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Dating scammer Agnes Boateng


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Name: Agnes Boateng


Box3939 Kaneshe

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Telephone 00233243754892

Directdating site as prisbaby-806

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2007-12-02, 08:18:52
anonymous from United States  
She also goes by the name Cecilia Mensah from accra ghana, address is 195 th Hill St Accra Newtown, email is and the phone number is 011233249881889, says she has a brother and her mother but she can't show a family pic, her father is dead, they sell vegetables and kitchen products at the Mallum-Alta market,

2007-12-02, 08:19:57
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-02, 08:30:44
anonymous from United States  
Just a small piece of advice, anyone from Africa with a computer or access to a computer and is not a legitament bussiness website is definitly a scammer. Yes all of them, 100% of them. If you have them play with with them but don't send them money, SAY NO MONEY to Africa.
2007-12-23, 13:34:49
anonymous from United States  

2008-04-05, 22:45:57
anonymous from United States  
Well I hate to admitt this but she got me to.I know her as Sandra A. Smith she got me for 700.00 for visa and passport,she also wanted money for her airfare in witch I didn't send her,I told her I would pay for airfare on my credit card witch I did thank god I got a refund. She also says her father died and her mother is sick,also says she lives in New York with her aunt and family she has there.I met her on under unlimitedluv1 and also on AdultFriendfind under the country Ghana she uses the name banison2008 as of 04/05/2008 she is on both sites her e-mail address is Sandra A smith the phone number she gave me is 011233274790478 sounds like a guy.This is a great site wish I would have know before,when you visit (AFF) You will see alot of the scammers that are on there and on here.I will check back to this site later for comments also have more pictures of her

2008-04-15, 20:16:05   (updated: 2008-04-15, 20:22:26)
anonymous from United States  
here is a little something for you in case you missed her nudity, she is a model from Canada, ATKexotics porn site. Sorry about your loss , but don't trust any of these people that say they are in Africa. I know, I talked to he / she / it / for 8 months. went by the name Ceclia Mensah. damn good liar.
2008-06-13, 23:29:23
also email address
2008-07-29, 21:45:00   (updated: 2008-07-29, 21:46:18)
also goes by candace the one who said the pics were stolen off her computer is full of it just look you will find pics of her also by nicole on atk exotics
2008-07-31, 12:23:57
anonymous from United States  
have a lot of the same pics only she is going by the name kelly ayishetu -true -love has not asked for anytnig yet seema very down to earth says she does not have aweb cam and a old computer calls and text in the mornings thanks guys

2008-08-10, 21:49:42
anonymous from United States  

2008-09-16, 13:30:44
anonymous from United States  
These pictures (who knows who's using them now) are currently being used by yahoo email address The name He/She in Ghana is using is Cecelia Haigan. I got a request to chat out of the blue from a woman claiming to have found me on a dating site I had never been to. Out of curiosity, not knowing it was a scam I played along, and within 15 minutes she was in love, and seeking $80 to $100 to a western union in Accra, Ghana to call me. She had no phone, she was over her friends, blah blah. Of course I googled the name (short Haigan) and here I am. They didn't lie about being in Ghana.
2008-10-03, 23:11:36
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer kseniya

2008-11-02, 13:21:25 from Finland  
Well,Agnes Boatema have a briljant clue,how to stick another picture(Nicole´s)in her/his passport.
At this time the name of Agnes Boatema is Edna Brooks,living in Accra.
Email address is
She/he said to me,that her birthday is in autumn,but the passport says something else.
Her farher was from Finland and mother from Africa.
Her farher died in malaria when she was a kid,burried in Africa,cos his relatives didn´t want that body back.
Bull shit,if a citizen of Finland is dying in foreighn country,the body will ALWAYS return back to home country.
Her mother is living about 200 km from Accra,oh yes.
She have a computer,but no speakers,poor girl,but there are those speakers,saw it from a picture.(But it was Nicole´s picture and computer)
She have a 'handy girl' with her now,,what a couple.
Doesn´t show her web cam´s picture to me,don´t have it!!
Oh boy,it´s so easy to do that kind of frauds so long,they don´t get caught.
But anyway,I know this Edna Brooks,so guys,be carefull.
By the way,when I saw that passport,those pictures are never red from the back,no stamps,it´s just hiding someones picture(super clue indeed)
2008-11-03, 10:00:02
Again her!
Agnes Boateng,name of the passport is changed,even blinds could see that.
Darker writing with surname 'Boatema'.
Which country is using colour pictures in passports,none.
They are black and white absolutely.
She is wearing those clothes in other pictures as well.
This girl is innocent for that,what scammers are doing with her pictures.
Only what I can say,poor work with the passport,but who is really under
Nicole´s picture.
Maybe someone black shit head and black ass.
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