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Dating scammer Svetlana Parshkina


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Name: Svetlana Parshkina


1.) 2-d Krasnoznamennaya 49b/111
Lugansk 91000 - Ukraine
2.) Krasnaya 34
Artemovsk 92056 - Ukraine

Other Comments:
Asking frequently for money!
Reasons are : English Course, dentist, fees
global network - in contact with many men!!!
professional letters: colourful - polite style!
I visited her in Lugansk - beautiful woman!!!
Guys take care!!!


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2007-08-22, 17:03:38   (updated: 2007-08-22, 17:08:20)
anonymous from Netherlands  

And some Russian, for those who can read it:

Just Google the email-addie
2007-08-27, 18:58:34
anonymous from Austria  
photo to Svetlana short 'Sveta' Parshkina

2007-08-27, 19:02:15
anonymous from Austria  
another picture of 'Sveta' Parshkina

2007-08-28, 09:09:04
Heinrich from Vienna, Austria  
I was trapped by Svetlana Parshkina, too.

I even visited her in Lugansk and spent 10 days with her and her interpreter Diana from Russia.

I gave her several presents (photo camera, mobile phone etc.),
payd for the translater, german course and for a passport
and I was very lucky to be informed about her true intentions
before the damage got even bigger and the bad news more painful!

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2007-08-28, 12:18:54 from Portugal  
Hello guys

It seems there are in the world bad people without feelings but i think you already know that.
Well we find one now in our life.
This girls don´t stop never they deceive all the man she can.
i think one day, the life punish them.



2007-08-28, 15:42:33
Eddie from Sweden  
Heinrich from Vienna, Austria ...I'm very sorry to hear that you got scammed. You mean this girl Svetlana is a genuine Ukrainian gold-digger. I have heard about them, but never come across one in person (or on this site).

Could you please give us a bit more information?

how did you come into contact with her?
how did you find out she was insincere about you?
any other information that may be helpful.

She may well find this thread and post that she didn't scam you, she merely accepted your gifts. That she decided you were not her type...blablabla.

2007-08-28, 15:50:58
OJAS from United States  
Hi Eddie,

I'm temped to ask the converse question - Do you ever sleep in Europe? At your latitudes it may be midnight, but the Sunshine may be tempting you guys. See you later! :-)
2007-08-29, 08:02:54   (updated: 2007-08-29, 08:31:42) from Vienna, Austria  
Hi Eddie!

Concerning the scammer Svetlana Parshkina in Lugansk, Ukraine:

She contacted me on in may 2007. I told her that she was way too young for me and that I was not interested but she managed to make me change my mind several weeks later.
Her e-mails were very personal and sounded serious, I verified the address given to me by sending her a parcel etc.

In august I visited her in Lugansk and gave her numerous presents like mobile phone, digital camera, Kiev Star phone vouchers, a German language course, dictionaries etc. After those 10 days in Lugansk I still thought that she was serious
and I sent her US$ 300,- via Western Union for the passport she claimed not to have.

August 11th a guy from Linz, Austria received an e-mail from Svetlana where she had erroneously attached a distribution list containing 25 e-mail addresses of guys she was dating at the same time. We found out that Svetlana's sister Oksana Gromovaya was scamming too, with the same Russian interpreter Diana. We assume that during 2007 the three 'ladies' have acquired anything between US$ 50.000,- and US$ 100.000,- - just from the mentioned 25 men distributed all over the world!

I have created a page containing more information: http://www.edv-cons../scammer,
the attached picture shows Sveta with her interpreter Diana.

Kind regards - Heinrich

2007-08-29, 09:10:07   (updated: 2007-08-29, 09:40:55) from Vienna, Austria  
Scammer Oksana Gromovaya with daughter Alina, sister Sveta Parshkina and translator Diana in Lugansk, Ukraine

In August 2007 a group of 25 men found out that they had been betrayed by either Oksana Gromovaya with daughter Alina or by Oksana's sister Svetlana Parshkina in Lugansk, Ukraine.

Address 1     2-d Krasnoznamenmaya 49b/111, 91000 Lugansk, Ukraine
Address 2     Krasnaya 34, 92056 Artemovsk, Ukraine

Oksana has collected several thousand US$ for passports, dentist, language courses from several men at the same time.

We have compiled additional and detailed information under http://www.edv-cons..m/scammer

Kind regards,


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2007-08-29, 14:35:16
Eddie from Sweden impression is that it should be quite easy to prosecute this woman for fraud...if you've kept her letters etc...for example the one in which she claims not to have a passport and asks for money for it. She is certainly arrogant enough if she doesn't even hide her identity.

Most of the russian scammers use false identities, and proxy servers to send their mails. They never actually meet their victims and are, as a result, very difficult to trace without the help of the Russian authorities.

Have you tried contacting any of the guys on her mailing list? Couldn't you maybe get together and press a class action against her in Ukraine? It would be easy to trace her in Lugansk (which is btw, also the home of most of the Ukrainian translation scams).

2007-08-29, 17:57:17
Skeet from United States  
Heinrich,Would you post her on another site? She is what's called a 'Pro-Dater' has a forum catagory for them we just started and I think it a good idea if you added her there also.You need to join to post but it's free and takes only a few minutes.

Here's a direct link to the site;

She's not there...
2007-08-30, 10:36:52   (updated: 2007-08-30, 10:39:11) from Austria  
Servus Eddi, hi Skeet!

I am in the western Ukraine rather frequently for business reasons and I had a beer with a policeman there about two weeks ago. His recommendation was that I could try to hire a lawyer and sue Svetlana for not fullfilling her promises but he assumed that my chances to get anywhere where rather slim.

So I decided to post the 'ladies' on as many sites as possible including my own http://www.edv-cons..m/scammer

I posted them in - thank you for your advice, Skeet!

Kind regards,

2007-08-30, 12:07:46 from Austria  
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Hello dear Heinrich !!!!

Today I have again your letters and they made my day much brighter and better:) Your
letters are so warm and I feel that they are written by a very good person:)

So, how is my dear Heinrich doing there??? How is your day? How was your night???
Hopefully you had (will have:)) a good sleep and have enough strength for the new

No, Heinrich, unfortunately there is no Skype at the internet-cafe i am writing you
from:( They don't have these service yet, though maybe somewhere in Lugansk we have
it, i don't know...:(((

Well... you make progress in your Russian as i see:))) Yes, i understand that I
Maria and Georg are your fiends and they are my potential friends too:) I hope that
I will meet them in the future if everything goes well among us during or meeting:)

It is Thursday already and tomorrow is Friday. How sad it is. The week passes so
quick and with it the time goes away. But let not think about sad things!!! The sun
is shining outside and our mood should be the same colour:) Do you agree that nice
and happy mood has yellow colour???:) I do. If not yellow then which one???;)

Do you have already some plans for the weekend??? Well, there will be something that
I would like to do, but we will see. My friend has won some tickets to the cinema
and she is inviting us to the there:) And this I guess will be Shrek again:) I have
seen it once already, but it can be OK if I watch it again:) Then I will remember
all the jokes:) Or maybe we will watch the third part of the 'Pirates Caribbean':)
So, I am not sure which one I am going to watch:) I cannot say that I am very much
fond of the Pirates, but Johnny Depp there is really nice with all his make up,
dreads, black nails and dresses:) Very funny:)
By the way do you have different competitions on your radio stations which allow you
to win tickets to the cinemas, concerts, cafes and such??? My friend is very
successful at them:) She listens to her favorite radio station for about 10 years
already and always takes part in different quizzes and games, winning a lot of

Another thing I am going to do is to attend an open air concert made on our main
square in the center of the city. It will be a promotion concert made by a new
opened supermarket. Two bands are invited. The first one is a new pop girl band and
another is a rock band. I really like the second one and it would be nice to hear it
live:) The frontman is a really nice guy, he has several programs on an Ukrainian
channel and has a very good sense of humor. He speaks only Ukrainian and sometimes
mixed with Polish, because he was born on the Polish border. All in all it would be
nice to listen to these two bands. Wish you were here too and went with me.

I am pleased that you want me to learn German, but to be sincere i really don't know
how it will be possible for me to learn it. I learnt at least some English at school
and it can be easier and faster for me to remember all this, but German is
completely strange language for me. Maybe I should start learning at least some
basic English just to communicate and to understand each other. and later you can
teach me German, as it is your native language. What do you think???

Ok, I finish my letter here and wait for your call:)

My dear Heinrich, I send you my best wishes and hundreds of kisses. I wish you a
nice day and a peaceful night with only pleasant dreams.

I think of you here and these are only nice and pleasant thoughts:)
Take care.

2007-08-30, 12:16:43   (updated: 2007-08-30, 12:18:53) from Austria  
Scammer Oksana Gromovaya and her daughter Alina
registered at

Oksana is Svetlana Parshkina's sister, they live in the same apartment in
2-d Krasnoznamenmaya 49b/111, 91000 Lugansk, Ukraine

Oksana lives with her sister Svetlana Parshkina in Lugansk,
both cooperate with the criminal interpreter Diana.

In august 2007 a group of 25 men from all over the world found out
that they had been betrayed by the two sisters, they took
thousands (!) of dollars for passports, dentists, language classes etc.
from these men at the same time.

Like her sister Sveta she writes very personal e-mails
and makes you feel very special, probably most of that text
is generated and invented by her translator Diana from Russia.

See also http://www.edv-cons..m/scammer
for more details!

The 25 men guess that Oksana and Sveta have collected
anything between US$ 50.000,- and US$ 100.000,- from

Kind regards,


Sample letter:
Letter of August 3, 2007

Hello my dear Emmitt!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your nice letter on this last day of the working week:) Are you happy that two days of the weekend are coming?:) How are you feeling on this Friday day???? Are you OK?? Do you feel well?? How is your mood?? :) I hope al is well with you and your mood is sunny:)

By the way, about sun, you won't believe but we had rain all night and today the sky is covered with clouds and the temperature is not more than 24 C :) You can guess how happy I am and how I feel myself today:) I am in high spirits and looking forward for the coming weekend. Though, I am a bit afraid, because tomorrow I need to visit the dentist, which will certainly be not the most pleasant thing:) And I hope that my bad dream will not come true and my tooth will be saved:)

So, the weekend is again here... It is a pity that i am not going to hear from till Monday. i am going to miss my dear Emmitt:((( And what about you?:) You will probably think of me as well?:)

What are your plans for the weekend??? As for mine, as you already know, I am going to visit the terrible dentist who will scare me with all his hurtful tools:)

Then, i am invited to another pleasant event. My friends parents are going to have a wedding at church on Sunday:) it is so nice, You know, here not all people have a wedding at church at once. Because here it is an important decision to make and if two people are married at church this means that this is forever and you don't have the right to divorce. That is why a lot of people chose to have a church wedding only after a lot of years shared together. Is this the same in your country? My friend's parents lived together about 30 years and they think that now it is the time for such an event:) I think it is nice and My friend Anna is happy for them too:)

So, on Monday I will tell you how everything went. I have never been to a church wedding, that is why I am excited about the event:) Wish you were with me:)

So, Emmitt, I have to end my letter here. I wish you a nice day and a wonderful weekend.

Be a good boy:)

Will be waiting for your letter on Monday:)



2007-08-30, 12:20:39   (updated: 2007-08-30, 12:21:31) from Austria  
Letter of August 6,2007

Hello my dearest Emmitt!!!!!!!!!
Good Monday to you !!!!!!!!:)

Oh, how nice it is to get a new letter from you:))) My Monday is certainly not hard at all because of this:) And how is your Monday????:) You know, they say that Monday is usually a very hard day, because it is the beginning of the new working week, but I totally disagree with this:) I love Mondays, because along with a new working week they bring me your lovely letters:) Isn't this great???:)

How happy I am to read your letter today. I missed them so much at the weekend:((( I was thinking about you and what you were doing there, what interesting things were happening to you, what people you were meeting, were they polite and nice to you, what you were eating etc… well, actually I was thinking about you a lot:) And what about you?:)))

Yes, i talked to Maria. She said she will send you the list of documents you need to send her on Monday, so it is today:) You probably have got them already, please, write me about this, OK?

My dear, how was your morning today??? How are you feeling?? Are you well??? Is my dear man ready for a new week and for all pleasant things which this week is going to bring him???:) I wish you only pleasant events for this week:)

How was the weather at the weekend??? Here it is a little bit cooler, if one can say 'cool' regarding to our weather;) It was not 44 C, but it was just 39,5 C:)))) No, not hot at all, as you can guess:)

Yes, I went to the terrible Mr. Dentist on Saturday. I had just an examination of my teeth and a kind of consultation. I'd better stayed home, you know:) I need now to 'repair' two teeth:( I shall call him and make an appointment for this week. He seems to be a very professional dentist and he is so polite and kind that I wasn't afraid at all. Yes, I will be afraid when I go this week, right? But to my mind, all these people who are called dentists should make on you only positive impression, do you agree?:) They shouldn't be rude and impolite. Of course he had to be polite for such a price. It will cost me about 100$, I though that it will be cheaper, but as my friends said he is a good one and all the materials and tools are modern and of high quality. The price includes the X-ray photograph and all the anesthetic shots, after which i will not feel any pain, but I am still scared a lot:((

As for Sunday, I was at the church wedding. The ceremony in the church lasted for about an hour. It was really nice, but I felt pity for those two people who hold for an hour the crowns above the heads of my friend’s parents, while the priest was doing his job:) Do you have the same tradition?? After the church all people were invited to a small restaurant where the celebration continued with toasts, congratulations and dancing:) It was really nice to see those two people so happy having their second marriage:) And yes, i was thinking about my far away man at that moment too:)

As for our marriage, well, I told you already that i want to have our wedding at all possible places at once:) But of course I understand that this is not possible. At the moment I am thinking about our marriage in the back yard with lots of flowers, white tables and all other lovely attributes of such a wedding:) Do we have enough space there??:)

All the weddings we have here are made at the registry office, so then it is an official marriage, you can't be considered husband and wife if you don’t have this registration. if you only have a church wedding, then by law you are not married, you are only married by church. i don’t know, i though that y have some similar laws in some states, no???

So, this was my weekend which seemed to be lonely for me, in spite of all those events;( I was missing a close person by my side who could cheer me up while I was at the dentist and who could share positive emotions which I had at the wedding ceremony:)

i am also glad that you are continuing to work on our house:) can you send me some new pictures of what you have already done???

I see you had a nice weekend too:) Hoe is Angie?? How is her mother??? is she better???

have you heard also from your son???

Ok, Emmitt, I go now, but first I want to wish you a nice day and send you many many kisses:)

Take care.



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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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