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Dating scammer Tatyana Morozova


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Name: Tatyana Morozova


Krasnoarmejskaja , 74-41
Republic Mari El

Other Comments:
She is very good , even after confronting her about scamming ,
she denies it and still wants money .

Hello Pierre!
Thanks for the answer!
To tell the truth I did not expect and did not trust that you will
answer me!
I shall tell a little about myself!
My name is Tatyana and me 29 year! I live in Russia in city
My city is in Republic Mari El. You can look it on a card.
First of all than I am engaged, I think to you it will be interesting!
I work as the manager of a network of shops specializing on sale of
food stuffs,
in the greater degree of fruit! It is very interesting work for me and
she very much to like me!
I think, that the person works on that work well which is pleasant to
it! You agree with me?
I write now to you from the Internet of cafe. Unfortunately I do not
have house of a computer,
but approximately in 3 months my parents and I are going to buy it!
Pierre, for certain it is very interesting to you to know about how I
You on the Internet. I earlier also did not represent, that the
Internet will be
To give so it is a lot of opportunities to people.
I went in agency of acquaintances in our city and lady asked to fill
The questionnaire. I filled in my data. I have written to you the
I now should tell you that I want search on the Internet.
I should tell, that I want to find my love! Yes, it is possible
Will look silly. Between us and we at all have no the big distance
Opportunity to see the friend and to speak in the person. But I anyhow
Shall try to find my love because I believe, that in this world
There is a happiness for each person. How you think of it Pierre?
I shall find necessarily my happiness. I also want to ask you,
What you understand as happiness? Right now I shall speak you that I
understand as happiness.
I should tell, that everyone is happy in this world in own way. For me
to be happy
Means that I exist in this world. I think, that I want, that me loved.
I want, that me respected and estimated. In general I see happiness
that my life will be
It is lived with sense. I should find my love create my family.
You agree with me. In is world we should leave after ourselves good
It is very difficult for one to find happiness. When two persons like
each other,
It already does people happy. Love - very much good feeling and this
You agree with me? I want to find my love to create family and to live
Life. THEN I SHALL BE HAPPY!!! You think as well as I?
Also I do not want to hide to you that I had before serious relations
With the man. It were long relations and I think, that I very much
loved him.
My last relations came to an end very badly. My former the man
Betraid me. he betraid our love. I do not know you tested
Similar feelings. It was very hard. Treachery one of most
Awful things for our heart Pierre!
I know, that men from your country, they are men of the word. Whether
not so?
For this reason I any more have no desire to have the relation with
Russian men.
I want you to ask now that you concerned to me seriously.
I really hope to find my love. I very much would like,
That between us already from the first letters there was a
understanding and trust each other.
Speak me only the truth and between us there will be warm relations!
I have written so much!!! I didn't think that I can to write
about myself so much, really. Probably, finishing my e-mail to
you. Pierre, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about
yourself so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for
example, about your family, is your family large? About your city
where are you living, I have never been in other countries!
too, and I'll be glad to know about your country. Ok, let me to finish
my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! attaching my photo, I
hope you will find my photo good. Ok, good bye, Pierre, hoping to
see your message soon!
Take care,
Your new russian friend,

Hi my friend Pierre!
It really very good day today. I had the big day
At work! I am slightly tired now.
glad so much to see your answer again! It's very interesting
for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about
ourself, and I begin know more about you, Pierre!
My last letter contained a lot of information on me directly.
I shall hope, that you understood the most part of that I have written
to you in the last letter.
It is very important for us that we might understand each other.
We occur from two various cultures, but anyhow we should
To learn to understand each other. The understanding is a pledge of
I want to tell you, that I am usual I can easy to find common language
with people.
I always to try to concern with understanding to all things. Life
And all people also various. Very important in dialogue with each
person to show respect
And attention.
My dear friend, of course, may be you want learn about our
correspondence, about correspondence's essence too, really?
Pierre, may be, possible, we will together in the future time, may
be I would like to look the marriage too, if you will want this, I
don't want to hide this so important fact, but we must to learn more
things about each other more and more, it will reasonably and
correctly, really, Pierre? I hope that you will agree with me with
this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion,
again and again, we must learn about each other more and more, I
repeat this! Please, agree with me, Pierre!
My dearest friend, I would like to tell you about my family.
I should you tell about my family anyhow. Family
Defines the status of the person in a society. On the essence
The person this essence social and for this reason the family may
Anyhow to influence education of the person. I
want to say to you that I have a large family too. This are my mom
Nina, my daddy Anton too. Also I have one sisters. They are Svetlana is
21 years old.
On professions my mom is a seller in the shop, and my dad is an
engineer on the factory. My sister Ekaterina is a student of the
university, she is studing on the lawyer.
Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good
understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think that
our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it's so good and
so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say to
you that I live with my family in one apartment.
We have our apartment from 3 rooms. It is usual standard
Apartment. Here only some people in Russia may allow
To itself to have the big house. I am glad, that we live in peace.
From the earliest childhood my parents learned us only good.
My parents fair people and they deserve respect. Also
I have very good and kind ancestors. My grandmother on the part of mum
And I the grandmother with the grandfather now very old also require
The old age is necessary for respecting. It also one of principles of
my life.
I am sure, that also love the grandmothers and grandfathers. In our
The grandmother and the grandfather always to associate as kindest
people in the world.
Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the
account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have
estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of
course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want
that I will find my man. As I told you earlier, I have never been
married. My parents already elderly and they are poorly familiar with
the Internet.
I also am poorly familiar with the Internet. But I shall hope, that
In my life I shall meet good the man. My mum worries about me.
She knows that my last years were not successful and now speaks me,
I was more cautious in a choice of the man for creation of family.
Love, love, love. Sometimes the love does with us such strange things!
I think, that the present love develops of several components.
This understanding, trust, physical inclination and some other.
You agree with me?
very interested to learn about your work, Pierre, and what do you do
free from work time?
During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, go
for a walk to the city, we like to
sit in cafe too for a cup of tea. I like my girlfriends very much,
especially my best girlfriend Elena. She is as native sister for me!
By the way I want to say to you that Elena works as a waiter in our
Whether also it is very interesting to me to know your work allows to
To you in other countries? You have a vacation?
I should tell, that I never travelled to other countries earlier.
I have desire sometime to visit Europe! I want to visit France,
Poland and other countries! I want to go to Egypt and to observe
Beautiful places our planet.
Probably in the future when I shall have the family we all family shall
go and take travel on Europe!
I want to ask you about more things, Pierre, and I hope that you will
understand my questions and will
answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, please,
tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello to you
from my family! I hope to see your
message soon. Bye-bye


Hello Pierre!
It is so joyful to see your letter Pierre.
About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines.
For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different
Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams too. dreaming to drive a
car in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to
tell, that our family do not have the car, it's very expensive to buy
the car, but our father has told that probably, through one year, he
will can to buy the car and I'll can to learn how to drive the car.
Pierre, would you like to learn me how drive a car at once? It
will be kindly since your side.
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time. Especially
my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good
man, my parents are very pleased to our korrespondence on the Internet
and our relations, Pierre. My parents wish to us a good relations in
the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together
in your country, they would want that we will be a magnificent pair
too:) But remember, Pierre! We should learn each other ever more and
more! Really? It's very important for me, Pierre! The fact in
that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs are
separated because they knew each other not enough, and I do not want to
do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand me,
Pierre, really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each
other more and more from our e-mails.
Dear Pierre!!! Also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak
with you by the phone at once, I hope, that it's a good idea, really,
Pierre? I want to hear your voice, Pierre, I hope that you want to
hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I do not have the telephone in
our apartment, because it's very expensive to establish the telephone
now in this time in Yoshkar-Ola City, but it will be possible, that may
through some months we will have the telephone.
My working cellular telephone also is not capable to accept bells from
My communication is intended only on a limit of our republic!
From this, I have thought and I have come to the conclusion, I will
can to call to you from the City's Yoshkar-Ola Telegraph, it's the best
variant, Pierre!
Dearest Pierre, you can give to me the number of your phone, I can
call to you from the City's Telegraph, please give me your phone
number, ok? I have a huge desire to hear your voice, Pierre, I hope
that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number
in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, do not forget!
Pierre, I cannot believe, I have written to you such large e-mail. I
hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really?
I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your
next e-mail about your hobbies, what kind of
music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your
favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much.
Well, let me to finish my letter. By the way, my
parents, my sisters and my friends ask me again to say to you a great
greetings from them! It's as usual. I will wait for your
next e-mails! Pierre, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon.


Hi my dearest friend Pierre!
Pierre, I was so happy to get your answer again and again, it was so
good part of my day when I have saw your words in the computer.
And when I have saw your answer in the
computer, my mood becamme so good. It's ok now.
At you very interesting hobby. Very much it is pleasant to me.
Well, I shall transfer your wishes to my family. They will be very
Dearest Pierre, I see that we are interested in each other more and
more, and I think that it's so good for us, because I have so good and
liked friend as you, Pierre so interested by you Pierre, that
my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, Pierre,
I feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a
good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in
the life. Pierre, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great
pleasure to you, and I think that it's so good thing in our
friendship, really,Pierre? I hope that you understand me, Pierre,
that in my opinion, in the world must to understand each
other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me, Pierre?
Tell me about it, ok?
By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I
believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like
to go to Church (Russian Ortodox). Our
City's Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an
beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and
I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too.
But now, I want to sayto you that your e-mails calms me too when I
have a bad mood, I feel it, Pierre.
My dear friend Pierre, also I want to ask you your full name and
your home address on any unforeseen case also. Please, send me it,
Pierre, I would like to send you my home address too.
But I think that God willn't admit it, because he know that we like to
write to each other our e-mails as I feel it. Pierre, I can send you
a postmails or postcards by the usual mail service also.
I shall be glad to write to you the letter on a paper and to receive
From you the letter on a paper. I only should warn you,
That sometimes in Russia of the letter may not reach the addressee.
I shall hope, that our letters will reach, because
I shall place in my letters to you all my friendship.
Pierre, I want to say toyou that it's so shame that we in Russia
have a peoples or some mail organizations who like steal the
postsendings of any peoples. I know many so shame, so bad cases about
it from my girlfriends. It's the shame for this peoples and
organizations, realy? I hope that in your country all ok with
postorganization. I will give you my home address and my full name on
It's here:

My full name is Tatyana Morozova,
and my home address is:
Street. Krasnoarmejskaja, the house 74-41
Republic Mari El, city. Yoshkar-Ola
Zip code 424031

Please, write this datas on a paper on any cases, ok, Pierre?
I so want to hear your
voice, it will important for me to hear your voice, Pierre On this
note, I will finish my e-mail to you. Please, answer me soon, ok,
Pierre? I will wait for your messages, Pierre
Sincerely, your dear friend,

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Hi dearest Pierre!
I have gotten your answer as usual, and I was so happy from your words
again! Pierre, I want to say to you that your messages became an
important part of me and my life, your e-mails help me live, I do not
have boring mood in general, but it there comes when is bad weather in
the street when it's coldly. But when I receive your warm messages, I
forget about bad mood at once, I have a smile on my face and
magnificent mood from your e-mails. I cannot without your messages now,
Pierre. You can see that I write to you so long inform e-mails about
myself, because I want that we know about ourself very much. I thought
that it's so imortant for us Pierre, realy Pierre?
My favourite season, summer as, it very short. I like summer very much!
It is
possible on weekend go in a wood on the nature in the summer, we go to
wood near to my city of Yoshkar-Ola. Pierre, I hope that you know that
russian woods are so beautiful, I hope in at you. There are the
pines and beautifull russian birches basically in our woods. Also
through this wood proceeds the small river, this place is so real
romanticism, believe me Pierre! We are with my family, my dad, my
mom, and my sisters pack a backpacks, we take a large tent, we take a
necessary foodstuff, and we are together with my family go to camping.
I like this very much, Pierre Especially, I like to be near this
small river too, my dad like to fish very much, not fisher:) But,
once I have tried to fish, and I have catched a small carp too:) I
was so surprised by this, and what about you? Do you like to fish?:)
Also do you know, Pierre, that the food which is prepared on a
nature more better than the food in home? It's a fish soup basically.
Also we eat fish canned food. It's; the sprat in a tomato sauce. It's
so tasty to eat on nature. In total, I like camping very much,
Pierre, and how you spend your vacation? Tell me, ok? It will be
interesting for me.
Dear Pierre, also my friends in are asking me about you
very much all time. I tell them that you are very good man, also I
want to say to you that some my girlfriends envy me slightly because I
found so good man as you by the Internet. But I do not address on their
envy of any my attention.
I want to say to you, Pierre, that I will think about you more and
more, possible,
about my coming to you Pierre, I feel that our relations are more
than friendship, realy Pierre??? I feel it by my heart and soul,
because I cannot without your e-mails now. Well, Pierre, on this
finishing my message to you,
as usual a warmth greetings from my family to you!

You Tatyana.

Hello my dearest Pierre!
I want to say to you that as usual and usual, happy so much from
your answer on my last e-mail!!! I think about you all days. I so wait
for your warm messages for me Pierre, I
want to say to you that now I cann't without you and your so feelings
emails my Pierre. You e-mails are so important for me, it are a part
of my life, it are a source of my pleasure to my life, I want to say
to you that the occurrence of you Pierre, is a beterest part of my
lonely life now, your messages give me a great happiness and pleasure
in my life Pierre. Believe me , that I speak this my words
with my sincere care to you, with my respect for you. Also I want to
emphasize that I thought about our feelings
to you my Pierre, I have come to a conclusion that we are created
for each other my loved.
In last night I didn't sleep well, I couldn't do it because I thought
about us my Pierre, about our acquaintance on Intermet, about your
warm messages, and in basically about you my Pierre! I thought about
all my Pierre, I want to say to you that I cann't without you my
, I want to say to you that I have fallen in love in you my
Pierre, yes. I love you my dearest Pierre! It has taken place so
quickly and
suddenly, I didn't to expect it my darling, it's so sensual for me my
Pierre, I cann't without . I LOVE YOU, DARLING!='Ya tebya lyublyu!' I
feel to
you the greatest feeling on ground, it's my love to you my dear.
I certainly understand, that it is very big and big words.
My feelings to you make sense! During our correspondence with you
I can tell you, that we now have some features in ours
relations. When I to speak you, that I love you, under these words
I understand the big sense! I do not want to rush and shout about it as
blind and naive
The woman. I should tell, that to speak about love on 100 percents
The meeting in the person is necessary for us. You agree with me, My
I think, that if we to have some time to live together we shall
understand much
In our relations and only shall be then ready to accept serious and
responsible steps
In life! I do not want you to frighten of such big words about love.
I think, that you will understand about what I you to speak. That is
why I want to allocate in our letters
Meeting in the person in the future.
I think, what you will allow to name to me you my love? I the woman
With understanding to concern to life. Let it will be such love at a
great distance,
But this unusual feeling which at me now in heart does not give me rest
and I anyhow
Should you speak it. You have the big shock from my words?
From your messages, I see that we aren't
indifferent to each other Pierre, I hope that you will agree with me
my Pierre, is it for true? I hope that you feel to me such
great feelings to me my Pierre. Also in last night I was asked to
God, I thank him that we found each other my Pierre, I closed my
eyes and have seen the God's presence. He saw on me and I saw on him,
he said me that I will happiest woman, because I found you,
you are my future man Pierre. Also in the eyes of God that he cried,
I think that he is very happy for us my Pierre. I cried too
Pierre, because it's so happiness for us that we can be together
soon, that we can to have a normal family, I so want it my Pierre.
By the way I want to say to you that I said about my love feelings to
my parents. My parents said me
that they are very happy for us my darling. In the eyes of my
mom and my dad I saw a great happiness for me and for you together my
Pierre. I answered them that I want to live with you in your country my
darling, they
asked me about that they will miss me very much, but since other side
they understand that it will be better that we with you Pierre will
live in to your country because they understand that now in Russia is
difficult live situation. They said you a their warm GREETINGS to you
and they wish us, my Pierre, our future family happiness and great
mutual love my Pierre. Also my girlfriend Elena said me that they
guessed about that we with you will have a
love feelings since our of acquaintance to you my Pierre. They are
very happy about us my dear, they said that you will a good
boyfriend for me my Pierre, and I agreed with them on 100 percent!!!
Also Maria said you a hot friend HELLO and they
will hope that we will together with you Pierre. My darling, I am so
happy for us my dear Pierre I want to say to you that I love you
very much, my relatives and my friends are very happy for us very
much. Also my dear Pierre, I want ask you a main question, I think
that it will so fairly since my side my darling. Do you have or do you
write with any another women my Pierre??? It's so important for me
my Pierre, I hope that you will understand me, because I love you
and I don't want that you write with other women. I want to
say to you that I don't write with any other men except for you my
Pierre I don't want an other man, because I love you! But
more of all I don't want that any other woman will try to steal you
from me my love Pierre!!! I say you about it very seriously my
Pierre! It will so pity for me if you are having or writing with an
other woman my dear , and deceive me in our relations, please,
say me, Pierre, do you write with an other women? We must trust each
other in this, ok my darling? Of courses, my darling may be you will
ask me about my job when I will far from Russia. Of course, I will
miss my job, about my work collegues, yes, I will miss about their,
but you can see that I gave back all personal time to my job, I don't
have a free time never there. I think that if I found my love and my
future man, I must change my personal life in the party you my dear,
because I am a woman and I must have my family life as an
other womans do it. Realy my Pierre? I think that my collegues in
our Energosbyt will miss me too, but we willn't forget about each other
I will can to send emails from your country them too. My dear, how you
see on this? I want to say to you that I miss you very much, and I
want to say to you that you became on the first plan in my life than
my work. I love you Pierre and I cann't without you my
darling, and I decided that I must near with you my Pierre It's so
necessary for me my Pierre I so love you Pierre!
By the way I will try to learn my dear about the necessary documents
for my future coming to you my Pierre, as I know from my girlfriend
, I will need in the foreign passport and visa too, I will try
learn about it in near future time. My darling, I
hope that you have a greatdesire of our meeting my love. I
so want it my love, I love you and I miss you badly Pierre I will
wait for your mutual warmth emails. As usual, warmth
greetings from ME, my family to you.

All my warmth kisses, Tatyana.

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2008-08-27, 13:52:09
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
In short all these letters are coming from one source.Frankly i was just 'wasting time' on the net,so i was going along with the scam ! They are so stupid to the extent they are forgetting what they have said in previous e mail ! They do not even bother to answer some simple questions ! Some information are contradicting ! Any way,the name that was coressponding with me is azhelika...location form different cities..believe it or not ! They fall in love from second e
check out the innocent baby face..haha

2008-09-07, 12:26:00
anonymous from United States  
This is Samed Emma Samba.She claims to be a recent college graduate.I seriously doubt that.
She is 32.She claims to live with her uncle which is probably her boss(Larry John) and the head whole scheme.Tese people can be
very convincing at first than they get plain stupid They will say anything to get money from you but don't give into to them.
She is about as fake as a 3 dollar bill

Samed Samba<p>
P.O.Box KT601<p>
Accra,Ghana 00233<p>


2008-10-04, 05:11:28
anonymous from Russian Federation  
[f [f [fjsdfjkdbjklgf
2008-10-04, 05:12:24
anonymous from Russian Federation  
я люблю траву курить и водку пить . ха ха хуй вам америкосам ЁЁЁ
2008-10-04, 05:13:47
anonymous from Russian Federation  
ha ha ya lyublu kurit' ganju i buxat' pivo - xuy wan americosam
2009-10-30, 10:48:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
tatyana morozova is now sending scam emails from rostov-on-don please be aware of this scam and do not send any money it is just a scam artist please be aware of this her picture is off a dark haired girl also showing pictures of her so called family please do not fall into this trap
she is saying she lives on lenin street in rostov and has two sister and has friends irina and james from australia 111 lenin street does not exsist
2009-10-30, 21:37:25
Medical Doctor from Japan  
@2008-10-04, 05:11:28
anonymous from Russian Federation

Вы одним из крупных глупое и глупо спамера.
Никогда не приезжают в Delphi.
Нам не нужны ваши комментарии.
Kiss Your анальное отверстие.

2009-11-08, 14:07:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
im being scammed by this woman now (tatyana morozova) and i new it from the start will show her new photo shes using

2009-12-13, 15:20:39
dick 59 from Netherlands  
this girl is know as mandy. from Mandy's Diary. she is modelling in the U.S.A. rather famous there. type: mandy's diary and you will see a lot of usuable pictures of her.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina

2010-03-06, 20:06:24   (updated: 2010-03-06, 20:09:15)
OJAS from United States  

Suggest you start a new thread,
Or adopt this exiting thread, e.g. http://www.delphifa..061.shtml

This thread was started by a Canadian, Pierre / Peter (+ other names christened by Boris). He contributed from both sides of the border, has a few template replies in scamlish, you could first have a good laugh, it's only 3 pages.

In your new / adopted thread,

Continue your odyssey
Post links in Humor thread, some good replies you send them http://www.delphifa..11#197288
In Scam the Scammer thread general baiting suggestions http://www.delphifa..=3#197335
Post separate articles specific to Canadian newbies.

It make it easier to find you

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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