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Dating scammer Agnes Boateng


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Name: Agnes Boateng


Box3939 Kaneshe

Other Comments:
Telephone 00233243754892

Directdating site as prisbaby-806

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2008-11-04, 19:21:57
Agnes Boatema is here with you,she exist with people
who are so fucking stupid,she is hiding anyway and spending
your money.
This all is like a goldmine to her/he,markets are wide open.
2008-11-04, 23:07:04
Nyt puhutaan suomea,lukekoon kuka osaa.vittuako tässä puhua kuin siitä,että onhan niillä tummilla/latinoilla ym.neidoilla tietokoneet,jotka kääntää tämänkin paskan muulle kielelle.
En jaksa vääntää vitutusta rautalangasta.
Noi neidit osaa huijata aika hyvin,mä olen kirjoittanut viimeisen paska viikon juttuja tänne sivuille.
Se kenestä nyt puhun,eli tästa spämmäristä,joka kusetti minuakin.eli toi akka juttujen takana.Se on aika tyhmä ja helvetin ahne,oon jutellu sen kanssq pitkin kesää messengerin ja kameran kautta.
Se akka näki mut,mutta sillä kun ei oo köyhänä varaa ostaa kameraa,niin enhän mä voi nähdä koko huoranpuolikasta.
Ainoastaan se teksti näkyy.Mutta annoin nyt sille suuria lupauksia rahoista ja helvetin hienosta yhteisestä tulevaisuudesta.
Perkele.mulla oli nenän alla printattuna sen passikuvat ja muut jutut siitä sen kusettamiseen liittyvät kopsut.Oisin kuristanu sen ämmän siihen paikkaan,jos ois linjoja pitkin sen tavoittanu.
Mutta täyty pysyä vaan viileenä ja helvetin rikkaan oloisena,nyt voi vähän maksella takaisin kalavelkoja.
Lähetin kaikista rahoista,jotka menny sille tuonne Jerry Cottonin suuntaan helvetin pitkän listan tarkkoine tietoineen sen toiminnasta ja kusettamisesta.
Se on vaan tyhmä,kun ei tajua kattoa omaan ns.nimeensä liittyvia hakuja.
Se luikkisi heti pois,ja kovaa.
Mutta ei se kusipää onneksi ymmärrä meidän kieltä ja tää on aika vaikea kääntää niiden paskakoneille.
Mutta katsotaan,kuinka pitkälle pääsen linkkejä pitkin??
Vitutuskäyrä on aika kova nyt,mutta annan takasin ja olen cool koko ajan.
Eipähän ole aikaa kusetella muita tyhmiä,leikkiköön tota leikkiä mun kanssa,annan tyhjiä lupauksia vaan.
Kyllä Lähtee...
2008-11-08, 12:49:41
Agnes Boatema,well,that passport is a fake,not even good one.
All informations are faked.
2008-11-08, 12:58:47
She is using email address
one is
2008-11-16, 04:24:56
Don´t know exackly who is using these pictures and a name Agnes Boateng.
This time email address is
I sended to this person,who said she/he is from Accra,two times MTCN code
and said that can go to Western Union and pick up 1,500 euros.
Wrong MTCN codes and no money,I´m not this stupid.
She/He was just running for nothing to Western Union.After that this person had nerves to ask what and why I´m playing with her/him.
I said straight,that fuck off bitch,I know what is going on.
Well,this person didn´t give up that easy,in her/His opinion,her/he was innocent and didn´t know what and why I was playing for.
It took few times and pation,when I explained that she /he was scammer and I knew that.
But no,didn´t believe what I was saying,untill I sended to this person some information from google and Agnes Boateng,after that came a quiet period.
Now it´s been 2 weeks and nothing,no emails,and I hope it stays in this way...
2009-01-08, 13:05:37
About passport:All those fake letters and numbers are marked by
darker ink,very bad work from people who made it.
In those pictures are maybe that same person,but taken from a long term.
Someone is using pictures to his/her own purposes,dating scammer anyway.
2009-05-30, 05:51:08
This goes out to anonymous. The only one that is a shit and a ass is you. fucking racist dog shit. what are you doing looking at black women you fucking dick head. find yourself a white woman but then again no white women want's you, that's why your looking at african women and just because none of them want you. you end up showing your true colours. a dirty ass white racist go fuck your mother.
2009-06-28, 15:55:23
anonymous from Germany  
I will help yours to find out which motherfucker is using the pics of this wonderful lady. Sorry since 7 months i am incontact with a so called Wasky Sackey. I have a lot of pics of her. And i really was so inloved. But now i don´t want to fuck her. I want to fuck the scammers behind. She is a lovely innocent lady....I like her very much and i am not fear to give my email am from germany and sorry i am still inloved in this lady. Also if it not works with a relation so i have at least the chance to find out which motherfucker is using her pics....That´s privacy!!!! It is her computer and nobody bastard has to steal her pics....I am really excited now and angry...I was also believing she´s a scammer. But day for day i learn more about the criminal ways of bullshit scammers. They having already all my details also my passport, so i don´t have to be fear for what will coming to me. I already was also by police. And here they working very good. I am in a protected country and nobody can touch me. The new ID in yahoo from a lady using the pics in chat is '' I hope i set my own clear. I hate scammers. Sorry my english is not best. I learned since the time she met me in chat. Only seven months. I thank the scammer to teached me english....Asshole. Take your hands away of this lady and let her sleep again with nice dreams!!!!

Everybody can send me news in this affair, i will be very happy about!!!!!!!!! soon because i am angry now because the scammers touching lifes, and that couldn´t be happening!!!!!!!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-06-28, 16:00:24
anonymous from Germany  
Here my own phonenumber. by this topic too. 00491759928997. I want to help this lady. We can work hand in hand...with germans police. My own brother is policeman...
2009-06-28, 17:21:54
wanwan from Japan  
@Clark Kent from Germany

Hi I am young Clark kent from Japan.

1 thing ,,,I want to say ,so please listen to me.
Now you published your own e-mail address.
Scammers will send you and your mailbox will be flooded.
1 thing ,be careful !!

If you will find a ZIP file in her scam mail,
NEVER OPEN that ZIP file !!
It is a TROJAN !!
Your computer will be hijacked by scammers,
then your personal info will be stolen by them.
Further your computer will be controlled.

Never open a ZIP file in her mail !!

from young clark kent in Japan

be careful !!

2009-06-29, 02:26:37
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from Germany

Please listen to my friend Wanwan.
Posting, Your e mail address or phone number here is a very
bad idea.
Scammers do actively watch this site and, You can receive many
unwanted scammers.
You may contact the site administrator and ask, Your in formation be
Write Peter at

Tell Him the name of this thread [ Dating Scammer Agnes Boateng ]
Page # 4
Date 2009 - 06 -28, Time 15:55:23
Give the same information for the second posting showing the time for it.
I wish, You the best.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-06-30, 14:46:51
Guys don´t be worried about my published email address. I am well protected and i have my reason to invite by this way maybe also scammers. It must be a very good Hacker to entering in my system. It is same likes enter by the White house of Defense! Smile....and then i will have more informations too. There is good software when it´s available by a brother of mine. Anyway i follow a hot trace of some scammers. Soon they will be very surprised.....Hehehe!!!! It is very pity, that only i cannot see their strange ugly faces when the surprise will coming over them......

Clark Kent from daily planet.............
2009-06-30, 14:57:46   (updated: 2009-06-30, 14:58:29)
Hey Wan wan.....Pity that you are in Japan! I think we would be good friends. Old and young Clark.....Thanks for advises!!!
2009-07-04, 11:12:07
Have a new pic of her. Maybe it helps!!!!

2009-07-12, 00:46:06   (updated: 2009-07-12, 00:52:50)
Now she goes also under and gives for she lifes in Germany Frankfurt and also Berlin. In US she said she´s of NY Bronx. I checked out and it seems that the first name she told me 'Sackey as familyname' can be truth! Ifound out that all the names of this Sackeys are to find in the white pages of Bronx. She is indeed of America. In ilove she adds in only some few weeks 59 friends to her list! Some guys of Germany and also of Spain. Google only the name faithfulangel13! She is on each page to find......very busy this scammer!
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Dating scammer Wasky Sackey,Evelyn Sackey
Dating scammer Bani Kumeko
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

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