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Dating scammer Oksana Kouznetsowa


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Name: Oksana Kouznetsowa


in any local Western Unuion office in Moscow.
My address here (the room i am renting)
Country : Russia,
City : Moscow,
Address : Ladyzhskaya street 58-35
post code (zip) : 893920
Full name Oksana Kouznetsowa (right writting in English)

Other Comments:
I played along waiting for her to ask for money and she or he did

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2007-07-19, 21:58:34   (updated: 2007-07-19, 21:59:58)
anonymous from United States  

2007-07-19, 22:04:36
anonymous from United States  
Here is another letter I received.

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 22:25:50 +0600
From: 'Oksana Kouznetsowa' <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more

Subject: Send you kiss!

hello! It's good to write you again! I think I'm a lucky girl to
meet such
good man as you in Internet! I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you
in the real life!!!
Yesterday I told my parents about you. They said that now they don`t
worry about me as before because now they know you are a kind man
and can help me if I will need your help. You can show me your city and
tell me about the life over there!
I think I didn't write you I like cooking. I will cook Russian
cuisine for you! Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka! You will
like it! Besides Russian cuisine I like Italian and Mexican. I love
spaghetti and pizzza!!!!! mmmmmmm ! I can't live without it! I like
Mexican food because it's very spicy, although I don't cook Mexican
dishes too often. I've been told my cooking is very tasty!
I like to cook cakes. My favorite is cheese-cake with raspberry! You
know... when I talk about food I'm getting hungry ))) I eat everything
and I'm not on any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This
helps me not to be fat!
I can cook many tasty things for you when we will meet! You know..
all Russian men are like bears! They are so rude, they can't be nice
and polite, they don't want to have a family. I think you are not like
I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with
my friends. 50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about
American. Actually my favorite actor is Johnny Depp and I like all
movies with
him. I've watched Pirates of the Carribean (part 3) some time ago! I
think the third part is not as good as the first part. Have you
seen it?
Could you recommend me any American movie so I can watch it?
What is your favorite movie and actor?
Soooooooooooooooo......... what else could I say?
I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car. My father has a
Russian car and he gives me his car sometimes.
I don`t like only cinema! I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet.
Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is
nothing interesting. If I want to go to ballet, for example, I should
go to Kemerovo, there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and
dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.
By, the way, one thing else about my trip. Agency will help me to rent
a room
to stay near my future work. I will share this room with a few girls
it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the rent (it will be
cheaper).And I have a question,
is it normal if we will like each other may be it is possible to live
together?of course if you
or somebody doesn't mind.
As you know I will stay there for three months but If I will like there
I will be
able to prolong my trip.
I think I will be able to improve my english and you can learn Russian
and I think
it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Do you have a big
wide bed?(joke).
And now I have some good news for you! After sending this email I will
go home, take my
packed bags and go to Kemerovo! From there I will fly to Moscow! I`m
really afraid to
fly on a plane! I hope my plane will not fall down! I'm really afraid!
It is several hours from Kemerovo to Moscow.
When I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email. I
hope today I will be able to write you. Please don't worry about me
if you don't hear from me today, that will mean I was not able to
find a place to stay and I will write you tomorrow.
In Moscow I will spend a week or maybe even more, I should make all
final arrangements with my documents and after it I will come to you!
I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so nervous now... I've never
went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city!
I really want to talk to you by phone, but as I don`t have a mobile
phone, I will find a public phone in moscow with international calls.
You know... I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now
I feel myself like a newborn kitten who has even didn't open it's
eyes... I just want to hug my mommy and don't want to go anywhere...
but I know that's my dream to start a new life and I will try to turn
in to reality! Soon you will hear some news from me from

Love and kisses!
I hope I'm the one for you!


2007-07-20, 14:57:27
anonymous from United States  
Again,Can you post a full header? If you don't know what that is or how to find it here's a link that explains it.
2007-07-20, 19:45:13
anonymous from United States  
As of July 2007, She is still using the name Oksana Kouznetsowa and the same photos. She claimed to be traveling to Moscow to arrange to come to meet me, without me agreing to meet her. Contact was broken off after I told her I was not interested in meeting.
2007-07-21, 06:52:01   (updated: 2007-07-21, 07:10:06)
anonymous from Canada  
every time i try to send in my e mail from this girl it does not show up how come with header
2007-07-21, 06:55:05
anonymous from Canada  
2007-07-21, 08:11:28   (updated: 2007-07-21, 08:17:28)
anonymous from Canada  
Try this again

2007-07-21, 09:05:30   (updated: 2007-07-21, 09:17:18)
S from United States  
Canada, How are you trying to do it? Alot of us use wordpad and copy and paste the header {then edit it} and the letter {edit your name}Since I post at more than one site I file them under the scammer's name so I can retreive them easily.I usually sart the file with 1st contact and add letter's as I go {numbering them}I also like to c&p the profile info from the dating site.I alway's wait until I'm done playing with the scammer and then post it all at once.If it's a 'new'scammer that's not already posted by full name I will start a new thread.{'add new scammer'@ the bottom of each page}If it's one that is already posted I don't add a thing unless there's a different e-mail addy,it's a waste of time and space.

Here's a link to one of my post's to give you an example;

It lok's like you were trying to post photo's? If so,they need to be in a file in your PC,it won't work doing it from the e-mail.

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

A photo {preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address}

Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The first and money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT- For Russian scammers}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.

2007-07-21, 09:43:14   (updated: 2007-07-21, 09:59:49)
anonymous from Canada  
try this again
2007-07-22, 10:22:20   (updated: 2007-07-22, 10:26:07)
anonymous from United States  
I played along with her or them till she asked for money. All the comments and pictures above from previous people who the scammer(s) came across were all copied verbatim to me, save for the fact that she or they changed the name and airport location. In the first place the e-mail came as a junk mail. Only a fool will fall for such. The first red flag was that she or they said that a 25-year-old woman needs a man of even 80 years of age. Come on!
This image was also posted here:
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2007-07-22, 10:40:21
anonymous from United States  
A 25-year-old woman needs a man of even 80 years old? Come on! Now you have her passport number to make an arrest.

2007-07-22, 12:34:56
anonymous from United States  
S from US, Excellent tips from you. Elsewhere, is also a suggestion to include in your comments, texts on what you are sending in the accompanying picture. Body-piercings, tattos, moles, etc., will likely make it difficult for a scammer to use the same pic twice, before spending time photo editing.

Happy hunting!
2007-07-22, 14:36:49
Skeet from United States  
Anon Us with the passport...It's a FAKE! FORGED! Happen's everyday!
Check this thread,that's all it has on it {almost}

Thnx for the compliment 2nd anon.Just trying to steer the unfamiliar in the right direction.
2007-07-22, 16:21:48
anonymous from United States  
; Sun, 15 Jul 2007 03:15:23 -0700
X-Originating-IP: []
Return-Path: <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok)
Received: from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Sun, 15 Jul 2007 03:15:22 -0700
Received: (qmail 11059 invoked from network); 15 Jul 2007 10:15:22 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024; d=yahoo.coh= Received:X-YMail-OSG:Date:From:X-Mailer:Reply-To:X-Priority: Message-ID:To:Subject:In-Reply-To:References:MIME-Version:Cn:Content-Typb= yth+M2lwOT7Nw5f8SJRZtxZmn5i92nVTjrY87QXJLyi24DX1j6kQOWvsrgkkZXIH51LYsXB2OEj74bbLSTlScVClF d5XQZjbqVVBItBM0GNV3GiEL6e7UKlUKlhgSeJ2CxF+mN0ee899hEgVgn3VmksRd6fBOf7NQJHTKlvX8cuVgc= ;
Received: from unknown (HELO ? (flower98andsun@ with plain) by with SMTP; 15 Jul 2007 10:15:17 -0000
X-YMail-OSGtBWuhaMVM1mwU3KPybQM2ZnyP6VFhu Myar0wA0W0gIpQozBsDCgCGkz7wTpgTpgIeQyu18
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 14:28:52 +0600
From: 'Oksana Kouznetsowa' <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) Professional
Reply-to: Oksana Kouznetsowa <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>

Subject: Information about my flight to you!
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary='----------51231CE2E3BF28B'
Content-Length: 65859

Hope this helps
2007-07-22, 16:25:37   (updated: 2007-07-22, 16:28:21)
anonymous from United States

City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Country: United States

Age: 28
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 5' 6'
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Body type: Average


My personality

• I am a religious person who follows the Christian / Other faith.
• I like to play the following sports:
Baseball, Football.
• I consider myself artistic, and I like:
• I like to watch these sporting events:

My lifestyle

• I don't smoke.

My relationships

• I haven't had any prior relationships that I consider serious.
• I don't have any children.

My education and career

• My current occupation is:

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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