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Dating scammer Sharon


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Name: Sharon

Email: smiley_nice25

23401 Ago Iwoye Ogun-State Nigeria

Other Comments:
Does anyone heart of her before?
Also on under loveangel??

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2007-12-03, 07:57:11
anonymous from Canada

Hello my love how are u doing today?? i am glad reading from u again... and i cant wait to make love to u in person darling,i wanna kiss u so much my dear.. and i wanna show u how much i love u.. i will be expecting to read from u again darling, i will be checking my mail time to time to read from u ok.. love ya so so so much my dear.. take good care of ur self for me and think of me ok..niyi
2007-12-03, 07:59:08
anonymous from Canada

Hello darling, i am worried when i didint read from u... i thought u dont wanna talk to me.. but i am glad reading from u again anyway... try and check the bank and make the correction ok, and if it cant be made u can get back ur money and send it through another bank and via western union ok, cos i dont wanna have any problem getting the money this time, darling, i cant wait to be with u in person and make sweet passionate love wit u and i wanna be ur wife my dear... get back to me as soon as possible, and also send me ur full address ok, so i can use it to get the money at the bank cos it will be necessary for me to use the details to get the money ok, i love u so much darling, iw ill be back soon to check ur email ok, i wanna get to the travel agent now, cos i cant wait a day to get to u..... ur wife niyi
2007-12-05, 09:24:17
anonymous from Canada

Hello my love, how are u doing? loved and missed reading from u so so much, its so unfortunate that there is a problem on the money sent.. but i know it should or would be resolved soon, all i care for is just we meeting in person, and it seems everyday without u is like a thousand years without a life.. darling, i really want u in my life and wanted it to be completed by u..i can see my life is incompleted without a man.. and u are the man to make it more complete darling, pls do whatever u think u could do to get ur money back at the bank and may be try it in another bank or whatever u think u could do to make things work out for us ok, i love u darling, more than u think i do. Niyi

Boy do they ever worry about that money :-)
2007-12-06, 13:43:16
anonymous from Netherlands  
common guys keep her busy, now she's starting to write me again just when i tought i got rit of her.
2007-12-08, 09:19:47
anonymous from Netherlands  
Now she's telling me she has been sick for a while so she couldn't write me, just like nothing happend in the past, got to give it to her/him they are crazy about making money.
2007-12-08, 21:29:14
anonymous from Canada
ello darling, i saw u online this morning, and i tried talking to u, but u are not responding, hopefully u are not on desk, anyway i added u ok, and u can add me as well, take good care of ur self for me and writre me back ok, missing u so much my love
2007-12-10, 06:58:11
anonymous from United States  
anyone see the dateline on msnbc about this stuff? the dude actually went and tracked these fuckers down, all they came up with were bald black guys from south Africa!! they use womans pictures off the internet or pictures people send them of themselves on others, so chances are your love is a big black dude!!!
2007-12-10, 08:08:55
anonymous from Canada

Hello love, ok i see all is just messed up, anyway, how are u doing? i keep missing u everyday darling, i love u so much and i just cant wait for us to be together and show u how much we can be happy together ok.
How is ur work darling, i hope all is going on fine, u are just what i want in my life for it to be completed, i cant wait to make love and kiss u all night long darling, take good care of ur self for me ok, and remember i love u always... bye for now.. Niyi ... hey dear.. do u like my name Niyi ??
2007-12-12, 08:14:58
anonymous from Canada

Hello my love, i got ur mesage i love u so much too darling, and sometimes i think u stole my heart away... i only hope u did not slam it on the floor darling, pls keep my heart safely in ur hand ok, cos i love u so much and i dont wanna loose u not let go of u ok, i am doing fine anyway, just that i am missing u so much, i see u mostly now darling, in my dreams and in my thinking, i will never stop thinking of u ok, love u so much.... let me knw what the manager said on friday ok, love u darling, ur darling wife Niyi
2007-12-16, 13:05:18
anonymous from Canada
Hello love, how are u this weekend... i am doing great and i just wanna say happy weekend ok, i love u so much dear... i missed u and i kept thinking of us been together,, i really want us together before christmas... i hope u also wish thesame and i will love to make love to u on christmas day ok, i just cant wait my darling, i also sent u an offline message on ur IM, i hope u got it, get back to me as soon as u get this ok, lots of love darling.

NB... What abt the manager.. anything good? let me know.... take good care of ur self for me and have a wonderful day....Niyi
2007-12-17, 17:38:40
anonymous from Canada
Hello love, how are u doing?> i hope u are OK, u didnt get back to me ever since friday and its Monday today.. i only hope u are OK and thinking of me, i love u so much my dear, i am thinking of u, pls get back to me and let me know u still care ok... Niyi

2007-12-23, 10:10:26

Hello darling, how are u doing? thanks so much for the messasge, i will be glad to know more of u as well and may be build up a relationship later too, but i think u should know a little abt me, i am Niyi by name, pronuncation wise neeyee'' u know thats my african name, and u can also call me sharon, its my english name, call me any u prefer,i am 30yrs, single and no kids, i am interseted in sport, swimming, dancing, i am a chorinster so i sing, i love my man to be kool headed, loving, romantic, respect me and care for me so much, also sex is a good thing in a relationship, i was born in united state, but raised in africa, due to the divorce btw dad and mom, mom is a nigerian, so she took e along here when she comes back here for stay,so i am presently living with mom in africa, i work as a nurse.. i am a nurse consultant, i educate people abt HIV in africa, i travel here around in africa and make some lectures , u can ask me whatever u think u needed to know ok, i also have some couple of pictures here on my space u can check them out, cant wait to read from u.....niyi

2007-12-24, 14:47:01
anonymous from Netherlands  
so she's a nurse and consultant now well good for her, a few weeks ago she was a babysitter with a boss that was after her and a sick mother of course, beware she's trying everything to make money.
2007-12-29, 06:22:05
anonymous from Canada
Oh OK darling, can u download yahoo messanger? so we can chat? if u can do that fine and if u cant no worries ok, just get back to me via email, and let me know whats going on at the bank... oh my love, i am missing and dying to meet u in person, i am feeling so bad that we are not together yet.. but i know we will be fine together soon ok... love ya so much
2007-12-29, 10:36:55
anonymous from Canada
Hello love, how are u doing? just wanna say hello again ok, and i am dying to meet u, i keep thinking of u always and always dear... get back to me when u get this message.. Niyi
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