have come to contact of until me? I don't know that quant0s travel for me it will cost. I desire to know even the provisional prices to this goal. He/she anchors tomorrow I will go to a firm of run that learns that that to me and necessary to reach quant0 and you it costs.

I hope, that you equally he/she will write me everything that I have asked you. I will attend. And tomorrow I will equally necessarily write you all the prices, what I learn.

My captain, The your princess. I will wait for your letter. I wait for your letters every day. Mine delicate embraces for you!

Your princess Oksana

2007-06-22, 23:22:48
anonymous from Italy  

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