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Dating scammer Marina Bakylina


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Name: Marina Bakylina

Email: marina bakylina'


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Marina Bakylina,

very good scammer, Must have been at it a while. She uses the fear of her being in danger to play you.

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2007-06-28, 20:27:24   (updated: 2007-06-28, 20:32:31)
anonymous from United States  
This is a very interesting site. Marina Bakylina is very good. I have carried on a e-mail relationship with her for about 2 weeks now. Several e-mails But like the other she never really answers specific questions. However, the vilian Demetri does comes alive with-in the corrispondance. I was close to being taken for a $1200+ , but God had protected me from that. No money was lost. Minutes after I told Marina that I sent money she sends me an e-mail stating 'Do not write to me more XXXXX.... I do not love you!! I love Dmitry!!I deceived you!! I sucked its member!!'' Then Demetri comes onto the scene this character Demetri finds her and then sends me an e-m telling me to stop writing her or he is going to beat Marina up. When responding he then begins to threaten to kill both Marina and you. However, later that day Marina comes back on with a different e-mail address asking for the transation numbers. When I told her it was cancelled, she claims Demetri wrote that e-mail she had to run and hide. When I asked what happen she does not respond but states how you are her last hope and need money before Demeri find her again. I am awaiting for a new response. It's funny Marina called me twice from Russia just to say she Loves me. But never answered any questions I asked.However, one day we responded back and forth as if we were on a chat line. On this site the first 3 letters are posted. The next several should be too. This is were she runs and hide from her parents and Demetri. She is at her cousins house in hiding. But spends a lot of time in the library. It would be great to post the other letters. They are very entertaining and convincing.

Attached is a new picture.

IF I can Post letter please let me know How
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Dating scammer Marina Bakylina

2007-06-28, 20:44:03
anonymous from United States  
Marlena Bakylina First letter


Thanks for your message! I was afraid, that you will be frightened
with distance between us and consequently I registered as from America
;) I from Russia, me of 27 years, I live in city Gelenjik. I write to
you in hope, that you that person who can open completely and which
can become me the best friend! I search for the sincere friend as a
hobby and hearts which will not betray me not when if we shall like
each other! I madly would like to devote all myself loved to the
person! To be for him a guardian angel! About me speak, that I the
person kind which is always ready to come to the aid of the friend to
the difficult moment his lives! And about me speak, that my heart from
gold! My friends name me an angel! Here only wings in washing and a
nimbus on additional charge :) The life is fine and surprising, and
consequently I do not spend the vital energy simply! I the Christian,
sincerely trust in the God! I sincerely trust, that all people
brothers and the sister! Madly it would be desirable to find the
person who will understand and love me, the person which can become me
the best friend! In the answer I promise the fidelity, care, attention
and unearthly love, up to the end of the days! It would be desirable
to find the person who has the same purposes in a life as well as I!
My purpose - to find loved the person who the private world will be
similar to me! I hope this person - YOU!!! For me the external given
men are not so important, and also to me is not important his age....
I think, that true the beauty of the person is incorporated deeply in
soul! If I shall find such person, this person will receive my love,
fidelity, care, caress and attention on 100 %! I shall live with such
person up to the end of the days.... If you are capable on the present
love and to respect with the woman, you chance ' means have to win my
heart ' ;) I am confident, that which person I shall grow fond not
when will not be disappointed in me! I wish to find the person who
could become for me the teacher in a life, and I in turn could be his
the obedient schoolgirl! I very open person (I as the interesting book
which it is necessary to read on page every day). With me there is no
time to miss, and it is the truth! Sincerely I trust, that true love,
does not know borders.... I hope you will not be frightens distance
between us???? It would be desirable to trust, that in the further we
can become good friends! I hope to you my English will be clear! I
talk much better, than I write! I think, it will be interesting to you
to know, why the foreigner???? On how many I know mentality of your
women very much differs from mentality of Russian women. The majority
of your women choose husbands who can present them a magnificent life,
a good material well-being. The majority of Russian women on the
contrary, good housewives, true wives, keepers of the family center
who up to the end of the days care of well-being of the family! And
also on how many I know, the mentality of your men very much differs
from mentality of Russian men. The majority of Russian of the man are
similar to your women, the majority of them is not interested in
well-being of the family. And also Russian men amateurs a loose way of
life and the majority of them alcoholics. I hope you will interest my
letter and you will answer me! At me the request to you: If your
intentions are not serious, please do not write to me, do not spend
and my time simply. With impatience I wait your answer if you are
really serious!

P.S. Send please your photo


Your friend from Russia Marina!!!
2007-06-28, 20:47:02   (updated: 2007-06-28, 20:50:04)
anonymous from United States  
Marena Bakylina Second Letter

Hello xxxx!!

Thanks for a prompt reply! I to me to time did not happen in Chicago.
I am simple registered under it state. It is pleasant to see your
message again. I hope our acquaintance finds any sense! You trust in
love on the Internet???? I trust, to be exact speaking, I am to be
trusted! Our desires are always executed, if we sincerely trust in it!
It is interesting to me to know: you for the first time search for
acquaintances on the Internet??? I for the first time!!! I have
learned about this site from youth magazine. In this letter I shall
write to you more about myself that you knew me better! I was born and
I live in city Gelenjik. City in which I live very small (the
population approximately 100 000). I live with parents, in three room
apartment. Married was not, children I have no, but very much it would
be desirable! In family I the unique child. I have beautiful
appearance, my growth of 169 centimeters. I was born November - 15. On
a sign the zodiac I 'Scorpion'. My favourite color blue and green. My
favourite holiday 'Christmas'. I have a hobby, it is a collection of
ancient coins. I like to dance, walk on fresh air, to leave on picnic.
I do not take alcohol, a cigarette I do not smoke. In the childhood
visited art gymnastics and consequently I have a beautiful body. I
adore animal, but the I have no, as the father has an allergy on them.
I like to look films, to listen to good, qualitative music. Sometimes
I like to long, sitting at home on an armchair and listening to noise
of a rain... Sincerely I trust, that the friendship ---is a basis of
mutual relations! I very good housewife. I love is tasty to prepare
meal, very clean... I am confident, that my future husband will be
very happy with me! I can be the good and true wife! I can not suffer
treachery.... I respect with cheerful and fair people! I can not
suffer when me offend, offend, humiliate without the reason, I try to
not communicate with such people..... Also I try to keep from such
people as it is possible further... Though not always it turns out do
it :( The life is those, all is confused, characters of people, their
principles, them many other things.......... I try to communicate with
people from which positive energy proceeds! From dialogue with such
people cheers up! I think, that the good and fair person does not
require advertising itself! Good people, always and everywhere are
invaluable! We live once and consequently life to live it is necessary
very adequately! I think, that if each person could understand other
person, the life on the ground would turn to paradise! But to a regret
a life complex, and ourselves it is complicated it, not understanding
it :( What for to guess where there is a hell or paradise, I think,
that it is necessary to search for it in myself!! This my personal
opinion! I think, the soul of the person should be transparent as
water, ideas and reason should be in harmony with world around... In
we wash understanding, the happy person that person who has pure
reason and a kind soul! My time comes to an end also forced to stop I
to write to you... I write to you from library and consequently often
to write to you at me it will not turn out...... Write to me and I
with pleasure shall continue our dialogue... You have the new
photos??? It would be interesting to me to look at them! With
impatience I wait your answer.

Good-bye ?????..



2007-06-28, 20:49:34
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina Third letter


How you? I am good! You like my letters? :) I very much like
children!! I love them!! I did not speak you that I the ballerina. I
collect ancient coins of Russia. It is very interesting to me;) I as
can float! It would be desirable to trust, that we have already made
'FIRST STEP' to sincere and true friendship, between me and you! Know:
it will be always pleasant to Me to receive from you letters even if
they will be very short! In it to year at us was not enough snow.. I
not to time did not happen in your country, but I dream visit her! The
library is 15 minutes of walking from my house! Heart is pleased, when
represent, that someone writes to you the letter, and during that
moment thinks of you! I very much would like, that we became good
friends! Sincerely! How passed your day??? My day passed as it is
usual, anything new......... Early in the morning I ran in school
stadium that is near to my house a little... After jog I have taken a
bath. Leaving a bath I have made a breakfast for me and my parents.
Having had breakfast we sat down in the car of the father and have
gone for work. The working day was difficult as I had to fill many
reports, for tax police. I work as the chief accountant in firm of the
parents. We supply the military units, the necessary goods (footwear,
mattresses, pillows, and many other things). I like my work, but here
only is not pleasant that I always under supervision of the parents.
They supervise each my step. Deprive with me any pleasure and freedom.
Without them I am conducted cannot to make a superfluous step. They
demand from me, that I agreeed with them each action. It very much is
not pleasant to me. They do not wish to listen to me, including what I
am silly and I can not do without their supervision, the control.
Ridiculously, the truth???? At my age the person should live
independently, but my parents do not wish to understand it :( They
specify all my conscious life to me, that to me do and as me to act. I
feel as a bird in cage. What freedom... What choice.... Always should
carry out their orders and decrees. Please understand correctly my
frankness. Please do not think, that I the spoiled child who complains
of the parents. I understand, that each parent wishes the child only
good, but I also understand, what not each parent wishes to understand
the child, forbidding him to think independently... At my age people
make of the decision independently and it is the fact! You agree with
my opinion???? Unless it is correct, when parents deprive with the
child freely to think???? I think it not correctly! Owing to the
parents I feel the closed person :( I cannot even leave on a visit to
the girlfriends without them is conducted. Even when I studied at
university my father specially came for me, that who did not see off
me home... My friends know all about them relation to me and
consequently with me try to not communicate.... My girlfriends laugh
over me, knowing as address with me my parents. I tried to speak the
parents, that I cannot so to live, being all time under their
supervision but then they have told to me, that I not the grateful
daughter. I tried to be arranged for other work to start to live
independently, but all my attempts suffered failure. As each time
being arranged for new work, the security service heard about me the
bad recommendation, having called on former my work. It frightened
them and they refused to me in a workplace. My father has thought over
even this course. He names itself the chess player, the person which
thinks over all courses in in advance.... He in every possible way
blocks to me oxygen that I could not even rent an apartment, and live
private life.... Now they demand from me new whim, but about it I
shall tell to you in the following letter as my time is ended.... I
wait your answer to this letter.

Good-bye Marina...

2007-06-28, 20:52:04
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 4th letter

Hello my lovely friend xxxx!

Thanks for sincerity and understanding, it is pleasant to me to write
to you again. Heart calms down, when you listen to me! I am really
grateful to you, that you listen to me! In this letter I wish to
continue history of the life............. It is difficult to hold in
itself all pain and consequently I wish to open to you. I hope you
correctly you will understand my frankness! My parents wish to marry
me to the son of the rich friend. But their my opinion does not
interest..... I despise this person, he is disgusting to me, and he
knows it..... His parents very rich people and consequently he it is
very spoilt by money. Our parents since the childhood dreamed to marry
us. And all life Dmitry tries to look after me. This person has
spoiled to me all my life, and owing to him, with me does not
communicate men. Having learned about Dmitry men stop dialogue with
me. I spoke the parents, that I shall not marry for him, but they do
not wish to listen to me, and together with his parents have discussed
day of our wedding. Day of our wedding nominated, it will be in the
summer. I do not like this person, and I despise him very much.
Besides he has disgusting character. Such feeling, that he mentally
sick person. he very high opinion on. His parents have very good
acquaintances in administration of our city, and consequently police
not in forces help to me. he has frightened all my friends and now
with me who does not communicate. I tried to leave to live in other
city, but he and there have found me (by means of police). When he has
found me he beat me as the man. he has closed me in the house that is
behind city that who did not see traces his impacts. I spoke the
parents about it, but they protect his, speaking that he very much
loves me. I cannot hide from this person, he was pasted to me as glue,
and hide from him I cannot. I as the prisoner in prison. With me
address as with slave I tried to talk to Dmitry (he/she is my groom),
but he does not listen to me. Each time as I start to talk with him
about it, he at once starts to become hysterical and nothing wishes to
listen.... Several days ago I went on consultation to the lawyer to
listen that he will tell to me. Having listened to attentively my
history the lawyer has advised me to talk to Dmitry on souls. I have
told to the lawyer, that I tried do this set of times, and that now I
already am afraid to talk on this theme. On mine even the lawyer is
afraid to contact their family. The lawyer advised me to search for
the love abroad as only there I shall find happiness, the calmness and
laws will protect me. In my country the law is bought..... All my
friends have ceased to communicate with me... There was a case when
one my secret admirer has sent me flowers, having seen flowers the
father has come to furiousness and has forbidden to me to leave the
house. It was very strong shock for me, the father was ready to kill
this person. Here such manipulation to itself I suffer already long
time. I feel as a dog on a circuit. I cannot sincerely be pleased with
a life, to me forbid do it. Unless it is a life?! I in the whole days
to crying also ask the God that he has sent me the favourite person to
whom I can present the heart, attention, care and love! And which also
will grow fond of me, all heart and soul! The feeling of love as this
person all life frightens off men from me is not familiar to me. You
represent as he have bothered me?????? My life, reminds me a terrible
dream which not when will not end..... As I was bothered with these
everyday problems.... Sometimes there is time when I would not like to
live at all... Sometimes it would be desirable so strongly to burst
into tears, but unfortunately not exit from a situation, and I
understand it well :( I sincerely trust, that the God sees my
sufferings and that is fast it come the end!!!!! I very much dream to
create the family, to be the favourite wife, to love madly husband, to
grow up children! But at present, it only and is no more
dream............... Sometimes it seems to me, that my confidence
starts to weaken, and that I should be measured with the destiny :(
But I also sincerely trust, that destiny of each person in his hands,
and what not when not late to change all in the life! Only an idea
that the God has created us for love and happiness, force, confidence
and give me hope!!! And I pray every day that in my life there were
changes! I trust and I hope! I hope after reading this letter you you
will not change the sights at me! With impatience I wait for following
your letter.

Good-bye Marina....
2007-06-28, 20:54:41
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 5th Letter

Hello my lovely friend Tom!

You start to win my heart ;) I dream of wedding, only not with Dmitry,
and with the favourite person.. (possible with you). I have no whom
except for you. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you, as with
the man. Dmitry who frightens off from me all men wants with me gets
acquainted. Your letters cheer me up, and I very much like this
feeling ;) After reading your letters I feel much better! I start to
get used to you, your letters! Now waking up in the mornings first my
ideas only about you ;) I start to feel predisposition to you, such
happens, when between two people there is a mutual understanding :)
Probably you also are that person whom I could grow fond! Probably you
also are that person for whom I was created by the God! Probably it is
destiny! Knowing you, for today, I can tell with confidence, that you
the darling The person who has the big, gentle and kind heart!
Sincerely! My ideal of the man should have the basic three qualities
in itself: Kindness, honesty, validity! I think, that you have all
these qualities in yourself! This night I asked heavens that they
preserved you against misfortunes! You really win my heart! Sincerely!
My reason is filled by ideas on you! Today on work, to me even have
rebuked, speaking: ' you that in clouds fly, go down on the ground '
:) It is pleasant to dream of you, knowing you only under your letters
:) Before in the ideas I could not present myself at all, that such
possible! I very much would like, that you understood me and each my
word! I often dream to leave on a desert island (with loved the
person) and to live there all remained life! I very much would like to
live the remained life in love and pleasures! I would like to grow
fond so that from love the head was turned! I envy people who can love
and be loved!! I am very happy for such people! Without love, the life
of each person becomes boring and sad. I think you agree with my
opinion???? Passes day, there passes week, passes year, but in my life
not happen new changes, all remains on former. And it very much
frightens me :( You like me!!! I like this feeling, but I ask to
myself a question: on how many you it is sincere???? Today I met the
girlfriend... I have told her about you, about our acquaintance.... I
have told her that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet, and
that you very much like me, that at us good relations... Having heard
my story about you, she has started to worry about me... She has told
to me about the reporting which looked on TV... Now she very much
experiences for me... She spoke me, that in this reporting it was
spoken about acquaintances on the Internet as foreign men come on a
visit to Russian girls and take away them to itself... She spoke me
that I was cautious with you and that possible the description of your
life does not coincide with real your life.... Pleasantly that the
girlfriend worries about me, but I would not like to recollect her
words..... I am to be trusted, that you are not similar to these men!
I wish to trust you as I understand, that ' without trust true
relations are not under construction '.... I want, that you knew: I
sincerely would like to trust in you, to trust yours to words, and to
me it will be very insulting and it is sick, if you play with me and
if your intentions will appear frivolous, void, not frank, insincere!
I hope you will not offend my words as I fairly state the ideas before
you! Please understand correctly my words... Do not think, that I do
not trust you.... I really like your words, reading your words my
heart starts to fight all more quickly and more quickly, as drum :)
Also it is the truth! It is pleasant to hear tender words, my heart
has already missed on caress and tenderness..... I felt as a bird in
cage, but your warm words open my door cage, and now I start to feel
free, as a bird in the sky!!! I hope your words proceed from heart and
it not game!!! Otherwise you cause me greater a pain, that not
suspecting :( There is nothing worse, than to feel freedom, and again
to feel itself in cage, as in an example about a bird......... Please
with me be fair! At us in Russia speak: the Word - not a sparrow, will
release back you will not catch! That means: has told a word, back a
word you will not return! I hope your words sincerely, in all
sincerity! With impatience I wait your answer!

My surname Bakylina

2007-06-28, 20:57:26
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 6Th Letter This is were you start to get pulled in

Good afternoon my darling xxxxx!

Today at me bad mood... Only owing to your tender and gentle letters I
keep calmness...... That I wrote All to you was sincere. My girlfriend
knows all about me but she not than cannot to me ????????:9 If she
there will be that that do then at she there will be problems with
Dmitry. I dream of a trip with you on target:) At all I do not know
from what to begin this letter, on much it would be desirable to
talk......... Probably for the beginning I shall thank you in time
spent on me! Probably you that person with which I are ready to live
the rest of the days! Madly it would be desirable to be convinced,
that I do not build to myself illusions.... Probably the destiny gives
us chance! You very pleasant and lovely person! I start all to get
used more strongly and more strongly to you, to your letters! My words
from heart! Sincerely! I very much like to feel your character reading
your letters! I am confident, that many women dream about such to the
man as you! I am confident, that many women dream to be with you
beside! You kind, tender, careful, and it very much are pleasant to
women! To each person, it is pleasant when about him care, show
attention! I admit: I like your care of me ;) And I would not like to
learn you is better! Passes day, passes following and I all more and
think of you more! It would be desirable to know, how passes your day,
than you were occupied, that you did! I am to be trusted, that our
correspondence not waste of time............ I would like to hope,
that words in your letters sincerely, from heart! It is a pity, that
we are in a distance from each other...... It is a pity, that we
cannot meet behind a mug of coffee and simply talk..... It is a pity,
that you cannot learn those feelings, that now revive in me..... It is
insulting, that we live in the different countries, and that we should
communicate only through our letters.......

........... Dmitry Today came. He also has spoiled to me mood for all
day :( He asked me to leave the house to talk to me. Having left the
house, he has asked me where I happen after work. I have told him,
that it not his business. After these my words, he has struck me a
palm on face. He visors my phone also has started to look phone
numbers. I tried to take away at him my phone, but he in an impulse of
fury have broken it about the ground. Has absolutely become impudent.
Addresses with me as with an animal............ As though I am obliged
by something him...... True an animal which is not having hearts, not
having conscience.... I cried much and spoke him that he has
disappeared since my life of times and on always. I have escaped from
him, but he have run after me... Coming into the house at me the
hysterics has begun. My parents how many did not regret me, speaking
that I the real hysteric woman. Having seen my hysterics he with my
father has departed in a room for visitors. I have calmed down only
when he have left our house. My mum has not submitted at all to me a
glass of water, and on the contrary, she reproached me with my
nonsense and dullness... I again have begun to cry and have run to
myself in a room.... What they silly people, wish to marry me to this
villain violently. Help him to make me unhappy, and all because
consider me silly........... About what love there can be a speech
when their daughter suffers, is unfortunate and goes mad???????????
There is no love, there is such impression, that they use me as the
ticket in the rich future, given me in marriage for him, and becoming
partners on business his parents.......... Such sensation, that they
wish my death....... Some years back this villain has raped me... He
in every possible way tried to drag me in a bed, but I refused him in
it as wished to keep the virginity till a marriage, for the favourite
person. He knew it and consequently has raped me. How after that case
I should perceive him???? he opposite to me, I suffer cannot him, he
the criminal is disgusting to me, he mean, he. I set of times tried to
talk to the parents about it, but at the last minute my language
refuses to speak about it. I am a shame to me also cannot anything do
with myself... Probably knowing about it my parents on another have
started to look on him?????? But I cannot tell him about it a case....
My education does not allow me even to stammer about it......... As I
hate this person if you only could know it..... He for me as a devil
in a human body........ My parents asked me where I happen after work.
I spoke them, that I have got acquainted with the foreigner, and that
at us good very much good relations. Having heard my words at parents
have changed faces... They have asked me: with what foreigner????????
I tried to tell him about you, but they any more did not wish to
listen to me.... They have put me the ultimatum, or I live under their
laws, or that I removed from their house, times and on always.... They
have told to me that I did not dream at all about it as I their unique
daughter, and that they not let off me to live abroad.... I spoke
them, that it only acquaintances and no more, but they any more did
not listen to me. My father has told to me: And so why you all time
dream, now I understand that happens..... I spoke him, that this my
choice and that to me to decide to dispose as me of the life...
Conversation is not has gone right... To me put the ultimatum, and now
I feel awfully badly.... They do to me very much greater a pain.... It
was a shame to me to write to you this letter, speaking the ideas on
the parents... But how to me to be in this situation if with me manage
as with any property???????????? Today they have taken a knife and
have stuck it into my heart (a knife, it their words, relation to me,
to the unique daughter)....... Now I do not know as me to be..........
Have killed the behaviour, have crushed my feelings... And this rascal
does not lag behind me....... I on the nature the person sane,
cheerful and true but when to me forbid to dispose future then I start
to die as a flower in desert................. I do not wish to take a
sin on soul, speaking bad words about the parents, but the God the
witness, that they act with me not fairly, badly..... Probably it is
not interesting to you to listen to my problems? I shall understand
you if you will not answer me. If you do not trust me then what for
you continue to write to me :(?


2007-06-28, 21:04:57
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina, 7th letter, 8th and 9th letter

My dear Tom!! You help to me to those that write to me letters!! To me
as pleasantly read your letters:) you very good person. My dear I
would like to get somewhat quicker to you!! And to lead the rest of my
life with you!

8th letter

There are no my parents violently wish to marry me for Dmitry: (I do
not want It: (

9th letter THis is the move to come and be with you.

Good afternoon my native xxxxx!

To me badly, very badly. Today I weigh day cried. I have finally sworn
with the parents and left the house. Last night we had a big scandal.
Both again tears and again humiliations and again treachery. I can not
so to live any more........ They took away all my jewelry, and also
have closed mine account in bank. To me have told, that I removed from
the house.... The reason of this scandal, mine manipulation to Dmitry.
They love him more than me. To be exact speaking, they love money him
parents. As to me oppositely behind all it to observe. Has bothered to
observe of their hypocrisy, treachery and lie...... On work with them
do not respect, but who will not dare to speak them the truth to
face.... Relatives do not communicate with them.... Friends have lost,
unless only of Dmitry's parents are friends. Though friendship it to
name it is impossible, them interest only their money. Once we lived
poorly and my parents were absolutely other people... But as soon as
at them have started to appear riches them as though have changed...
They have very much changed since then... Therefore and relatives do
not communicate with them... When to my grandmother urgent operation
was required, my parents have refused to pay for treatment, observing
as my favourite grandmother, mum of my father slowly dies... The
grandmother would remain is alive, if not greed of my father. Her the
age was 68 years... Her urgent operation of heart was required... She
should live and live still! Her the life was in hands of my father,
but my father not helped her... I write now to you and crying, crying
and I can not stop the tears........ She has died on my
hands.......... Her last sight has remained in my memory on always....
She has brought up me since the early childhood! I very much loved
her, I and now her love!!! My father very big sinner. He does not
understand that creates... First has killed the grandmother, and now
wishes to kill and me....... After death of my grandmother, relatives
do not communicate with my family.... On funeral of the grandmother,
my uncle spoke mine to the daddy, that he has made the big sin, and
that the God will punish him. But instead of keeping silent, the
father has told him ' I DO NOT TRUST In the GOD '... In the God does
not trust, but the gold cross has on a breast... Ridiculously, the
truth??? :( It is very insulting and is sick... I shall not wish such
destiny even the enemy.... Now I at all do not know that expects me in
the future. Difficult days though they lungs not when were not
begin.... My time is ended also to me it is necessary hasten in the
house of the cousine... Gently whole... Happy day!



Your Marina

Now I shall go to agency learn as I can arrive to you. I shall write
to you after
2007-06-28, 21:09:01
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina, 10th letter The request for money.

Hello my dear xxxx!! I loved today called to you but you did not answer
me: (I very much would like to hear your voice in a tube of phone. I
have been very upset when you have not answered me. I have left to you
the message on an answering machine. I very strongly wished to hear
your voice. My dear I learned the information from agency. I very much
was upset when learned the prices for arrival to you. I have no such
money for arrival to you: (I have only 300 dollars. The total sum
makes 1500 dollars. I need 1200 dollars more. I do not know that to me
do.. I was afraid that we cannot to be together. I am very upset.
Favourite you can help to me?? It is a shame to me to ask from you the
help, but more I have nobody to ask it. I shall wait for your answer.
Your Marina

2007-06-28, 21:13:21
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 11th letter and 12th letter

My dear xxxxx. Now I live at the cousine. My dear I really have the
passport. I went to travel agency, for that what learn as I can arrive
to you. My dear I have no phone, I called to you from public phone. I
cannot receive you in city. I am afraid that Dmitry to see you and me
together then we will have problems. I am afraid that he will harm to
us. In my heart there are ideas on you. It is filled by ideas on you.
My dear I dream to see you as it is possible soon. Your Marina

12th letter

The INFORMATION FROM AGENCY: the Manager of agency spoke me about two
variants as I can arrive to you.


The agency gives to me a full package deal. For the services the
agency demands 12 000 roubles (approximately 400 dollars). I should
sign the contract with this agency. When I shall give all necessary
information, the agency will send my documents to Moscow (Embassy).
From you I should know, the name of the nearest airport where I should
arrive! Under the contract of this company the ticket should be got in
their agency (the agency cooperates with airline). It is necessary for
Me to give this information for agency that they began registration of
my documents.

1) the characteristic about mine not previous convictions (from the
local policeman).

2) the characteristic about a place of my work.

3) information from the psychotherapist, from the neuropathologist,
from the expert in narcology.

4) the characteristic about my marital status.

5) Documents confirming mine education.

7) the passport for travel abroad.

8) the Information on a financial position.

9) Credit history from ' the Central bank ' that I have no debts to
any banks (it is necessary to receive confirmation the manager).

This variant will manage to me approximately from 1400-1500 dollars.


You send me the air ticket but then I should go to Moscow to Embassy
and legalize all papers independently... On registration of all
documents through Embassy it is required to me from 1-3 months. In
Embassy very much big turns and to get on consultation very
difficultly... All this time I should be in Moscow as it will be
necessary to go to Embassy often. In Moscow I do not have
acquaintances and consequently it will be necessary to rent a room in
hotel. Hotels in Moscow very much expensive.. The price of cheap hotel
from 50 $-60 $ for day of residing. And also I should spend money for
meal and transport. Having chosen this variant, it be required to me
greater monetary wastes....

This variant will manage to me approximately from 3000-4000 dollars
(not including your ticket).

I have counted all charges.... Has weighed two it a variant... For me
the first variant has seemed to the most suitable... As the first
variant will be more cheaply, more conveniently, more quickly.


With impatience I wait your answer!

Your girl Marina
2007-06-28, 21:16:18
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 13th letter After receiving a call

My dear I did not understand your last letter?! I on the contrary
wrote that I am glad to see your photo. I thought of you all time. I
was very glad to see your photo!! You probably did not understand me.

I am very happy!!!!!! At you very pleasant voice ;) I am happy as not
when before!!!!!! Your voice does not leave my ideas!!!!!!!!!!! Now I
can present you better!!!!!!!!! You have very lovely voice which I
wish to hear every second, every minute, each hour, every day, every
week, every month, every year and so up to the end of the life!!!!!!!
SINCERELY!!!!!! I wish to inform all world that you have won my heart,
my reason, my soul!! Now I all yours!!!!! YOU such darling!!!!! YOU
the remarkable person!!!!!!!! YOU my future, you my dream!!!!!!!!!!
YOU my GOD, I your Goddess :) I am enamoured in you as the little girl
:) As to me it is good on heart, after our conversation :)

It is a pity, that we talked not enough time :( My heart full pleasure
after I have heard your voice :) Before a call I very much
worried....... Now your voice all time will be in my ideas ;)

You cannot imagine that during this moment happens in my soul I feel
similarly to the child :) I am happy!!!!!!!!! When I have heard your
voice I have received big a doze of adrenaline :) The smile on mine
face does not disappear :) Now I shall not have calmness in the heart
:) My heart will find calmness only when I shall meet you in the
person! I am happy as the small child :)

2007-06-28, 21:25:56   (updated: 2007-06-28, 22:25:52)
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 14th letter

My dear I very much very much very much very much love your photo!!
You are nice!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!My dear tell to me fairly you me you love?

15th letter

My dear tell to me fairly you me you love?

16th A new e-mil address (never did work)

My dear Txxxx write to me to mine MSN

17th letter No

My favourite xxxxx!!!! I Sincerely love you all heart!! It is very
pleasant to me to think of you! Ideas on you do not leave me!! I LOVE
YOU!!! YOU very much DEAR to me!! Now I have new dream - To have your
surname! Tell to me fairly you it is shocked? If 'YES', I very much
would like, that it was a shock not from a fright, and with happiness!
My heart fights is more often, when I think of you. When I wake up, I
think of you. When I go to bed, I too think of you. Sometimes during
my dream you too in my ideas. I have reflected; and why it happens
often recently? You have a guess why? I think probably ' YES! ' You
guess! Since that moment as I have started to have correspondence with
you, I had a stimulus in a life. Now I have a lot of vital energy. I
like this feeling in me! I again feel as the baby. My ideas are fine,
and this all owing to you! Know, that now I LOVE YOU!

Your Marina xxxxxxx!!!ws she takes on your name...

2007-06-28, 21:27:46
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina, 18th letter The Dream
18th letter The Letter The love and her dreams

MY DREAMS.................

Day has begun! I have woken up the first! That I have seen the face
it you my darling, laying beside with me! Your hand on me! I smile!
With a smile on the face I start to kiss gently yours face so to not
wake you, but I of caress awake you ;) You start to smile :) I
starting to kiss your neck, your hands! You start to smile more! I
continue you to kiss! You open the eyes, having told: GOOD MORNING
TOO LOVE YOU, continuing to kiss your body :) You cannot restrain, my
gentle caress excites you and your heart starts to fight as drum! Now
I feel, that now you who will not stop, and you in full alertness, are
ready conquer tops of my feelings :) Our bodies are weaved, we give
each other improbable kisses, gentle caress, our bodies become a
single whole! We forget about everything, we feel as though in the
world we one (as once felt Adam and Eve)... We start to feel bodies
each other! During this instant I feel your lioness! I start to feel
you! You my king, and I not in forces to resist to you! Your lion's
heart wins over me! And during that moment I understand, that you the
owner of my body! You do not leave to me a choice and I should obey to
you! Our eyes are closed also we give each other mad kisses! From
passion we bite lips each other! Our kisses excite our bodies! Our
hearts start to fight all more often and more often! And here I have
felt you in myself! You gently and tenderly address with me! I as in a
captivity, in a captivity of your embraces! From my eyes with
happiness tears drip! I kiss you all more strongly and more strongly!
Both of us it is tested unearthly feelings and us to not stop any
more! My nails stick into your back, and it excites is even stronger
than you! My hands rise above, and I already caress your head! I press
you to myself, you nestle on me! We as two magnets which are difficult
for separating! During this instant we are happy, our feelings do not
know borders!!!! We test unearthly caress and love! In a flash our
bodies start to be thrown up, and rate becomes all more slowly and
more slowly!! We continue to kiss, our kisses all also are full of
passion!! You whisper to me on an ear ' you my queen ', gently whole
me! You ask me: Why you cry? I answer you: I MADLY LOVE YOU!! We look
in the face each other and we understand, that our feelings are very
strong, and that now we are unseparable, together on always, up to the
end of the days!

Here so I imagine our first morning!

To tell the truth, it was a shame to me to write to you the dreams,
but I am not kept, hope to you it is pleasant ;)
e Love
2007-06-28, 21:46:41   (updated: 2007-06-28, 22:38:58)
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 19th letter The pressure for money

My dear I do not know why my messenger Msn does not work, my dear
please take away me from here, I want to you. Today I was in agency,
the manager of agency spoke me that if I today shall pay to them the
first payment then I shall take off for Sunday to you. And as the
manager of agency spoke me that for the beginning I need to pay would
like 500 dollars and other part of money I will need to pay after that
when my documents will be ready, my dear Tom you can send me for the
beginning 200 dollars, I have 300 dollars to me it is necessary 200
more that the agency has started to legalize my papers. I love you!!
Your Marina xxxxxx!!

20th letter The fear Dmitry

My dear I sincerely wish to live with you the rest of my life!! I love
you!! I would like to you!! My dear Send money addressed to my lawyer
because I am afraid to go to bank and to receive your money. In bank
Dmitry's friends work, I am afraid that they will catch me and will
give Dmitry. If my lawyer will receive money then Dmitry Your Marina
xxxxxxx will not find me, manny KISSSSSS

Name Erik

Surname Altunyan

The address of bank Lenina 30

The name of bank ' Post Russia '

21st Letter The fear grows

My dear it is very dangerous to me to live in the house of my cousine
Because at any time in her the house can come Dmitry or my parents. I
do not have choice to live in other place. Money for hotel at me is
not present. My parents do not know where I.

22nd letter Rising hopes

As I receive documents next day I can take off to you! I LOVE YOU. My
dear I shall go to the house of my cousine. I strongly wish to eat. I
shall write to you later.

23rd letterl
I love you my darling!! I have returned to you!! I with impatience
wait for day of our meeting. I want to you:)


My dear the library is closed at 2 o'clock I shall write to you later.
I shall wait good news from you

25th GOT YA

Yes!! My dear go to bank when you will return from bank I read through
the letter which I shall write to you. I Think that it is pleasant to

26th letter

You have already sent money?

The manager spoke me that when you will send money to you should give
ten figures number transfer


I shall write to you after to a floor of money

29th Thank God you can not transfer banks out of the country.

My dear I just went up to the lawyer, his the wife spoke me that he
has left for Krasnodar. I have left all data transfer his to the wife,
she have told that tomorrow will call him and and will dictate him the
information. I shall write to you tomorrow already late. Strong I kiss
on the mouth your Marina xxxxxx!


Hello my dear xxxx!! Today I called to the lawyer, he speaks me that he
cannot receive yours translation. In bank him spoke that you have
called in bank and have told him that transfer have changed to the
city of Krasnodar. My dear please do it as is possible quickly. I love
you your Marina xxxxxxx!!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Marina Bakylina

2007-06-28, 21:56:23   (updated: 2007-06-28, 22:22:43)
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina 31st letter A change of heart

I write letters to my future husband Tom:)


I thought of you all the day long and all the night long

33rd Back on track with money.

Send money on Krasnodar because my lawyer all the day long happens in
city Krasnodar. When you will send money?

My dear suffer a little more and we shall be together!! We shall love
each other very strongly:)


The earlier I shall pay the better for me.


My lawyer spoke me that in Krasnodare there is a bank which 24 hours
per day work


Site of the lawyer city Krasnodar

Name-- Erik

Surname-- Altunyan

38th after long wait for reply

All this time I was here. Simply in the library was a malfunction. I
could not write to you. I wish to arrive to you in the new order. I am
assured that I to want to you!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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