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Dating scammer Cindy yin


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Name: Cindy yin



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I'm in for some money with her here are pic of her

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2009-02-20, 19:48:30
hello how are u doing i am kelly and i have read ur email and i really like it and i wnat to get to know u more if u dont mind this my email address so that we can chat more and get to kow each other more and we can share some more pictures.......Kelly
2009-02-21, 02:04:14
anonymous from United States  
This is hilarious I am currently speaking with her everyday for 2 weeks now, she has called me at least 4 times a day. I have even spoke with her son named Joe. She is using the name Atibilah and says her nickmane is Tinny. I purchased $26 in cell phone minutes for her and thats it. She has asked me to send her $260 to pay for her sons schooling but I refused.

I also have about 12 photos from her some of the same I've seen on here some not. I am curious as to whom I am talking with on the phone because it is definitely a woman and the child is definitely a child. I knew this was a scam for a while after i bought the cell phone minutes. I am just so curious where this is going but she will not get another dime out of me.
2009-02-23, 23:22:42
anonymous from United States  

2009-02-23, 23:30:13
anonymous from United States  
2009-02-23, 23:40:09
anonymous from United States  
2009-02-24, 01:31:59
anonymous from United States  

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Keywords: brunette under tree purple and green dress
2009-02-24, 01:33:49
anonymous from United States  
2009-03-08, 04:18:21
anonymous from United States  

i am a nice ,single ,cool, easy going ,fun loving and God fearing lady,i love to read alot and i also love to meet people ,i some time love to go to the ciinema
2009-03-28, 08:49:31
anonymous from United States  
hey guys anyone dealing with these girls, whatever name they use remember that julie at talks about a tattoe removal and left a scar on right upper arm. she said it used to say crazy.its hard to see unless they send oictures of themselves naked or sleeveless
2009-03-28, 15:42:48
anonymous from Bradenton, United States  
the photos i see are oare of a scammer named vivian dean or vivian dean brown she is 'stuck in Nigeria' and is trying to get her daddys fortune out of the bank but she needs money to pay attorney's and bank fees if you like fire whe will burn you . believe me i know
2009-04-14, 00:16:17
anonymous from United States  
she also goes by the name lamin hamahulai,,,, beware...of the scamcunt!
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2009-04-18, 16:28:13  
04/18/09. i know this woman(?) as clarahighty. i have photos but if you've read this thread you get the point. she is good. very good. and you'll want to beleive her after you the pictures, especailly the ones of her 'son'. his name was raymond when we talked. DON'T GIVE HER MONEY OR YOUR PHONE NUMBER. i did neither but it was close. i almost did.

with me she didn't ask for money until the 3rd conversation but asked for my phone nuber on the first. the emoticons she adds to hear yahoo chats are a nice touch. really. don't be fooled , you'll end up feeling real stupid like i did. i am glad i had half a brain left after looking at the photos and googled 'clarahighty'. she's listed on every dating site in the book. check it out.
2009-05-09, 21:16:51
anonymous from United States  
who ever is this person poseing as cindy yin is also going by ELIAS RAUF and many other names also this is really Julie from you can go there and find all the pictures of her this is the same as the scammer is useing believe me i have fallen for the scam trust me i found the pictures on porn star i can't believe i fell for it but a lesson learned never trust the internet dating sites met her on SINGALSNET.COM and wish i would of never answered e-mail what a scme

2009-05-09, 22:06:37
anonymous from United States  
julie at

the pictures, at least some i see here, are from the website above. julie also has a facebook page. i contacted her via facebook and let her know her pictures were being used. she seemed nice, was not surprised that her pictures were being circulated and said she wished she was being paid for them. we exchanged a few emails and that was it.

there has been at least one post here suggesting that julie is behind the scam. i can't prove or disprove that. wouldn't be surprised but i doupt it. whomever i was chatting with it was clear english was not their native language. this is not the case with julie who seemed from my limited contact to be pretty bright. i would say english was her first language however exotic she looks. if julie or her manager or whomever is part of the scam she is not the person you are chatting with. i can say that with a certainty.

although i lost no maoney, and actually find my chats with clara highty not a bad way to pass the time. but i still feel foolish and wish i kneew who the hell i was really chatting with. a lesson learned. but if you're reading this you have probably been just as foolish as i was.

2009-05-11, 07:30:14
anonymous from United States  
Hey people (guys) wake up she is a super sammer she has been in contact with me for 4 months and have asked for plenty of money but never gave her any but she still calls me i found all her photos on see sexy julie porn star but it is not julie that is contacting you all so i asked her for a final photo to see if i could trick her i told her to put her little finger of her right hand on her nose and send it to me and she did what a fake she is if you notice her head don't match her body as she talks to me as the name ELIAS RAUF from ghana and she has 3 men that poses as her uncle,father, travel agent,bankerand even sargent wlilliams as she always get caught by customs as she is going to leave GHANA she always talks about her late father her son and she is always trying to get gold out of GHANA to america to bad she is teaching a young child to scamm at that age she always tells you how much she loves you and wants to get married to you but as i said she is a sammer and will try to get all your money so she can have the good life for herself and her husband that she has there this is the last photo she sent me look closeand you will see how fake it is i have the federal investigators here in the U.S trying to track her down to face charges think she is living in NEW YORK SO BE CAUTIOUS AND DON'T SEND HER MONEY she needs to be punished for what she is doing to the people here and around the world also i know for a fact that the british goverment is also after her for crimes she has commited against them. Take this warning seriously she will take your money and not even think twice .i EVEN ASKED HER WHY she is fetured as SEXY JULIE.COM and she gave me the story that she use to be a super model and the agentcy is still useing her photos even though she doesn't work for them anymore and she talks about her late husband that died in a car accident 5 yrs ago, she also use the names ZANABU,CHRIS,KAZIA,CINDY YIN AND MANY MORE

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