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Dating scammer Svetlana Parshkina


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Name: Svetlana Parshkina


1.) 2-d Krasnoznamennaya 49b/111
Lugansk 91000 - Ukraine
2.) Krasnaya 34
Artemovsk 92056 - Ukraine

Other Comments:
Asking frequently for money!
Reasons are : English Course, dentist, fees
global network - in contact with many men!!!
professional letters: colourful - polite style!
I visited her in Lugansk - beautiful woman!!!
Guys take care!!!

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2007-08-31, 02:03:01
[hidden] from Finland  

I am from Finland and i share the same fate with you my friends!!! I was in correspondence with Sveta from 18.11. 2006. During our correspondence i had several times strong doubts about her motives 'dating' with me. There were so many little things which increased my doubts, for example...
-How she can be in two places at the same time;online in the City of Brides and at the same time sitting in the bus when returning from Artemovsk???
-It was quite difficult to get answers to 'difficult' questions; questions about her job, parents, her dreams/needs etc.
-Sometimes she forgot some things or asked the same thing twice
-She lives in the scammer's capital city, Lugansk
-There were too many coincidences also

...And still I sent money for her, 210 euros during our correspondence!!!! She never asked money from me but i sent it after she had told me about her money problems.

I have been in correspondence with a scammer once before but i must admit that Sveta (actually Diana??) is (was) very good in her job!!

2007-08-31, 05:04:54 from Vienna, Austria  
Hi Jarmo,

sorry that you had to make the same ' ' experiance!

I have collected everything I could get and put it under

Maybe you have something you would like to add (pictures and/or emails),
just send it to me: !

Kind regards,

2007-08-31, 05:11:22   (updated: 2007-08-31, 05:13:27)
anonymous from United States  
Jarmo from Suomi, mittas kuulu?

Sorry you made a mistake, just like anyone else could have. If you wish, you could prevent someone else making the same mistake. Post headers, e-mail excerpts, after removing your personal info. Soon you'll get over it and have brighter days.
2007-08-31, 13:12:19
Eddie from Sweden  
Moi Jarma!....I think you were lucky to get away with losing so little, if you don't mind me saying so ...even if it doesn't seem that way. (I prefer to be philosophical myself). Obviously, you listened to your instincts!

Did you meet 'Sveta' at City of Brides? I met my Russian fiancée there in June last year...definitely a real girl :D ..She has her Swedish residency interview on October 3 in Moscow. When I first joined the site I was bombarded with scammers, the typical spamming kind mostly, plus one or two girls that looked like hookers, but I've had previous experience and the CoB administration was very compliant about removing them when I reported it. Otherwise I had a lasting correspondence with 4 genuine and 100%honest Russian/Ukrainian women during the time I was there.

And I'd just like to say that Lugansk is not really the major capital of dating scams, just a secondary city. Ukrainians mostly operate translations scams, rather amateurish ones at that, although as you have found out there are a few 'genuine' scammers there. I still can't believe this Sveta character used her true identity. Such arrogance.

The real capital of dating scams is Yoshtar Ola in the Mari El republic, and the surrounding area...south to Cheboksary and Kazan, and sporadically as far east as Chelyabinsk. In Yoshtar Ola, scamming is almost a cottage industry...more or less accepted as a way to make a living. As a scammer once wrote to me, 'it's either poverty or larceny'.

Anyway Heinrich, I'm sorry to hear that your Ukrainian policeman didn't fancy your chances of prosecution. In Russia, the police will now prosecute...if you have sent or given the scammer money and kept all the details/mails...and if you're prepared to travel to Russia at least twice to witness. Most scam victims aren't, especially if they don't have any moral support from other vics and they live on the other side of the world. It might be different in Ukraine. There's even a post about it somewhere on this site from a Russian woman who works with antiscam, but I'm sorry i can't remember which thread. Very useful information. She even left her email address. I was just thinking that if you had the email list of 'Sveta's' victims and contacted a few, and since you travel to Ukraine quite regularly on business, you might be able to persuade some of the others to join you morally, financially and in spirit and try to get these women put in jail. Of course, you'd have to take the initiative yourself and I can certainly understand why that would be very much trouble.

2007-09-05, 10:12:24   (updated: 2007-09-05, 10:15:07) from Austria  
One of the guys scammed by Svetlana Parhkina even managed to receive copies of her passport

Keywords: fake id Svetlana Parshkina Svitlana Parshkina passport
2007-09-05, 10:13:40   (updated: 2007-09-05, 10:15:42) from Austria  
Passport of Svetlana Parshkina

Keywords: fake id Svetlana Parshkina passport
2007-09-07, 00:22:55   (updated: 2007-09-07, 00:26:39)
anonymous from Austria  
Diana, the manager of the scammers Sveta Parshkina and her sister Oksana Gromovaya. Diana claims to be from Murmansk, Russia and works as a translator.

2007-09-07, 22:16:40   (updated: 2007-09-07, 22:19:29)
anonymous from Austria  
Sveta Parshkina Diana Lugansk Oksana Gromovaya

Keywords: blonde white robe Sveta Parshkina scammer Lugansk Svetlana Parshkina
2007-09-07, 22:24:00
anonymous from Austria  
Svetlana Parshkina
2-d Krasnoznamenmaya 49b/111, 91000 Lugansk, Ukraine
Krasnaya 34, 92056 Artemovsk, Ukraine
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria

Keywords: Svetlana Parshkina Oksana Gromovaya blonde pink mini dress
2007-09-08, 08:04:12
OJAS from United States  

The passport is forged, I think because,

1) Looking at the N in her first name, last name, country, they are different ink densities
2) Svetlana spelt with e seems common; Changing the spelling to an i in Cyrillic and English should raise some eye-brows
3) Notice the white below the word Passport, and above her head; I'm thinking, Is there supposed to be something there? A country code, or symbol to prevent tampering?
2007-09-08, 10:00:33
'S' from United States  
O,This girl is a 'Pro-Dater,the PP is real and so is she.Heinrich actually MET her! There's more info posted here;


2007-09-08, 10:53:35
O from United States  
Thanks 'S'
I'd rather raise more questions, and turn out wrong, than ask too few.

For once you have to say She's there! ... for someone else!(LOL)

Have a Great Weekend!
2007-09-08, 14:05:59
'S' from United States  
Yep! At least he met the one that got his money!

2007-09-09, 03:15:40
anonymous from Austria  
Hi you guys!

I was wondering if that passport was forged, too but when I transferred 300,- US$ to her via Western Union (after I had met her in Lugansk!) she had to bring evidenve that she was Svetlana Parshkina, so I guess at least the name must be real. That made me think that she wasn't a scammer, too.


2007-09-09, 06:42:12
OJAS from United States  
From my earlier post
2) Svetlana spelt with e seems common; Changing the spelling to an i in Cyrillic and English should raise some eye-brows

Since your wire transfer says Svetlana with an e the passport Svitlana with i, did the bank try to bounce it back to you to confirm or over-rule the transfer?

If someone misspells my name, differently from my driver's licence, my bank-teller will first demand a second ID, say my credit card. It matches spelling on my licence, not of payee. He'll then ask the manager to contact the issuing bank to get release, may even put me on the line to talk to issuing bank, all the eye-brows raised wouldn't be worth the aggravation. It's far easier for me to request a correctly spelt transfer. If the money was a small amount say $25 from a US bank, there wouldn't be a hassel. For $300, that too from a foreign bank, is a different matter.
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