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Dating scammer anna busygina


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Name: anna busygina


Anna Busygina Samara, Russia Gorkogo, 79B Postal Index 443096

Other Comments:
She has sent me many e-mails and pictures and solicited me on Asked for a 1000 dollars to get visa


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2007-08-20, 16:27:00
Skeet from United States  
Why are you guy's so concerned with these idle threat's??? If he doen't know where you actually live and has 'friends' near you it's all a bunch of hot air just trying to scare you!The Nigerian's try that crap too! Only if you live in the US and they say it AND for some reason you gave them your address,do you have ANYTHING to worry about! For the most part all these guy's wherever they're from ARE NOT going to spend any of that 'hard scammed money' to do something in the first place! And they sure as hell aren't going to spend it to come themself! With what they DO make scamming they live pretty well considering what other's make in their respective countries!

Now,Where's this header with the US IP? It's most likely forged,IF they really were here,they wouldn't last very long 'Big Brother' does watch and WILL act! If they didn't this country would be FULL of lazy asses just like them! There's plenty of people on welfare and a used PC is cheap!

She's not there...
2007-08-20, 18:30:31
OJAS from United States  
@Peter - Danke

@Skeet, I agree with you, no sane person is going to take insane threats seriously. However I think it would be good to put scammers on notice, that beyond a certain point, they are playing with a double-edged sword. A scammer who lives by the sword, dies by his own sword.

It upsets many people to see innocent people being threatened. I would not want to see that gentlemen intimidated into discontinuing to express his views here. I'm all too familiiar of Fjellhare at one point mulling leaving delphi, because of threats from over-sized children. I want to offer every possible encouragement to everyone to hold your ground. Do not budge to ''threats''
2007-08-21, 10:35:46
anonymous from United States  
No I did not leave the original response that is listed from the USA. That was Anna posting after I forwarded the posting of her picture and some e-mails. I am sorry but I still don't understand where I am supposed to click that shows you the header. At the top of e-mails from her there is her e-mail address listed twice as well as my name and e-mail address and I can't erase my name and e-mail address.

Yes she knows where I live as well as my full name. I shoudn't be concerned when someone threatens to break my legs, burn down my house and threaten my family??!! I am not really but there is always that little kernel of the unknown. My friends have all urged me to forget it and stop stirring up the hornet's nest but I am stubborn and will not be intimidated!! What might I have to be worried about? You implied that I might. I will be contacting the local FBI. Why do you some of you refer to Anna as him? Do you think it is a man? I don't as she has taken pictures with her fellow scammer Natasha, Ekatarina, Ludmilla which I provide pictures of. What else do you think I should do? Thanks to all of you for your concern.
2007-08-21, 11:14:00   (updated: 2007-08-21, 12:05:35)
anonymous from Germany  
To the headers: You do not have to click somewhere at the mail itself but somewhere under 'setup' or something like that. It is not so important because they have learned to fake their addies. But not in all cases. It would be much easier to locate them, if they did not. I am using hotmail and a german provider. They are different but in both cases it is easy to show these headers.

Yes, we think you got scammed by a man or a little group because in most cases it is like that. They normally use women as name-giver and Western Union girls only. And they need girls for the phone jobs. In the scam capital Yoshkar-Ola there is a real market where they trade pictures, phone-services, letters-set and so on online.

Another point is that girls like those from your pics do not have to deceive anybody no matter what country they are from. If you take a closer look you will see they have got already what they need. If there are women involved they would look different. It might be another case of identity-theft as many others before.

Yes, I would feel a bit uneasy too. If they did not learn to hide their location they are in your neighborhood. Go to your local FBI! Peter

To Skeet: First page second post is from 'her' - with US flag.
2007-08-21, 14:30:09   (updated: 2007-08-21, 14:32:56)
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from United States ....the Russian 'word' that you can read in the scammer's second threatening letter to you is not actually legible because your email account is not cyrillic friendly. You can't use cyrillic writing on yahoo, hotmail and gmail etc, or receive emails in cyrillic. You have to transcribe the cyrillic first, otherwise all you get are illegible Unicode symbols.

Anyway, I'm curious to know how your scammer found this site so easily.

Here's a transcribed letter you can write to your scammer friend (with an English translation for your benefit). Please believe me that scammers will only respect you if you speak/write to them in Russian, and in strong language as well!!! Ignore their threats, just insult an ridicule them and they will disappear.

Privet khokhol!

Pozhalujsta ne oskorbl'ajte moj intellekt. Ty dolzhny byt' samym nekompetentnym zhulikom v Rossii, ty mudozvon.

1. Ty posylayete mne skopirovannyye pis'ma s nizkim kachestvom. Ty ne chitayete moi otvety, i ty ignoriruyete moi voprosy. Veroyatno, ty ne imeyete nikakogo obrazovaniya, i ty mozhete tol'ko govorit' na russkom yazyke. Poetomu ya pishu tam na russkom yazyke tak, chtoby ty mogli pon'at', ty opesdol.

2. Ty pishete mne ispol'zuyuschij server NOSKOV i Internet GPRS .... tipichnyye ulovki dl'a internet-zhulika. Yesli ty yavl'ayetes' iskrennimi, pochemu ty skryvayete tashe mestopolozheniye? Ya znayu, chto ty zhivete v Yoshktar Ola, prestupnom gorode Rossii, gorod s bol'shim kolichestvom skamerstvo. Ty znayete “skamerstvo”, Anna?

3. Tashi fotografii ochen' krasivy, no ty ne fakticheskaya devochka. Veroyatno, ty paren' s nazvaniyem, Boris.

4. Tak ili inache, eto dolzhno byt' nevozmozhnym dl'a tas poluchit' vizu dl'a moyej strany bez pis'mennogo priglasheniya ot men'a, kopiya moyego pasporta, zayavleniye ot sponsora, i t.d i t.d.

5. Ty professional'nyj prestupnik, kotoryj obmanyvayet den'gi ot odinokih muzhchin, kotoryye tol'ko ischut horoshego partnera. Pochemu ty delayete eto? Ty slishkom glupy, chtoby rabotat'? Ili slishkom lenivyj? Ne govorite mne reb'acheskiye opravdaniya, naprimer, “ya ne imeyu nikakih vozmozhnostej raboty”, “ty seksual'nyj turist, ty imeyete pravo ter'at' tashi den'gi” ili “nevozmozhnyj najti zhenu v Rossii, eto tol'ko mechta”. Ves'ma prosto, ty vor nizkogo klassa.

Nakonec, zhulik dolzhen byt' boleye umnym chem yego zhertva. No ty slishkom glupy, chtoby byt' uspeshnym. Yesli by ya mog by najti tas, ya pnul by tash zadnicu. Yob tvoyu mat'.

Nailuchshiye pozhelaniya,

English version:

Hello khokhol! (means 'Ukrainian' or greedy one, very insulting)

Please do not insult my intelligence. You must be the most incompetent swindler in Russia, you mudozvon. (means bullshitter, literally 'The one who is chiming with his balls')

1. You send me low-quality copied letters. You do not read my replies and you ignore my questions. Probably, you are uneducated and you can only speak Russian. Therefore I write to you in Russian so that you will understand, you opesdol. (dumbass muthafucka)

2. You write to me using a SOCKS-server and GPRS internet ....typical tricks for the Internet swindler. If you are sincere, why do you hide your location? I know that you live in Yoshktar Ola, criminal city in Russia, a city with much skamerstvo. You know “skamerstvo”, Anna? (means 'scam business' in Russian)

3. Your photos are very beautiful, but you are not an actual girl. Probably, you are a guy by the name of Boris.

4. Anyway, it would be impossible for you to obtain a visa to my country without a letter of invitation from me, + a copy of my passport, + an application from sponsor, etc etc. Also you cannot obtain a visa without tickets.

5. You are a professional criminal who deceives money from lonely men who only search for a nice partner. Why do you do it? You are too stupid to work? Or too lazy? Do not tell me childish justifications, for example, “I have no work opportunities”, “you are a sex tourist, you deserve to lose your money” or “impossible to find a wife in Russia, it is only a dream”. Quite simply, you are a low-class thief.

Finally, the scammer should be cleverer than its victim. But you are too stupid to be successful. If I could find you, I would kick your zadnicu. Tob your mother. (no translation necessary)

Best regards,

PS...anon from USA...I can translate anything you want as long as it's not TOO long (but I won't be able to read the replies unless they're in cyrillic). And here's a photo you can attach....

2007-08-21, 15:07:51
anonymous from United States  
anna busygina 2007-08-17, 10:12:50 (updated: 2007-08-17, 10:19:16)

Comrade swindler,

Why do you butcher English?

Are you upset you didn't scam enough with your pre-infantile English?

Don't you undersand scammer? Is swindler easier for you?

Want to learn English and earn honest income? Start here.

Or are you determined to learn English in jail? Remember, after serving 5 years, my country will deport you, even if you are married to a citizen.

Have the temerity to threaten the family of an innocent man? Yet you seem to get upset over mentioning your parents who were so inebriated, couldn't even use a condom?

Idi na Hui!
2007-08-21, 15:36:46
Eddie from Sweden  
OJAS...r u still on site and upstaging me? :)))

Sadly, the scammer will never read your post, nor will he understand it because my money's on him not understanding a word of English.

So I will repeat for the benefit of anon USA 2007-08-21, 10:35:46

'Please believe me that scammers will only respect you if you speak/write to them in Russian, and in strong language as well!!! Ignore their threats, just insult and ridicule them and they will disappear.' It works every time.
2007-08-21, 16:03:19
anonymous from United States  
Eddie, welcome back guv! :-))
Now the site will get even more lively.
No attempt on my part to upstage Bada Bhai!
I'm learning so much of late. E.g. A scammer who hides behind European and American servers is called ''merdes sans frontières'' in Montreal!

There's a feeble hope a scammer learns enough English from this site, and decides to earn an honest living. /O
2007-08-21, 17:25:28
anonymous from Germany  
Eric, as very often this thread gets its own life. I stay to my opinion. As long as there is no proof that they are not from the US you should better consult your local authorities.

Hi Eddie, pleased to see you back. Of course you are right. You can only get rid of them by using some strong words. I made this experience too.

Ojas, 'Scheiße ohne Grenzen' fits perfectly. I share your emotions. Do not undervalue this scammer's efforts in learning english. The main mistakes are in spelling. He or who ever might be used (to try) to speak english.

2007-08-21, 19:02:50
Skeet from United States  
I'd rather see the full header,That doesn't look right! I've gotten pretty good at reading them and may spot something.Besides,I did ask for it so I could compare it to one of mine!

2007-08-22, 12:48:41
anonymous from United States  
Here is the header you requested. Will you please tell me whether this is from the USA?
Thanks. By the way I sent my own scathing letter in English yesterday aand so far no responce. I asked her or him whether they were raised by wolves. Also let them know that the picture and threat letters were being given to law enforcement.

-Originating-IP: []
Return-Path: <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok)
Received: from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Mon, 20 Aug 2007 04:27:33 -0700
Received: (qmail 54975 invoked from network); 20 Aug 2007 11:27:33 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024; Received:X-YMail-OSG:Date:From:X-Mailer:Reply-To:X-Priority: Message-ID:To:In-Reply-To:References:MIME-Version:Content-Tt-Type:Content-Transfer-Encodinb= z2nmbwOJiEVPMigE5xyw0DUIDj55JTdlaqWYEj7SFLnDZ7IzSwgJu+2PK3rPyLsDa2ZAGQUt0/ DF/+6TpcHnb0twJ+sRQPydaZUkBMBGMsVKJdakaGdsFliFliQ7I7S8RmlSsg3cmF4qvUqY867eTpk/MjIJRgrVcVqotsyRgbSHdM= ;
Received: from unknown (HELO DIVAN-009982143) (busyginaanna@ with plain) by with SMTP; 20 Aug 2007 11:27:32 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: CmPCb6UVM1mTaX9bXSdSr3Zs4Dc4fCwgdGdVCYm2jkULELxt
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 12:28:05 +0100
From: '' <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
Reply-to: '' <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
2007-08-22, 15:29:22   (updated: 2007-08-22, 15:34:44)
anonymous from Germany = Satellite Provider = Eutelsat Opensky
So you can calm down! The Eutelsat-Services are not available in the US!
The massMailer and translator The Bat! is very common in Russia, so it seems to be just another ordinary Mari-El scam
2007-08-22, 18:26:01   (updated: 2007-08-22, 18:27:50)
anonymous from United States  
Here's the look-up.Seem's to be a satelite ISP based in FRANCE!
I noticed the scammer has 'named' his PC. (HELO DIVAN-009982143) Interesting!? Something to look for in header's! So,it is not from the US.They are using a proxy. -
netname: OPENSKY
descr: Satellite telecommunication provider for multimedia
country: FR
admin-c: AA1725-RIPE
tech-c: RB1703-RIPE
mnt-by: FT-BRX
changed: ************ 20010530
changed: ************ 20030408
changed: ************ 20050916
source: RIPE

address: 70, Rue Balard
address: 75015 Paris, France
phone: +33 1 53 98 37 86
fax-no: +33 1 53 98 31 81
e-mail: ************
nic-hdl: AA1725-RIPE
changed: ******** 20030107
changed: ************ 20060616
source: RIPE
descr: France Telecom
origin: AS5511
mnt-by: FT-BRX
changed: ************ 20001017
source: RIPE

She's not there... {see!}
2007-12-03, 09:07:11
[hidden] from Ecuador  
hola natasha espero que estes bien este e s mi correo

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