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Dating scammer Marina Bakylina


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Name: Marina Bakylina

Email: marina bakylina'


Other Comments:
Marina Bakylina,

very good scammer, Must have been at it a while. She uses the fear of her being in danger to play you.

Here letters are posted on pages 82-84

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2007-06-28, 22:19:23   (updated: 2007-06-28, 22:23:25)
anonymous from United States  
Marina Bakylina,

39th letter The pressure and fearof Demetry. Patrik is not my name

Hello my dear Patrik! Loved I cannot be long here, I to be afraid that
Dmitry will find me..... To Me it becomes terrible from an idea that I
shall meet him on street. I to be afraid will present that when we
shall meet: (Me very much, very much, very much, terribly..... I very
strongly would like to you. My dear as you are fast can help to me
with arrival to you? This night I thought of you:) I could not fall
asleep... I thought about ours meetings:) I thought as we shall be
glad when we shall see arches of the friend in the person. I very
strongly to love you. I am ready on all for the sake of ours with you
of love!!! Remember I love you!! Your girl Marina!

40th with in minutes of receiving the above letter and notification I sent money

Do not write to me more Patrik.... I do not love you!! I love Dmitry!!
I deceived you!! I sucked its member!!!

41st letter second later

Patrik I do not love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All do not write to me!!!!

42nd Seconds later Demetry apprears

He is Dmitry at a computer.... Do not write it more.. I shall kill you
and her

43rd second later
You vile type.... I shall find Marina and to it it will be bad... I
beat it: :) :))

44th Second later

What are you silent??? Tell to me where do you live??? Also I shall
arrive to you, I SHALL kill YOU

45th Second later

I shall kill you, Marina ran from me but all the same I shall find it

46th letter Later that night when Marina relizes she does not have tranfer numbers, using a different e-mail address

Answer me please I wait for your answer.

Your Marina xxxxxx

My dear xxxx!!! I am glad that you have answered me!!!! With me
everything is all right. All this time I thought of you. My dear you have sent
money???? If yes, send please the information on translation.
Favourite, I cannot long remain here, I to be afraid, that Dmitry will find me
again. Please answer me as soon as possible, I wait for your answer.

48th Reason for using wrong name

My dear when my parents have learned, that I have started to correspond
with you, they they have started to demand your name to learn what is
your name. With a view of safety I spoke, that your name Patrik. Please
understand me correctly. I made it with a view of safety. I please
trust me.

49th letter Reason for telling it was a scam Once she though I sent money

My dear, I did not write it, possibly it was written by Dmitry to
separate and that I has never arrived to you. Please trust me.

50th Letter Responce after I told he bank would not let me tranfer for 10days due to cancelation. I asked her to borrow money.

My dear, I cannot take money as I have no such opportunity. I have
blocked the old electronic box do not experience. Please ask somebody that
it has sent money for you. My favourite, I cannot long be here. I am
afraid, that Dmitry again will find me.

51st letter Last letter sent.

I am in library, I am afraid to visit the house of mine the cousine. If
I tomorrow shall pay tomorrow to the agent then after tomorrow my
documents will be ready. I love you. Please help me. You my last hope.

I responded by telling Marina that she had to explain what happened today or I could not send money. I am awaiting her ans.


2007-06-29, 08:53:37   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Marina Bakylina

2007-06-29, 08:53:37   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Marina Bakylina

2007-06-29, 14:05:55
anonymous from United States  
That is one weird bunch of letter's! The DRAMA in the last one's! Look's like a soap opera! Never saw them go to that extreme.
2007-06-30, 06:51:11
anonymous from Sweden  
anon US....amazing story. Never heard of the jealous-boyfriend-Demetri-gonna-beat-me-up angle before. glad you didn't get skinned!
2007-08-05, 06:49:59
'S' from United States  
I see the last one hasn't been shopped. The mole that 'disappeared' above her lip is back!?

2007-08-05, 07:49:35
anonymous from United States  
'S' from US

Sadly on this PC, I have neither Microsoft Picture Manager for 8X zoom, nor Adobe Photoshop for 16X.

If the mole is a perfect circle, it will pixelate into a specific square pattern; Therefore, placed by a photo editor, and can be dynamically moved all over maxilla.

This means some lost time for scammer.

I hope you understand my thoughts, despite my difficulties expressing them.

You'll be considerate for, I'm no Eddie Bhai!
2007-08-05, 09:48:09
'S' from United States  
The mole was brought up on a different thread a couple week's ago.Until about April it was in all the pic's then suddenly disappeared!? The pic's go back at least 1 year too! If you look at some of the older thread's you'll see it.God only know's where or how far back you'd need to look! The original looked real and was awfully small to bother adding,easier to remove and wouldn't be noticed with the quality of the pic's except for those familiar with the earlier pic's.

2007-08-05, 10:20:33
anonymous from Germany  
Again some links for friends of moles and photoshopping :
2007-08-05, 14:06:25
anonymous from United States  
Ya had ta dig up that 1st one huh? LMAO The other is the WORSE job I think I've ever seen!
2007-08-06, 14:54:06
When I find myself in times of trouble,
Scammer Mari comes to me...
2007-08-06, 22:47:13
anonymous from United States  

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