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Dating scammer Yuliya Nikolaevskaya


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Name: Yuliya Nikolaevskaya



Other Comments:
She claims to live with a grandmother who is supposedly concerned about her well-being. Yuliya is pretty convincing and acts pretty reserved, compared to some scammers.

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2007-09-30, 18:44:53
anonymous from United States  
I gotg this!!!

It's here, my full name and address
Yuliya Ermolina
136 Novo-Vokzalnaya St.,Apt#12
Samara, zip code 443111
Russian Federation

Hello my dear Vern!!! I hope you are well, as I am! I'm so much happy
receiving your reply, as usual it brings me great joy finally to hear
from you!! But can I ask you some important question for me? Can we
talk around three times or minimum twice per week ok? I understand
that you are busy, but I guess that it is not difficultly to be unbusy
on some minutes for the writing? I'm interested in you, and I want our
regular correspondence because I feel closer and closer to YOU each
day, I AM SO HAPPY WE FOUND EACH OTHER VERN! I want to say to you that
your mails became an important part of me, they keep me smiling an
make me feel all 'warm inside', they make my heart skip a beat! Well
dear Vern at the first I want to ask you, what's the date of your
happy birthday? As for me, I was born on November, 4th, 1976, I'll be
31 y.o. soon! The point is that the day before yesterday my friend
Zina had her Happy Birthday, she became 30 y.o. We with our
girlfriends was so happy for her! We celebrated Zina's birthday in her
home. It was a great time..Many happy smiles, gifts. I gave as a
present to Zina a jacket :) But most of all we were surprised from
news of Zina, she told that she and her german groom Fridrih decided
to live together in Germany, in Munich City where Fridrih lives. Zina
said to us that in some days she will go to do the necessary papers
for her coming to Germany. We with our girlfriends are so happy for
her and her happiness, she is so happy now! Zina is as a native sister
for me, I love and respect her as the best friend, and I wish her only
large happiness! By the way Zina is writing the message to her Fridrih
sitting in the next computer here in the internet cafe, and just she
said me that Fridrih sent her the gifts on her birthday some days ago
by any Federal Express Service and by any UPS Postal Service, but Zina
didn't receive this gifts, and she was sad, she didn't receive any
postal receipts, she went to the post offices, but there said to Zina
that there are no Parcels for her..Obviously the gifts were lost by
this services for the unknown reasons, it's the larceny..Fridrih said
that he sent to Zina beautiful necklace and some other jeweller
products, but no delivery to Zina. Fridrih said to Zina that he will
submit to court on this postal organizations, but Zina dissuades
Fridrih from it. From this my dear Vern, please, don't send me
anything by the any post office services, ok? I don't want that will
happen as it was happen with Zina and Fridrih. Also dear Vern, I want
to return to the problem of the terrorism. Some time back I heard that
terrorists have sent the biologically infected messages to major
government agencies and editions of the newspapers of USA. Nightmare!
I worry so much if you will send me any parcels, that terrorists will
can to infect your parcel, I hope that you understand my anxiety...
Dear Vern, I want to say to you, that I am thinking about you more and
more, I feel that our relations became more than friendship, really
Vern??? I feel it by all my heart and soul, because I can't without
your messages now. My parents asks about you so often, and I answer to
them that our correspondence go so good, my mom and dad approve our
relations, and they asked me to give you their warm hugs and
greetings! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could meet and
go do things together, and probably I'll look forward for my coming to
visit you in the near future! Well, Vern, I must go now. I am
attaching my following picture, it's me with Zina in the cafe on her
birthday. I'm waiting for your e-mails as soon, as possible, so keep
smiling and have a great day, accept hello from Zina and from my
family of course!!!

Thinking about you, Vern,
your Yuliya
2007-10-07, 17:59:40   (updated: 2007-10-07, 18:01:43)
ryan from United States  
Just got this email off singlesnet. I didn't know there were so many hot women living in Nigeria who have lost their parents. Her profile on Singlesnet says she's from New York.
I am rosemary bowen.32 yrs and a professional nurse.I was born and bred in New york,US.I had lucky parents but I personally do not think i go that way.I have passed through series of hardship of life.I lost them when I needed them most.Thank God for my step mom.I should be no where to be found.My step mom is an African from Nigeria.She had to leave US when the hardship was to much.I have no one to stay with over there.I ahd to follow her down to Nigeria.Life here is also the same but better.I feel like dying sometimes I think about the type of parents I have and the hardship I go through in life.I feel so bad.My step mom is also not okay financially.We depend on her pension.I dont have a job for now,i would have been in support of our needs.All efforts to get a job was abortive.I have to live as rough as it takes.
I am old enough to go into marriage now.I need someont to share my life with and tolean on.I have been hurt by men.They use to promise heaven and earth.They pretend to be good but along the way,they show their real colour.I am single and have no boyfriend at the moment.Men here are not ready fro marriage but to play games.They will keep hurting ad hurting and get life out of you....I am really frustrated here.
I am a kind girl.I am down to the earth.Honest and truthful.Friends tell me'you are too good to have'....I appreciate them.Above all,I am God fearing.I like catching fun but my present life status forbids this.I like relaxing in the beech.Love camping,playing indoor games such as Ludo,Snake and ladder,Scrabble,etc. My best clour sky blue.Best food pastries.Gemini is my Zodiac. As for movies,I like to watch comedies.I really like comedies.I watch soccer too.I love English football(English Premier League).I am a fan of Arsenal FC in London,England.I am a shy type.I trust easily and do not underrate.I am humble and kool.I believe what people tell me.
I look forward to a good man.A good man in the sense that he will be kind ,honest,trustworthy,caring,loving,humble,cheerful,etc Me having kids depend on my man.But I'll love to have at least one.
I look forward to your reply to express your interest.You can privately reply me at can chat too if you have a yahoomessanger

2007-10-24, 16:40:35
anonymous from United States  
Yes - same thing claims to like dancing swimming. Stopped emailing once she got me to start talking on yahoo. The whole orphan story, too.

2007-11-14, 21:42:24
anonymous from United States  
(rosemarybowen1 wants me to respond
2007-11-22, 08:25:21
anonymous from Canada  
Kelly Curtis is still out here and she has a mean bio...all about who I am bla bla bla...I just read the same crap above thanks to those who like me wrote in...
2008-01-12, 07:59:24
African,Coman, from United Kingdom  
African Conman (Nigerian 419 Scammer)
Yahoo Scammer Email Address:

An African 419 Conman is using a white women picture to scam people online just to send them money to Nigeria like Western Union this has scammer wrriten all over it!

Israel Jerusalem: Hi there
Israel Jerusalem: How the scamming buiness in Nigeria
favour faith: what are you talking about
favour faith has unloaded the IMVironment.
Israel Jerusalem: Are you still scamming with that picture
favour faith: what are talking about now
Israel Jerusalem: Everyone knows you are a Afican Conman hiding behind that picture you taken of the model's site
favour faith: what are you taking about
Israel Jerusalem: http://www.delphifa..#comments
Israel Jerusalem: Have a look
Israel Jerusalem: You are on a scammers website
favour faith: you think i am scaming or what
Israel Jerusalem: Are you?
Israel Jerusalem: That what I like to know
favour faith: i am not
favour faith: can you call me now
Israel Jerusalem: Nelly Anderson <-- Is that your name?
favour faith: what cant give you
favour faith: you are just making me mad
Israel Jerusalem: Sure I know that you dont want me to have all your details
Israel Jerusalem: Email me all your details
Israel Jerusalem: Then I will send them of
favour faith: for what
Israel Jerusalem: Let me have them
Israel Jerusalem: So I can keep them
favour faith: what did you want to send off
Israel Jerusalem: I just want to keep them
Israel Jerusalem: All you have to do is to send all your details in a email
Israel Jerusalem: Plus a Valid passport
Israel Jerusalem: An couple of valid pictures
favour faith: what do you want that for
favour faith: tell me
Israel Jerusalem: I just want them for a reason
Israel Jerusalem: Just give me your details in a email
favour faith: fuck you
Israel Jerusalem: I wish
Israel Jerusalem: Dating scammer Yuliya Nikolaevskaya
favour faith: you wish what.mother fucker
Israel Jerusalem: So you are a Nigerian 419 Scammer
Israel Jerusalem: I knew you where
Israel Jerusalem: Why you scamming the whole internet
Israel Jerusalem: Where your fake passport
Israel Jerusalem: So you are a African Conman right
favour faith: pls go
Israel Jerusalem: Tell me where you are
Israel Jerusalem: Email me all your details
Israel Jerusalem: So I can pass them of to someone
Israel Jerusalem: Bunch of 419'ers
Israel Jerusalem: How the Online Bank Hacking Business going in Nigeria?
Israel Jerusalem: Dont forget to email me African Nigerian 419 Scammer

Notes: Beware of this Scammer if its from Nigeria just report it to the Local Police Station.

2008-01-29, 16:08:40   (updated: 2008-01-29, 16:36:22)
ryan from United States  
Has anyone dealt with a scammer calling himself 'Nataliya Owechkina'? Email addy is He emailed me out of the blue (it's been about 4 months since the last russian scammer gave me a laugh). The photos he sent are of a very attractive model, but I don't think it's the same girl in each pic.

2008-01-29, 16:14:00
ryan from United States  
Favour faith also tried scamming me a while back!
2008-01-29, 16:37:19
anonymous from United States  
Nataliya Owechkina

2008-01-29, 16:38:30
ryan from United States  
another one

2008-01-29, 16:39:16
ryan from United States  
one more

2008-01-29, 19:56:53
OJAS from United States  
Thanks ryan, keep up the good work! :-)
2008-01-30, 01:18:44
Eddie from Sweden  
New pics Ryan, thanks!...but they look like the same girl to me.
2008-02-08, 08:41:07
[hidden] from United States  
Pictures of Yuliya Nikolaevskaya are identical to pictures I have of Nataliya Bobrova
2008-02-08, 09:05:39
anonymous from United States  
Nataliya Bobrova = some of Yuliya Nikolaevskaya's pictures. Nataliya's e-mail address is
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