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Dating scammer Yulija


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Name: Yulija

Email: (


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Saw it right away, though she is persuasive.


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2007-12-06, 23:00:06
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Dear people! I badly write and I speak English! The only thing, that I have understood is that my photos are used in the criminal purposes! I am Julia, all my photos, but I declare, that NEVER anything similar wrote, all my photos are stolen from a site of a photo where I store them!
I attach a photo made on November, 5th, 2007. This photo for the present is not present on the Internet!

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2007-12-07, 04:22:17   (updated: 2007-12-07, 04:25:11)
Peter from Germany  
Уважаемые Юлия,
мы не обвинять женщин с фотографиями. Мы знаем, что большинство из фотографии похищенных. Я надеюсь, вы понимаете, что фотографии должны оставаться здесь, чтобы предостеречь других.

Спасибо за замечание
(переводчик используется)
2007-12-07, 04:48:25
anonymous from Sweden  
Привет Джулия!

Спасибо за ваше сообщение.

Да, мы понимаем, что ваши фотографии были украдены. Большинство жуликов использует украденные фотографии в cкамерство.

Опытные парни на этом форуме всегда заявляют этот факт!

Одно время жулик Йошкар-Олы признавало этот факт мне в письме.

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re[4]: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 06 July 2006 08:29

> Кое-что заинтриговало меня. Где Вы приобретаете фотографии
> симпатичных девочек? Вы платите им деньги? Они сообщники?
> Компаньоны? Или они невинные жертвы?

Конечно они невинные жертвы. Я например беру фотографии тут:
или тут:
Конкретно наш случай:
Все фотографии размещённые в black list принадлежат невинным жертвам.
И это единственное о чём я сожалею.
Ты конечно прав, что касается моего занятия. Я и без твоих
нравоучений понимаю всё, но другой альтернативы нет.

English translation:

Hello Julia!

Thanks for your message.

Yes, we understand that your photos have been stolen. The majority of scammers use stolen photos in their scamming.

Experienced guys at this forum always state this fact!

One time a Yoshkar Ola scammer admitted this fact to me in a mail.

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re [4]: Read through this letter
Datum: 06 July 2006 08:29

> Something has intrigued me. Where do you get photos
> of nice girls? Do you pay them money? Are they accomplices?
> Partners? Or are they innocent victims?

Certainly they are innocent victims. I for example take photos here:
http: //
Or here:
http: //
Particularly our case:
http: //
All photos placed in black list belong to innocent victims.
And this only thing for what I regret.
You are certainly right, as to my employment. I and without yours
Morals I understand everything, but other alternative is not present.
2007-12-25, 21:08:42
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-25, 21:12:23
anonymous from United States  
Another scam from yulija

2007-12-25, 21:14:51
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-26, 04:08:01   (updated: 2007-12-26, 04:48:32)
Peter from Germany  
Ekaterina has got one sister, Nastya:

And here a good link for those who are interested in russian culture but don't understand russian, as I do:

Btw, OJAS, I went through photo Did not get our Julia or Julia.
2008-01-11, 02:15:08   (updated: 2008-01-11, 02:19:24)
Peter from Germany  
Same Julia? Here she is Alexa.
OJAS, thx for the crossroad link
2008-05-13, 02:45:33
anonymous from South Africa  

Tatyana contacted me last week Thursday with all of the above e-mails.

I'm happily married with 2 kids. So leave me the F@*#! ALONE woman.
These girls are going to meet the wrong guy 1 day & either get hurt, or even worse for stealing their money if the guy sends it.
Mess with the wrong guys & they might not look @ it like it is a scam. Some guys take this kind of scamming seriously & often degrading, resulting in violence!!!!!!!

Just a warning to the scammers out there......
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2008-06-05, 13:26:05
anonymous from Denmark  
OMG i Can't believe this, but i guess i have to.

Well I got a letter much like the letter shown on this side and then i started to be suspicuis

But before i really believed every freaking word about it alll and last nigth i got that one email from her.
telling me that she boked the nerest fligth and thats in some days and yesterday i would have given her the money and stuff but i didn't cus i had no idea how to so i wrote that how do i send the money to you.
and stuff and she said she would wait upp aælll nigth to get my letter, but i did send a letter 1 hours after she did and i waited 1 hour for reply but didn't get one and now here today i got so pissed at my mom so i went up to reed the letter again to be happy, so yeah, so i thougth what is i can find her hotel or somthing and gicve her the money that way. so i loked the name up on google and found the side up there and all the letters there maches the one i got 98 % And gees It must be real Cheet then so i found this side!!! And now i'm really happy that i haven't used the money that i would use on that scooter i was about to buy.

but hey since she dosen't know that i don't know anything yet haha i will see if i can get more pictures too ^_^ and i got even more hotter picture then those mmuahahah XD u wont get em XD lol she really is cute and i was almost busted there, i fell i love with her and yeah... Broken .... I guess it's only a dream... gees I hate my poor life hhah LOL.

But gees Some people Are Insane i almost fell for it!!!

Good idea to always look people up before you do anything!!!
Now i can buy my scooter YAY
2008-07-24, 18:13:47
i got the same exact messages, i hv to say she is Irresisable. i was too close to send money for her air-ticket, until, but i thougt i can book her an e-ticket online. then she didnot answer my offer,

2008-11-09, 09:49:20
anonymous from Sweden  
Do anyone know who this is and were i can find her on the net.
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2008-11-09, 13:48:17
OJAS from United States  
2009-01-27, 11:38:45
I am not from usa but i can speak a little of english. Well, my advice is about not to send money to any girl around the world that you don´t know. I have received a lot of lovely letters, love promisses and thinks like that, only bullshit. Of course it is very rare you meet a beautiful girl and this girls fells in love with you without knowing anything about you. Well, i am always receiving photos of them and one of these pictures is from Azaliya Afandeeva, email .

don´t be silly my friend, if you want to known beautiful girls, come to Brasil, but never give money to her before you know her.

I am sending you a photo from this scammer who is called as Azaliya. I don´t know if the photos is from the real Azaliya, i don´t know her, but it doesn´t matter, be smart.
2009-02-06, 16:25:48
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone ever seen this girl before?

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