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Dating scammer Tamila Gaan


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Name: Tamila Gaan


Krivoy Rog, Russia

Other Comments:
Her name is Tamila Gaan and she claims to be from Krivoy Rog, Russia. This is a copy of her last email, the 'money pitch':

hi there

first of all I rerally need to see how and where you
live and just to make sure if true... I can not tell
what i need to find out, but it's imporntat before
anything else, and I will let you know when... and
better to say - if i will come... I will ansswer youre
questions later on
Oh, by the way…Yes, dear, let’s see what I have yet… I
have some savings, I have already paid for visa 100$…I
have around 350 yet or so left, as far as price for
round tickets is 795 so I think I would need yet
around 450$ or maybe 500$ the most just in case... so
please my dear tell me if you could help me out with
this amount? If possible, then do you know the way how
to pass them here, so I could put my savings and yours
together and order tickets already beforehand, until
prices stay still same...please let me know sooner.....

Has anyone else been corresponding with her?


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2007-06-25, 22:32:45   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: brunette needle stripes top cleavage
2007-06-25, 22:32:45   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-07-03, 08:44:27   (updated: 2007-07-03, 09:06:54)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Hay There,

I have been and i still am talking with this lady,
We have been talking for a long time now (2 Months)
And i am falling for her in a BIG way,
She told me that she is from Dnepropetrovsk Region in the Ukraine.

Please put on here all you know about her

I only tiped her name on Google to see if there was any information about her on here and this site come up.

Please i need for you to tell me what you know.

2007-07-03, 13:40:51   (updated: 2007-07-03, 13:41:26)
anonymous from United States  
Richard,You more or less answered your own question when you googled the name and found it listed here! You should read some of the threads 'Is this girl scamming me' etc.Is the one you're talking to the same as the above pic's? Can you post a letter with full header?Did you google the e-mail addy?Was this the only site that googling 'her'had listed?

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

A photo {preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address}

Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The first and money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.
2007-07-03, 16:09:48
drod from United States  
Regarding first photo?::::

US, is this Tamila Gaan???

If it is, please repost with name.

If it is, and she is from and in Russia, how many package stores would have wine displays in English.

good hunting........drod
2007-07-04, 11:06:12
anonymous from United States  
Good eye Drod,didn't notice that but I wasn't looking at THAT rack! LOL 'S'
2007-07-12, 16:55:52   (updated: 2007-07-12, 17:32:37)
anonymous from United States  

I wish I could tell you more about her but she really never shared much about herself.

What I can tell you is this.

1) Our correspondence was quite brief. She claimed she had fallen in love with me after about two weeks of emailing. I tried to get her to chat with me via Yahoo IM but she refused, saying she didn't have a computer and was using the one at work. Suggestions about her borrowing a friends computer or going to an internet cafe were ignored without explanation.
2) From the start she was sending me photos such as these. Each email had at least one, except for the last one when she asked me for money.
3) The photos are professional quality like they were posed, with perfect makeup, lighting, and her breasts barely concealed but always emphasized. She always had some story for where they were taken but they never sounded all that convincing.
4) Her emails sounded like form letters. Very impersonal sounding, like they could be written for anyone. All of her letters mentioned sex. She never answered any questions that I asked of her. Nor did she ask any of the questions that one who proclaimed to love another might ask.
5) Any questions that I asked that might interfere with the end goal us us being together were brushed off or ignored.
6) She offered without any prompting from me to fly at her own expense (at least at first) to meet me.
7) Right before she was to hop on a plane to meet me some 'unexpected' development occured and now the only way she could come to see me is if I sent her her the necessary funds. The timing was very odd in her case. She claimed she had her reservation and was ready to fly. Then right before she was to leave all of the sudden she said she couldn't afford the ticket. It made no sense at all.
8) At this point the provocative photos she's been sending with each email suddenly stopped.
9) Any countersuggestions I made to her, such as offering to fly to see her or meet her halfway for example, were ignored without any explanation or response.
10) At this point when it became clear that I wasn't going to send her any money she just stopped writing.

Just out of curiousity does your email contain your name? I only ask because mine does too! Perhaps its a coincidence or perhaps she's deliberately seeking out men named Richard. The only reason I would think that is because of the photo below. Of course she may have made over a hundred signs, each with a different name.

I'm not sure if you have the same person as I but it should be fairly easy to find out. Check out some of the postings here about telltale signs of a scammer at work. I've corresponded with several and they all play it pretty much the same way: they come on strong and act fast. They try to play to your emotions and get you all excited about the prospect of having such a sexy woman wanting you. They want you to lose your focuse until you are ready to do anything they ask. Its at that point that they drop their money pitch on you, almost begging you to do as they ask so you and her can be together. BUT DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! Ask questions of her and demand she give you an answer! See if her answers ring true to you and don't let her off the hook. If she is fake she will not compromise. It will be her way or no way at all! That alone should tell you all you need to know. I hope that she is the real deal but I suggest you be very careful and don't let your emotions guide you! Good luck!

2007-07-16, 18:17:36   (updated: 2007-07-16, 18:19:01)
Richard from United Kingdom  
Hay the last person to write on here to me,

I Thougth you have got into my e-mail because i have that photo with the writting on,

Yes she has been sending me photos, and some naked ones to (Top less)
We have sead a time for her to pop over and seen me but this will be in a few months,
She has told me that she works in an Hotal but i have as for the name of it but so far she has not told me,
She has told me that she lives in a partt of the Ukraine called Zelendolsk and she has given me her address.

The problem i am having is that i am falling for her in a big way but there again i have been hurt in the past to many times so i am kind of getting us to it now

Thank you for all this information.
2007-07-17, 10:56:50   (updated: 2007-07-17, 11:00:27)
Richard from United Kingdom  
Hallo again people,

I have been looking on my computer for some information on this lady,

I can tell you that the Lady in the photos is NOT Tamila Gaan but the Lady is in fack called Ewa Sonnet,
Yes the photos are of a professional quality because she is a model and she has done some Nude work but only the top part and she has made a few videos.
But She is allso a Singer (Quite good to tell you the Truth) and she has 2 CD's out.
She is Polish.

Don't ask me how i found out about the photos being Ewa Sonnet because i was quite tired at the time and neary fallying asleep but it did wark me up because of two reasons,
1 = I found out i was being taking for a Mug
2 = WOW she is Stunning

If you wish to see her (Ewa Sonnet) the Web-site is
And If you go onto Google her name, you can find her Offical Site for her Singing.

I would like to thank you all for your help in this and answering my questions,
I Hope the information i have put on this letter can help outher people from not being taking for a Mug.

Thank you all
2007-07-17, 14:46:07
Skeet from United States  
Richard,Where does she claim to be? I was in contact with one using Ines Cudna's pic's who I've seen in pic's with Ewa!? The pic with the card has the same color ink as the trophy pic I got from my scammer! The table and room look very similar also! {as much as I can see of them in your pic}Coincidence? Both BUSTY,both Polish! And seemingly friend's!? Your story has similarities to.Mine stopped writing after I said I couldn't move our meeting sooner.She wanted me to come to Ukraine.I was stalling to see what was going to happen and it wasn't until after she stopped writing when I found who the girl in the pic's really was.She never sent any fully nude pic's even though there are PLENTY of them out there!? The letter's were not as far as I could tell scripted and were fairly well written.Almost all question's were answered and even commented on.However I was never asked for money BUT,I saw a report {partially}were she asked that guy for travel money.Any of this sound familiar? One thing that had me beleiving was the IP addy was alway's the same!? {She claimed to write from her work.} The e-mail addy's are also similar...A yahoo account with 4 letter's and 3 digits! Can you post a header? I'd like to compare them.thx 'S'
2007-07-18, 07:24:24
anonymous from United States  
Hi Skeet,

The woman I knew as Tamila Gaan claimed to be from Krivoi Rog. She sent both myself and the Richard from the UK the above photo but she didn't tell me where it was taken.

I can't say I'm totally suprised to hear that my scammer was sending me pics from a modeling site. The photos looked too good, too professionally done. Add to that my scammer offered some very weak explanations for where they were taken. One was of her taking a bubble bath but she was wearing a bikini bottom (photo attached below). She said a friend surprised her while she was taking a bath and took the photo. But how many people take a bath wearing a bikini?!? I quickly noticed a theme of how every photo she sent me was of her with her breasts either partially or totally exposed. I also noticed that she never sent me any 'normal' pictures, such as her at work, with her family, on vacation, etc. When I asked her questions about the photos she ignored them like she ignored all my other questions.

Thanks to Richard from the UK I now know that the girl in the photo is in fact Ewa Sonnet, a Polish model. I did some looking and found alot of photos and such, and even her bio on Wikipedia. I did enjoy seeing more of her and some of the video snippets. I found almost all of the photos that my scammer sent me except for the one with the sign. I wonder where this photo came from and why she (Ewa Sonnet) made it? Mabye Ewa sent a photo to a fan and someone photoshopped the sign to read differently? Or maybe in the original Ewa's holding something else and someone photoshopped the sign in? Not sure if its a fake it certainly looks real to me!

Skeet, If you still have that photo could you post it? It would be intriguing to see both and look for the similarities! Perhaps the scammer who tried to work you and myself and Richard from UK are all the same person? I don't approve of what he/she does but I will admit he/she did pick a gorgeous woman to use for his/her scam!

Regrettably I no longer have an email from her so I can't post the email header. Perhaps the Richard from the UK can help us with that.

2007-07-18, 22:39:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hay Richard again,

The E-Mail address i have for this are:

The address i was given was in Zelendolsk - Dneproetrovsk Region 53860 - Ukraine.
And she told me she works in an Hotal called Spartak.

I was thinking about the photo with my name on as well,
May be the last person is right and it was sent to a fan as an Autograph Photo,
I thing this is something we will never know,

That photo of her standing in the bath, i was sent that one to,
Plus i was sent one of her with a man, (Not going to put the photo on here as the man may not like it), Tamila sead it was of her Cousin and that he lives in Germany and the photo looks like it could have been taken in a night club of something like that.

I Have written back to this so called Tamila Gaan and asked her why she was using photos of Ewa Sonnet but i have not receved a reply, I don't think i will.

Hope this helps out in some way
2007-07-20, 15:27:26   (updated: 2007-07-20, 15:36:42)
Skeet from United States  
Richard,Have you received a 'money letter' yet? If not they're probably still in script mode and don't read your letter's.
I am posting that pic for you{had to remove my name}.I'm SURE they were taken in the same place,look at the door,table and chair! As a matter of fact,after looking at the shower pic,I checked the similar ones I have and the tub look's like the same one too!

2007-07-20, 15:43:18
anonymous from United States  
Here's a shower pic.Notice the tile and rack{the one on the wall guy's! lol}

2007-07-20, 21:11:49
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the pics Skeet!

Those pics just add another coincidence to the list. When you start to add them up it maked you wonder about Ewa and her friend and whether they are simply innocent victims, facilitators or outright participants in this little scam.

The fact that they are taking nude pics of one another in the same place isn't too suprising. They appear to be friends and posing for pictures is what they do for a living after all. But the signs, thats damned hard to explain! Maybe thats just something they do for their fans. I'm sure they get many requests for signed photos and other more intimate items. Maybe its an error in translation! Someone asked for a 'signed' picture (i.e. autographed) and she sent a picture of her holding a sign! D'oh!

As I suggested previously perhaps a fan requested a pic with a sign and they obliged him. From that point perhaps the sign was edited or photoshopped to say whatever the scammer needed it to say. Certainly if it was unaltered Ewa wouldn't sign it 'from your Tamila' would she? I can't tell but to me the photos look unaltered. But these days it can be hard to tell. To me the legitimacy of those photos would probably tell the tale regarding Ewa's and her friends involvement in this.

Since Ewa's email addy is on the website it might not be too hard to figure out. I'm thinking about emailing her and asking for a signed picture and seeing what happens next.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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