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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA


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I have already put the name of this scammer that has stolen me 7000 European, I repeat you/he/she has stolen me 7000 European with false promises, I don't know as you/he/she is ended under me name of Irina, but you/he/she has never used the name irina, please you put alone this scammer without other faces.

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2007-06-22, 23:27:05
anonymous from Italy  
Written February 21 st 2007 by OKSANA ORLOVA

I am happy to favorably welcome them anchors!

Hi my unique Lucianos, are happy!!! I am happy be with you! To me pleasantly our dialogue. I hope, what you receive a position of the energy coming from my letters. Since I receive A lot of Positive Emotions from you. Accordingly I inhale to the letter. Not even, when evening comes. I admit, that day of mine I am very boring. And your letters can illuminate only on my day. Every your letter decorates my boring day. But it I. I romantic and optimist. The to admit, that entirely cannot satisfy I beg him/it as You my day! I have presented around our possible to a reunion last night. You…, The simpleton…. And and a shame to me a small….

I have wakened up in the morning in the very good humor. The of the souls it was pleasant. I have not expedited up to allowed a bathroom. I have enjoyed every drop of warm water. My girlfriend has introduced me a suit of preparation to indent. And I/you/they have been dressed in a double suit of preparation after pleasant oppressing. I have not desired to have first breakfast. I have eaten only the great apple. The time was shortly pleasant walk. And I have decided not to remain in the country. The sun has brightly polished. My entrance and individualized by the oriental side in the country. I leave always accordingly to the sun. But I go at times from a house before the sun. The “an initial birdy „. I/you/they have been I pleasantly surprise receiving the pleasant solar bundles in my eyes. I/you/they have been blinded by the sun for a certain time. But and pleasant. From the pleasure. I have resolved, that I will Go on the shore of Turns. I was on the shore of the river today. It was very beautiful. But it was windy. We have very open district. I love the river or the whole reservoir. The duration of our city and connected directly to the river. I love the water. Hook the navigation. I spring in degree to float. I remember the time carefree, when I have spent a lot of time for the shore of the river. I appreciate a kind of the river in the evening. Me it is pleasant, when the sun loosens him in the horizon. And the bright fire obeys delicate river…. I frequently Come on the shore. And today such moment. I was the long one, but I have not attended a sunset. I have decided to come in coffee and to write you around my ideas. And what today?

The dear one it is very thankful to you for what you can transmit me of money. Thanks you. To tell me on quant0 you will transmit and on what?

Still how dear I desire to tell you to a small respect the telephone. If you will transmit me the telephone for mail me very to doubt of, what will reach him/it. Simply in the house of customs very to appreciate to open the packets and to steal there frequently from the important things. I think, what must not have transmitted the telephone for mail. I still desire to tell you, that packet I will go more than 2 weeks.

We have a small fountain in the mean of the city. And very beautiful. It freezes in the winter. But the summer from the relative enormous beauty. I go to frequently park. And summer this best season for the park of visit and a fountain. The winter not from such occasion. This fountain and very beautiful. I can appraise the beauty of water in all the places. Him a fountain or the great river you are left. I love a touch to water. I hold the softness and the tenderness. in summer this pleasant heats the touch to water. In the winter it pleasantly burns the hands of the leather. I desire to leave again this sensibility with you. I am sorry me what I cannot personally leave again the pleasure with you. We could walk and to communicate everywhere. I admit that my life asks for the case of my destination of heart….

As I have promised him today after I work that have wasted expensive time that learns that and necessary for me that I could arrive to you. I/you/they have gone to branch out tourist firm in the city of the mine. I have a lot of time cable her because I have desired I very precisely learn everything this. This way I desire to say all to, that has learned.

The first one that and necessary for me that I could reach the international passport and you for the run. I can receive this passport for 7-10 working gioranates. In all him another a the season that has occupied and more than the time, but now the winter and consequently very little people travel. Because of it I can publish more quickly the passport.

The following, what I have to receive him/it the seen to visit Italy. Á. this goal the firm of run will transmit the investigation to Moscow that I have given the seen to visit Italy. Me you/they have said to, what the problems won't do. I can receive the seen one.

What follows, that and necessary insurance-illness for the run that I could receive all the physician-sanitary services in there and of it the country of the world for me and.

And to last, that and necessary for me, it, certainly tickets of air on board of the airplane that will bring him/it you. I desire to say to, what I can book a ticket without difficulty.

Dear, I have learned the everything that and necessary for me and you/he/she has written to this intention you.

To last, what I have learned in a cost of of the firm of run of all of my run. When quant0 has felt my run it will cost, frightened, because I don't have these money. For Russia they are very great the sum of money and me doesn't simply introduce him where I can take such money. I desire to say to, that to save on this sum of money to me they are more than 2 necessary years. I earn the very small money, I am enough only on that to pay the taxes, to buy the products and few money me accei they remain it spent personal.

I desire to write you, that how much costs.

To receive the passport to me and necessary to pay 253 European (I have to publish the passport and to call the relative actions will make 10 years.). Cost of the the seen for the period of 3 months ago 314 European. Cost of insurance-illness 140 European. And the last that I have had to write him/it cost of the tickets of air and you. Ago 477 European.

The general cost of the run ago 1184 European.

For me and very inopportune to ask them to the help, me it doesn't desire to position him/it uncomfortable. I desire to tell you, that I will be I do everything that depends on me, I will save the necessary money, I will work a lot and I think, that my efforts will remain renumerated, us they will come to contact of. I will save the money to arrive to you.

I have walked on the litorale.Oggi one day full of warm sun but a wind. I have desired to invite my girlfriend. But and is busy to his/her mumses. I have not desired distract. But I would prefer your presence. Me it would be interesting to walk with you. Dream of ours the general walks. I think, that we could have very long and pleasant conversation. I desire to tell a lot you around. I can use the letters. But the themes of the conversations exist, that desire for personally talking to you. I think what not morally to speak him/it to the letters.

... It walks I beg my humor. And consequently I do 'to sweeten' the most pleasant and the dream. I appreciate to see the dreams. I have read, that dream this exposure of a sincere state. If the person desires to eat, the dream contains a chicken of roast and other products. If the person and in the love, he/she dreams some romantic circumstances (probably and the love). I gently Sleep. All the noise can wake up him/it. My dream and very delicate. I don't hold the feelings nervous when awake. Awake very vigorous. And what do you have dream? What have you dreamt the last time?

I think, what you resemble to a small kitten when sleep. Me it would be interesting to see them when you sleep. For me pleasant sara to learn around your ideas. I will wait for your new letters and a photo. I will try to fall today sooner dormant. What I could see him/it in my dream. Do you see him/it in your dreams? I will attend... I. low u... your Oksana I make sure and only

2007-06-22, 23:45:49
anonymous from Italy  
This girl that he is predentata to me with the name of OKSANA ORLOVA
I have discovered then that has used other names:
Olga Strelnikova
Anastasiya Vishnyakova
Nadezhda Abramova
Olga Zaharova
to the moment I know only these.
if someone can help to make me discover and to capture this scammer from the police, thanks him/it.
these women ruin the name of the russia and so many honest Russian girls.
I put also this list of addresses email that the self-styled Oksana Orlova has used in his/her criminal enterprises.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I surely know that it doesn't do alone it and he/she always works with some criminal accomplices.
2007-06-23, 06:57:58
anonymous from Sweden  
ciao encora anon Italy!....once again I regret that you lost your money, 7000 euros is too much to lose to criminals.

Can you locate your scammer's IP address? (I prefer to say he or 'scammer' because the person that stole this money from you is almost certainly not a 'girl':)

The Russian police will not be able to help you if they cannot trace the mails that the scammer sent you. If the scammer is professional he is probably using a SOCKS-server and GPRS Internet, which means they will be very difficult to trace. There is a small chance that he used a regular Internet supplier. Either way, you can get his IP address from the headers of the mails that he sent you. Do you know how to do this? I can explain if you do not.

Furthermore, you will need a lot of courage (and money) to prosecute this case in Russia. Of course, the Russian police would like to catch these scam criminals, but let's say hypothetically that they catch the scammer that stole your money.....then you must travel to Russia to witness against this scammer in court. Capito? are you prepared to do this? It can take a long time, maybe several weeks or months.

This is one reason that the scammers continue their activities with impunity...because they know that most of their victims will not travel to Russia to witness against them, even if they are caught. It costs too much money.

Buon couraggio!
2007-06-23, 16:21:23
anonymous from Italy  
If the police captures this scammer, I am ready and to go thin in russia to testify, because I have all the receipts of the money that I have sent her, and also the name that the scammer has given me to make the payment through Western Union.
But to capture this scammer is a job of the police.
2007-06-23, 16:29:12
anonymous from Italy  
written email February 22 nd 2007 from Oksana Orlova
Street Of LENINA, House 27, 3 Floors

I will be happy, if you receive my letter in your good humor.

Hi my Luciano of more expensive love, The pleasure and the pleasant sensibilities will be if you receive my letter with the pleasant humor and the good health. I will be happy, if my letter will lift the humor to you. And if my letter will come to you in the morning to leave my letter it will give him the strengths and the vivacity the whole day. And if you receive my letter in the evening you/he/she has left it will serve from pleasant dream for you!!! I will Be happy, if he/she will see him/it to you in your dreams. I am happy receive the letters from you! I appreciate to receive the signs on attention from you! Me be pleasant what think me! I think you every day of mine! I introduce me, what we could have very pleasant conversation…. you help him/it to be in the good humor. It is ripartisco the vivacity of my girlfriendses and colleagues on job. I am sure what you contribute to be in the vigorous humor of the most greater part in our small city of province. I hope, what you won't stop I pray to me. You my bundle of the sun!!!

I have spoken to them what I desire to go inside measure a corridor. And… have received the card of the member today!!! can visit the measure a corridor three days in a week! I was happy today. I desire to leave again with you my pleasure! This small event in my life. But and pleasant for me. I can deal with my figure. I don't have problem with my weight nevertheless. My girlfriend and come to me in the morning today. Natasha has said to, what we can go to the opening measures a corridor today. I have taken with me documents. And we have gone to introduce the name to visit. We were the first ones and unique guests. Perhaps, tomorrow's day more popular sara. Little support of the people behind the figure. But it not the principal thing. I think that motive and thinking, the opinion of the person and more main point of the physical data. The nature assigns them with the different data. But we receive the essence. And I appreciate above all it in the people. I am sure, that nothing are important except sincere opinion and ideas of the person. Luciano, hopes, that accosentite with me.

I hold him the pleasant dialogue and more with. I think, what we could be more neighbors. I admit, what you put in me some expectations. I hope, that my expectations that I will be useless not. But that I am sure you that destination of my heart that I have looked for the a lot of time. I hold, that you that person, that part of mines hearts Loving!!! I have read your letters. And me your words and ideas are pleasant.

To you great for what you have transmitted me to thanks you of money. I am very thankful to you.

Dear but me to have a small problem. I desire to tell you, what I have not known that that will receive the money from you to me my Russian and necessary passport. I don't now have my passport because I have given him/it to the management of the city, in a department of the passport that has changed my passport to me. It is necessary procedure, that has done on the realizable age. I have had to do him/it and I have given ago passport the 1 a week. I have not written you to this intention because I have not known, that passport of mine in the immediate future I will be necessary for me.

I will have only the Russian back part of the passport in 1 week. The procedure of the rimontaggio of old passport on new it occupies 2 weeks and peer.

Darling I cannot receive the money from you to work to that time while I won't be having back the passport. What I could now receive the money from you me to ask to change him the data of a replacement. I/you/they have gone in the Western Union and me you/they have said to, that that and possible. You can cause the Western Union in the city for telephone and to change a name of the beneficiary. You should change only these data. I ask him to change a name of the recipient spoken to mines the partner on job. Very correct and good girl, me it communicates only with her on my job. The she has said around our correspondence to very and he/she knows that I have had such situation with my passport. You/he/she has said to, that can go to receive me the money for.

When you will change a name of the recipient, I will go together her to the Western Union that we could receive together the money. Not as soon as it will immediately receive the money from you it will transfer the money to me. I will be together with all and she they will be good. I ask him to do me him for. Well? Can you do them?

I desire that you have changed a name of the beneficiary to a name: Ann Troschenkova.

Not as soon as to change the data of the translation, me you ask him to write me the letter.

I am sorry me, but The it will finish up my letter today. I am sorry what I have written the lower case letter today. But I should go to my girlfriend. We would owe accosentiree around our today's occupation.

I don't know, I can be and I am dream silly it and of the regret, that I/you/they have been borne in Russia, rather than next to you, but I should order for not dreaming to heart of you and not to desire to be next to you.

I now write you and to the breakup on the eyes of that that you are distant also us you/he/she cannot come him/it to contact.

Justification, that load of The you the dreams, but Inon can think to what except it. You have for ever lodged in my heart and from it you will never go already.

I write him/it you that you have known that except you in the heart me someone not and absent and already never not sara.

Well... I will Now go to my girlfriend. You my captain! I will miss them!!!

My love, care, life for only for you!!! your alone Oksana

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Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-06-23, 16:33:12
anonymous from Italy  
When I have sent the money with Western Union I have put the name of OKSANA ORLOVA and therefore she has withdrawn the money with this passport and with this name
2007-06-23, 16:39:01
anonymous from Italy  
E-mail written February 26 th 2007
Street Of LENINA, House 27, 3 Floors

Expensive mine Luciano, in the beginning of my letter very I desire to ask you a pardon for what I have not amortized you during the days. To excuse him/it please. The Internet of the coffee has not worked inside currently out and I could not write you the letter and to say to around everybody.

You my bundle of the sun! Hi my love, Luciano, thanks for your letter! You watch out very to me. And I am sure, that that and pleasant for every girl. I have thought that “destination of heart „dovrte to be happy to have them in our relationships. I can dream only for being with you because the distance and valid among us. I desire to tell you that you “the companion of soul „for me. I hold the heat of my soul to you! And result to speak to him/it some words. But I will say to. I Love You!!! you, have correctly understood me! I Love you All Of my Small Heart! I am sorry me what don't know the Russian. I could tell you a lot of words around love. I have desired to flood him/it some pleasant words. But my knowledge of the language so good English not. I would like to know this language in the perfection. On this I visit the rates of the language English the Tuesday and Thursday every week. I have her the knowledge of the language English, but only knowledge of initial. The very naïve one. I do her with hope, that that we can come in the future to contact of. I admit, that that aspect this possible a reunion. You, it only in my naïve dreams. I know, that that the distance and very great strength. And we are relative object. But we have the Internet. And an unique fillet of connection among us. And I think, that I would be, if we have lost this fillet of our connection. And very unpleasant for me. I don't desire to think it. You have changed in in a part of my life. I understand, what we have not had enough time for pleasant knowledge. We have had the short dialogue but it and very pleasant for me. At times, people can understand him from a sight. My mum has informed in the military hospital this way. My father has received the wound in a foot. And my father and state transported in the military hospital. My mum has worked her/it as the physician. My mum speaks, what I/you/they am fallen at first sight in the love. My mum was the young physician in the hospital. And my father was the military officer. Their reunion was casual and for never! The very a lot of happy, when my mum tells the moments from their life. Memory too frequently my father. Once that, my father has brought me an enormous polar bear. It was plush the toy. To me there were 10 years. And we were identical development with my bear. I have appreciated to sleep only with a bear. A lot of hook the soft toys. For me and pleasant to embrace the relative one. I sleep one in the pink color a suit of preparation. And the bear maintains mine the firm to the long cold nights. The even more many soft toys. My mum knows my weakness to the soft toys. And I receive on every party a new toy from my mum.

A lot of hook to learn new. But I don't appreciate the rivalry. I have participated in the contests in footstep and in the field to the university. I have received a medal for the first place. Me you/he/she has given the letter and 100 roubleses of money of maintenance of my physical form to the followings successes. I was fierce of the successes in the sports. But that other participants have been afflicted I/you/they are deprived of attention. This unpleasant moltosensibilita for me. I prefer the harmony with the world. I am sure what we can live in the world with the people. How do you think? Can we have the world on a planet? I think, that all the wars and quarrels I start with the sensibility of the imperfection in the person. Since the person holds you/he/she lacks of of and test to change the world, rather than. I think, what we should look for the contradiction in ourselves in the beginning and then in the world. Then we can be in the world with the whole world. And my unmarried simpleton a sight to the world around. It is naïve, certainly. I understand it but her/it The the dreamer and romantic. Nevertheless. I hope, what we can see such world in to happen. I hold, that The not what the people in my city. I believe that I/you/he/she am able who will find the person to love him/it. My reservation and naïve also. But it more anymore well to hold a fraud from his/her/their husbands in Russia. I think, what I will be paralyzed and cursed. I desire that I am worthy. Dream to be I loved and I desire to love him. Be pleasant for me of what hold you this! You mine sincere and the companion of animates! I love you! I will finish up my letter on this pleasant note. I hope, what you not think that I/you/he/she am maddish. I speak them that I think. And you/he/she should mean you something for. I hope, what you write me your ideas around the future. Do I hope, what you I will leave in the future a place for me your? I will think you! You my greater part of the companion of animates, my love!

Your the dreamer, romantic Oksana

p.s. I Desire to tell you what I have received the money from you. Thanks you for it.

Darling I think, what we have to begin for having spoken of a reunion with you. I remind me of what you have asked me whether to learn when the party it it is necessary for arriving to you. I have learned besides I desire to say to this intention you, that I can already take the party on March 15 or 16. Of length can be needed the party from 1 month to work to 2 months. Are you happy? We can come very soon already them to contact.

I desire that you have written me to this intention. Well?

2007-06-23, 18:33:02
anonymous from Sweden  
si anon are a man on a mission. I would do the same. i wish u the best of luck. Have you contacted the russian police?
2007-06-23, 23:32:39
anonymous from Italy  
I have not contacted the police of russia, because I don't know how to write Russian eppoi I believe that it is their institutional duty to pursue the criminals without waiting that someone goes daloro to tell him thing they have to do or not to do, could be very well otherwise all sat on their chairs and to leave the criminals to work.
2007-06-23, 23:37:27
anonymous from Italy  
e-mail written February 28 th 2007 from
Street Of LENINA, House 27, 3 Floors

My love, my dream! Expensive Luciano of the mine!!! Every letter of mine to a particle of my soul and you to you! I desire to fly in on on the sky from your letters! Have not held as so never! My sensibility seems to me a story fairy and my desires they seem dream unrealizable. Have appreciated me your attention! I admit to you that I have not held to me the similar relationship. I live in the small city. And a word? gentleman? not experienced in our city. I very rarely see her! I see, that the men don't show the usual respect and respect for the weakest sex. I have seen once in our commercial center a terrible case. The drunk young type has started jealous to be young to the bridegroom of the safety protection of our department. A lot of frightened. The type was very drunk. Not him and guarded. His/her that his wife has said to that you receive the salaries for two months. This usual phenomenon in our city. The enterprises have been holding the salaries for quite a lot months around quite a lot years. And people remain without means of subsistence. Many people receive a psychological trauma. And the most greater part of the men start to drink the vodka. The well? this drunk type has received the salary and you/he/she has decided to buy some appliances. His/her that his wife has said to that you receive 7500 roubleses (200 European) of salaries. These are very great money in our city. Longly I/you/they have gone on our department of the family. His wife has desired to buy a washer. And her husband has desired to buy the TV. They desire discussed. Then the safety protection of the commercial center has tried to calm them. But the drunk type has struck his wife. You/he/she has shouted that his his wife sleeps with the safety protection. I/you/they have very strongly been confused. But the safety protection has had time to seize the type. Frightened very strongly. It was very terrible to feel all the curseses of the type. You/he/she has cursed the safety protection, his wife, all the people on a planet. The type has shouted, that will come here and it will kill all the actual people. But the safety protection has deduced him/it from the commercial center on the street. I have tried to calm down me, but frightened. The drunk type has shouted, that that sara constituted in a criminal group. And you/he/she has shouted very rigid threats to everybody. Then the safety protection has not sustained and you/he/she has struck the drunk type. You and transformed in in a pity to me of the type. I have had the sensibilities mixed of fear and pity. Since the type has very strongly suffered. You/he/she has received a banging of the brain and some lacerations on the person. It was terrible to me to look at the drops of soul. The medical benefit has quickly arrived in 42 minutes. The type has expired with soul. To me it was very terrible. I was afraid what will result the friends for the punishment of the safety protection of the commercial shop. All the young saleswomens thin frightened to a hysterics. The militia and arrival later everybody. This usual phenomenon in our city. The militia doesn't work as it would owe. This service the most irresponsible in our city. It comes later everybody. A lot of whole dissolutely. With the arrival of the night the whole remainssenza the control in the street. I try not to go on the street to the night. Now, in the winter, he very quickly darkens. But I think, what I would be in the safety in your firm. I am sure, what am calm in your protection! Would you protect him/it from the criminals? What criminality in your country? Your criminals of the locks of the police?

Expensive mine I desire to tell you, that I will be I learn that the calm time and me they will write you the exact sum of money that necessary sara for me. What I will be I learn all thin to a foolishness and even that how much the money to me will be necessary to be visited Moscow.

I still desire to say to that understands, what you write me in the Russian. To me all and clear. I desire that you have kept on writing me this way. But you can write and simultaneously in Italian. Me so even more convenient sara.

I think, what could overcome all the difficulties if will be together! I think, that hearts loving I should be sure in to story. Your decencies are sure! need of Luciano, The in your love and care! I have read your letters determined times. And I could not mistake himself/herself/themselves in you. I can say to, that you my unique person of the favorite. I am sure it! Since cannot mistake himself/herself/themselves in you! I hold, what I/you/they am naïve it. But I cannot do him anything with. Be in my heart!!! And I never desire, that you of damages my heart! You the inhabitant of my city with 'the heart of the ` s of Oksana' name. I promise, what will be my unique inhabitant of my heart!!! This place only for you! I will attend. To wait for your letter. I hope, what are not afflicted from my letter! It only my ideas. I have not opened my ideas to someone except you. These ideas only for you!!! You my ideas in every day! I will wait for your letter!

Your Oksana loving and weak

2007-06-24, 01:14:46
anonymous from Sweden  
ciao anon Italia!...of course, I understand you. also I understand that you are angry because some Russian cazzo has stolen your money. But even in Italy, it is the same, the police cannot investigate a crime if they do not know about it.

Alora, you should send your information to the Italian embassy in Moscow (if you have not done this)..... address:

They can help you with translation. Then you must try to determine where your scammer was located when he was writing to you. You can do this by reading the header of the emails that the scammer was writing to you and finding the IP address. The header looks like this:

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( by (
id 46499942006242B4 for; Mon, 11 Jun 2007 23:50:22 +0200
Received: from ([]:29049)
    by with smtp (Exim 4.66)
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    id 1HxrmB-0001gU-As
    for; Mon, 11 Jun 2007 23:50:17 +0200
Received: (qmail 31381 invoked from network); 11 Jun 2007 21:50:08 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
s=s1024;; h= Received:X-YMail-OSG:Date:From:X-Mailer:Reply-To:X-Priorityity:Message-ID:To:Subject:Mime-Version:Content-Type; b= eyPv78HAP2fIHmYAs0FKQUVWsVR+KY+BJOztUu9LMF5di+r0XK3qtYwJeR7973Km1HyAr+ IW80O9Q8Q022n41uAPNn8fIxLBX+beVQRcDltxsl6NFQfE78B78Ben+gt60i8wA1syInU/T8tSKvZ2lzcTN0YTmCVs/MMNjhKHdoF/B0= ;
Received: from unknown (HELO (marinamatr@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 11 Jun 2007 21:50:05 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: vttMJvQVM1n6vb5L8ZM6rcxgj.DlXZ8xFCbTm06CtvDIWDlM
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 18:12:21 +0400
From: marina <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.62r)
Reply-To: marina <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: tipolino <>
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Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary='----------4E160B93E134C0F'
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X-Scan-Signature: 1HxrmB-0001gU-As 7118cfe3ebb8eb51dd6c8eb65f2a3fa2
X-Spam-Score: 5.1 (+++++)
X-Spam-Report: Scanned by
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Subject: [SPAM] It will be pleasant to have with you acquaintance!!!
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anon Italia, in this header, there is the IP address (in this case, it is a false IP) and information about the location of the scammer. If you can find the approximate location of the scammer, then you can contact the local Russian police in the republic where the scammer is working to report the crime. The Italian embassy will help you contact the local police and report the details.

Anyway, you should report the crime to the Italian Embassy in moscow !!!!!

2007-06-24, 06:22:57
anonymous from Italy  
OK, thanks a lot her for the suggestions that me from. I will do as it says, I will write everything to the embassy of Italy to Moscow, with all the data that I/you/they are written on the emails that I have received, they will perhaps submit the search to of the specialized police in this type of crime and perhaps something will find, but I always think that they will never go until after all to discover them, and so this crime will still continue for a lot of time. These criminals are not afraid of the police.
2007-06-24, 06:40:50
anonymous from Sweden  
anon Italia...of course, you are right. But sometimes the police catch the scammers, and prosecute them too. I know it has happened before, but difficult investigation. But I think the Italian embassy will help you anyway.
ciao Eddie
2007-06-24, 07:23:48
anonymous from Italy  
e-mail written by Oksana Orlova March 1 st 2007

Street Of LENINA, House 27, 3 Floors

My protection and the beautiful person, the Luciano of the mine, and pleasant for me from your new letter me. Be pleasant to hold the care and the protection against you! You my protection! The the weak girl. I hope, that that understand him. I desire to hold the care and the support. And I desire to worry me and to love. I think, that every girl I desire him/it. The dialogue with you and pleasant for me. I hold, what I have found that tender sensibility that I have tried to find in the person. And this person you! I love you all of my heart! You make my pleasant day during the day. I love your letters! I have tried to come today sooner in the Internet of the coffee. Since I have desired to see your letter. I have desired to see your letter!!! I Hold, what I have need than in your letters, in your dialogue. I don't desire to lose our dialogue. You have changed in more than the usual friend for me. Luciano, extract the more darling the person of my heart!!! can introduce our reunion!

I am happy today! My morning was pleasant today! I dream beautiful of the saw! My dream has dreamt him/it! You were in my ideas last night. My ideas were around you in the evening. I have introduced your day. I have thought, that you brands during this moment. My evening was reaming. Have I read the book, have I taken the soft warm souls? Well, I/you/they have been moved in above in a double suit of preparation to indent. I have put a clock of alarm on the hours, on 5.30 Ams. I have desired to go to dream. But I have thought you. I usually fall dormant right after soul. But I could not fall dormant longly chronometer yesterday. The thought. Have I thought you? what I have introduced your day. The evening was when the day was you. I/you/they have gone in bed and you have wakened up and iete for job. I would like to embrace him/it in the morning. And for me it would be pleasant to kiss them when you go for job. I am me situated and thought, that we could be together in that evening or in the morning. My bear of the toy was only with me. Do I admit, that I have missed him/it? I have embraced my strong bear and I have tried to fall dormant. Since my ideas are transformed in? in The very sad one thought you before my dream. Perhaps, therefore I have seen them in my dream. I dream pleasant and unknown of the saw! Saw, that bear of mine of the toy I have turned verse you. State I/you/they have been confused and satisfied. I have not been sorry for loss of a toy. Since I could come him/it to contact. My dream and is transferred on the shore. Is sat on the sand there and we have looked at the horizon of the sea. The decline was. I have held, that you very soft and pleasant to the touch. I was in your embrace! Have I held the pleasant heat? We have been connected to hand. I have held, that time him and arrested. The last of decline very longly. Every bundle of the sun has scratched the waves of the sea. And we have seen a fire of the sea. A beautiful exposure! Is sat on the sand there. And we have not expedited in on. We were together. And was congratulates her/it more main point! Was I happy, what I have held your presence next to me!! The sun has fought with the bundles of the sea? some sun was bright red color. Saw, that the sun we are absorbed in the sea. And the last bundles have been seen by the edge the seas! The sun and done go for the horizon? and have you desired to kiss them... you have been taut toward me from your labbris. I/you/they have very strongly been confused... But I have felt a flange. I could not understand a place of a flange. And I have wakened up... Unfortunately... my clock of denominated alarm... The you/he/she has wakened up. I have detached a clock of perfidious alarm. I have not desired to increase from a base to the morning today... I have tried to fall dormant. But vainly... I could not fall yet put to sleep. I have dared to increase and to go to the souls. I have had first breakfast and I/you/they have gone for job. I think about this dream the whole day. I/you/they have come for job with the ideas on you. My girlfriend has asked me respect to my unknown behavior. Have said to, what are in the love! Svetlana was happy for me! But what and state I surprise, that love of mine and the foreigner. To me it was few one ridiculous. It has communistic a sight to the foreigners. He/she thinks that the foreigners desire the short relationships. But I have objected her/it. I have not started to discuss. I have said to, that they don't agree, that my husband spent above he/she drinks all the money and you/he/she has beaten him/it. Svetlana has said to that the foreigners appreciated to deceive the Russian girls naïve. Many foreigners are married. And consequently the men desire to arrive in Russia. And negatively interest for the arrival of the Russian girls to him. Even if foreigner the man doesn't have wives, not?????? of x sincere sensibility to the girls. Spoke of Svetlana that don't desire only the arrival of the dear one for this motive. These words have disturbed him/it. And I have told her/it to that my love not as her you speak. I/you/they have been displeased him. To you/they have not appreciated her/it to me words. I have not foreseen him such words. I have desired to leave again with Svetlana my pleasure, but you/he/she has severely perceived him/it. I have not known that that and happened. But the safety protection has told me what and is still beaten from his/her/their husband. I have understood, because it was angry. I am not angry on her. If the I am sorry. I desire the sincere love! It was confused also us you/he/she has gone. I have reflected nevertheless... I could not attend the moment in which I can have an occasion write you. I have to work come in the Internet of the coffee as soon as possible. I desire, what you have known. I frankly desire to be I loved and to love. I love you! I desire to be in your embrace! I remember my sensibilities in my dream!

Dear since I have promised him once more I/you/they have gone to a firm of run that learns quant0 and necessary precisely for me of money that I could arrive to you for the visit within three months. I think, what we have need together for the first time of the cable 3 months. I think, that for this time that we can precisely understand, that we will be more distant. Accosentite with me?

I desire to tell that in a firm of run I have said to, that to receive the seen to me and possible to go in if in embassy and everybody. But there and he/she anchors the other varying. I can simply pay the money to the agency of run and the agency sara hooked in the official register of the papers for me. If I will go to Moscow in if I should pay me the run, the meal and risedere to Moscow. Moscow one of the most greater part in the expensive cities of the world. To pay her/it to a night of risedere to Moscow me and around 130 European necessary. Dear Sarah up to Moscow to cost for me 95 European to go her and 95 European to postpone if to the city. Still to have to eat, it also and expensive, around 100 European. It is so much more saras necessary for me to be gone to Moscow 2 times. That and me it needs the money of 2 times so much. Well and I certainly have to pay the seen one while I have already been writing them that her and 314 European. If I will be hooked in the register of the considering that necessary sara for me around 840 European on what I could pay all to Moscow, during the two trips + 314 European for cost of the seen one = 1154 European. It is a lot. But whether to submit to a firm of raced by to hook in the official register of the papers for me that necessary sara for me to pay the seen one and to pay the services of a firm of run, these services will cost 400 European. In European of that case 715 to receive only the seen necessary sara for me. I was not never besides in Moscow and I don't desire to go the one to quite a lot days. I desire to go the to take a seat down only to the airplane and to arrive to you. I hope, what you have understood him/it.

I have still written to you, to what I have to receive my international passport (253 European), to the insurance-illness (140 European) and certainly to pay the money my tickets of air to you (477 European).

If I will be in whether to do me the considering that the general cost of the run will result 2024 European.

If I will use the agencies it will do 1575 European.

Dear time I desire that you have resolved since I will receive the seen one. Will money that you tell me quant0 transmit him/it on the run? 2024 European or 1575 European?

Darling I desire that you have transmitted me of money as soon as what I could pay the run and easy to pick up the necessary things for me and to receive all the documents. I hope, what you can do them.

These memories don't give the rest me! He/she dreams this exposure of a sincere state of the person. Do you see the dreams? For me it was pleasant to feel to speak of your dreams. For me pleasant sara to feel to speak of your dreams. I desire to know more it! You very interesting person! I think, what we could personally have very interesting dialogue... to me pleasantly to write the letters you. I hold, that we have the ideas and the general reasoningses. For me and very important possession the pleasant interlocutor, the companion of animates, the kind person in the person of the favorite! And I will attend anchors the letter from the person of the favorite! aspett of Luciano, The your letter! Me your words are pleasant! My expectations of your letter.... Your Oksana

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina

Keywords: photo on the passport of OKSANA ORLOVA blonde white jacket black top
2007-06-24, 07:41:48
anonymous from Italy  

the email:<> details

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Received: from unknown (HELO p1) (girlfordream@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 9 Feb 2007 19:21:01 -0000
X-YMail-OSG5ndb00UVM1liyWuuu0ByjpVFxVQjBA Jal6vNPW8SfZ3JjwRREJ1mElRksGepGepAyK8LqYgOgpLah40uZLqXY3rh1_hMifoCNZD4iQ2H2jT.72i60i7AnAbA--
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