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Dating scammer Elena Smirnova


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Name: Elena Smirnova


P.S. Prohorova 32-17
Rep. Cheboksary
Russian Federation

Other Comments:
Wants money for visa 280 pounds
the rest is yet to come
Reply-To : Elena

Hi Peter!
Me to call Smirnova Elena to me 38 years I live in city of Cheboksary it is the
big city with a plenty of
This city is in republic Chuvashia. My birthday November , 18, 1978.
I want to find the second half of satellite in life I I think that the
attractive and beautiful girl and I
shall interest you.
I work at the military airport as the bookkeeper it is very big and paper work
under a sound of flying up
and landing planes.
I like my work because I very much like to observe planes and parachuters.
I live together with mum to my mum of 58 years she work as the seller in shop.
Unfortunately I have no the father he have left us when to me was 10 years he
was sick of very bad illness
and from for this illness he has betraid itself to the ground.
It is very strong impact for me at that moment to me simply it was not would be
desirable to live but my life
like was adjusted only is not present a number of my loved person which helped
me in difficult minutes and I
always would answer him mutually.
At leisure I like to spend for useful affairs such as readings of clever
cognitive books about wild animals
about space about the ground.
Also I like to prepare sweet dishes to bakee pies and various tasty cookies! I
think that if we shall meet
that you estimate my kitchen.
I once was abroad the last year I had a meeting with the person from the
Internet he we were from USA with
have met on the sea after correspondence but we did not come to each other
because he was tempted with other
and he was deceived by her and when he has returned and I have asked for me a
pardon that has not wanted him
to forgive.
I would like to have children but I do not want to have them at once I
think that they should be got after 1 or 2 years of joint residing. As I want to
inform you that I freely
own the English language
it for me not difficultly because I studied the English language since 15 years
it there was my hobby and my
hobby now to me it was useful. I think that I have told about myself
slightly if at you am still what be questions to me that be not afraid to set
them to me.
I will be pleasant for answering your questions.
I wait for your letter.

Reply-To : Elena

Hi Peter!!!
How your affairs?
My dear Pet I hope that I have interested you because you have interested me. I
very much would want that we
corresponded and there may be our correspondence will develop in bigger.
I want to inform little bit more about myself I I it likes to go in for sports
in the summer in days off
like to do morning jogs on two kilometers very much invigorates me.
In the winter I usually go on a skating rink to be rolled on skates and in days
off I go to be rolled on a
ski but it happens not always but I try to do it as it is possible more often.
Still I visit a training hall there I am engaged in aerobics and I am engaged on
I visit them usually in the spring and an autumn.
Probably if we shall meet you will allow me to go to a training hall? What you
do at leisure?
I want to inform you as pass my usual working day.
I wake up in 6 mornings and at once go to wash then I prepare myself for coffee
and breakfast.
I leave from a house in 8 mornings because I was necessary need at work in 9
mornings I reach on work by the
service bus he pass by my house at 8 10 minutes of morning.
After I arrive on work the working day he I begin begins at me hardly usually in
second half of day work
more actively.
In 1 day at us the lunch break begins and we go to have dinner with workers in
coffee then I would go in the
Internet of coffee what to write to you the letter.
By 3 o'clock in the afternoon my lunch break comes to an end also to me again it
is necessary to be at work.
My working day comes to an end at 6 o'clock in the evening after work if I am
not strongly tired I go in the
Internet of coffee and I check the letter. Then I go home.
At home usually I am already at seven o'clock in the evening I prepare for
supper for myself and for my mum
my mum comes from work approximately in 8:30 evenings and we with have not
supper together.
If I strongly am not tired that I usually go to take a walk at us near to the
house where I live there is
beautiful reddening I usually in the evening there leave to take a breath fresh
Then I go home. Before dream I usually read the book 1 hour after that I fall
How passes your day?
You want to have children?
I was born in city in which I now live has gone to school in seven years at
school has finished 9
classes after school has gone to professional school where I have studied 3
years and have received ' average
special formation' and a trade ' the operator of the COMPUTER ' then I worked in
the same school in accounts
department where I charged to students the grant.
I have worked there one year then I have decided to be trained on ' the cook of
confectionery products '.
So with kitchen at me all is fine much it is pleasant as I be going.
I studied 3 months then I worked in a dining room where I worked 1 year but I
there did not like also the
salary there was 80 $ it was very little and I did not have not enough this
money and I have decided to
receive higher education and I have gone to study for me it it was very
difficult because I needed to pay for
study and me helped mum when did not suffice to pay for study she to me added
for it I to her am very
grateful to me.
I studied in institute 4 and a half of one year I have received formation of
'lawyer' but I have decided to
not work on this trade and me have called my good familiar to work at the
airport in accounts department now
I work there and I receive the salary 150 $ per one month on life suffice me
very much it is pleasant to work
I think that abroad I can show the abilities in work more strongly because at us
in Russia very difficultly
to develop and promote and at us work of the person and the salary everywhere
very low is very badly
I want to tell you if our destinies will be left also we shall live together
that I too want to work for the
sake of family and I shall create firmer family will carry out the female duties
on the house my husband
always am fed with tasty breakfast and supper and my husband always will have
pure house.
I think that I have taken a great interest to me slightly is time to run my time
come to an end.
Write to me please I shall wait your letter.
Reply-To : Elena
Sent : August 9, 2007 10:51:14 AM

Hi my friend Peter!
You know to me interestingly to receive your letters and to read them to me also
it will be pleasant to
receive your pictures to me pleasantly if you will send me them more.
I too shall try to send you a picture with each my letter simply I have no
digital photos and as I only
shall scan them I necessarily to you them I shall send.
I want to describe which man I slightly search.
I would want that he was kind and fair with me I would want that he always
shared the problems and I shall
try to help him I would want that all our relations and probably future family
was under construction on
mutual understanding.
I would not want that my partner in life used me and addressed with me is
similar to a doll.
I shall not sustain it and our relations will have loss.
Because at me too kind character and is very easy for wounding me but I do not
like to take offence I simply
I shall state all to face to the that person that I think of him and about his
act which he has made and I
shall put the conditions on which can forgive him.
I simply want to let you know that I really want to create beautiful it is
strong and reliable family.
I would want that my husband always understood me and I shall answer him with
I seldom go to bars and on discos of me it does not involve.
I very much like to leave on a nature and to enjoy her and her fresh air I very
much love to kindle fire on
a decline.
I want to inform you that I shall choose to myself which husband I also I really
like shall be ready for the
sake of him on all.
I think that you have learned me little bit better.
I love romantic evenings at me romantic evening once in life was and it very
much was pleasant to me.
It so is romantic to have supper at candles and slow dance under quiet romantic
I think that we with mine the husband we shall be to arrange it as it is
possible more often and we shall be
always happy.
Now I need to finish my letter.
Soon I hope to receive news from you!
While Whole!

Reply-To : Elena
Sent : August 10, 2007 12:05:10 PM

Hello my dear Peter!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I with pleasure shall receive
your letters each day.
It is very pleasant for me to receive letters from you.
What you think there will be we whether or not and how we shall spend time if we
shall meet?
Last night I went to a sports hall I for a long time there did not go and on
this at me all muscles it very
hurt for me today hurt but I think that tomorrow my pain from loadings will
pass also all it will be good.
You love sports? If yes that what?
You like to bathe? I very much like to bathe and in the summer I would go on
lakes what to bathe.
I very much like to lap in water and far to float I very well I swim.
When in the river or lake it is impossible to bathe if already coldly that I
sometimes go to pool.
I tell about you to the mum what you I slightly tell about that slightly that
you to me write and as you
live to her it interestingly you see she my mum and to her will be sad if I
shall leave.
My mum perceives my departure as due she wishes me the best future and she does
not worry for me because she
has told me that I the good girl and I always achieved the purpose and that she
is very much sure for me.

Today the sun is slightly cool in the street but the cold wind but when the wind
comes to an end that blows
to become hot.
How at you there weather?
You when be had attitudes under the Internet and met the girl???
Well all right now I shall stop and so it would not be desirable.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Huge kiss from Russia!!!
Write to me and do not forget me you to me very much like also I very much I
would want that our attitudes
have left much more deeply.
Yours Elena!

Reply-To : Elena
Sent : August 11, 2007 9:25:11 AM

Hi my lovely friend Peter!
How at you an affair and how mood? As you are going to carry out(spend)
Weekend? How your relatives?
I have received your letter and am very glad that you have written to me...
I was very good myself I feel also my mum send the regards to you...
She is very glad that we with you are copied.
I think that you very good person and I shall be very glad, if
Our attitudes will proceed and be increased...
You want it?
I would like to know more about you and to know who you such inside...
It is very important for me to know your private world of what you think.
To create that - that general, it is necessary for 2 people
In the first to learn to trust each other to rely and trust...
I very much would want to learn about your plans in the future, about your
You have parents? How many him of years? How they feel themselves?
It is very interesting to me to study about you and I shall tell to you about
But we should be patient to each other because at me is not present
Always opportunities to answer your letters. I very much would want to have
At itself at home the computer, but this very expensive pleasure for me.
But there was time when I was going to buy the computer, but suddenly was ill
My mum and me was necessary to put the saved up money to treatment
Mums and so I could not get the computer...
I very fair girl.. Me mum from the childhood learned to be fair and
To love people... She spoke me that if who - that will throw on you a stone,
You throw to him down. Let he thinks, that you not such as he.
At me very big feeling of conscience.. Even if I that - shall make that not so,
That I can not sleep at night, I all time think of the mistake....
My lovely, I very much want that you told to me about yourself more in detail,
It is very important for me.... I should know all about you....
I certainly, very much would like with you to speak by the phone but while at me
is not present
Such opportunity. I have no the phone, but I would ask for you number of yours
The phone in case. I would like to hear your sweet voice very much.
On a voice it is possible to understand much.. The voice at the person may be
artful or fair,
And as may be mixed, but listening to a voice of the person you understand
My friend, I think that you treat to me fairly, because I very vulnerable girl.
I very much want that between us was not that - that ne?uoiiai and mistrust,
because if
Between us there will be no trust from it will fail that. You understand me....
I want to tell you that it not the Internet game and I with you quite
If you think that I simply sit here to play games with you that
You very much are mistaken, my dear...
I want that our attitudes and our love was pure and sincere. I do not want to
From you that you may not make that, but I think that you can open to me soul,
As I want ?anne?uou to you the soul and I should know that to whom I can entrust
myself and
The future further. You agree with me my dear?

I hope that have not confused you this letter, but you should understand me...
I shall wait from you for soon big and full letter my lovely...
I think that you will understand me and at us all will be good....
Your girlfriend Elena.


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2007-08-22, 16:02:38
anonymous from Netherlands  
Check this:


Just Google the email-addie

2007-08-22, 18:09:42
anonymous from United States  
A chubby one! That's a bit different!
2007-08-22, 23:35:51
anonymous from United States  
Anon US 2007-08-22, 20:59:25

For those who may be unfamiliar, I like to point:
The key word in this post is embassy. This is likely the pre-money letter. The money letter is likely to be the next one with 3 digits, the most significan digit an 8 or a 9, for visa alone.

Another pre-money letter favorite is the two words travel agent in any order; Here the next money letter will ask agency fee + visa alone, once again with 3 digits.

Good job Anon, posting the pre-M letter.

My view on this is for a victim to view like a chess master, how an opponent is setting up for the combination to follow.

I do not mean to equate the intelligence of a scammer with a chess master's. A scammer is a scumbag who has memorized a few dirty tricks and plays by rote, to the extent his tiny little brain permits.

Unfortunately I don't have a different comparison to encourage a would-be victim.

Once again, kudos for giving the pre-M letter, the same importance as the M-letter itself.

Regards /O
2007-08-23, 10:17:43
anonymous from United States  
Anon US 2007-08-21, 20:48:20 (updated: 2007-08-21, 21:33:46)

''280 pounds'' ''130 pounds'' - I see her waiting outside British Embassy in Moscow. Upon arrival at Heathrow, she's heading straight to the U.S. Embassy in London? LOL!
2007-08-27, 00:19:16
anonymous from United States  
Lovely pidgin Peter! :-)

You probably saw in a different link, ....''JFK''

''...ask not what the scammer can do to you. Ask what you can do to the scammer.''
2007-08-28, 01:27:35
Eddie from Sweden  
LMAO...nice scamlish, anonymous from United States . You should set up in business.

Did you get the money letter yet? I'd be interested to see if your Boris replies to your scamlish mails after the ML. That's usually when they start reading the mails and actually start a proper dialogue.
2007-08-29, 14:19:14
eddie from Sweden  
hahahahahaha!!...I'm killing myself.

'Hello my love Peter. Perfectly, you wrote to me.'

it's a classic. Boris can't tell his ass from his elbow.
2007-08-29, 23:52:36
OJAS from United States  
Boris must be covering his ass - he knows is more beautiful than his face
2007-08-30, 08:07:22
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2007-08-29, 02:32:09

''Internet of cafe it is very expensive.'' = I might soon ask you, my beloved for $100 to pay for Internet
''I every morning run distance not much, but up to 3 kilometers'' = distance to my moneygram bank
''I will need to go only to Moscow'' = I don't bother determining visa expenses from here - I can always count on asking you for it from Moscow
''Only you could take a place in my heart'' = and you..., and you... all that I'm scamming concurrently. My heart is so big, it can squeeze more of you guys than can a volkswagen bug!
2007-08-30, 17:53:10
'S' from United States  
That last pic is SCARY! lol

2007-08-31, 05:32:09
O from United States  
Peter 2007-08-31, 04:49:50

''I love you as the swallow loves spring as mother loves the child''

...when I find myself in times of trouble...
2007-08-31, 11:49:47
Eddie from Sweden  
hahahaha...I'm loving this.

'I like such people, and they pull me.'

I certainly wouldn't pull her, not even on a dark night in a crowded bar after popping rohypnol.

It seems that some of them have given up using really attractive photos as bait. Neither this girl nor 'Tatiana' could be described as slavic beauties. Bring back the soft porn actresses!
2007-09-04, 13:48:15
'S' from United States  
' the picture very sexy'??????? Still scares me!!! lol

SNT... {and ain't ya glad?}
2007-09-06, 04:11:20
O from United States  
£ 12,500,000.00 Million Pounds = 12.5 Trillion pounds

I think that's a larger than GDP of UK. Perhaps EU's as well

Good luck!
2007-09-06, 07:19:47   (updated: 2007-09-06, 07:20:02)
Eddie from Sweden  
Man, I still can't believe that they include a postcode/zipcode 'Cheboksary, 424028'

Why DO they do that? Russian cities don't have postcodes.
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