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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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Confirmed scammer by use of hacked information due to criminal activity. Claims to be from Bugulma,USSR

Received: by with SMTP id i17cs492055agi;
Wed, 4 Jul 2007 08:12:22 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id h12mr7797556wxc.1183561942807;
Wed, 04 Jul 2007 08:12:22 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ( [])
by with SMTP id h17si11644464wxd.2007.;
Wed, 04 Jul 2007 08:12:22 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)
DomainKey-Status: good (test mode)
Received: (qmail 40220 invoked from network); 4 Jul 2007 15:12:18 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
b=ULWp8nM5Cf2SVnMWWfc6oZBjx2PxITBAs5BTouEevIX5/qtamy9xOHvwZvAPTp+wMtR4y38kon+A/7eLrQEVQQ/bhrkvyNHRGiW0AsNMGSW7OyqkK5Y2QJELLtvQdjkbtBL1wmy45oqBJkyJehffY4+uikV7Des5RKEWzJsTGGE= ;
Received: from unknown (HELO (leyla.destiny@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 4 Jul 2007 15:11:46 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: El4ghHQVM1kjHuWLAXN0KBoLaoaCaCPx.a8gWty2h6XurxHHmHg31pvYw5Phzlg0jvqavQu2dA7jYzMhYmaPCx9IVlWiSJc-
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 19:10:27 +0400
From: Olga
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.00.6) Business
Reply-To: Olga
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: 'xxx
Subject: Hello
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;

Content-type: text/html


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2007-08-28, 13:17:54
destined.knight@... from Bulgaria  
This picture shows that Olga could also deal with Marina Earina, though this scammer has been stopped. Just posting this picture and then vanishing into the Cyber-World.

As the Interent still s full of danger and still full of people trying to do harm to the innocent, I have to do something to stop them. Perhaps by warning them for the possible threats or perhaps by posting as much as I can. This picture is one that could prove something more and I hope that more people will follow my example and post more to get the Olga-Scammer standing kind a check mate.

And... I have nothing at all to do with the scammer or anyone else that does harm. Sorry if I seem like a suspicious person, but I had to do this. In order to protect the ones that are good and mean no harm. Well, I am off again.

A Cyber Knight only trying to do the right thing and Leyla-Destined is gone now.


2007-09-01, 13:46:04
hi i am glad that i have discovered this page i recently recieved a email from she says she found me on i have sent an recieved a few emails off her in one of them it says that her parents lost there house and they have to rent an apartment now but i was wondering how did she get my email I had an email recently from freedating and they siad they had a security breach in june i put 2 and 2 together i typed in google and came up with this page. I might lead her on then dissapoint her for a laugh.
2007-09-02, 06:15:36
Anonymous from United States  
Well, I have searched upon my humble computer and I wanted to add this picture from Olga. Her family and her, a beautiful picture... Ashamed though that it is only a scam!


2007-09-05, 14:58:46
anonymous from Netherlands  
Another picture that was well-known to a friend of mine and perhaps to several more people. Thanks Destined-Knight! By the way: Are you the same person as the Leyla-Destined???

I am just curious about it and of course I do trust that you are not working along with the scammer or with anyone evil. Thank you, Destined-Knight for the posting.
2007-09-11, 17:09:40
anonymous from Netherlands  
The final posting on the board I made for you, Destined-Knight.

I'll leave this board by the way. The postings made by you are great and perhaps more people will speak up now they know the truth about the Olga-scammer. Thank you again and please don't worry about a single thing : I do forgive you for the things you had to do to make my awareness grow. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Destined-Knight.
2007-09-11, 22:28:51
anonymous from United States  
?????? Who was that masked man?
2007-09-12, 15:29:10
anonymous from Netherlands  
I just can say that he or she is from the United Stated or from Bulgaria.

Just weird, perhaps he/she had a holiday or so. But he/she doesn't work with Olga, why else would this person post so much information about Olga?? Just ask yourself that, why would this person do this if he or she worked with Olga??

Yes, I do know that some are careful with this person. But it is just that this person is not working with nor working for Olga. That is what I think.
2007-09-12, 15:45:10 from Bulgaria  
Hello everyone. Along with the final picture from my humble computer, I decided to post this letter. I just want to point out that this letter is really long and the English??... Very poor if you ask me. Please, if you do have questions, then please do email me.

I do understand if my secrecy does give some doubt, but I do swear to all that is Good, that I only want to bring a stop to the Olga scammer! And I have posted another letter. She promised me to write me back, but still I don't have an answer. Well, I am 'way off too busy' to answer her! Well, I am off again and please anonymous from Holland, don't doubt me. I only want to help you and others alike. Anyone who is good don't have to worry about me. I am now trying to get more information from a publisher that I just don't know what to do about yet. Just trying to stop any evil in this world,

(A.k.a. : Leyla-Destined)

Hello my friend *******!!!!
I am glad to have again an opportunity to sit in cafe and to see your
letter. I with huge desire have come running in cafe again to see your
letter. As you already know, I for the first time have similar
experience of dialogue on the Internet. And I have found the good friend. With
you it is possible to speak on any themes and it very much is pleasant
to me. Though we never before saw each other, but I see, that you
remarkable the man. And you can be trusted some things. I wish to inform you
that you trusted me. I trust you. We have written each other a few
letters. But our correspondence passes smoothly in other more interesting
feelings. It not seems to you?:) And still, you can rely on me
completely. I shall be glad help to you. For me honour to give you advice and
probably my advice will be right.
I am glad, that we have similar friendship.
Forgive, that I could not write to you in these. Days. I very much
worried, that did not write to you. Forgive, that you worried because of
You know... I would like to take an interest at you about your
friends?! If you want, you could tell to me about your friends. I want to tell,
at me many friends. I value my friends and I have such friends which I
can trust. Each person has such people. And I not exception. In my
letters I wrote to you about my best friend. You remember Marina? She very
good and understanding friend. I very much like this person. Màrina my
best friend. She is more senior than I for one year. Yesterday I had
conversation with my friend.
We had conversation about you *******. My friend has told, that to me
luck to have such friend on the Internet as you. I have told Màrina
about you and yours relation to me. My friend was surprised, that I have
such fine opportunity as the Internet. Marina has boyfriend and they
are happy. Looking on Màrina, me it is very pleasant. I am glad for my
friend. Màrina meets the boyfriend about two years and they are happy.
While they do not have conversations concerning wedding. But it would be
pleasant to me to see my friend married for her boyfriend. I well know
this the man. They were familiar in cinema. I remember two years ago,
we with friends had an entertainment to go to cinema. Near to us sat the
man. I at once have noticed, that this person has paid attention on
Màrina. After cinema they had conversation. Then I saw their walks on
evening Bugulma. Hardly later the girlfriend has informed me, that they
meet and they have serious relationship. And now they together. I so am
sincerely glad for Màrina. And now has come my turn to find good the
man. But the destiny does not allow to find the person in Russia. And
according to one colleague on work, I have decided to address to services
of the Internet.
And when I have got acquainted with you ******** I understood, that
it is very good to find the friend on the Internet. When I have written
to you the first letter, I with impatience waited your reply. And when
I have seen your answer, I was glad. And with each my letter, I with
impatience to run in cafe to see your answer. We are familiar very
little, but I already see your good and warm relation to me. I like to have
the similar person on the Internet as you. You are very interesting to
me. And I like to see in you the good and pleasant interlocutor. I hope
our friendship on this to not end. And we find out much about each
By the way, I have informed my parents on you. Yes, Yes yesterday I had
boldness to inform mine to parents that I use services of the
Internet. Also that I have acquaintance to you. Right at the beginning my mum
has been surprised and did not understand about what I speak. But later
I have informed all in detail how we with you have got acquainted. I
have told to mum, that you write interesting letters and I like to have
such friend as you. To tell under the truth, I could, not speak mum
about you.. But as we live together, I do not think, that would be correct
to not inform my parents about you. How you consider? My mum at once
has started to ask me about you. I answered and had some smile. Ours
relations are in process development. By the way, my father asked to tell
to you huge Russian Hello. I hope to you pleasantly to receive Hello
from my father? :)
Still I would like to add to you, you very good the man. I have told to
my mum the truth about you. Though I do not know much about you. But I
think in due course, we can understand each other better. I with
pleasure shall answer and tell about my life here. I know, that you poorly
know about my life here. I am not going to hide from you something. But
you should not re-sent, that I not completely speak about myself. In
fact with each your letter, I so excited, that sometimes forget that
wished to inform you. And time in the Internet of cafe not rubber.
Sometimes I do not have time completely competently to answer your questions.
But in each letter, I shall try to write about me something new that you
had an interest to me.
You know, sometimes it seems to me, that with each your letter I
understand how much you are interesting. YOU are rich internally. Certainly I
can be mistaken, but first my opinion on you such. Therefore with you
it is very interesting to me. I with the great pleasure come to cafe.
You should know, that with each your letter you become more and more
interesting to me. It would be pleasant to me to know about you more and
I hope, you liked my letter?! You will have with the great pleasure
the answer. My time has come to an end. But I would not like to leave.
But I shall try to come next time. It would be pleasant to see your
letter in mine inbox.
And now I need to say goodbye. I hope you have received great
pleasure!? In this letter I shall send you a photo. In this picture I and
Marina. You already saw a photo Marina. It will be interesting to me to know
your opinion once again.
And I now shall go home. Today I am tired and to me it would be
desirable to take a bath and to go to bed. But tomorrow I shall be with new
forces. Also I hope I can see your letter. I cannot promise, whether I
can visit the Internet of cafe. But in any case I shall answer you your
I hope you have taken pleasure from read through and at you have
cheered up.
On this the end. I wish you good luck. And smile my friend more. A
smile, a smile once again a smile :)
Yours faithfully your Friend Olga!!!

Hello my friend *******,

As I promised, I will write to your mails as fast as possible. Today when I
came internet cafe from work I read my emails in my mailbox and saw that you have written. It is a great pleasure for me to see you emails. Now I have enough time to answer your letter. We have written each other many letters. And for this time, we found out much about each other. I can tell about you, that you very interesting the man. With you easily and simply. I would not like to lose with you friendship and it is good. I am glad, that the destiny has presented me an opportunity to get acquainted with such charming and interesting by the man as you. Letters give us promotion in ours the Internet relations. Certainly it is difficult to conduct acquaintance on the Internet. But I try to be interesting to you. I hope at me it turns out. In my last letter you saw questions. But I think it is important that we ask each other as many questions as possible. I think questions have not confused you. And today I would like ask you some more questions. how you feel about things, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you angry and what makes you feel joy?! Ok, things that make me happy: winning something (I like to win), a cosy evening with some good friends, a nice compliment, good food, and a lot of
other things.

I become sad when I see sadness. I am sad when I see violence against children or animals. I do not like violence, I do not like war. I do not like people who play with other people's feelings. Most of my friends is married and even got children and sometimes I feel like I am all alone on this world. That makes me sad either. But most of the time I have happy thoughts, because I am looking into the future.

I wish to thank for your sincerity. I liked your answers to my questions.

I did not wish to miss an opportunity today and have decided to write to you about this. Today, to me there was an amusing case. When I came back from work. At a bus stop I have met my old friend. I shall try to explain to you. Every year, we with parents visit Samara. In Samara lives my uncle. And every year, I with parents and Marina visit Samara. When we with Marina had a rest on a beach, we have got acquainted with interesting friends. We have spent very good time. If you want, in the following letter I could tell to you a little about my travel to Samara. And today, I have met our old friend from Samara. She was with mum. The friend has informed me, that they have arrived to relatives on a visit. In Bugulma she has relatives. It was amusing to meet old friends in our city. We have talked and recollected amusing summer. We spent a lot of time for the river. In Samara there is a river Volga. You heard about this river? And we spent the most part of time on a beach.

Right after this unusual meeting, I went to the Internet of cafe. But the most interesting that today in the morning we with mum recollected our uncle from Samara. At breakfast we with mum recollected our summer vacations. And tonight I have met my friend from Samara. I do not think, that this simple

I hope at you were similar a case in a life.

Well, my friend *******, there are so much more things to tell, but I hope you get a clearer view on me, every time I write you. I wait for your soon reply.

Have a nice day and take care!

Your Friend Olga!!!

2007-09-12, 15:48:38
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Well, the Picture has to be shown, sorry about this.


2007-09-12, 15:59:19
anonymous from Netherlands  
I am just stunned by this! This Olga character just keeps on jabbling about getting better aqcainted and then she just leaves you hanging?! Well, what else would you expect from her?? She is only after our money and banking accounts.

Well, I am just happy with the situation now. Thank you very much Destined-Knight or Leyla-Destined. If I do email you, please don't feel offended by this. I am even more careful thanks to your warning and to the things that you've learned me. Too bad though that you left the group that I am in. Well, hope to speak to you soon again.

You and anyone else have opened my eyes. Thank you very much, Destined-Knight.
2007-09-12, 16:27:12
[hidden] from Bulgaria  
You are absolutely welcome, Anonymous from Holland. Anyone else who is good and righteous on this board is by the way thanked for adding their opinion and adding their information and story about Olga. I am greatful and I am very fortunate that I had the oppertunity to post this. It is still a dangerous cyber world out there and I know that I can do my outmost best to put a stop to the scammers.

Well, I am off again. And keep in mind : Whether you are human or Mayanan, it is okay to ask for help and it is okay to doubt someone. That is why I don't ask anyone to trust me, just to know that I do NOT mean any harm. Thanks again, all. I am off now and disappearing again, into the Cyber World. To be a guardian on the Internet is my fate and to protect those whoe are good is an honour to have.

Yours righteous faithfully,

(A.k.a.: Leyla-Destined)

By the way : Leyla.destined@gmail is no longer my email address. Deleted it to be certain that I can start over again with being a Cyber-Guardian.
2007-09-13, 03:19:25   (updated: 2007-09-13, 03:45:41)
Eddie from Sweden (old post on the previous page)

If you're still interested in tracing IPs, it's not too difficult.

* open the advanced header on one of your scam mails (or one from a real girl if you want to check up on her). The procedure for this depends on what mail system you're using, yahoo, hotmail etc. I use outlook express so all I do is right-click on the unopened mail, then left-click on 'properties' at the bottom (I think?... mine is in Swedish and says 'egenskaper'). then click on 'information'.

* the advanced header looks like this (here's one from a spam I got today)

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( by (
id 46C019E1005864F9 for; Thu, 13 Sep 2007 09:53:47 +0200
Received: from [] (port=33438)
    by with esmtp (Exim 4.66)
    (envelope-from <>)
    id 1IVjVu-0008Cy-De
    for; Thu, 13 Sep 2007 09:53:46 +0200
Received: from [] by; Thu, 13 Sep 2007 16:53:29 +0900
Message-ID: <01c7f5db$2c42d990$b083887d@ali>
From: 'Willis Mcneal' <>
To: <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 16:53:29 +0900
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2527
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.2527
X-DNS-Warning: Reverse DNS lookup failed for host
X-Scan-Result: No virus found in message 1IVjVu-0008Cy-De.
X-Scan-Signature: 1IVjVu-0008Cy-De 17f43f280ec533e72822927574c41a63
X-Spam-Score: 8.8 (++++++++)
X-Spam-Report: Scanned by
    pts rule name description
    ---- ---------------------- -------------------------------------------
    3.1 RCVD_IN_XBL RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus XBL
    [ listed in]
    1.2 RCVD_IN_SORBS_WEB RBL: SORBS: sender is a abuseable web server
    [ listed in]
    1.1 URIBL_SBL Contains an URL listed in the SBL blocklist
    3.4 URIBL_JP_SURBL Contains an URL listed in the JP SURBL blocklist
Subject: [SPAM] You save - $1529 Creative Suite 3 for windows

* the originating IP is usually found in the last 'received: from'. In this case it's

* use an IP tracer to trace the IP. The one I use is

If the RIPE can't trace it, try one of the other tracers at the bottom of their page (for different world regions)

* tracing the IP from this spam shows that the email came from Korea (or the originating server is in Korea). The result I get using APNIC is:

inetnum: -
netname: KORNET
descr: Korea Telecom
descr: Network Management Center
country: KR
admin-c: IM76-AP
tech-c: IM76-AP

* Anyway, the spammers are using a server in Korea, although the IP could be forged or they could be using a proxy server to hide their real location, which is typical of spammers and a lot of scammers too nowadays. But a normal mail would have an IP address in the general area that the sender is supposely located. If you traced my IP, you'd find I used a cable network in the Stockholm area.

hope that helps.
2007-09-13, 05:08:34 from United States  
Hey Eddy,
Thank you so very much for wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now I will be able to find out where people are (approx.) when they send me e-mails and if they are scammers or not. SWEET!!!

2007-09-13, 20:07:49
anonymous from United States  
tell me does this look like one

2007-09-13, 20:10:07
anonymous from United States  
Natalja Kaparulina. I'm 25 years old, My birthday is September 27. I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight.

I'm happy my parents will be not alone when
leave them and will go to another country. Of course I will miss
everybody but I
want to have my own happiness!
I want to try how to ride a motorcycle someday! I've never tried it!
Do you have an International Airport in your city? Please write me
it's name an code. Or write me the name of the nearest Airport to you.
I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.
If you want I can call you when I will be in Moscow, it would be nice
talk to you. We don't have international calls here. I suppose in few
I will fly to Moscow and start my trip! Today I will tell my parents
about you,
I'm sure they will be happy that someone is waiting for me over there!
There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing
each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
My address here is Russia, Osinniki, Lenina street 78, flat 12.
So now you have a representation of who I am....
I just can tell you that I enjoy life and I try to live to the
fullest, I like to try new things. I'm not that smart.. I was not that
good in mathematics, physics, biology and so on! I don't like to be
smart! But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own
minuses and pluses.
I don't look any special qualities in a man. I just hope he will be
faithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I will
do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate!
I send you more photos, so I hope you will like it!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

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