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Dating scammer Natalya, Natalia


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Name: Natalya, Natalia


Hello!!! I do not know why, but I very strongly to pay the attention to yours profile from !!!
Also has decided to write to you it not the big letter in hope that too you I shall interest!!!
I do not want to write and tire you now much!! Therefore I shall try to be brief!! To me 23 years,
I the simple vigorous girl who very much wants to find really serious relations,
I very much love a life and I try to not notice all trifle in this life, call me also very simply - Natalia!!!
I take from a life on maximal and for a long time about anything I do not regret..
In fact the life very short piece, and simply is not meaningful in so short, allocated to us a time interval the
God on what that to stop, stumble....!!! I also very much to love children and music!!
And on this I now to work as the musical teacher!!!...
I am proud of the work and very much I value that at me is!!!!!!!!
Everyone speak me, that on the Internet it is impossible to find the love!!
Well as you can see I have decided to try, I at all do not know, whether write you to me the answer
whether or not.... But I shall wait very much for your letter on my personal email:
I certainly do not have big hopes for your answer!!... But I have tried!!!.....

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2007-06-23, 12:02:53
anonymous from Sweden  
Haha....her mom? well, i suppose anything's possible. my own son has blonde hair and blue eyes and I've got dark hair and brown eyes.

Have u confirmed that he/she's a scammer?
2007-06-23, 12:56:07
anonymous from United States  
Not bad for 51 ! I'm not too far behind that! lol That's what crack's me up about this crap...they want the older,experienced and mature man! Only way that happen's here is if you're a Donald Trump! If ya got bucks they're in! Kinda similar in a way!?LOL
2007-06-23, 13:17:37
anonymous from Sweden  
well anon would u expect to import a Russian wife if you couldn't support her?... fly to Russia to meet her a couple of times, birthday gifts, invite her to US for a vacation to make sure it would work out between you etc. Plus a lot of Russian girls are a bit traditional about expecting their husbands to support them, which of course you'd have to do for the first few years anyway, even if she wanted to work.

So what I'm saying is that if a girl is thinking of leaving her country to live with another person, it seems quite legitimate to want to know how much her future partners earns because she might end up in trouble otherwise. (especially if she has a kid as many single Russian women over 25/27 do). And if a guy can't prove he has money then why trust him to take care of her? In other words, money has to play its part no matter how cynical that seems.

You don't have to be Donald Trump, you just have to meet the right girl and be able to support her in a reasonable way.

2007-06-23, 13:52:18
anonymous from Sweden  
u prefer them younger, eh Germany?
2007-06-23, 14:08:44
drod from United States  
Not always, but when they get away from the form letters and start actually 'writing' they want to change e addies.

Any one else pick up on this.

good hunting...........drod
2007-06-23, 15:27:48
anonymous from United States  
I was being fecitious Sweden. And I'm sure there are other's who will agree about younger US women & older men! I SEE IT all the time!
2007-06-23, 18:29:06
anonymous from Sweden  
ok, sorry misunderstanding, anon US. didn't mean to lecture you. i was talking about russia, not the US. i think most people know what life is like in the US. but you get it in every country, even in egalitarian sweden.
2007-06-24, 02:48:12
anonymous from Germany  
I pity that's not my own experience but I was told that there might appear some difficulties with much younger girls. One might feel uncomfortable compared with her glossy body. We know what can happen or better: not happen in these cases. Jealousy isn't a real useful emotion either. Both, old friend and young girl, also had complained about permanent silly jokes from their surrounding.
(Sure I'd like to find out all that myself :)
Maybe the scammers themselves are young, that was my thought. From there point of view 30 is old. Our age always seems to be an important point in their justification.

Anyway, I prefer them when they prefer me. That's the best!

2007-06-24, 03:25:06   (updated: 2007-06-24, 03:30:52)
anonymous from Germany  
'You don't have to be Donald Trump, you just have to meet the right girl and be able to support her in a reasonable way.'
That's right according to the relationship I had described above. She: The prettiest and smartest russian girl you can imagine, student, speaking three languages fluently. He: Just a kind person without any relics as exwives and children, working as an independant craftsman.
They are separated now. He wanted to keep his freedom! (Holy shit - I'd have founded a dynasty with her - no matter how old I am.)
2007-06-24, 03:46:42
anonymous from Germany  
To E. the third time: If you are going to look for support from the 'antidates' now, I would be on my way to Stockholm right now :D
2007-06-24, 06:07:42
anonymous from Germany  
Cool outfit, nice surrounding, pakistan - but what do you want?
2007-06-24, 06:37:04
anonymous from Sweden  
LOL Germany!...he's on another thread as well. Looking for Valeria.
2007-06-24, 08:48:46
anonymous from United States  
Another one that must think this is a dating site!?
2007-06-24, 08:57:31
anonymous from Germany  
No, I don't think so. He is waiting for Valeria. He will stand there for a very long time.
2007-06-24, 09:34:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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