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Dating scammer tharwat alserhan


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Name: tharwat alserhan


cagoyan de oro city phailippines

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2007-08-25, 21:47:05
anonymous from United States  
it seems as if they all no me as the bounty hunter and stopm hiting on me so it has been slow but of late i have been hit on by the philippins this one fell in love with me on the 3rd time we talked said she had a baby . that was sick . but that baby was fat as hell look good to be sick
any way here is the scammer

2007-08-26, 09:04:21   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-10-21, 11:35:13
what a nice!!!
2007-12-30, 03:02:58
[hidden] from Philippines  
why are you using my picture? and why are you using me? i dont ask money here i am here for a husband and to be my man! the one who take my photos is the one who is scammer! thats all thank you

you are poor man i know!
2007-12-30, 04:35:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
regarding tharwat ---leave her alone she has done no scam---she is my woman and i do not appreciate perverts and woman haters requesting inappropriate pictures
2007-12-30, 07:56:35
anonymous from Canada  
She tried to scam me to , jon
2007-12-30, 09:58:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
all i can see here is three perverts and one who cant see further than his ego
2007-12-30, 10:41:40
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-30, 11:04:59
anonymous from United Kingdom  
---might be a good idea to insist all accusations are fully described and not -- just a couple of words ---sometimes it seems as if some blokes think a girl is scamming them if she says---hello---
2007-12-30, 23:39:44
anonymous from United States  
this woman is a scammer nothing but one. she got me 3 times girly will beg show her pussy any thing if you think she is a good girl think about how much money you have gave her if you stop. she,ll stop talking if you got a sofe spot for kids she got your ass. this is not a good woman she use her kid to get money the bount hunter
2007-12-31, 05:33:01
UK, spare some more of Tharwat Nicetwat?
2008-01-01, 06:01:05
hey john

are you sure she is scammer? hahahahahha all man here i laugh at you because you where all victim of nothing but a man just try to see and analise your ideas about it.... dont do that to a woman! you know and we all know philippines needs help! okay! better we stop this....

lets start a good year and we must all stop this!
2008-01-01, 23:18:54
anonymous from United States  
to those of you who think that this woman is a good woman and not a scammer, soon you and your money will soon part,i have talk to this woman on the phone seen her on her web cam ass hole and all she,ll tell you that the father of her baby is gone, but the fack is that he live in the same house with her,tharwat, is a real woman there are 3 other wemen in that house all doing the same thing. all scamers. all whores, as well

2008-09-27, 23:44:47
anonymous from United States  
bianca lopez

2008-11-14, 21:18:50
anonymous from United States  
I know Tharwat and her Mother. She does have a little boy, and is a good Mother. She has been in school for almost a year. I asked her about the nude picture and she said she met the guy some time ago, the one who put the bad write up and nude picture in this report.She said she really liked him! One day out of the blue he asked for a picture
of her in a bikini swimsuit. He said he thought she still had pregnacy fat from having a baby, and kept asking her for the pic until she sent one to him.It's the picture you see in the group of pictures. After she gave him the picture (bikini pic) he kept asking for a nude pictures. She said by this time she knew what he wanted, that he didn't care for her, but for one thing. She told him how she felt, that she wasn't going to write him anymore. He threatened her saying 'if you don't send me some nude pictures, I will put nude picture(s) on the internet, and make you look like you are a whore.' If this was Tharwat's nude pic. why doesn't any of the picture identify her like full front, breasts,etc. not show? If she was doing it under protest ok! However,if this was done under protest why would the person writing these bad things, who said he would make her pay for not sending him a nude picture, put it in this report. All the girls I've known who likes to show their body, put multiple pictures that are sexy.They don't put in regular pictures that don't show anything, other than what makes them look like a Mother or young woman. Just doing one nude picture either tells me it was in protest, or it was from a girl who sent a picture to a special guy. If he was the guy who got a special picture, and put it on the internet 'shame on him!' If he was black mailing her shame on him. If she is so bad ask her for another one with her face showing with good enough quality to let a lab see you haven't put her head on someone else's body. But if she is such a whore you won't have any problem getting a picture! Right? Finally, you can recognize the hands on the nude pic aren't Tharwat's. Her hands are dark skinned
like most Philippino's, and the one's in the picture are definitely not hers. She's got a child! Would you like someone say these things about your mom? You couldn't have sent her much money' she is in school, and is having a difficult time putting food on the table! I did work in the Philippines for a while and there are many girls and guys who will scam anybody that comes along, but Tharwat isn't one of them. People shouldn't put 'private pictures' online even for a not so special person. They can turn into one's worst enemy. This doesn't mean I think believe Tharwat ever did, but I've seen this happen many times when I was in the service, girls sending guys pics thinking their guy was like 007, and they would be 'for their eyes only' but ended up everywhere. If Tharwat was the type of girl that did those things this reporter would have alot more nude pics to show. You should be happy she didn't do it to you! But if someone put bad pics of you and you had kids and family would you like it. Oh I can hear the 'don't matter to me' most guys would say! If you don't care send one to this place and see what comments you get! It's hard enough to get through life don't rain on other's parade! I have two daughters and if you did that to either of them, I would spend my life trying to find your e-mail address.

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