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Dating scammer Jainna Korneeva AKA Marya


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Name: Jainna Korneeva AKA Marya


won't provide

Other Comments:
Says her parents died several years ago on August 8th, claims to be 29 and born on 11/24/77. States she assists a bookkeeper for her work. Claims no kids and never married. Has not asked for money yet as of last emails on 8/8/07.

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2007-08-23, 06:24:06
anonymous from United States  
Yep, here in Cary, NC and those are the pictures. LOL. It was fun at least to look at her body.
2007-08-24, 21:50:39
[hidden] from Canada  
Hey guys! She/he has contacted me with the exact same story, although I had my suspicions by the second letter. They seem to be persistant but don't encourage them if you can help it.
This is the address that was sent to me:
Russia 428000
street yaroslavskaya 33
house 13 apartment 15


Here's the newest picture. Too bad she's a fake.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jainna Korneeva AKA Marya

2007-08-25, 11:52:27
anonymous from United States  
Hi guys! Still got a line going but no request, yet, from her for money. Am posting a new unseen photo for the site with her in some type of memorial 'hut' (maybe it's in a cemetery but I don't think so. Russian cemeteries don't have things like this in them. It is her photo #9 per it's properties. By the way, our Turkish contributor, thanks for the PIMP picture. How did you get it?

Keywords: brunette blue jeans black jacket park
2007-08-25, 15:11:17
'S' from United States  

HopOne Internet Corporation
Address: 3311 South 120th Place
City: Tukwila
StateProv: WA
PostalCode: 98168-5125
Country: US

Look's like they're using a proxy.I've had a few with the exact same IP block.
NetRange: -
I also don't see an X-Mailer{THEBAT! etc.} in the header? Not all use them but some have learned how to hide it too!

2007-08-31, 11:32:22   (updated: 2007-08-31, 11:36:13)
anonymous from United States  
More photos and finally got the Money Letter. Tears flowing of course!

The letter:

Good afternoon mine love (name deleted)

In your letter I have seen a lot of your love to me! I very
much appreciate it! But you would know, how hardly to me to write this
letter. I today called in the American embassy in Moscow and learned
there how I can arrive to you, to me there gave such answer,that the best
variant of arrival to you it will be registration of visa B-2, its
validity of 90 days from the date of arrival in USA, and registration in
very short term, only one or two days, but I am very strong frustration
when I have learned its price, a total cost of the visa of 400 American
dollars, the visa costs only 100 dollars, but plus to this it is
necessary to pay 150 dollars on consular gathering and as on medical insurance
and all this together makes about 400 dollars when to me have told
this price, at me on cheeks flew tears...
I explained them, that (name deleted), he is that person without which
I I can not to live, and I very much would like it to see, they have
answered me, that anything do they may not, all of them understand, but
rules are rules, on another in any way it is impossible, but they have
told me, that I might ask this money to the visa for you, they me have
told, that loving person should pay for the loved, I in him has told,
that it slightly is not polite, but they to me have explained, that all
of you will understand, I very much hope for your understanding.
In embassy to me have told, that it will be the best to send
me money through system of translations Western Union, it is very
reliable system of remittances and she is in each bank that I have received
them, I should inform you the address of bank in which I of them to
receive, and you should inform me of 10 figures of a remittance.
I have learned the address of the bank nearest to me, the
name Marya Lvova, please, send to me money today, I really do
not present the further life without you! And I ask you, do not take
offence at my request, to me so have told, that you should understand it.
But as soon as I to you to arrive, I shall be arranged to work
and necessarily return your money, it will be for me a point of
honour, I hope, that you understand me.

Very much I wait from you the answer and as I wait for your
translation, you are necessary for me! You mine LOVE!

Your eternal love Marya !

I have uploaded her new photos, gents.

2007-08-31, 11:38:18
anonymous from United States  
Adding the bikini pose that was received with the money letter.

Keywords: brunette bikini leaning against tree
2007-08-31, 11:49:40
anonymous from United States  
Money letter asks for funds of $400 USD be sent via Western Union to her at:

CHEBOKSARY. for name Marya Lvova

I'm gonna rush right down to W.U. Yeah, right!
2007-08-31, 14:10:59
Eddie from Sweden  
I don't know why they always give their addresses with postcodes/zipcodes. It's such a giveaway.

Russian cities don't have postcodes/zipcodes.
2007-09-03, 14:57:47
anonymous from United States  
Well..Looks like I fell for 'her' bullshit too...although 'she' changed her pictures. Here they are. Same name, same city...etc...thank you for this alert...fortunately for me I haven't got to the point where 'she' asks for next e-mail will be one where I tell 'her' to go fuck 'herself'
Thanks Again,

2007-09-07, 06:10:21
anonymous from United States  

2007-09-12, 11:15:41
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for have this site, this girl is sending me pictures too and telling me she is in love, when she send me her adress I just put it in the web search and came up her scamm, this is the last email she send

----- Original Message ----
From: Marya <>
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 7:04:10 PM
Subject: Re[2]: Hi Marya

Hello my kitten

At me, as always it was cheered up at reception of your letter!
I think, you not against, that I have named you a kitten, do not take offence, it I am tender so you I name.
Girlfriends at work speak, that I became absent-minded,
speak, that I have fallen in love, I do not know, that to
them it and to answer, because I do not want them to deceive,
even it seems to me, that I have already found, that person
whom searched, and this person you! So it seems to me, what I
too to like you, or it not so? Tell me please, it may be not
mutual at us these feelings, and I very much would like, that
the our love was mutual! Yes though I and hesitate slightly, but I should you tell all: I LOVE YOU RODOLFO!
It is very interesting to me to learn, whether this feeling so, try to me is mutual at us to answer it as soon as possible! I very much ask you!
Your kitten Marya . mailto:malvov@gm. com

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2007-09-12, 13:51:00
anonymous from Spain  
Hola Sandro,
Que haces hoy? Cual tiempo a ti? En lavamos la ciudad el tiempo bueno hoy.
Tus cartas adornan mi dia. Me he acostumbrado ya a tus cartas. Cada dia tengo
prisa al puesto
de trabajo para ver tu carta. Sonrio cuando leo tu carta. Esto muy agradable.
Amo conocer los
momentos nuevos sobre ti y tu vida. Ahora esto es mucho mas mas facil escribirte
las cartas
comparando con la primera vez. Me inquietaba realmente, cuando te escribia mi
primera carta,
pero ahora esto es facil para mi. Te escribo que siento. A mí era muy agradable
recibir tuyos
nuevo la fotografía ella a mí ha gustado. Los muchas gracias por las
fotografías. También me
has preguntado sobre mis las fotografías quien de ellos hace, te he mandado
todas mis fotografías
que eran hechos mis por los amigos o mi hermana.
Es ahora entre nosotros la distancia grande, pero soy asegurado que esto no el
Para nuestra comunicacion. Me gustas.
Hoy en mi trabajo tengo el dia habitual, trabajaba sobre varios proyectos. Soy
muy responsable
tengo relacion con el trabajo. Trato de hacerlo bien. Esto es importante para mi
cuando los
clientes aman lavo el trabajo. Pienso, sera interesante conocerlo sobre mi
trabajo. Trabajo del
lunes al sabado. Mi dia de trabajo comienza habitualmente en 9.00, y se acaba en
18.00. Gasto
aproximadamente 20 minutos para llegar al trabajo. Habitualmente voy sobre el
automovil. Tengo
el automovil VAZ-2110 ruso. Este automovil he comprado al final del ano pasado
despues de
solamente mi ha recibido el documento, que permite dirigir a automovil. Esto
sabes mi primer
automovil. El costaba muchos meses del trabajo para mi. Temprano usaba
habitualmente el
transporte publico. No tenemos ningunos problemas con este en nuestra ciudad,
pero ahora
esto - muy conveniente, cuando tengo mi automovil propio. Di a mi Sandro, como
llegas al
Soy contento recibir tus respuestas a las preguntas hoy. Puedes dar tambien a yo
Cualquier pregunta, y te respondere. Claro si sere sepan la respuesta :-).
Querido Sandro, di por favor tu temporada querida? Mi temporada querida es en
Amo la primavera, porque en primavera todos los se despierta a la vida, la
naturaleza se
despierta despues del invierno, el flujo alegre de los rios, los arboles se
hacen cubierto
por el follaje verde. Pienso que esto es hermoso! En primavera todos los recibe
la vida nueva.
Tambien amo el verano, porque en este tiempo el tiempo caliente, habra la
posibilidad de
banarse, visitar la playa y atezarse. Di a mi, tienes el lago o el riachuelo mas
cerca a su
casa? Amas visitar la playa? Amo visitar la playa. Sabes en Rusia nosotros
podemos hacerlo
dos meses en el ano. Tenemos el clima moderado y en el tiempo en agosto se hace
frio. En agosto
la temporada para la natacion es cerrada. En el sur de nuestro pais es posible
no banarse
hasta octubre, esto - es admirable! Recientemente he visitado el balneario de
mar en Sochi,
que encontrarse en el sur de Rusia. A esta carta aplicare mis fotografias cuando
iba descansar
en el mar. A proposito, tengo 26 dias las vacaciones cada ano. Esto ayuda tener
las fuerzas
adicionales para trabajar. En este ano no utilizaba mis vacaciones. He visitado
Sochi durante
2 semanas, gozaba de las costas hermosas y el aire puro. Cuando he vuelto la
casa mi se sentia
muy energico y sano. La playa y el bano en el mar ayuda ser sano. Soy asegurado
el agua en el
oceano da tambien la salud. Sonaba ver siempre el oceano. Tambien visitaba nunca
la Espana, se
que es el pais muy hermoso, habia un pais de libertad.
Esto es posible en el futuro, visitare la Espana, y tendre el viaje por el
En el ano pasado he visitado Turquia, tenia turistico el viaje. Gozaba
Por la naturaleza de este pais hermoso. Sandro, digan a mi de tus vacaciones y
el viaje.
Esto sera muy interesante para mi! Ayer he dicho por mis padres que tenia el
conocimiento con
la persona de otro pais. Ellos fueron mucho asombrados a este. Pero su reaccion
se ha explicado
simplemente. Mis padres te han conocido no de ese modo como nosotros. Ellos
tenian tambien la
correspondencia, cuando mi el papa fue en el ejercito, solamente esta
correspondencia, fue por
medio del servicio postal. Hay ahora Internet y esto muy conveniente. Las cartas
traves de estimare ir durante el tiempo largo, por eso pienso que Internet es
mucho mas mas
Mis padres preguntaban sobre ti, y he respondido sus preguntas. Con interes -
como nuestras
relaciones se desarrollaran mas adelante? Pienso en esto! Piensas tambien en
esto? Amo decir
con ti y conocer sobre ti mas. Me atraes y muy interesante. Quiero agradecerte
que eres afable
siempre alegre conmigo. Te confio. Te agradezco por su comprension y la
confianza. Bien, yo
soy necesario ir a casa ahora y tener algun descanso!
Todo bueno! Escriban, tan pronto como tendras libre el tiempo...
Tu Maria!

2007-09-13, 15:42:02
anonymous from United States  
well she did not have me fooled i just wanted to see how far it would go maybe get some hot pics
2007-09-13, 16:23:14
anonymous from United States  
'Hot pic's' of which one??? Carnak has left the building!
2007-09-19, 23:24:34
anonymous from United States  
To Eddie from Sweden, Russian cities do indeed have postal codes! They are all six-digit. Same format in Ukraine as well.
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